Chapter 757 Awaken


Patron Clearpeak was someone with a good reputation in the Immortal Plane to begin with. Additionally, he had also helped many of the cultivators there earlier. Thus, his actions had won him the support from a group of cultivators there. Thus, the other cultivators’ plan of taking action against Patron Clearpeak could not succeed.

The power of the Heart Clarity Mantra spread out and more cultivators broke free.

After utilizing the Heart Clarity Mantra for the third time, Patron Clearpeak began regulating his rate of breathing. Despite his cultivation base, using the technique three times in a row was still an arduous task for him.

Almost every one of the cultivators there had extricated themselves from the area that was covered by killing intent. Every single one of them flew far away. Although they had managed to break free, thinking back to what happened earlier would still cause them to feel fearful.

However, there were still two people inside the area. Those two were Liu Wuxiang and Chen Feng.

At that very moment, Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang were standing still, their eyes slightly closed. A bloody light radiated from both their bodies and there was no way to tell what they were thinking.

Suddenly, the two of them attacked each other.

With a swing of his hand, Liu Wuxiang launched a formidable Yin Yang Cavity move and two black holes shot towards Chen Feng, one from the left and one from the right. The move seemed desirous of devouring Chen Feng.

Chen Feng’s feet moved and his figure escaped Liu Wuxiang’s attack to re-appear behind Liu Wuxiang. Next, his hand fired out two beams, a beam of lightning and a bloody beam of light.

The two of them went all out in their fight. In just the blink of an eye, they had exchanged over 100 blows. It was a very intense fight. 

“What a joke! A fight between a Human Immortal and another who is not even a Human Immortal.”

“Humph, what do you know? You short-sighted fellow, do you know who those two fellows are? To think that you can run your mouth off here.”

“Ha ha, please tell us about it.”

“The Human Immortal is Liu Wuxiang. He is something of a lone ranger. However, he possesses a very mysterious background. Even some famous sects are unwilling to casually offend him. The technique he cultivates is most likely the long-lost Yin Yang Cavity Scripture, an immortal technique. As for the Sky Human stage cultivator that he is fighting…

“Tsk, tsk. That little fellow should be an aborigine of Eternal World. Heh! Although I do not know his background, it is clear that he is not some ordinary fellow.”

“Low-level cultivators are just low-level cultivators in the end. Even after receiving three Heart Clarity Mantras in a row, they still cannot break free. Let’s leave. Don’t waste our time with these lesser characters.”

“Hey, I don’t think that they are incapable of breaking free. Rather, it is because they do not want to break free. That Liu Wuxiang is very strong. He had killed off a good number of Earthen Immortals before. As for the youngster, he is capable of facing off against Liu Wuxiang. Not to mention, there were the attacks he unleashed before this. The way I see it, this kid from Eternal World is the more extraordinary one.”

“That’s right. The kid is very strong. Earlier, he had killed off many Earthen Immortals. Not to mention, he had used the power of an Immortal artefact for that.” A look of greed flashed across the faces of some.

Moving away from the discussion going on between the cultivators there, the fight between Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang grew increasingly fierce. Two waves of killing intent vaulted skywards like two blood-coloured hurricanes colliding against one another. Occasionally, some attacks would make contact with the scarlet pillar of light to trigger some blood-coloured waves of light.

“Sigh! There is nothing to see here. Let’s just go.” Despite the intensity and brutality of the fight between the two of them, the surrounding cultivators began dispersing. As they could not approach the place, staying longer would be a waste of precious time.

They could tell that, despite the ferocity of the fight, a winner would not emerge anytime soon.

Thus, they began leaving in twos and threes. When a wave of power spread out from a certain distant location, even those who remained quickly left for it.


Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang’s figures were blasted backwards at the same time. By then, the aura emanating from Liu Wuxiang’s figure had already risen up to the Earthen Immortal stage. As for Chen Feng, his aura was somewhat obscure and chaotic. There was something indescribable about it. If the various Earthen Immortals from earlier had not left, they would have noticed that there was no way to tell Chen Feng’s cultivation state through his aura. 

Chen Feng and Tower were the only ones who understand. The world essence power that Chen Feng had failed to refine in the past had been triggered out. Strand after strand of the most fundamental and ancient power were melding with the various parts of Chen Feng’s body to transform it, causing a power of chaos to fill every nook and cranny.

“Heh! At least my efforts are not going to waste.” Observing what was happening to Chen Feng, Tower revealed a pleased smile.



Liu Wuxiang and Chen Feng charged forward at the same time. One seemingly became the most mysterious black hole within the universe while the other one became filled with the most ancient essence power within the universe. The formidable combat power that the two of them were unleashing had surpassed that of the other Earthen Immortals.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two of them displayed various techniques to continuously exchange blows. They were like two blazing meteors colliding, creating a sky-shocking boom so loud, it felt as though it would spread across the entire city.

Liu Wuxiang’s aura kept rising, reaching ever closer to the mid-level Earthen Immortal stage. Finally, a popping sound rang out from him. It was as though something within his body had cracked open. Next, a compressed aura broke out to abruptly transform the aura emanating out from him. It had truly become the aura of a mid-level Earthen Immortal. 

Chen Feng kept backing away. Despite having the Blood Mustering Bead and Lightning Bead for protection, he was unable to stop the attacks from Liu Wuxiang, which grew increasingly wild.


The suction force from a black hole held Chen Feng and a punch from Liu Wuxiang sent him flying. Moreover, the punch also broke a high number of bones within his body.

Woah! Woah!

The world essence power enveloped Chen Feng’s body and the wounds on his body were fully healed in but the blink of an eye.


Bloody light flashed within Chen Feng’s eyes. Due to the effects of the killing intent, Chen Feng did not bother thinking it through before mobilizing the Heaven Piercing Lance’s power to attack Liu Wuxiang.

Previously, whenever Chen Feng utilized the Immortal artefact’s power, he would be able to instantly kill off the other Earthen Immortals. At present, it would appear that Liu Wuxiang was facing certain death. However, Tower did not stop Chen Feng. Instead, he snickered as he observed the fight. It seemed as though he was thinking about something.

The sharpness of the attack launched using the Heaven Piercing Lance’s power was without equal, capable of easily tearing through space. As it was about to reach Liu Wuxiang, however, he suddenly roared and two black holes appeared on his chest. A yin and a yang, the two spun to fire out a formidable beam of light, which blocked the attack from Chen Feng.

Something that could block the attack from an Immortal artefact must at least also be an Immortal artefact. The resulting shockwaves from the collision contained a destructive power that was so great, it could easily destroy a planet.

Thus, even the Ancient Heavensday City, built by a True Immortal, shook somewhat as the aura of Immortal artefacts spread out across the entire ancient city.

All of the cultivators there noticed it and they all widened their eyes in shock as they turned to look at the source of the aura.

“What? This is an Immortal artefact! Not to mention, it is an intact Immortal artefact!” 

“Where is it? I didn’t think that an Immortal artefact would emerge. Let’s hurry over. Don’t let others beat us to it.”

“You idiot. The aura came out from the two fellows who were fighting earlier.”

“You mean Liu Wuxiang and the kid from Eternal World? How is that possible?”

“Nothing is impossible. I have already said that those two fellows are not to be underestimated.”

Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang rapidly backed away. In just one breath’s worth of time, they had put a distance of over 50 kilometres between each other. Only then did they stop. After that, the atmosphere of violence emanating from their bodies began lessening. The killing intent within their bodies and the red light within their eyes began dissipating as well and it did not take long before they recovered a clear state of mind. However, they appeared different from before.

The two of them looked at each other before laughing out at the same time. Dashing forward, they gathered up.



“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

“Brother Chen, you really keep a low profile. Looks like my ability to judge others is not that good.”

“I’ll say the same about you, Brother Liu!” 

“Alright, let’s not talk about that anymore. Regardless, the two of us managed to gain something from this.”

Liu Wuxiang’s aura had returned to that of a high-level Human Immortal while Chen Feng’s aura had been retracted. Although it was still that of a Sky Human stage cultivator, there was an obscure feeling to it. There was no way to get a clearer look.

Naturally, Liu Wuxiang was also able to notice that. Thus, his evaluation of Chen Feng rose higher. At the same time, he felt more confident in his plan.

“Oh, something is happening.”

Suddenly, the scarlet pillar of light near them slowly grew dim. In the end, it disappeared. Looking around, they saw that the pillars of light in other locations were also disappearing. The light from the stars responding to the pillars of light dimmed as well and the broken space atop the city closed up, recovering its original state. All that was left was the massive ancient city, which stood tall upon the desert.

After exchanging glances, Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang rapidly rushed forward. When they arrived at the spot where the pillar of light was shining out from, they saw countless symbols and lines engraved upon the ground there. It looked like a teleportation platform, one that was much, much bigger than normal.

“This is an ancient Spirit Gathering Array. It is capable of absorbing the power of stars.” Liu Wuxiang took a deep breath and his eyes flashed to transform into two black holes. Quickly, they began rotating. He was attempting to memorize the colossal Spirit Gathering Array.

Chen Feng nodded as his eyes too, became pitch-black. Inside his sea of wisdom, his Lifebound Flame burned as he rapidly memorized the details of the Spirit Gathering Array.

Despite Chen Feng’s formidable divine sense and memory, this colossal and complex Spirit Gathering Array took him two hours to memorize. Additionally, he had only managed to memorize the symbols and lines. A proper understanding of the array would require him to slowly study it in the future.

Chen Feng turned to look at Liu Wuxiang and saw that he was already one step ahead. Liu Wuxiang had his eyes closed and was already starting to study the array. 

After opening his eyes, Liu Wuxiang said happily, “What a complicated Spirit Gathering Array. Additionally, it is very ancient. It is likely something that True Immortal Heavensday left behind. If we can fully comprehend it, we will be able to benefit greatly from it.” 

“It is very profound.” Chen Feng nodded his head as well.

“I think this place should have more than just one Spirit Gathering Array.” After saying that, Liu Wuxiang’s eyes shone.

“The amount of power that just one of these Spirit Gathering Arrays could absorb is unimaginably high. And yet, there are 108 of them in total. All that power. What is it for?” Chen Feng wondered.

“Is it for mobilizing this Ancient Heavensday City?”

“This city has existed for who knows how many tens of thousands of years. There is no telling if there are any living person inside it. If there are… heh, things will get interesting.”

“Let’s not think too much about it. Let’s check and see if there is anything else here. Thankfully, the others have all left.”

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