Chapter 755 Chaotic Battle


“We… forget it, it’s too dangerous. Should we fail to extricate ourselves, we’ll become mindless killing machines.” The Divine Phantom Mink was the first to shake his head.

Even so, the tiger yao and Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm revealed looks of eagerness. Only, the situation outside was too peculiar. Not to mention, given their level of strength, they would not have any advantage against those cultivators there. That was even more true of the Demon Kings. Their cultivation bases were simply insufficient. Thus, after hesitating for a moment, they suppressed their desires to go out.

“Heh, that will depend on the situation. You fellows might need to go out later,” Tower said with a chuckle.

This scarlet pillar of light was not the only one playing host to a battle between cultivators. There were 108 scarlet pillars of light rising out from the city and tens of them were playing host to murderous cultivators. All of them had become like bloodthirsty mosquitoes. The moment they entered the vicinity of the pillar of light, they were sucked into the sea of killing intent. Incapable of resisting the killing urges, they began attacking one another in a frenzy.

As the number of casualties kept rising, streams of blood energy began permeating the entire city to give the already eerie city a more mysterious aura.

By now, one third of the cultivators who entered the city had fallen into a state of frenzy. Every one of them had the same idea, to find the scarlet pillar of light. Due to that, they were all affected by the bloody wave of light fired out from the scarlet pillars of light.

As for the city, it had completely emerged from the ground and was standing firmly upon the lands of the Deathly Desert. The 108 scarlet pillars of light that were rising up from the city were so dazzling that even cultivators on other worlds could see them, let alone the cultivators in the Heavensday Battlefield. All the cultivators scattered across the vast Heavensday Battlefield were able to see it. Even if they could not see it, they could still sense it. At any rate, the power emanating from this city was too great.

Since Chen Feng and the others entered the city, one or two more cultivators would come almost every other day and enter the city.

On this particular day, a youngster with a bewitching appearance and a vertical eye on his forehead arrived before the city, a great halberd in his hand. No gate appeared on the walls of the city. It was as though the gate that had appeared in the past was just something that would only appear for a short time.

“Heh, it really is the Ancient Heavensday City! This is something that True Immortal Heavensday built. It is said that this city contains the relics left behind by True Immortal Heavensday. Not even the war back then was able to bring out this city. Unexpectedly, I would be able to find it.” The cultivator did not simply fly into the city. Instead, he brought out a dilapidated map. After he spread open the map, lines emerged from it before flaring with light. Next, it charged forward to open up a passageway on the wall of the city.

The cultivator then leisurely walked into the passageway, which closed up behind him.

Sou! Sou!

After the disappearance of the cultivator, two cracks slowly opened up somewhere nearby and two cultivators, one fat and one thin, flew out from the cracks. They gently landed on the ground and silently regarded the city.

“It’s the Ancient Heavensday City that True Immortal Heavensday left behind. We came to the right place.”

“That earlier was Patriarch Truemoon from Mystheaven Sect. Tens of thousands of years ago, he was already at the high-level Earthen Immortal stage. Even if we are to join forces, we can only choose to run away in the end against him. Just what kind of price did he pay to create a passageway to this place?”

“Who cares about it? Patriarch Truemoon is not to be trifled with. So, we’ll just have to be cautious.”

Next, the two cultivators entered the city as well.

After that, more cultivators appeared. Some were from the Ghost Plane and some were from the Nether Plane. There were also cultivators from other worlds. In addition, there were also cultivators from unknown worlds. Unlike the previous batches of cultivators, the number of high-level cultivators amongst the newcomers kept rising. Occasionally, a high-level Earthen Immortal would appear as well.

Another difference between them and the previous batch was in their knowledge. They knew of this city’s name and origin.

Eternal World…

Heavenly Sword Faction…

A towering mountain peak pierced high into the clouds and atop this mountain was an exquisite pavilion. Despite its exposed position, the environment within the pavilion was as warm as spring. No matter how strong the blade-like winds outside were, they were incapable of making their way inside the pavilion.

Jian Xiaotian, Wen Shaoxiu and some other disciples were inside the pavilion and they chatted while drinking some beverages.

Jian Xiaotian had already risen up to the half-step Human Immortal stage and the aura emanating out from his body was vigorous and stable while energy streams spun within his eyes. There was only a small distance left between him and the Human Immortal stage.

As for Wen Shaoxiu, Jian Zhiqiu and Li Shilong, their auras were as restrained as a bottomless abyss. They sat cross-legged and their act of breathing seemed to conform to their surroundings. Those with experience would be able to tell that this was the sign that they were Human Immortals.

“Junior Brother Xiaotian, looks like you managed to gain a lot from your cultivation retreat. One step is all that is left between you and the Human Immortal stage. Congratulations!” Wen Shaoxiu said smilingly.

“Looks like Junior Brother Xiaotian will be surpassing us soon,” Li Shilong said as well.

“Don’t make fun of me. You fellows are already Human Immortals. Heavenly Tribulation is not easy to overcome. Who knows how long it will be before I get to rise up to the Human Immortal stage?” Jian Xiaotian said with a wry smile.

“Ha ha ha! Junior Brother Xiaotian, no need to be modest. We all know you managed to gain some harvest from the Heavensday Battlefield. The only reason you did not break through to the Human Immortal stage is because you are suppressing your aura, wanting to lay down a better foundation first.” Even Jian Zhiqiu, who did not like talking too much, spoke up with a chuckle.

After discussing for a moment, their topic of discussion then shifted towards the Heavensday Battlefield. Naturally, they also ended up talking about Chen Feng.

“Sigh! If it weren’t for Elder Chen, I would probably be incapable of coming out from there alive,” Li Shilong said emotionally.

“Yes. It was thanks to Brother Chen.” Wen Shaoxiu nodded his head.

“The last two fellows to emerge were the ones from Heartless Heaven Sect and Divine Demon Grotto. They came out one year ago. I heard that they managed to obtain Immortal artefacts inside. Heh! They’re quite lucky. However, they did violate the rules that our sect set. I wonder how our sect will handle it.”

“It will likely be difficult. Those two are the foremost geniuses within Heartless Heaven Sect and Divine Demon Grotto. Most importantly, they also managed to obtain Immortal artefacts. Even if it means going all out, those two sects will never back down.”

“Sigh, it’s been so long! And yet, we have not heard anything about Brother Chen. Did something happen to him?”

“Yes. I heard that something has happened to the Heavensday Battlefield and even Human Immortals had to leave. Right now, the ones entering are all the Earthen Immortals from the various sects. Not to mention, I heard that there are casualties even amongst those Earthen Immortals who entered.”

“When you look at it that way, we were lucky to be able to emerge alive.”

“Junior Brother Xiaotian, you have the best relationship with Elder Chen. Are you not worried about him?” Looking at the unconcerned look on Jian Xiaotian’s face, Jian Zhiqiu could not stop himself from asking.

“Ha ha ha! If it’s someone else stuck inside, I would definitely start worrying. Even if that person is our sect’s Earthen Immortal senior, I would still feel somewhat concerned. However, this is Chen Feng we’re talking about. There is no need for me to feel worried,” Jian Xiaotian said, laughing.

“Brother Chen’s combat power is indeed impressive, capable of fighting against Human Immortals. At the end of the day, however, he is still just a Sky Human stage cultivator. According to what we’ve gathered so far, even the Earthen Immortal seniors are facing a great deal of danger inside. Any mistake would lead to their deaths. I honestly do not understand how you can feel so confident about this,” Wen Shaoxiu said. Wen Shaoxiu had also witnessed Chen Feng’s prowess before. Thus, he knew just how strong Chen Feng was. However, no matter how strong Chen Feng was, Wen Shaoxiu did not believe that he could fight against an Earthen Immortal.

“Heh! I already said, I am not worried. Brother Chen must surely be fine. Don’t worry about it, guys. Although Brother Chen has yet to emerge, I believe that it must be because he himself is unwilling to return. When the time comes, he will definitely return.”

“Come, a toast!” Jian Xiaotian then raised a cup of wine. Although they were all fellow sect disciples, some matters could not be disclosed. Jian Xiaotian believed that, even if all of the Earthen Immortals in Heavensday Battlefield were to die in the end, Chen Feng would definitely be safe. Moreover, he would also end up with a great deal of harvest. This was Jian Xiaotian’s view of Chen Feng.

“Since Junior Brother Xiaotian says that nothing is wrong, there is no need for us to be worried, then. Come, drink! When Brother Chen returns, we’ll be drinking to our hearts’ fill!” Wen Shaoxiu laughed.

While Jian Xiaotian was highly confident in Chen Feng, Chen Feng himself was not in a particularly good state. By then, Chen Feng was already fully immersed within the atmosphere of carnage.

If it weren’t for the mighty power within his body and the fact that he could occasionally utilize the power of the Immortal artefacts, he would have died long ago.

Again, no matter how powerful Chen Feng may be, he was just a Sky Human stage cultivator. Certainly, he was strong enough to reign supreme amongst those on the same level as him and even defeat those on a higher level. At that very moment, however, the enemies he faced were simply far too strong.

Normally, just a sneeze from an Earthen Immortal would’ve been enough to quake a Sky Human stage cultivator to death. At that very moment, however, what Chen Feng faced was not just one Earthen Immortal. Rather, it was an entire group of Earthen Immortals from various worlds. Despite having the Blood Mustering Bead and the Lightning Bead – two Dao artefacts – to protect himself, facing that many Earthen Immortals had still caused Chen Feng to become wounded again and again.


An attack flew forward from an unknown position, making its way through a weak point in Chen Feng’s rear defence to strike him. As a result, an arrow-like spurt of blood flew out from Chen Feng’s mouth and his figure smashed down against the ground, causing cracks to spread far away while countless buildings collapsed into rubble.

Woah! Woah!


Like rivers, streams of energy flowed out from Chen Feng’s body before rapidly dispersing to repair the wounds on his body. After just a few breaths’ worth of time, a formidable power rose up from Chen Feng’s body again.

Sigh! Even though I managed to bring out some more of the hidden power, I also exhausted some of my essence, energy and soul. It’s a mixed bag. The thought came to Chen Feng, whose mind was already caught inside the sea of killing intent.


A blood dragon thrashed about before emerging from the Blood Mustering Bead. Upon its emergence, it roared skywards and the killing energy it radiated instantly exceeded the one that Chen Feng was exuding several folds.

It was a blood dragon formed entirely using the power of blood. Although its power was somewhat unstable, the dangerous aura that it was exuding caused a Ghost General who was planning on attacking Chen Feng to take several steps backwards.


The Ghost General retreated, but the blood dragon charged forward instead. With but one charge, it sent the Ghost General flying. Unfortunately for the Ghost General, it flew right into the scarlet pillar of light and its body disintegrated to leave behind a clump of essence, energy and soul. Not a trace of its body was left behind.


Another wave of bloody light swept outwards and a few cultivators from the Immortal Plane who had only just arrived and were planning on watching the fight ended up getting affected as well. It did not take long before their eyes turned bloodshot and they began killing each other.

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