Chapter 754 Desire to Kill


“Oh, no!” The moment the wave of light swept forward, Chen Feng knew that things were not looking good. As predicted, a bloodthirsty and violent notion emerged from his heart. It grew increasingly strong and it did not take long before his eyes turned bloodshot.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

The thought grew uncontrollably within Chen Feng’s heart, fusing into his every cell. With a roar from Chen Feng, a thick killing energy surged out from his body.

So, these people’s minds are affected by this. Chen Feng was aware that failure to control the situation would most likely lead to him suffering from the same fate as the others. Even if he could eventually extricate himself after falling prey to this, it would leave inner demons within his heart. That could affect his future cultivation path. 

Soul Subduing Mantra! Chen Feng employed the secret soul technique as he attempted to wake himself up. The technique was somewhat effective and Chen Feng could feel the killing intent within his heart lessening somewhat.


As Chen Feng was planning to utilize the Soul Subduing Mantra again, an overwhelming force swept towards him from behind.

“Eh?” Chen Feng was shocked. The Hell Dog and tree yao were behind him. How could he end up getting attacked?

With a thought, a thick layer of light encased his figure even as he displayed the Kirin Steps. His figure then became like a small boat floating in the face of strong winds.

Before he could handle the attack, however, a scarlet-coloured broken sword slashed towards Chen Feng.

“How troublesome!”

The weakened killing intent grew stronger again. Chen Feng reflexively linked up to the Longevity Tower and a strand of power was mobilized from the Immortal-tier Heaven Piercing Lance before flashing forward. With a “chi” sound, a mighty Demon Deity’s body was pierced by that attack and he fell lifelessly to the ground. 

It was then that Chen Feng realized what was happening. The Hell Dog and tree yao were in the midst of fighting against two Nether Generals and a thick killing intent was emanating out from them.

Turning to look at Liu Wuxiang, Chen Feng saw that he was charging towards the chaotic battle, seemingly having gone mad.

It seemed as though Chen Feng was the only one who was able to maintain a hint of clarity.

What is going on here? Cultivation wise, every one of them is stronger than me. How could they so easily fall for it? Chen Feng grew surprised.

Is it not limited by levels? Rather, it is something that depends on the person. It is something that pushes the killing intent within a person to its very limits. Chen Feng’s mind raced and he quickly came up with the conclusion.

However, that conclusion was of no help to Chen Feng in stopping the ever-ferocious killing intent. In the beginning, thanks to the Soul Subduing Mantra, Chen Feng had been able to suppress the churning killing intent somewhat. Unfortunately, the attack from the Demon Deity then caused his killing intent to swell up once more, becoming even more ferocious. That was also why he would resort to utilizing a killer move right from the start, killing off a Demon Deity in the process.

As Chen Feng still had a trace of clarity within him, he wanted to utilize the Soul Subduing Mantra again. However, the cultivators there, caught in a killing frenzy, did not give him the time to do so. The move that Chen Feng used earlier had managed to deter some of the cultivators there. However, two more Ghost Generals arrived and they roared as they attacked Chen Feng.

Due to that, Chen Feng no longer had the time to suppress the churning killing intent within him. He instead had to block the two attacks from the Ghost Generals. Two red light swept across Chen Feng’s eyes and the final vestiges of clarity within him gradually turned dim.



Killing intent surged and violent thoughts kept assailing Chen Feng’s mind. In Chen Feng’s mind, everyone there was an enemy and he wanted only to kill off everyone there.

Sou! Sou!

Two more energy blasts shot out and the two Ghost Generals were killed off. Chen Feng rushed forward and collected the corpses of the two Ghost Generals with a wave of his hand. It was a subconscious act from his mind. 

Chen Feng had wanted to continue mobilizing the Heaven Piercing Lance’s power to rampage his way across the battlefield, but he failed. Seeing no other options, he brought out the Lightning Bead and simply hurled it towards a cultivator from the Immortal Plane. 

Tower quietly observed what was happening from inside the Longevity Tower. Seeing Chen Feng attempt to mobilize the power of the Immortal artefact again, he reflexively revealed a wry smile. “It would be great if you could mobilize the power of the battle lance by yourself. However, you are just using my power here.”

“Whatever! This kid’s strength has been rising quickly of late. Due to that, his foundation is unstable and his soul has yet to undergo a true tempering process of Heavenly Tribulation. Due to that, inner demons are festering and killing desires are lingering about. Making use of this opportunity to let them all out can be a good thing. However, he is still not strong enough to be fighting against these Earthen Immortals. Sigh! Looks like he will be needing my help again. All my efforts in suppressing the two Immortal artefacts will be in vain.

“The brat!”

Despite the dissatisfied tone in his voice, Tower’s hands did not stop moving. He was suppressing and linking up to the two Immortal artefacts. Naturally, the Immortal-tier bone lance was a nether artefact.

At the same time, Tower was also constructing a power of laws. This power was something that Tower used to possess. The function of this power was to increase the strength of the yaos and demons within the Longevity Tower. Despite his arrogance, Tower was aware that he had yet to fully recover his powers. If an unexpected situation were to pop up, there was a high chance that he would be incapable of handling it. Thus, he had to figure a way to increase the strength of these yaos and demons. That way, they would be of assistance during critical situations.


Lightning radiance erupted before breaking apart. Next, the Lightning Bead was sent flying and Chen Feng himself was struck by a sweeping lance. His figure smashed against the ground. It was unknown just how many of his bones were broken from that exchange.

Even after utilizing a Dao artefact, there was still a large gap between Chen Feng and the Earthen Immortals. Still, it was peculiar. After becoming lost in the killing desires, Chen Feng’s ability to recover rose greatly, becoming ten times stronger than before.

Chen Feng’s ability to recover was already a defiance of Heaven to begin with. With the increment, several breaths’ worth of time was all it took for the wounds on his body to fully heal up.

That said, there was a price for that kind of recovery. The energy within Chen Feng’s body was rapidly getting consumed. However, Chen Feng was not lacking in energy. Thus, after exhausting a great deal of energy to heal his wounds, Chen Feng charged forward once more. With a wave of his hand, he brought the Blood Mustering Bead out. A dazzling, bloody light shone out to form a wave of light, which then swept outwards.

The instant Chen Feng brought out the Blood Mustering Bead, an incredible scene unfolded. The blood energies filling the space there converged upon the Blood Mustering Bead and its aura grew stronger and stronger. In the end, it grew so strong that Chen Feng found himself slowly losing control over it. 

Although the killing intent had invaded his body, Chen Feng’s rate of response and combat skills were not affected. On the contrary, the killing intent actually enhanced them. Sensing the Blood Mustering Bead in his hand shaking with increasing ferocity, Chen Feng quickly utilized the Bloody Netherguide Art and thick bloody waters flew out from the Blood Mustering Bead. The waters converged and condensed to form a huge ball of blood, which continued flying forward even as it was wriggling about. In the end, it exploded, transforming into countless bloody arrows, which shot out in every direction.

Chen Feng’s attack did not discriminate between friend or foe. Instead, they all shot out in a chaotic manner. As the Blood Mustering Bead was a mid-grade Dao artefact, the attack it unleashed was able to wound some cultivators. And thus, even more blood essence spilled out from the wounded cultivators to flow into the Blood Mustering Bead. With that, a cycle was formed and the Blood Mustering Bead stabilized itself before spinning once again.

“Lightningflare Manifest!”

This time, Chen Feng wielded the Lightning Bead and a tsunami-like torrent of lightning charged out from it. Chen Feng seemingly went mad as he attempted to fire out all the lightning powers within the Lightning Bead.

Earlier, Chen Feng had utilized an Immortal artefact to kill off several cultivators in a row. Due to that, the cultivators there – despite having fallen into a state of carnage – were aware of how dangerous Chen Feng was. Due to that, they did their best to avoid fighting Chen Feng. However, the repeated attacks from Chen Feng finally enraged the cultivators and three Earthen Immortals attacked Chen Feng simultaneously. With just two to three blows, they were able to break Chen Feng’s defence and he was sent flying.

Their attacks blasted him towards the scarlet pillar of light. It was something that could casually shatter even an Earthen Immortal. If Chen Feng were to fall into the pillar of light, his body would be disintegrated.

Domain Geocompass! With a thought from Chen Feng, the Domain Geocompass flew out. Streams of light flowed out from each of the eight corners of the magic treasure to instantly form a domain, which rotated rapidly. In just the blink of an eye, it had rotated over 1,000 times. Every rotation would cause the rate at which Chen Feng’s body was shooting backwards to slow down by a notch. Then, when there was still a distance of roughly 10 metres between Chen Feng and the scarlet pillar of light, a wave of bloody light shot out from Chen Feng’s hand to create a series of explosions between him and the scarlet pillar of light. The resulting shockwaves abruptly stopped the momentum pushing Chen Feng towards the pillar of light.

Sou! Sou!

Two pieces of ore appeared before Chen Feng and he stepped on them with his feet to dash away in a different direction. The two ores were thus kicked into the pillar of light, disintegrating into powder in an instant.

How dangerous! The shock caused sweat to soak Chen Feng’s body. However, it was quickly overwhelmed by the killing intent. Next, his figure flashed forward as he charged into the battle once more.

Naturally, many of the cultivators there did not completely lose their minds. They had simply become overwhelmed by the killing intent. Extricating themselves from that was a very difficult matter.

Each death would result in the release of blood essence and energies, which triggered the scarlet pillar of light to unleash several more waves of blood-coloured light. Once again, a thick killing intent engulfed what remained of the cultivators’ sense of rationality.

Liu Wuxiang held the Yao-refining Furnace in one hand while the other kept displaying the Yin Yang Cavity Scripture. The aura emanating from his body had already risen up to that of a starter-level Earthen Immortal. Moreover, it was still climbing upwards. He continued fighting his way through the chaotic crowd, starting a fight with everyone he encountered. He even exchanged a few blows with Chen Feng in the process.

Even the Hell Dog and tree yao were dragged into the fight and they suffered from some wounds as a result. Still, it was nothing serious for them.

Bloody Netherguide Art!

Chen Feng’s figure was encased by a thick layer of bloody light and the Blood Mustering Bead in his hand spun ceaselessly at a rapid rate. An enormous amount of blood essence flowed non-stop into the Blood Mustering Bead and controlling it had long since become an issue for Chen Feng. Thus, in his crazed state, he utilized the Bloody Netherguide Art’s Secret Bloodburn Technique to burn blood to increase his own strength.

The Bloody Netherguide Art was a Sacred-tier technique. While it was inferior to immortal techniques, it had its own unique techniques when it came to the dao of blood.

By utilizing this technique, Chen Feng’s strength skyrocketed and his utilization of the Blood Mustering Bead grew fiercer as well.

Chen Feng had already fallen into a sea of killing intent. And now, he was utilizing the Blood Mustering Bead while channelling the Bloody Netherguide Art. Due to all those factors, the killing intent within Chen Feng grew several notches stronger and he sank even further into the sea of killing intent.

“Senior, if this keeps up, will something bad happen to Chen Feng?” Inside the Longevity Tower, the Divine Phantom Mink said with a concerned tone.

“This is a good training opportunity. Truth be told, you fellows should also go out and try it. If you fellows can extricate yourselves with your own abilities… heh, the resulting harvest would be monumental,” Tower said with a chuckle.

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