Chapter 753 Chaos


Liu Wuxiang’s Yao-refining Furnace was a high-grade Dao artefact with a highly formidable offensive power. Like a waterfall, strong flames gushed out from the furnace to assail the small courtyard.

Due to the external force applied upon it, all of the restrictive arrays around the small courtyard appeared. Light flowed and runes emerged to stop the attack from the Yao-refining Furnace

However, the stronger the restrictive arrays, the more delighted Liu Wuxiang became. This proved that there was something good inside. Thus, he put even more power behind his attacks.

“Help him!” Chen Feng shook his head.

The tree yao took a step forward and sent out a heavy punch. Despite his withered appearance, the attack from the tree yao was hardly light. By Chen Feng’s estimate, the punch contained a force of at least 50 million kilogrammes.

Liu Wuxiang and the tree yao attacked at the same time and it did not take long for the restrictive arrays around the small courtyard to break apart. After the restrictive arrays were broken, Liu Wuxiang and Chen Feng were able to clearly sense that there was someone else inside the courtyard.

“Be careful!”

“Don’t worry. It must be just a corpse.”

After entering the small courtyard, they discovered that its interior contained a separate space. Unfortunately, too much time had passed and an atmosphere of desolation filled the place. There within a hexagonal pavilion was a cultivator in white clothes. His figure was seated in a cross-legged manner and he sported a ruddy complexion and a white beard. It was as though he was still alive.

“His body is still intact. Could he be an Ascendant Immortal?”

“Hopefully. However, it doesn’t seem to be the case.”

Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang entered the area. However, before they could step into the pavilion, the white-clad cultivator’s eyes snapped open and two beams of lightning shot towards Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang.


Liu Wuxiang shouted and the Yao-refining Furnace in his hand exerted a suction force to collect the lightning attack. Meanwhile, the Hell Dog fired out a gaze attack to shatter the other lightning attack.

Next, smoke-like energy currents flowed out from the white-clad cultivator’s body before swiftly forming a lifelike cultivator. This cultivator was identical to the white-clad cultivator seated on the floor.

“Using one’s essence, energy and soul to form a war soul! Be careful! This secret technique will allow him to display 30% of the power its user possessed when alive,” Liu Wuxiang said.

“Thankfully, he is not an Ascendant Immortal.” Chen Feng was not feeling too concerned. The corpse’s owner was only an Earthen Immortal. Not to mention, it had been a long time since he died. Add the fact that this war soul only possessed 30% of the Earthen Immortal’s original power, it was not too concerning.

What happened next, however, went beyond Chen Feng’s expectations. The war soul was simply too savage.

The white-clad cultivator formed from essence, energy and soul maintained a look of indifference while his eyes shone with light. Then, with a grasping motion, a stream of light flew over before slipping into his grasp.

Appearance wise, it was just an ordinary stone staff.


With a bark, the white-clad cultivator took a step forward and the entire place shook. The stone staff in his hand was already upon Liu Wuxiang’s head.

“So fast!”

Liu Wuxiang was taken aback. Seeing as there was no time to dodge, he stretched his hand out to block. At the same time, a Yin Yang Cavity appeared.


The stone staff shattered the Yin Yang Cavity move from Liu Wuxiang, eliciting a wretched cry from Liu Wuxiang as his figure was sent flying.

However, the white-clad cultivator was not done. The stone staff in his hand flew out in pursuit of Liu Wuxiang’s figure. Seeing that, Chen Feng could not stand by and do nothing. With a wave of his hand, a bolt of lightning shot forward to strike the stone staff. The resulting impact caused the stone staff to spin about in the air a few times before flying back to the white-clad cultivator’s hand. 

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Next, staff silhouettes filled Chen Feng’s vision. Even with the Magic Eyes of Darkness, he was incapable of differentiating between the real and illusory. Seeing no other options, Chen Feng chose to utilize his movement techniques and retreated.

After taking two steps backwards, however, one of the staff silhouettes struck him. It felt as though he was struck by lightning and his figure was blasted away in a wretched manner.

“Back off!”

The white-clad cultivator was in the process of pursuing Chen Feng when the tree yao sent a slap forward. Unexpectedly, the white-clad cultivator would instead turn to send the stone staff in his hand shooting towards Liu Wuxiang instead.

“You guys, don’t interfere. Just keep an eye on our surroundings.” Chen Feng brought out the Lightning Bead, holding it in his hand as he fired out long-ranged attacks at the white-clad cultivator.

Liu Wuxiang worked together with Chen Feng, displaying his Yin Yang Cavity Scripture to entangle the white-clad cultivator while Chen Feng continued attacking. The fight lasted for one whole hour. Finally, the white-clad cultivator transformed into a clump of essence, energy and soul, which hovered in mid-air.

“Phew! That took quite some effort. Thankfully, we have some cards up our sleeves.” Liu Wuxiang stepped forward to collect half of the essence, energy and soul, leaving the other half for Chen Feng.

Chen Feng considered it for a moment before saying, “Are mid-level Earthen Immortals so powerful? His combat techniques seemed different. It feels somewhat similar to the brute force methods from Savage World.”

“I think so too. Is this city somehow connected to Savage World? Surely not. Not even Savage World has such a large city.” Liu Wuxiang shook his head.

“Let’s not think too much about it. Check this place and see if there is anything else.”

“This stone staff should be a mid-grade Dao artefact.” Liu Wuxiang stepped forward to pick up the stone staff. However, after Liu Wuxiang swung the staff a few times, it crumbled into powdery bits.

“Sigh! Originally, the stone staff did contain some energy. Unfortunately, the earlier battle had exhausted all of its energy.” Chen Feng shook his head.

Next up, the two of them grew disappointed. After searching high and low through the place, they were incapable of finding anything else that was of value.

“Come, let’s go check out the next place.”

As Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang made their way through the city, the other cultivators were also facing their respective ordeals.

Within a square-shaped courtyard, two mighty Demon Deities stood together, wielding a spear each.

“This bronze device is quite decent. It is actually a high-grade Dao artefact and the power inside it has yet to disappear. After studying it for a bit, it will be possible to use it in the future.”

“You are really lucky. I have yet to gain anything so far. And that’s after having gone through a bloody battle.”

“Don’t be anxious. If we find any good items later, I will let you have it.”

At the top of a small building constructed entirely using wood, an Immortal Plane cultivator held onto a wooden staff, a smile on his face. “Unexpectedly, this is actually a Lasting Cyan Vine. Tsk, tsk. This is quite the harvest. I can make use of this for pill concoction.”

“Sigh! A pity, the power within this stone artefact has disappeared.”

At the bottom of a dried-up lake, three cultivators were besieging yet another war soul formed using essence, energy and soul. After fighting it for a moment, they finally managed to break the war soul. Then, after dividing the clump of essence, energy and soul, they searched the surrounding areas before quickly leaving the place.


An Earthen Immortal from the Immortal Plane was struck by a huge palm silhouette and his body shattered apart. Next, a Ghost General and a Demon Deity swiftly ran away. However, the huge palm silhouette was quick to catch up to them and it squeezed each of them to death.

Next, the huge palm silhouette disappeared and a voice rang out from the ground. “Too weak.” 

Within a stone building that seemed to be on the verge of collapsing, a Ghost General, exuding an eerie aura, wielded a serrated machete as it fought a war soul. After just three exchanges, the Ghost General who was the equivalent of an Earthen Immortal was subdued. Next, the war soul transformed into a stream of light before moving into the Ghost General’s body.

Woah! Woah!

The Ghost General’s body had consisted of only white bones. At that very moment, however, blood suddenly surged within its body. The rate at which the blood streams moved increased and flesh began growing from the surface of the bones. Additionally, internal organs could be seen emerging within the chest area. When the amount of flesh grew high, a layer of skin emerged to cover the flesh. In just one breath’s worth of time, an intact fleshly body had appeared. This body contained a formidable amount of power, a stark contrast when compared to the bony body that it once was.

“I am reborn. Unfortunately, this body is slightly weak.”

At that very moment, Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang was facing a mighty stone man. This foe beat them up so badly, they had been forced to constantly back away. Earlier, they had found a stone man lying on the ground within a stretch of ruins. In the beginning, they had ignored it. Unexpectedly, the stone man would come to life and proceed to unleash a furious flurry of attacks at them.

Soul attacks were ineffective while the stone man’s body was surprisingly hard. It was capable of blocking lightning attacks and even the fire attacks from the Yao-refining Furnace were incapable of doing anything to it.

Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang, on the other hand, were wounded after receiving just a hit from the stone man.

“This must be a puppet containing grand dao powers. It’s too hard to deal with! Brother Chen, didn’t you collect two Immortal artefacts back then? Hurry up and use them to deal with this puppet!” Liu Wuxiang shouted.

Chen Feng pursed his lips to the side. As if it was that easy. Not to mention, that was his killer move. It was not something he would casually use.

“Tree yao, help out.” Seeing no other options, Chen Feng called out.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Maintaining a look of indifference on his face, the tree yao stretched his palm forward and vines shot out from his palm to quickly and firmly bind the stone man. For a brief moment, the stone man was incapable of extricating itself.

Chen Feng then rushed forward and placed both hands on the stone man’s body. Next, the power of water and fire surged out. This was no ordinary power of water and fire. Rather, it was the power extracted out from the world essence fragment.

Kacha! Kacha!

It didn’t take long before cracks began spreading out across the stone man’s body. In the end, a crack split the stone man from top to bottom. When the tree yao finally retracted his vines, the stone man’s figure exploded into pieces.

“Brother Chen, good job!” Liu Wuxiang revealed a look of shock.

“A pity, we fought it for nothing.” Chen Feng shook his head. He had assumed that he could obtain a spiritual bead after blasting the stone man apart. Unexpectedly, there were only stony bits and powder left.

“We can consider this as training,” Liu Wuxiang comforted himself with those words.

“I wonder if the others managed to acquire anything. Up ahead is the area for one of the scarlet pillars of light. Hopefully, we’ll be able to gain something here.” 

When they arrived, they saw a group of cultivators fighting in a chaotic manner. Every move they made was an all-out attack performed with ruthlessness. Some were even intended to inflict mutual destruction.

A thick scent of blood floated in the air and Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang, who had only just arrived, felt their blood surging to the fore.

“What is happening here? Are these people suffering from cultivation deviation?” Chen Feng was shocked.

“Something is not right.” Liu Wuxiang took several steps back.

“Most certainly.”

The bloody and chaotic battle unfolding before them involved Demon Deities, Nether Generals and cultivators from the various worlds. However, all of them showed no concern to the concept of friend or foe. Instead, with bloodshot eyes, they attacked one another. Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang clearly saw two massive Demon Deities roaring as they fought one another. There were also two cultivators from the Immortal Plane who ignored the severe wounds on their bodies as they kept on fighting one another.


Taking on the blows from two Nether Generals, an Earthen Immortal from the Immortal Plane was thrown towards the nearby pillar of light. Then, with a booming sound, he was transformed into a bloody clump of mist. Next, the bloody clump of mist drifted out from the pillar of light and the scent of blood increased, causing the battle there to become even more violent.

“It’s due to the pillar of light.”

Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang exchanged glances. They had figured out the root of this situation. However, just as they were considering what to do about it, a blood-red wave of light spread out from the pillar of light, sweeping past Chen Feng and the others before continuing onwards into its surroundings. 


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Soul attacks were ineffective while the stone man’s body was surprisingly hard. It was capable of blocking lightning attacks and even the fire attacks from the Yao-refining Furnace were incapable of doing anything to it. 

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