Chapter 750 Tian Xiaozi


“Oh, no!”

Seeing what happened to Patriarch Quicksand, the others were terrified and they all dashed away with lightning-like speed. Some simply jumped through space in order to escape the shockwave.

“Serves them right!” Liu Wuxiang said with a derisive grin.

“The power behind the shockwave is not high enough. It would be great if the shockwave could kill them all,” Chen Feng said.

“You sure are ruthless.”

The cosmos pouch was ineffective, destroyed by the rays of light. Even the minor pocket world that an Earthen Immortal had created was ineffective.

Seeing that, everyone there grew meek. At the very least, no one else tried to take action against the city anymore.

“Humph! That’s not actually a pocket world. It is only at the level of a pocket dimension. It is far inferior compared to a pocket world,” Liu Wuxiang said disdainfully.

Chen Feng nodded in response. Chen Feng had been spending the past few days communicating with Tower. Thus, he was able to learn of some matters pertaining to cultivation. For example, after reaching the Earthen Immortal stage, some of the stronger cultivators would be able to create a personal world within their bodies. Naturally, in the beginning, that world would only be at the level of a pocket dimension.

Even so, a pocket dimension can already be considered a world in its own right, albeit a smaller one. The world would contain the cultivator’s daos and laws. It was far stronger than a normal dimension.

Utilizing own’s own daos and laws to fight cultivators who had yet to form their own pocket dimension was simply an act of bullying others. Occasionally, the cultivator in question could win with just a casual move.

Additionally, cultivators who could form their pocket dimensions would have a better future in terms of growth. It was the equivalent of laying down the foundation for the cultivator’s ascension to a higher level.

After levelling up, the pocket dimension would become a pocket world. This meant truly possessing worldly powers that belonged to the cultivator and the cultivator alone. This change would not only mean an increase in the cultivator’s strength. More importantly, the cultivator’s lifespan would increase as well. Furthermore, it was an outrageous increase.

Levelling up yet again would allow the pocket world to become a cosmic world. However, the next level was not something that Chen Feng could understand. Additionally, Tower himself did not talk too much about it. According to him, telling Chen Feng about it would not benefit him.

“The ability to create own’s own pocket dimension is already something else. He can already be considered as a top-tier character,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Looks like this city is extraordinary. If you tell me there are no Immortal artefacts inside, I would say you’re bluffing. Brother Chen, the ensuing competition will be very intense. I hope for a true cooperation between us,” Liu Wuxiang said solemnly.

“No problem. The strength of one person is indeed quite weak here. There is a need for a cooperation,” Chen Feng nodded.

“Brother Chen, if this cooperative endeavour goes well, there will be one more bountiful matter awaiting us,” Liu Wuxiang said with a knowing look.

“Really? In that case, I will be looking forward to it.” Chen Feng smiled, not thinking too much into it. He believed that Liu Wuxiang was only saying that casually in order to win him over.

At any rate, the Hell Dog and tree yao behind him were both Yao Immortals. They represented a sizable level of strength.

“The number of Earthen Immortals here has exceeded 20. Additionally, that number is still rising. Besides, I do not believe that there aren’t more cultivators secretly watching this place.”

“There is a total of 36 scarlet pillars of light now. There will surely be more appearing later on. Though, I do not know what it means.”

“The strongest amongst all the Earthen Immortals here is only at the mid-level Earthen Immortal stage. If a high-level Earthen Immortal appears, that person would be able to sweep away all the cultivators present.”

“It’s not that simple. The higher a cultivator’s cultivation base, the harder it becomes to enter this Heavensday Battlefield. Even if they do manage to enter, they will face a formidable level of suppression.”

For the next three days, Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang quietly waited. Although some cultivators were curious about Chen Feng’s team, no one came to trouble them. Part of it was because they had recognized Liu Wuxiang. However, it was mostly due to the two Yao Immortals standing behind Chen Feng.

“Cultivators from the Immortal Plane, Demon Plane, Ghost Plane and Nether Plane have arrived.”

“Those fellows over there are from Savage World. Heh! The group there must be from your Eternal World. There are quite a few of them there.” 

Suddenly, the Hell Dog’s eyes lit up and he looked around before recollecting himself.

“Senior Hell Dog, what happened?” Chen Feng felt puzzled.

“It’s nothing. I sensed the aura of Hell,” the Hell Dog said coolly.

“There are even cultivators from Hell.” Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang exchanged glances.

When compared to the other worlds, Hell was a mysterious place. Generally speaking, whenever Hell was mentioned, it would not be as highly regarded as the higher-levelled worlds like the Demon Plane and Nether Plane. Even so, the cultivators from the various worlds had to admit that Hell was very powerful. It was so powerful that even these higher-levelled worlds would fear it.

Hell was located within the very depths of the universe. Moreover, due to some other factors, there were many devilish and formidable creatures in Hell. The chaos, danger and savagery of Hell was at a level that far surpassed that of the Nether Plane and Ghost Plane.

“There are some other cultivators that I do not recognize. They are likely from low-levelled lesser worlds, even more inferior when compared to Eternal World. They can forget about comparing themselves with the Immortal Plane.” When Liu Wuxiang said that, a prideful look appeared on his face.


Chen Feng’s eyes shone with light as he observed a newly-arrived group of five cultivators with interest. One Human Immortal youngster with four Earthen Immortal bodyguards.

“Brother Chen, you know him?” Liu Wuxiang grew puzzled at Chen Feng’s reaction.

“I fought him before,” Chen Feng said smilingly. In the past, when Chen Feng had fought against the Human Immortal youngster, Chen Feng was constantly in a disadvantageous position. Later, after having gotten stronger, Chen Feng had considered finding him for payback. However, Chen Feng also had some scruples about it. At any rate, the youngster had four Earthen Immortal bodyguards. Chen Feng had no desire for a mutually destructive scenario.

“His name is Tian Xiaozi, from Heavensive Order,” Liu Wuxiang said coolly.

“He must have quite the status, no?”

“Heh! He is just a Young Master who relies on his family’s power. Without the four bodyguards behind him, he would be incapable of staying alive for long,” Liu Wuxiang said disdainfully.

Chen Feng did not agree with Liu Wuxiang. He had fought this Tian Xiaozi before, after all. This Tian Xiaozi was quite a formidable fellow.

As the two of them were chatting, Tian Xiaozi noticed Chen Feng as well. A look of curiosity emerged from his eyes and he walked over.

“Liu Wuxiang, what are you doing here?” Tian Xiaozi cast a frown at Liu Wuxiang.

“Shouldn’t I be the one asking that question?” Liu Wuxiang responded nonchalantly.

At that very moment, Liu Wuxiang did not appear to be in a good state. Even so, Tian Xiaozi dared not be careless. Despite having four Earthen Immortal bodyguards behind him, he did not want to get into a conflict with Liu Wuxiang.

“Heh!” Tian Xiaozi snickered before turning his attention towards Chen Feng. “Kid, you were quick to run away that day. Unexpectedly, we would meet again here. I wonder, is this due to your misfortune?”

“Maybe it’s your misfortune.” A provocative look flashed across Chen Feng’s eyes.

“Or do you want to fight again right here?” 


Tian Xiaozi’s face turned icy and his hand shot towards Chen Feng. White energy streams erupted from his palm and an extremely icy aura swept forward to envelop Chen Feng.

“Heh!” Chen Feng scoffed, firing out a ray of lightning with a flick of his finger. It was the lightning power within the Lightning Bead, a Dao artefact.

Deng! Deng! Deng!

Not expecting Chen Feng to utilize the power of a Dao artefact right from the start, Tian Xiaozi was forced to back away. The exchange had ended with him suffering from a minor loss.

“Ha ha ha! Tian Xiaozi, your Heavensieve Order is nothing special. Don’t jump out to embarrass yourself.” Liu Wuxiang laughed loudly.

“That’s right. If this is all a mid-level Human Immortal from the Immortal Plane has, I will be very disappointed. Rather, I will even lose interest in ascending to the Immortal Plane.” Chen Feng laughed as well.

“Well said! Truth be told, the Immortal Plane is fairly decent. However, some of the cultivators there are just not good. Fellow friend, if you want to ascend, you can come to our Nether Plane. Our Nether Plane welcomes those with abilities.” Suddenly, a youngster with a somewhat pale face led a group of cultivators over.

“What did you just say?” The expression on Tian Xiaozi’s face alternated between dark and pale. It was very ugly to behold. Having Chen Feng force him back earlier had already caused him to lose face big time. And now, someone else was stepping forward to ridicule him. Thus, he could no longer hold back. Jabbing out with one finger, he displayed Heavensieve Order’s special technique, the Heavensieve Finger.

A finger blast pierced through space, creating grating sounds as it did to strike the forehead of the cultivator. A popping sound rang out and the finger blast dissipated away. However, there wasn’t a single mark left on the cultivator’s forehead.

“Are you trying to tickle me?”

The pale-faced youngster waved his hand, a ridiculing expression on his face. Next, he turned to smile at Chen Feng. “My name is Qing Hun. May I know our name?”

“Eternal World, Chen Feng.” Chen Feng’s tone was monotonous. However, his voice spread far away and some cultivators turned over in shock.

“Did our Eternal World have such a formidable youngster?”

“I have never heard of him before. He is not even a Human Immortal. However, the two Yao Immortals behind him are quite formidable.”

“For him to possess two high-level bodyguards, he must be the apprentice of some monstrous character.”

“However, he is still too young. To be putting on such a display of arrogance at such a young age, he simply doesn’t understand how dangerous this place is.”

Several cultivators were secretly talking about Chen Feng. Clearly, they were from Eternal World as well. However, all of them were Earthen Immortals. Normally, characters like them would not have deigned to even look upon Chen Feng.

“Every one of these Immortal Plane cultivators deserve death. One day, I will lead my men to carve a bloody path into the Immortal Plane and expand our Nether Plane.” Qing Hun cast a glacial look at Tian Xiaozi and a cyan-coloured gaze assailed Tian Xiaozi with lightning-like speed.


One of the Earthen Immortals behind Tian Xiaozi took a step forward and grasped. The gaze attack from Qing Hun was thus crushed to pieces.

“If you fellows do not have the guts to fight a one-on-one battle, you fellows can come attack together.” Qing Hun smirked and ten or so Nether Generals moved forward to stand beside him. The formidable aura of suppression that they were emanating forced Tian Xiaozi and his men to take several steps back.

Seeing a fight starting, the cultivators there grew delighted. They wanted nothing more than to see these fellows fight. If some of them ended up dying from the fight, it would mean less competition for them.

However, while there were many who were simply watching, some decided to participate in the fight. Some of the cultivators who were originally just watching finished their discussion and moved forward. They were also from the Nether Plane. It would appear that they wanted to join forces to besiege Tian Xiaozi’s team.

Truth be told, the cultivators from the Immortal Plane made up the majority there. However, they all simply watched from the sides. Clearly, none of them had any intentions of interfering.

“Looks like this Heavensieve Order does not have a good reputation in the Immortal Plane,” Chen Feng whispered.

“Ha ha! This is how things are in our Immortal Plane. The fights between us are fierce enough as it is. As long as it does not involve us, we would never get involved. Rather, the fact that they are not lending a hand to the enemy is already a decent move on their part,” Liu Wuxiang said with a sneer.

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