Chapter 75: Myriad Suns Trade Association


Seeing Chen Feng’s change in attitude, the vendor was instantly terrified.

“Surely you won’t kill someone within White Cloud City,” said the vendor as he forced himself to calm down.

“If your answer cannot satisfy me, I assure you, I will kill you,” replied Chen Feng with a sneer.

“I truly did bring this broken bowl out from the Demon Soul Valley, I am not lying. A pity, no one would believe me,” said the vendor after a moment’s consideration. 

“What about this broken sword?” asked Chen Feng as he picked up something resembling a piece of scrap iron.

“This is also something I picked up from Demon Soul Valley,” answered the vendor.

“For you to be able to survive the Demon Soul Valley and even pick up some stuff from inside it, you are not a nobody, are you?” said Ye Ziming, who was standing beside them, a smile on his face.

“Truth be told, I did not venture too deep into the valley. I had only wandered around the peripheral areas,” said the vendor with an embarrassed smile.

“All right, I want these two items,” said Chen Feng after picking up the broken bowl and sword.

“That.” Seeing the other party wanting to buy his items, the vendor’s eyes swivelled as greed filled his heart.

“I had to risk my life for those two items,” said the vendor with a smile, causing his already ugly-looking face to look even uglier.

“Is that so? In other words, you prefer money over life?” said Chen Feng with a smile. Next, a suction force burst out from between his brows to suck in the broken bowl and sword.

“Storing artefacts in the body! You are a storing artefacts in the body (3rd) level cultivator?” The vendor panicked. A cultivator of that level was stronger than him.

“We have other matters to attend to. Out with it. How many Basic Yang Pills do those two items cost?” asked Ye Ziming.

After considering it for a moment, the vendor raised two fingers and said, “They cost a total of 2,000 Basic Yang Pills.”

“You are too underhanded. Those two items are probably not even worth one Basic Yang Pill,” Lu Ta could not stop himself from blurting out.

“Forget it, Brother Chen. Don’t buy it.”

“1,000! 1,000 Basic Yang Pill,” the vendor hastily said.

“Brother Ye, do you have any Basic Yang Pills on you? Please lend me some,” said Chen Feng.

“No problem.”

Having said that, Ye Ziming pulled out a spatial pouch and tossed it at the vendor.

“Let’s go.”

After the three of them left, the vendor, still holding onto the spatial bag, was in a dazed state. He used his divine sense to inspect the spatial pouch and found that the spatial pouch did indeed contain Basic Yang Pills, thick with spiritual energy.

“Could the two broken items truly be treasures?” At that moment, the vendor felt somewhat regretful.

“Forget it. I had inspected them for the longest time now only to fail to discover anything. Selling it will ease my concerns. These 1,000 Basic Yang Pills can be considered a small fortune,” said the vendor with a smile.

“Did you guys see that? Those three people spent 1,000 Basic Yang Pills to buy a broken bowl and a piece of scrap iron.”

“Country bumpkins with no experience.”

“Still, they look rich. Taking out 1,000 Basic Yang Pills all out once without a frown.”

“One of them is only at level 1 of the Concealed stage while the other two are only at level 2 of the Concealed stage. They are three fat lambs! Let’s go after them and see where they are staying.”

Some of the passing-by cultivators saw what happened and a few of them began having other thoughts.

“Brother Chen, those two items earlier?” Ye Ziming secretly asked using a vocal transmission skill.

“There is something peculiar about them. I still need to inspect them properly. However, I will think of a way to return the 1,000 Basic Yang Pills to you,” said Chen Feng.

“They are just pocket change. Please don’t mention returning them. Otherwise, I won’t consider you a friend,” said Ye Ziming cheerfully as he waved the matter off.

Next, the three of them found a clothing shop. Putting on a new set of clothes and tidying themselves up, they look completely different. Then, they headed towards a trade association.

“This Myriad Suns Trade Association is a very famous trade association within White Cloud City. It boasts many items for sale. Many cultivation materials can be found here. Additionally, this trade association is very trustworthy. They will assure your safety during transactions. This trade association is monitored by experts and backed by a powerful force. Thus, not many people dare cause trouble here. I can feel others eyeing us. By staying in this Myriad Suns Trade Association, we can avoid unnecessary troubles.” Ye Ziming informed Chen Feng and Lu Ta.

“You are right, dear guest. Here in White Cloud City, no one dares to cause a ruckus in our Myriad Suns Trade Association.” The three of them had only just walked into the trade association when a middle-aged cultivator stepped forward to greet them with a smile.

“What do the three of you need? You may call me Supervisor Liu. I will be responsible for taking care of you three,” said the middle-aged cultivator with a smile.

Supervisor, taking care? Looks like he is a minor character in a hotel. However, the minor character in this place has a cultivation base of Concealed stage. Chen Feng thought to himself.

“Mm, Supervisor Liu, arrange a place for us to stay,” said Ye Ziming. Judging by the familiar way Ye Ziming was talking, Chen Feng could tell that he had been to this place before.

“We have Sky, Earth, Human, Upper, Middle, Humble grades of residences. I wonder which level do you three want?” asked Supervisor Liu with a smile.

“Upper. It would be for the best if it is someplace quiet,” said Ye Ziming with a nod of his head.

“Yes, please follow me,” said Supervisor Liu jovially.

Next, Chen Feng and the others followed Supervisor Liu and made their way past the lobby of the Myriad Suns Trade Association to enter the back courtyard. There were many people making their way back and forth through the place, comparable to the number of people on the street. There were also many supervisors scattered within the crowd of people as they received the guests.

Chen Feng could see that there were grades for the supervisors as well. It was apparent through the colour of their clothes. Supervisor Liu, in cyan-coloured uniform, must be of the lowest rank. Looking around, Chen Feng noticed four supervisors in white uniform greeting a young man with a noble appearance. There was also a supervisor in yellow uniform. That supervisor guided an old man, whose cultivation base was immeasurable, and the two of them disappeared into thin air.

“These supervisors are divided into four ranks. Cyan, white, yellow and gold. Guests with high cultivation bases or high statuses will be received by high-ranking supervisors.” Ye Ziming secretly informed Chen Feng through vocal transmission.

After entering the backyard, the scenery before them changed. Chen Feng had originally assumed it to be an ordinary backyard. At that moment, however, he saw that there were grottoes, gardens with colourful flowers, towering pavilions, chirping birds and spiritual animals darting about. The individual courtyards, especially, were surrounded by flowers and adorned with strange-looking stones and small pavilions.

Small bridges, flowing water, ancient vines, small pavilions, all were placed according to a certain formation. Even before stepping into the courtyard, Chen Feng could feel the spiritual energy, with an aromatic and elegant quality, waft towards him.

This place is actually so big. There are probably more than a thousand individual courtyards here. Chen Feng thought to himself.

Chen Feng was not the only one to feel surprised. Even Lu Ta had exclaimed out in shock. Only Ye Ziming remained expressionless, seemingly having seen such a spectacle many times in the past.

“Please come with me,” said Supervisor Liu with a bow. He was very pleased to see their reactions. Next, he led the three of them into a courtyard.

“Please come in. This is an Upper-grade courtyard, priced at 1,000 Basic Yang Pills per day,” said Supervisor Liu. 

With a flick of his finger, Ye Ziming sent a stream of light into Supervisor Liu’s hand. It was a card.

“A Sky-grade VIP card!” After seeing the card, Supervisor Liu was shocked senseless.

“Forgive me for my act of disrespect. This little one’s eyes failed to recognize Mt Tai. Please come with me to the Sky-grade building.” Supervisor Liu hastily bowed, his head falling in altitude compared to both his hands, which were returning the card to Ye Ziming. This bow was completely different from the bow he had displayed earlier.

“No need. We will be staying here. Also, do not reveal to others that we are staying here,” said Ye Ziming coolly.

“This little one dares not.” Supervisor Liu dared not even lift his head.

“This is a present for you. We have no need for your service anymore, you may go back.” Ye Ziming pulled out a spatial pouch and tossed it towards Supervisor Liu.

“Thank you for your generosity. This little one will take my leave. If you have any requests, just tell me.” Supervisor Liu respectfully and slowly retreated out from the place.

“Heh heh, Brother Ye has quite the identity, eh?” Chen Feng made tut-tut sounds.

“I accidentally found that card,” Ye Ziming said casually.

“Oh, is that so. You sure have good luck,” replied Chen Feng with a smile. Knowing that Ye Ziming was unwilling to talk about it, he stopped.

The courtyard was not too big. However, its strongpoint was in its exquisiteness and harmony. The air was fresh and a thick worldly spiritual energy converged into the place continuously. There was also a spring in the courtyard, which released waves of vitality and a faint mist. Add the chairs carved from jade, exotic vines placed to adorn the place, they felt as though they had entered the realm of immortals.

“The 1,000 Basic Yang Pills per day cost is not in vain. The courtyards here are blessed by arrays so that they could gather spiritual energy from all over. The vegetation within this courtyard also possesses a calming effect. Practicing cultivation for a day here is the equivalent of practicing cultivation outside for 10 days,” said Ye Ziming with a smile.

“What about the Sky-grade residences?” asked Chen Feng.

“The treatment for Sky-grade residence guests is better. However, only cultivators with both status and power may stay there.”

Chen Feng took a deep breath and felt the vigorous spiritual energy flow into his body. At the same time, the fresh air made his mind felt clearer and the longevity-type primary energy became more energetic compared to before.

“This really is a good place to practice cultivation.” Chen Feng nodded his head.

“Let’s stay here for some time. If we have the time, we can also stroll around White Cloud City. There are many cultivators here, all from various sects and corners of the world. You can find out more information regarding the cultivation world,” said Ye Ziming.

The three of them found a room each and began resting while breathing in the air there. In the blink of an eye, they had practiced cultivation for half a day. During that time, Supervisor Liu had personally come over to bring in food to wait on them. He was very diligent.

The moment Chen Feng entered his room, he jumped into the Longevity Tower. Ignoring the restrained Four-eared Spirit Monkey and Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm, he called out for ‘Tower’.

“Tower, what is the function of these two broken items?” asked Chen Feng loudly.

Naturally, the broken items that Chen Feng was referring to were the broken bowl and the scrap iron-like broken sword that he had just bought.

“Those two are not broken items. Objectively speaking, they are even better than the sword you carry with you,” Tower spoke out slowly.

“What? They are even better than my Overwhelming Astral Sword? That is a Prized artefact!” exclaimed Chen Feng.

“These two items are Sacred artefacts. If they are not damaged, they could be considered as top-grade items amongst Sacred artefacts,” Tower continued leisurely.

“Sacred artefact. What tier is that at?” asked a puzzled Chen Feng.

“Magic treasures. Firstly, comes the Magic artefact. Above it is the Prized artefact. And above that is the Sacred artefact,” Tower slowly explained.

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