Chapter 749 Unreachable


“Given the size of this city, I wouldn’t believe you if you tell me there is nothing good inside it.”

“We will have to figure a way to enter.” After saying that, Liu Wuxiang brought out a shining talisman and pasted it on his body. Next, a layer of barrier emerged, releasing a roaring sound while encasing Liu Wuxiang’s body.

“Grand dao powers! The one who crafted it must be at least a high-level Earthen Immortal!” Chen Feng uttered out in shock.


Enduring the pressure bearing down on him, Liu Wuxiang charged forward like a sharp blade piercing through the waters.

Chen Feng sighed.

He is usually a smart fellow. How could he make such a mistake this time around?

Chen Feng could see that this city was not an ordinary existence. Charging in was simply impossible. For Liu Wuxiang to be doing this, he must have been triggered by something.

Looks like he is still feeling somewhat frustrated at me taking the Immortal artefact away back then.

Liu Wuxiang was displaying a formidable level of power for this. In addition to the defensive power of the talisman, there was also his Yao-refining Furnace, which unleashed a high amount of power.

Even so, the speed at which Liu Wuxiang was advancing kept getting slower. When there were still over 50 kilometres between him and the city, his figure came to a halt in mid-air, no longer capable of flying forward at all.

“How is this possible?!” Liu Wuxiang shouted and the muscles on his face contorted as waves of power surged out. At that very moment, the power radiating out from him was clearly that of an Earthen Immortal.

Charging in is impossible, then. Chen Feng shook his head as he observed Liu Wuxiang, who was trying to charge in like a maniac.

Standing behind Chen Feng were the Hell Dog and another figure. This figure was a middle-aged man with a gaunt appearance and withered skin.

He was none other than the tree yao’s human form. The Divine Phantom Mink had managed to gain a stroke of inspiration and was presently cultivating himself inside the Longevity Tower.

“Most certainly. From what I can see, one would require an Immortal artefact in order to charge in,” the tree yao said nonchalantly.

“Then, we’ll have to just wait and see what happens. I believe that we’ll be able to enter once this city has fully emerged. By then, however, who knows just how many cultivators would have been lured over?”

After unleashing a formidable level of power, Liu Wuxiang began advancing yet again. However, he had only just advanced across a certain distance before his movements became stiff once more.

There was still some distance between him and the city. Additionally, as the city grew ever taller, the atmosphere of coercive power that it emanated grew increasingly strong and Liu Wuxiang’s figure slowly backed away.

Is he coming back? Chen Feng wondered.

Next, however, Chen Feng turned his head around. Light shone from his eyes as his gaze flew forward to cover a distance of tens of thousands of li.

“Someone’s coming.”

On Liu Wuxiang’s side, he felt as though he was already close to approaching the city only for his body to fail to advance any further. A look of unwillingness appeared in his eyes. Finally, he gnashed his teeth and made up his mind.


A popping sound rang out. It was as though something within his body had broken. Next, a strand of Immortal artefact power flowed out and Liu Wuxiang’s figure was set ablaze, becoming something of a fireball as he charged forward yet again.

Oh, the aura of an Immortal artefact! This fellow is truly something else. Chen Feng was surprised to see that.

This time, Liu Wuxiang seemingly possessed an unlimited amount of power and the atmosphere of pressure bearing down on him seemingly disappeared. He was able to arrive before the city in just the span of one breath. In fact, he was already on the verge of making his way into the city.


Liu Wuxiang was just about to make his way into the city when a scarlet ray of light suddenly shot upwards. Next, Liu Wuxiang became like a broken kite as his figure blasted backwards.

“So, not even an Immortal artefact’s power is enough to charge in.” Chen Feng shook his head as he quickly rushed forward to grab Liu Wuxiang.

The overwhelming power affecting Liu Wuxiang’s body charged into Chen Feng’s body to blast him away. Only after tumbling over a distance of tens of li was Chen Feng able to stabilize himself.


The power shocked Chen Feng, who circulated his primary energy across his whole body several times before successfully dispelling the feelings of discomfort from his body.


As for Liu Wuxiang, his figure lay on the ground and blood constantly flowed out from his mouth. He struggled for a bit, but was incapable of getting up.


The incoming cultivator finally arrived. The moment he arrived, he attacked Liu Wuxiang. The sword in his hand promptly transformed, expanding to a size of 100 zhang as it slashed down against Liu Wuxiang. 

Liu Wuxiang scoffed and a black hole appeared before him to suck his figure inside. With that, he was able to evade the attack before re-appearing somewhere tens of li away.

However, the cultivator hurled his sword out, which flew forward in pursuit of Liu Wuxiang.

By then, Chen Feng had already arrived before Liu Wuxiang. Lightning radiance flared out to send the incoming sword flying away.

“Brother Liu, are you all right?” Chen Feng asked.

“This is just a minor injury.” Liu Wuxiang struggled to stand up as immortal energy streams swirled around his body to continuously heal his wounds.

Chen Feng smiled and said nothing else. From what he can see, Liu Wuxiang was grievously wounded. Although his rate of recovery was very fast, he would still need some time to recover.

“I was wondering who it might be. So, it’s Sage Fireflow. I will remember what happened earlier,” Liu Wuxiang said coolly as his Yao-refining Furnace flew out to rest on his palm.

“Yao-refining Furnace! You are Liu Wuxiang!” After getting a good look at Liu Wuxiang, Sage Fireflow’s eyes reflexively narrowed.

“Liu Wuxiang, if we are in the Immortal Plane, I would not have the courage to attack you. But if I kill you here, no one will know about it!” Sage Fireflow said with a scornful smile 

“If you want to attack, then just go ahead and attack. We’ll see who gets to kill who in the end.” The Yao-refining Furnace in Liu Wuxiang’s hand kept spinning.

“Brother Liu, let’s put some distance between us and this place,” Chen Feng suddenly said.

Liu Wuxiang was also thinking of the same thing. Thus, they retreated over 1,500 kilometres before stopping. Light flowed across Liu Wuxiang’s body and roaring sounds rang out from within as his pale face gradually turned healthy again.

Seeing Liu Wuxiang retreat, Sage Fireflow did not give chase. In truth, Liu Wuxiang alone was already difficult to handle. Not to mention, this Liu Wuxiang also had companions.

Two scarlet pillars of light pierced the sky, seemingly responding to each other and an even greater atmosphere of coercive power spread out from the city.

Sou! Sou!

Two more cultivators flew over, leaving two colourful streams of light streaking cross the sky in their wake. However, even before the two cultivators could arrive, another figure had appeared not far away from Sage Fireflow. This figure, a tall and mighty cultivator, had ripped a hole in space and emerged from the other side.

“I wonder how many cultivators would be lured over. Also, how long will it take for this city to fully emerge? Additionally, what are the two scarlet pillars of light?” Chen Feng whispered.

“The two pillars of light must be from a Spirit Gathering Array. However, this feat would require a high number of top-grade spirit stones,” Liu Wuxiang said.

“A high number of top-grade spirit stones? Hopefully, we will be able to gain something from this.” Chen Feng smiled.

Liu Wuxiang pondered for a moment before saying, “Since we are incapable of charging in, we should wait and make preparations beforehand. We might also be able to recruit a few more helpers.”

Seeing someone else arrive, Sage Fireflow was finally incapable of holding on. He waved his hand and a massive cosmos pouch blotted the sun as it moved to envelop the distant city. The pitch-black cosmos pouch exerted a formidable suction force and the power of space surged. He wanted to collect the entire city.

“What an idiot!” The Hell Dog, who was beside Chen Feng, chuckled.

Liu Wuxiang’s face turned red. Truth be told, he was also thinking of doing the same thing. However, he was blasted away before he could even do it.

“You’re courting death!”

However, seeing Sage Fireflow’s actions, the other cultivator grew enraged. The Demon Deity that had only just arrived brandished its spiked club, swinging it at the cosmos pouch up in the sky.


The cosmos pouch exploded and the power of space swirled about turbulently. Space itself was torn and spatial cracks appeared everywhere. As for Sage Fireflow, he coughed out a mouthful of blood. However, he promptly sent a massive sword forward to attack the Demon Deity.

The two quickly got into a fight.

“What a big city. There must surely be some relics left inside it. There might even be more than one Immortal artefacts inside it. You two, keep an eye on the others. I will collect this city.”

“Yes, Patriarch!”

Three more figures had emerged from the void. The leader was a middle-aged man and the other two appeared to be his subordinates. This was the first small team to appear here.

The middle-aged man’s eyes were like lightning and they swept around. When his gaze fell upon Chen Feng’s group, it stopped for a moment and Chen Feng instantly felt as though lightning was flashing out before him. The formidable pressure bearing down on him caused his heart to shake somewhat.

“Brother Liu, this fellow looks like someone from the Immortal Plane. You should know him, right?” Chen Feng asked in a hushed tone.

“He is Patriarch Quicksand, a mid-level Earthen Immortal. He cultivates the grand dao of quicksand. The other two cultivators are his subordinates. They are starter-level Earthen Immortals. They are quite well-known in some places. However, they have no backers. They are but loose cultivators,” Liu Wuxiang said coolly.

“A mid-level Earthen Immortal. I wonder if he has already developed his own world.”

Patriarch Quicksand retracted his gaze. He had already started taking action. A massive cosmos pouch unfurled out and a formidable suction force enveloped the entire city.


Another scarlet pillar of light rose up to pierce right through the cosmos pouch. Next, a wave of power spread out and the cosmos pouch was turned to bits.

“Truly, extraordinary. Fine. I will just collect it into my world.” Patriarch Quicksand’s face flushed and he waved his hand. Next, vast amounts of yellow sand poured out from his palm to fly about and form a world of quicksand.

“Patriarch Quicksand, you want to take this ancient city for yourself? Not so fast!” Suddenly, a scarlet-haired man with a muscular body smashed space apart with a fiery-gold staff and emerged from the other side.

“Patriarch Scarletblaze, you sure are fast. However, you are still a little late. This city is mine!” Patriarch Quicksand smirked. The world of sand coming from his hand grew increasingly colossal and it moved to envelop the city.

Patriarch Scarletblaze sneered. Next, he rapidly swung forward with the fiery-gold staff in his hand. His actions split space into two. One side was filled with raging flames while the other side was filled with a dazzling golden shine.

Sou! Sou!

Patriarch Quicksand’s two subordinates swiftly charged forward, bringing out their magic treasures to block Patriarch Scarletblaze’s attack.

“You guys have a death wish!”

Patriarch Scarletblaze scoffed and the staff in his hand abruptly stirred. The power of laws changed ceaselessly and he easily swept the two cultivators aside.


It was only a brief delay, but Patriarch Quicksand’s world had already clashed against the city. The world of quicksand, ten thousand times stronger and more durable compared to domain power, was pierced by the scarlet pillars of light. Next, more scarlet pillars of light emerged to pierce their way into the sky, riddling Patriarch Quicksand’s world of quicksand with holes before causing it to shatter apart.


For a brief instant, the rate at which the city was rising shot up, creating a tangible shockwave, which spread outwards. Patriarch Quicksand, who was the closest to the city, gave a wretched cry as his whole body became stained with blood and he was sent flying.


1 li = 0.5 km

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