Chapter 748 Commotion


“What?!” When Chen Feng emerged, the face of the cultivator fighting Liu Wuxiang turned even more contorted.

Their sneak attack had ended in utter failure.

“I’m out!”

Chen Feng mumbled in a hushed tone before inspecting his surroundings.

“Tower, was that the power of the Immortal artefact earlier?” Chen Feng secretly asked Tower.

“Naturally, the situation with the two Immortal artefacts has stabilized. However, it will still be somewhat difficult to subdue them. Some time will be needed. That said, triggering some of their powers every now and again will not be an issue,” Tower said happily.

Erstwind fell out from void space, his body completely stained with blood. Flesh hung out from every part of his body and not one inch was left unravaged.

Oh, that Liu Wuxiang was indeed hiding his strength. Unexpectedly, he is actually an Earthen Immortal. Impressive. I had actually failed to identify that earlier. Chen Feng then noticed Liu Wuxiang and the Hell Dog fighting the other cultivators.

“Tiger yao, come out and help. Go help Hell Dog kill his opponent.” Chen Feng’s voice rang out within the Longevity Tower.

“Err…” The tiger yao hesitated for a moment. Back then, he had been badly wounded. It was so bad that he had yet to make a full recovery. More importantly, the Yao Immortals had assisted in the suppression of the Immortal artefacts and had gained some strokes of inspiration. Thus, they were presently in the midst of comprehending their gains.

“Humph!” Seeing the tiger yao not moving out, Chen Feng’s face immediately turned dark.

“I'll go.”

Before Chen Feng could say anything, the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm flew out from the Longevity Tower to instantly charge towards the Hell Dog.

In terms of combat power, the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm was stronger than the Hell Dog. Not to mention, he had been staying inside the Longevity Tower for quite some time, focusing on comprehending immortal dao laws. Thus, his cultivation base had improved yet again. After charging forward, he fired out a blast of light, which instantly sent Wildfire flying.

“He’s just a starter-level Earthen Immortal. Hell Dog, you’re too idiotic, you know,” the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm said with a smirk.

“Fine, you do it then.” The Hell Dog’s figure flashed backwards.

“Heh, watch as I beat this guy up!” The Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm shook both his head and they both fired out an attack at the same time. Wind and lightning powers fused together to form a sphere of light before shooting towards the distant Wildfire.

It was a simple-looking move. However, Wildfire, who was the target of the attack, felt his heart lurching. A foreboding sensation came over his whole body.


The attack simply struck Wildfire, who sprayed out a mouthful of blood as his figure was blasted away. It was unknown if he was dead or alive.

“How is this possible? How did your strength increase so much? Your grand dao powers of wind and lightning have improved!” The Hell Dog stared with widened eyes, a look of disbelief etched on his face.

“Humph! I’ve been spending my time cultivating myself, unlike you, who’s been acting like a stupid minion outside,” the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm said scornfully.

Those words nearly caused the Hell Dog to puke out blood. “Are your actions right now any different from a minion?”

“I am still a better minion than you.”

“Enough nonsense. Let’s hurry up and kill the other fellows off first.”

“We’ve suffered a huge loss this time around. If we don’t leave now, we won’t get the chance to do so anymore.” The cultivator with the mark on his glabella was known as Brahma. Seeing Wildfire defeated, he knew that matters had spiralled beyond his control. Thus, after forcing Liu Wuxiang back, he rapidly grasped outwards, causing Erstwind and Wildfire’s figures to swiftly fly into void space, disappearing from sight. Next, the surrounding spatial power surged and Brahma’s figure disappeared as well.

“You want to flee?”

“Stay right where you are!”

Liu Wuxiang and the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm attacked simultaneously, unleashing attacks against the void. However, their attacks were repelled. The void space there had seemingly become a solid existence.

“Humph! He managed to get away.”

“So, he has already developed his own world. No wonder.”

Seeing as there was nothing else he could do, the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm transformed into a stream of light to enter the Longevity Tower once more.

The situation had been dealt with and both Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang were safe and sound. On the contrary, the cultivators who attacked them had suffered from losses.

“Brother Chen, you play it pretty close to the chest,” Liu Wuxiang stepped forward and said with a smile. There was a slight look of fear in his eyes. The sudden appearance of the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm had caused Liu Wuxiang to wonder about Chen Feng’s identity once more.

“You too.” Chen Feng smiled.

By then, Liu Wuxiang’s cultivation base had already returned to that of a Human Immortal. He smiled bitterly and said, “It’s just a little trick. There is a considerable side effect to using it.”

“It is still a very powerful killer move.” Chen Feng did not appear convinced.

“Ha ha ha, forget it. This time, we’ve managed to gain a lot. Additionally, through the fight, I managed to gain some strokes of inspiration. I want to cultivate for a while before advancing again. Brother Chen, what do you think?”

“Not an issue. I also want to recover my strength.” Chen Feng nodded in agreement.

Next, the two of them moved to the surface level of the desert. After setting up some restrictive arrays, Liu Wuxiang then brought out a mansion and invited Chen Feng in.

“A Dao-tier immortal mansion. Brother Liu, this possession of yours is impressive.”

“Like you said, it is a Dao artefact, not an immortal mansion. It is just a place of residence for cultivation purposes with no offensive capabilities. Come, Brother Chen! Have a taste of the good wine that I brought from the Immortal Plane.”

“I won’t say no to that.”

The two of them stayed there for one month. Truth be told, the two of them were not particularly wounded from the fight. However, they did gain some insights from the fight. Thus, they spent the majority of the month on studying and cultivation. The rest of the time would be spent on chatting.

Although each side were bearing respective thoughts, after all this time advancing together, they had come to respect one another. Thus, despite being incapable of figuring out one another, they were able to get along quite well. 

“I didn’t think that the cultivators from Savage World could be so formidable,” Chen Feng said, his heart stirring.

“We encountered the best amongst them, that’s all. From what I hear, in the war against the other worlds, Savage World is only able to occupy a third-rate position. It is even inferior compared to your Eternal World,” Liu Wuxiang said smilingly.

“Is that so? I do not know about these things.”

“From what I can see, Brother Chen is constantly suppressing your strength. If you want to undergo your tribulation, I can provide protection for Brother Chen,” Liu Wuxiang suddenly said, his eyes shining.

“Ha ha ha, thank you for your kindness, Brother Liu. If I am incapable of suppressing it, then I will have to trouble Brother Liu.”

“Ha ha ha, it’s nothing.”

After chatting about some inconsequential matters, they began advancing again. This time, their rate of advance was slower. Due to their previous harvest, they had changed their minds about the place. If they could encounter a few more Ascendant Immortal corpses, that would be spectacular.

Unfortunately for them, the time they spent exploring the desert was most unspectacular. All they found in the sand-filled desert was more sand.

“The life signs here are almost all gone. Looks like our luck has run out.” Liu Wuxiang shook his head.

“It’s already quite good. It is said that most of the cultivators who entered this place would end up dying while the rest would have nothing to show for it. When you look at it that way, our luck is very good.” There was an indifferent look on Chen Feng’s face. 

“Brother Chen’s words make sense.”

After spending several more days exploring the desert, Chen Feng began considering turning back.

“We have already advanced through over five million kilometres. Looks like this place is somewhat different from the information we received.”

“Given how big this desert is, we are surely not the only ones to enter.”

“If we cannot find anything in the next few days, we should leave.”


As Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang were discussing whether to leave or not, the ground suddenly shook lightly and the sands began shaking.

“There’s movement!”

A look of pleasant surprise appeared on both their faces.

A scarlet-coloured pillar of light suddenly shot into the sky somewhere in the distance, tearing the space above and causing energy streams to spill out from the void.

“What a formidable aura! Immortal energy! No, demonic energy? That’s not it either. Just what kind of power is this?”

“Let’s go check it out. It’s possible that something is emerging.”

“Come, let’s ride my Void Array Platform.”

“All right!”

The Void Array Platform was like a miniature version of the teleportation array. It flashed continuously through the sky, covering a distance of tens of thousands of li with each flash forward.

Despite that, it had still taken them half a day to get there.

“Incredible! There are still five million kilometres to go!”

“This Deathly Desert is not so big. This must be due to the spatial laws here.”

The scarlet pillar of light did not disappear. Instead, it shone with an even greater intensity. When Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang arrived, the pillar of light had grown to a diameter of 50 kilometres, piercing the sky. As to how far up it went, there was no way to tell.

“This is…”

Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang gaped at the scene.

A grand, ancient city was slowly emerging from the depths of the desert. The reason they considered it grand was due to its size. At that very moment, the city had yet to fully emerge. And yet, the revealed portion was already beyond the size of the biggest city that both of them had ever laid eyes upon.

As Chen Feng was from Eternal World, it was more understandable. Although there were also some large cities there, Eternal World was still just a lesser world in the end. Liu Wuxiang, on the other hand, was different. He was from the Immortal Plane, someone who had seen many things in life. And yet, he had never seen such a grand city before. Due to that, their hearts palpitated with excitement and expectations.

The scarlet pillar of light was shining out from one of the corners of the city. As the city rose up, the surrounding sands instantly melted due to some invisible power. The sands that were farther away were pushed away, layer by layer.

An aura of ancientness swept forward, causing the clothes on Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang to flutter despite the absence of wind. A suffocating sensation forced the two of them to back away.

Next, however, they exchanged glances. Refusing to submit, they attempted to charge forward. In the end, however, they were incapable of enduring the overwhelming atmosphere of suppression coming from the city and were forced to retreat a distance of over 500 kilometres.

“We cannot get close to it. Brother Liu, as someone from the Immortal Plane, you have experienced many things before. Do you know what is happening here?” Chen Feng asked solemnly.

“Err… clearly, this is the remains of an ancient city. However, for some unknown reason, it is emerging once again. If we can enter this city, we will surely be able to gain a considerable harvest,” said Liu Wuxiang after a moment’s consideration. Truth be told, Liu Wuxiang himself was uncertain what was happening.

“That’s is probably it. However, how long will it take for this city to emerge? The most important issue here is that we are incapable of entering. Given how much of a stir it is causing, even those that are tens of millions of li away from here would be able to notice it,” Chen Feng said with a tone of concern.

“When the time comes, there is no telling just how many people would be lured over.” Liu Wuxiang’s face sank.

“Many people have come to this Heavensday Battlefield. However, our strength is not too high. If too many people come over and fight over the treasures, we will surely suffer from a loss,” Chen Feng said.


1 li = 0.5 km

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