Chapter 747 Escape


Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The Hell Dog flew through the darkness. By relying on his Nether Eye, no attack could escape his notice. Since entering this pocket dimension, he had been targeted several times. However, he did not choose to take the attacks head on. Instead, he would rely on his Nether Eye and speed to avoid the attacks. 

I have already covered a distance of over half a million kilometres since entering this place. And yet, I am only able to vaguely sense Chen Feng’s position.

The opponent’s strength must be around the same as mine. However, this fellow’s cultivation base is one notch higher than mine. Of course, this pocket dimension that this fellow created can only entrap me for a while.

I need to hurry up and find Chen Feng.

Normally, the Hell Dog would not feel worried about Chen Feng. At that very moment, however, there were two Immortal artefacts and an Ascendant Immortal’s corpse involved. Those things would not be easy to deal with. The Longevity Tower would surely be busy suppressing those things. Thus, Chen Feng would be incapable of utilizing too much of the Longevity Tower’s power. 

As the Hell Dog expected, Chen Feng was indeed in a pickle. In the face of Erstwind’s attacks, Chen Feng ended up in an absolutely disadvantageous position. 

Erstwind possessed the characteristics of a cultivator from Savage World. Formidable fleshly body, valiant combat approach, savagery, a strong cultivation base and an extensive combat experience. Due to that, Chen Feng – despite having two Dao artefacts – could only defend himself.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Erstwind’s attacks grew increasingly ferocious and the lance in his hand was constantly close to striking the critical points on Chen Feng’s body.

Erstwind was a mid-level Human Immortal and the battle lance in his hand was a Dao artefact. Although his combat experience might not necessarily be greater than Chen Feng, his combat techniques made up for it.

His moves were simply too fierce and overbearing. Occasionally, it would be merged with techniques meant to bring mutual destruction.

Seeing the ferocious and savage display from him, Chen Feng, who was bitterly crying about it, secretly praised him.

This fellow’s combat power is already comparable to that of a high-level Human Immortal. Judging by the way our battle is unfolding, the moment I lose my momentum, I will be defeated.

Do I have to escape into the Longevity Tower?

I should think of some other methods first!

Lightning powers kept surging out from the Lightning Bead. Meanwhile, the Blood Mustering Bead released a thick bloody sphere, which encased Chen Feng to stop the attacks from Erstwind.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The battle lance punched forward continuously to pierce through the clumps of lightning. When the last clump of lightning exploded, Chen Feng’s figure fell down.


Erstwind’s figure flashed forward to re-appear before Chen Feng, the battle lance in his hand thrusting towards Chen Feng’s head.


Chen Feng sighed and the Blood Mustering Bead abruptly flared with bloody light. The Bloody Nethertree whipped about furiously and countless branches shot forward from the void to strike Erstwind.


The battle lance was brandished and all of the branches broke apart into fragments. Just as Erstwind was about to rush forward, however, the colour red greeted him as two bloody rivers, one from the left and one from the right, surged towards him.

Erstwind dared not take this move lightly. The battle lance in his hand jumped to trace a circle as he swiftly backed away. After smashing against the circle, the bloody rivers were stopped by an invisible barrier and they were incapable of advancing any more.

“Cultivators from Eternal World are just too weak. You don’t have the guts to face me in close combat!” Erstwind shouted and laughed.

“Are you trying to crack a joke here?” Chen Feng responded with a derisive grin.

“I’m only a level 8 Sky Human stage cultivator while you are already a mid-level Human Immortal. If our cultivation bases are equal, I can kill you instantly.”


Hearing Chen Feng’s response, Erstwind’s face turned somewhat ugly to behold. Chen Feng’s words were indeed logical. Thus, he simply snorted and said nothing else. Next, his battle lance shot straight forward as he attacked once more.

Looks like I will need to utilize the Bloody Netherguide’s secret technique again. Chen Feng employed the Longevity Steps to evade the incoming attack.

As it is, I am definitely incapable of handling the blood of an Ascendant Immortal. However, the blood of a Demon Deity (Earthen) should be fine, right? Chen Feng decided to take action.

When Chen Feng managed to kill off a Demon Deity back then, he had kept some of its blood essence. This was the best time to make use of the blood essence. Moreover, Chen Feng was also cultivating the Demonic Heavengorging Art, giving him the ability to suppress the demon blood somewhat.

A clump of demon blood appeared and Chen Feng began channelling the Bloody Netherguide’s secret technique. At the same time, the Lightning Bead unleashed its strongest attack to delay Erstwind.

“Oh, your aura is rising! At this point in time, what other moves do you have? Are you planning to flee? You cannot escape from here!” Sensing the power, Erstwind grew surprised. However, he did not think too much about it. In his opinion, the situation was already under his control and there was nothing to worry about.


With a slap from the Hell Dog, the attack rushing towards him was shattered.

I’ll be finding Chen Feng soon, but the other party’s attacks are getting more ferocious. I wonder how many people they have on their side?

“Nether Grotto!”

The Nether Eye reached maximum power and a blue light punched through the space there to – shockingly – open up a long passageway. As the passageway extended forward, the surrounding space began shaking and countless cracks spread outwards.


The Hell Dog’s large body charged forward. Next, the darkness around him disappeared and familiar worldly laws descended upon him.

“I’m out!”

The Hell Dog felt relieved. Next, his gaze swept around as he began checking out his surroundings.

“One of them actually managed to break out. Wildfire, you’re up.”

“No problem. A creature of Hell? Not bad. You’ll serve well as my mount.”

A red ray of light streaked towards the Hell Dog to quickly engage him in a fight.

Not too far away from them was another cultivator clad in animal hide and armour. His long hair billowed about in a dishevelled manner and both his eyes were closed. At his glabella was a circular mark, which shone with light while both his hands kept moving about. Beneath his feet was a sphere-shaped dimension.

“Unexpectedly, these fellows would be so difficult to deal with. However, there are two Ascendant Immortal corpses at stake here. No matter what, we must get it!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Starlight flashed continuously from a massive palm silhouette before it burst apart. Next, a new palm silhouette appeared only to be destroyed again.

After Liu Wuxiang shattered apart 100 palm silhouettes in a row, a transparent palm silhouette suddenly appeared behind him. With a slap, the palm silhouette sent Liu Wuxiang flying and he coughed out blood as a result.

Next, the transparent palm silhouette grabbed the Yao-refining Furnace that was hovering up in the sky. Following that, one seal after another appeared as the opponent attempted to seal up the Yao-refining Furnace.

“Ha ha ha! So what if you are a cultivator from the Immortal Plane?” Zhuo Fan sneered.

“Is that so?”

A smile appeared on Liu Wuxiang’s face and he wiped the blood marring the corners of his lips. Next, a formidable aura vaulted upwards. In the face of this aura, the surrounding space began shaking violently.

A vortex emerged from within each of Liu Wuxiang’s eyes and a sharp gaze shot forward, forcing Zhuo Fan to hastily retreat. Even so, he had failed to evade it and a bloody wound appeared on his face. Blood trickled down from the wound.

“You’re actually an Earthen Immortal!” Zhuo Fan exclaimed.

“Yes, that’s why you’ll be dying next,” said Liu Wuxiang, who raised up one hand to create an image of yin and yang in the sky, which then charged forward to attack Zhuo Fan.

Liu Wuxiang’s strength had risen by over 10 times. Thus, it took merely a few exchanges before the yin yang image from Liu Wuxiang devoured Zhuo Fan’s figure.


The Yao-refining Furnace broke out from the seals to fly back to Liu Wuxiang’s hand.

Sigh! Unexpectedly, my hidden power is exposed in the end. Still, now that it has come to this, I should charge out first. Liu Wuxiang then slapped the Yao-refining Furnace and even more violent flames surged upwards to tear a hole through the darkness there.

Next, Liu Wuxiang leapt out into the outside world.

He is actually an Earthen Immortal! Looks like there is a need to change our plan. The expression on the cultivator with a mark on his glabella flickered.

He had led his three companions to launch a sneak attack against these fellows, entrapping them within the pocket dimension that he had created. Originally, he had assumed that victory was assured. Unexpectedly, a series of unexpected events would keep on popping up. In the end, Zhuo Fan had died to them.

Still, this is still under control.

Hopefully, Erstwind will be able to handle that weakest fellow.

“Ha ha ha! A cultivator from the Immortal Plane is truly extraordinary. However, you now face me. Are you confident that you can win against me?” the cultivator with the mark on his glabella then spoke up, a smile on his face.

“We’ll find out after we try it.” At that very moment, Liu Wuxiang’s body was filled with a violent will to fight and he attacked right after saying those words.

Meanwhile, the Hell Dog was still fighting against his opponent. There was no way to tell who would win. The Hell Dog, by utilizing his speed and eye power, was able to place himself in a position where he would not be defeated. However, his opponent was no slouch either. This fellow was an Earthen Immortal who cultivated the fire-type grand dao. Although his mastery of the grand dao was incomplete, the ferocious atmosphere he emanated and the wild attacks he unleashed were still capable of posing a threat to the Hell Dog.


Chen Feng was sent flying once more. The bloody light and lightning radiance encasing his figure were shattered apart yet again. Next, however, his figure flashed as he displayed the Kirin Steps to keep changing his position before suddenly coming to a halt.

“Bloody Netherguide Art! Bloody Sourceburst Sword Technique!”

Chen Feng pushed forward with both hands and a mote of bloody light rapidly expanded in size. Finally, after reaching a certain size, it abruptly exploded.

Bloody swords spun as they shot forward to instantly tear through the darkness. In that instant, the bloody swords engulfed the darkness as they charged towards Erstwind.

“What kind of secret technique is this? His power has risen by so much!”

Erstwind brandished the battle lance in his hand, quickly thrusting forward with it to strike one bloody sword after another. However, the formidable momentum behind each bloody sword forced him to hastily back away.


Bloody light flashed out and a bone-revealing wound appeared on Erstwind’s body. The instant the wound appeared, a bloody sword transformed into a bloody mist before flowing into the wound.

Due to that, Erstwind’s actions fell into a state of turmoil. The battle lance in his hand was no longer capable of blocking the bloody swords and he was inundated by them.

“Well done, kiddo. Your strength has improved.” Suddenly Tower’s voice rang out.

“Phew! That was my strongest attack yet. Not to mention, I had to borrow the power of a Demon Deity’s blood essence. Even then, I am still incapable of breaking out.” Chen Feng panted slightly and beads of sweat oozed out from his forehead. That move earlier had consumed a great deal of his strength.

“Given your current level of strength, being unable to break out is only natural. However, I can help you.”

After Tower said that, a sharp energy stream flashed by. What happened next was akin to a star exploding within the darkness of space to release a dazzling display of light. 

The darkness was torn apart and a passageway opened up. Moreover, it was growing ever larger, like something punching a hole through a piece of paper. 


Taking a step forward, Chen Feng made his way through the opened passageway.

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