Chapter 746 Individual Battles


“Those are mutated Goldenlight Bees!” Liu Wuxiang sucked in a breath of air.

The large, metal-type, poisonous bees possessed formidable offensive powers. Even so, they were creatures that Liu Wuxiang would generally ignore. At present, however, he could not do so. The Goldenlight Bees had been nurtured using a special method and their offensive power had risen to a high degree. Most importantly, he was presently inside the opponent’s pocket dimension. That one factor represented a huge disadvantage for him. 

Liu Wuxiang took a deep breath and brought out his Yao-refining Furnace. “Let’s see what kind of ability they possess.”


Wave after wave of red-coloured spherical light radiated out from the Yao-refining Furnace in Liu Wuxiang’s hand. Next, a flaming snake surged forward to swirl around once. As a result, a large stretch of the Goldenlight Bees disappeared into the flames.


After that, the lid of the Yao-refining Furnace opened up to exert a formidable suction force, which expanded to suck in all of the Goldenlight Bees into the furnace. Before they could even struggle against the furnace, all of them were reduced to golden-coloured liquid.

“High-grade Dao artefact!” A shocked voice could be heard coming from the sky above. It seemed as though the owner of the voice had not expected this from Liu Wuxiang.

“Humph!” Liu Wuxiang spun the Yao-refining Furnace once and another flaming snake shot out, charging towards the source of the voice.

At the same time, a formidable aura emanated out from Liu Wuxiang’s body and the surrounding black space began cracking, becoming unstable.

“This magic treasure of mine is a high-grade Dao artefact while this is just a basic pocket dimension. How can you hold me? You truly do have a death wish!” Liu Wuxiang smirked.

In the face of the Yao-refining Furnace’s power, the dimension’s worldly power of laws was destroyed and it could no longer affect Liu Wuxiang.

“A high-grade Dao artefact, eh? It is somewhat troublesome. However, this is still within my expectations. Even without the worldly powers here to suppress you, I can still finish you off!” The flaming snake disappeared and the voice rang out once more.

Liu Wuxiang had broken free from the suppressive effects of the worldly laws there. However, he was still incapable of breaking free from the pocket dimension.

“Is that so? You’re welcome to try!” An intense killing intent flashed across Liu Wuxiang’s eyes. Earlier, due to Chen Feng’s actions of taking away the Immortal artefact, the rage within him had built up considerably. Thus, it was now time for it to burst out.

Comparatively speaking, the Hell Dog had the easiest time amongst them all. His Nether Eye activated to pierce through the space there. It was even capable of piercing through the pocket dimension that the opponent had created.

In the face of the Hell Dog’s Nether Eye, none of the laws there could pose an issue for him. As for the Hell Dog, he had already assumed his original form as he swiftly flew across the world, making it difficult for the opponent to take action against him.

I should go find Chen Feng first. That was the Hell Dog’s plan. Additionally, he was also confident in his ability to find Chen Feng. His Nether Eye was able to see through everything, after all.

“Magic Eyes of Darkness!”

Chen Feng pushed his eye technique to its limits and took a step forward. It was none other than the one Longevity Step move that he had comprehended.

A meteor, wreathed in flames, grazed past Chen Feng’s body. He could even smell the scorched scent coming from his body due to the minor contact between his body and the meteor.


He took another step while releasing a spherical wave of bloody light from the top of his head to block an incoming lance.

A pity, I have only comprehended one of the Longevity Steps. If only I could comprehend a few more steps. Chen Feng lamented inwardly.

Suddenly, a mighty figure clad in animal hide, sporting thick eyebrows and wielding a battle lance slowly appeared before Chen Feng. Searing flames surged across his body and he rode a large cloud to swiftly charge towards Chen Feng.

“Human Immortal!” Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. However, he quickly grew vigilant. He had sensed the formidable aura coming out from this person’s body.

The aura that this Human Immortal was radiating was actually much stronger compared to the one who had utilized the Heavensieve Finger technique against him back then [1].

He is wearing animal hide. Where is he from? Is he not a cultivator from the Immortal Plane? Chen Feng wondered.

“Who are you? What’s your name?” Chen Feng shouted.

“We’ll talk if you can accept a blow from me!”


The newcomer took a step forward to re-appear right before Chen Feng. Although he was only wearing animal hide, he looked like a Heavenly God descending upon the world, radiating the aura of an unparalleled existence. His lance pierced towards Chen Feng and Chen Feng was visited by the notion that he could not block this lance attack.

The aura that this opponent was radiating was simply too strong. In Chen Feng’s eyes, this opponent’s body was seemingly growing without respite, reaching a height of 10,000 zhang. Not to mention, it was still growing.

This feeling again. Is it an attack on the mind?

Back then, in the face of a mid-level Human Immortal, Chen Feng had found himself in a constant disadvantage. Later, however, he was able to refine some world essence power. Due to that, he had assumed that he could already put up a fight against characters like these. Unexpectedly, he would encounter even stronger characters.


A thick pillar of lightning shot out from Chen Feng’s body. The pillar of lightning flashed with a deep blue radiance, making it hard for the opponent to keep his eyes open.


The battle lance and lightning pillar collided. Next, the lightning pillar exploded while the surrounding darkness was dispelled. As for Chen Feng, he stepped on his Lightning Bead and flew backwards.

The cultivator clad in animal hide stopped attacking.

“Dao artefact!”

“Yes. Isn’t the battle lance in your hand a Dao artefact as well?” Chen Feng said coolly.

“Ha ha ha! I am Erstwind, from Savage World. From what I can see, you are not even a Human Immortal. And yet, you can block an attack from me. You are indeed extraordinary. Which world are you from? Is it the Immortal Plane?” the cultivator laughed loudly.

“I am Chen Feng, from Eternal World. However, why are you attacking us?” Chen Feng replied coolly. At the same time, he pondered the situation.

So, he is actually from Savage World. It is a world that is on equal footing with Eternal World, far inferior compared to the Immortal Plane. However, even though he is also a mid-level Human Immortal, he is far stronger compared to the Human Immortal from the Immortal Plane. This proves that this fellow is a pinnacle-level genius.

“It’s simple. As long as you fellows hand over the Ascendant Immortal corpses, we will back off right away,” Erstwind said with a smile.

“So, that’s what this is about. If so, just attack!” Through Erstwind’s words, Chen Feng also found out that this fellow was not alone. 

Looks like there are others sent to deal with Liu Wuxiang and the Hell Dog. No matter what, I must not lose. Chen Feng waved his hand and the Blood Mustering Bead spun in his hand. Bloody light kept swirling around in an eerie manner.

Riding on the Lightning Bead and wielding the Blood Mustering Bead, Chen Feng secretly prepared his next move. At the same time, though, he felt frustrated. Although he possessed a lot of magic treasures, he did not possess a single purely offensive-type Dao artefact. Judging by the aura that Erstwind was radiating, Chen Feng was able to get a rough understanding of his combat methods.


The lance in Erstwind’s hand swung and numerous streams of light shot towards Chen Feng.

“Let me experience the abilities of cultivators from other worlds!” Chen Feng shouted as well and lightning radiance flared out from his whole body. A bloody lance shot out from beneath his feet, becoming like a bloody ray of light as it shot into the sky.

A massive vortex spun and giant, black-coloured ants were sucked into the vortex. Although the ants kept struggling, biting out as they did, they were incapable of stopping it. 

“These Skysoar Ants are quite good. What else do you have? Just go ahead and bring it out! I’ll refine them all at once.” There was a ridiculing look on Liu Wuxiang’s face as he held the Yao-refining Furnace in his hand.

No voice came from the sky. Next, more attacks came. Mountainous meteors screamed as they descended.

One meteor.

Ten meteors.

One hundred meteors.

All of those were just meteors. With the exception of the formidable power behind them, there was nothing special about them. Even so, every one of them weighed 5,000 kilogrammes. Add the momentum behind their descent, the force behind them rose even further.

“Are you trying to exhaust my strength?” Liu Wuxiang frowned. He was feeling somewhat irritated. Blindly defending himself was not the way to go. He should take a more active role.

“Devour the Heavens!”

Liu Wuxiang shouted and the Yao-refining Furnace grew in size yet again and the massive vortex from it became like a black hole in space. Swiftly, it devoured all the meteors.

“Heaven Burning Celestial Flame!”

Giant flaming snakes flew out from the Yao-refining Furnace. They swirled around and bared their fangs. Before long, there were 100 flaming snakes occupying most of the space there. Next, their formidable flames began burning the space there to rid the place of the darkness.

“So what if you have a pocket dimension? Let me help you light it up!” Liu Wuxiang sneered. 


A sigh rang out. Next, two gigantic palms emerged from the darkness. It seemed as though the palms had come from the depths of the universe. Carrying with them a force seemingly capable of creating worlds, they grasped and one flaming snake after another was crushed by their grip before getting compressed into a fireball each.

The two palms kept grasping about, ignoring the high temperature of the flames. Soon enough, all 100 of the flaming snakes had been reduced into fireballs before extinguishing away.

“Are you finally willing to show yourself?” Liu Wuxiang scoffed and waved his hand. Next, the Yao-refining Furnace exerted a formidable suction force to absorb the remnant flames scattering chaotically across the place.

A tall and mighty figure slowly materialized. Seeing the figure, Liu Wuxiang’s narrowed eyes slowly grew relaxed. The corners of his lips curled to form a look of ridicule. “So, it is just the aborigine from Savage World. A minor Human Immortal actually dares to launch a sneak attack against me? You truly do not know the meaning of death.”

This figure possessed a powerful body. The patterns on the surface of his body and his rock-like muscles gave off a violent impression.

“So what if you are from the Immortal Plane? I am Zhuo Fan and I have killed an Earthen Immortal from the Immortal Plane before. It’s nothing. A minor cultivator like you is not even worth my time,” the cultivator said, raising one hand to bring about a roaring sound. Next, a massive palm silhouette, flashing with starlight, grasped at Liu Wuxiang.

“An immortal technique. No wonder you can be so arrogant.” Despite seemingly looking down on his opponent, Liu Wuxiang did not underestimate him. The Yao-refining Furnace in his hand shook and a clump of searing flames flew out, transforming into a flaming sword, which slashed the massive palm silhouette.

The palm silhouette was shattered as a result. However, the flaming sword continued to slash through space as it swung towards Zhuo Fan. However, Zhuo Fan used one hand to grab the flaming sword before casually crushing it apart.

“This is the immortal technique of our Savage World, the Star Smasher Palm. Since its creation, it has killed off countless cultivators from the Immortal Plane. Today, you will add to that number.” Zhuo Fan strode forward unarmed.

Another massive palm silhouette descended. It looked as though the sky itself was collapsing. Starlight flashed within the central area of the palm, but a metallic lustre shone from its five fingers.

“Taking on my Dao artefact with your bare hands? You’re too arrogant!” Liu Wuxiang’s face remained calm despite the ferocity of the incoming attacks. The Yao-refining Furnace in his hand was a high-grade Dao artefact, capable of refining even an Earthen Immortal, let alone a Human Immortal.

“Since the mastermind is unwilling to come out, I will have to suck you into the furnace first.”

 1 Chen Feng fought against a youngster from the Immortal Plane in Chapter 722.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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