Chapter 745 Trapped


“Naturally,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“If so, this corpse is mine.” Liu Wuxiang then pointed at the corpse of the Ascendant Immortal.

Chen Feng nodded, but he suddenly said, “Naturally, but I have a suggestion.”

“Oh, what suggestion?” Liu Wuxiang asked warily.

“The corpse and spatial magic treasure go to you. However, I want the bone lance.” Chen Feng pointed at the bone lance piercing the corpse of the Ascendant Immortal.

Liu Wuxiang’s eyes narrowed and he said in a hushed tone, “Brother Chen, this doesn’t seem right.”

“Ha ha! I didn’t say anything about you getting Li Wenhou. Besides, I was the one who took care of the Myriad Layers Goldencoil Silk earlier,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“There is nothing I can do about it if Brother Liu disagrees. Next up, we’ll have to rely on our own abilities,” Chen Feng said nonchalantly. Next, with a wave of his hand, spatial power surged and the corpse of the Nether Immortal on the ground was collected.

Seeing Chen Feng’s actions, Liu Wuxiang’s expression darkened. Next, however, it turned into a smile. “Ha ha ha, not a problem! Since Brother Chen fancies this bone lance, just go ahead and take it.”

This fellow is quite something, Chen Feng thought. If he were in Liu Wuxiang’s shoes, he would likely be incapable of holding back and instead choose to fight.

Next up, Chen Feng collected the bone lance piercing the Ascendant Immortal corpse into the Longevity Tower. Naturally, while it had appeared simple, it was not actually so. Chen Feng himself did not take action. Instead, it was Tower. The Longevity Tower and the Immortal Skylodge Mansion released formidable waves of coercive power to suppress the two Immortal artefacts and the corpse of the Nether Immortal.

“Heh, if this Nether Immortal is still alive, it would have snatched me away instead and refined me.” Tower laughed. Although it was laborious, it would appear that there would be no problems in dealing with this situation.

We hit the jackpot this time. I wonder what this Nether Immortal’s spatial pouch contains? Given its cultivation level, its spatial pouch is probably at the cosmos pouch level, no? Maybe, there is a world inside it? Ha ha ha! We’ve truly hit the jackpot this time.

Chen Feng was secretly feeling overjoyed while revealing none of it on his face. Instead, he stood aside and cast a curious look at Liu Wuxiang, wanting to see how he would go about collecting the corpse.

To Chen Feng’s surprise, Liu Wuxiang brought out a cosmos pouch as well. Although he had to exert himself a little, he was able to collect the corpse of the Ascendant Immortal.

“Ha ha ha, done! This time, I managed to gain a lot. Looks like moving together with Brother Chen brings good luck,” Liu Wuxiang said with a laugh.

“Brother Liu, you flatter me. The way I see it, you’re the one who brings good luck.” Chen Feng laughed as well. The smile on their faces appeared sincere. However, they both knew that it was fake.

They just didn’t want to fight each other, for now.

“We have only just entered the desert. And yet, we have already managed to obtain such a big harvest. I suggest that we continue venturing deeper and search around properly. Brother Chen, what do you think?”

“I have no objections. Let’s do just that.” Chen Feng nodded. If he could obtain another such harvest, he would be able to – given some time – establish his own first-rate sect after returning to Eternal World.

To their surprise, a stretch of black shadow suddenly descended from above to envelop them both. Alarm bells rang out within their minds, but the air around them exploded the very instant they channelled their energies, causing some of their blood vessels to erupt. Due to that, they both grunted.

“This is bad. This is a pocket dimension. Is the other party a mid-level Earthen Immortal?”

“An ambush!” Chen Feng shouted as well. However, the two of them could no longer hear one another.

“Brother Chen!”

“Brother Liu!”

“Senior Hell Dog, Senior Phantom!”

Chen Feng shouted again and again and his soul fluctuations surged out with force. Given Chen Feng’s present level of strength, they should be able to hear him even if they were over 500 kilometres away.

However, sensing no reaction from them, Chen Feng instantly knew that the situation was far beyond what he had imagined.

No. The Divine Phantom Mink has already established a soul contract with me. Even if he is over 50,000 kilometres away from me, we should be able to sense each other. There must be some power disrupting that function. I refuse to give up! Next, Chen Feng increased the power of his soul power and he called out to the Divine Phantom Mink again and again.

As expected, he was finally able to receive a reply from the Divine Phantom Mink. Although it was very faint, he was able to get in contact with him.

“What happened?” Chen Feng asked.

“Most likely, it is a pocket dimension that an Earthen Immortal created,” the Divine Phantom Mink answered, a note of uncertainty in his voice.

“Pocket dimension?” Chen Feng felt somewhat lost.

“Although cultivators who had reached the Earthen Immortal stage are still incapable of ascending to the Immortal Plane, they can comprehend the foundation of the immortal dao laws, refine world essence power and grand dao laws. Some of the more powerful Earthen Immortals can even create a pocket dimension. This is not the same space as the one within spatial pouches. Rather, it is a true separate space, a world that truly belongs to the cultivator,” the Divine Phantom Mink quickly explained.

“What about the specifics and how to break it?” Chen Feng asked solemnly.

“I do not know. I have yet to reach the Earthen Immortal stage. So, all I know are some of the things that I had seen before,” the Divine Phantom Mink replied.

“In that case, come over to my side first,” said Chen Feng after a moment’s consideration. By relying on the connection between their souls, finding each other should be very easy.

The Divine Phantom Mink was very fast and it did not take long before a stream of light streaked through the dark sky. Next, the Divine Phantom Mink appeared before Chen Feng.

“This is a world that the other party created. It contains unique laws. Right now, we need to quickly familiarize ourselves with the laws here, otherwise we’ll be incapable of defending ourselves when they attack us,” the Divine Phantom Mink said anxiously.

“Since the other party is the one who set the laws, familiarizing ourselves with the laws would not help us fight back. Is there any other way?” Chen Feng shook his head.

“Break out through brute force. However, we’ll need a force that surpasses the opponent.”

“You head to the Longevity Tower and stay there first. Staying out here is not going to help.” After Chen Feng said that, he kept the Divine Phantom Mink into the Longevity Tower.

At that very moment, the Yao Immortals and Demon Kings inside the Longevity Tower were in the midst of helping suppress the two Immortal artefacts. Although the Yao Immortals were very powerful, they could not do much in the face of Immortal artefacts. Thankfully, there were the Longevity Tower and Immortal Skylodge Mansion taking the lead. Thus, the yaos and demons were able to make use of the opportunity to participate. They exposed themselves to the power of the Immortal artefacts and studied their immortal dao laws. Even comprehending a minor smidge of the immortal dao laws would bring them a great amount of improvement. Thus, without a word from Tower, the yaos and demons took the initiative to step forward.

They all know what’s up. Tower smirked. However, that little Chen Feng, will he be able to handle the situation outside?

Despite his words earlier, Chen Feng was secretly sensing the surrounding power of laws around him. His mind raced as he contemplated his situation.

Silence reigned around him. Next, stars began flashing. However, his surroundings remained silent. It was as though he was a human floating aimlessly in the depths of space.

The Hell Dog is a Yao Immortal from Hell. He should be able to persist for quite some time. As for Liu Wuxiang, he is an unfathomable fellow. He must surely possess some cards up his sleeves. As it is, my strength is the weakest here. Meanwhile, the Longevity Tower and Immortal Skylodge Mansion are busy suppressing the two Immortal artefacts. I wonder if my other magic treasures will be able to defend against the opponent’s attacks? Chen Feng quickly assessed his situation. Even so, he was not feeling anxious. On the contrary, he displayed an abnormal amount of calmness. He knew that he would only be able to unleash his strongest power by remaining calm.


A distant mote of starlight suddenly flickered before streaking forward. Its speed grew and it became a meteor, growing in size as it continued speeding forward. The meteor burned with searing flames and a long tail trailed behind it as it smashed towards Chen Feng.


The collision sent Chen Feng flying and his figure tumbled uncontrollably through the space there. At the same time, the impacted area began burning. 

I had no time to dodge! Chen Feng coughed out a mouthful of blood.

Earlier, Chen Feng had utilized the Blood Mustering Bead to protect his body. If it weren’t for that, he would not have been able to get away with simply coughing out blood.


Before Chen Feng could stabilize himself, another mote of starlight flashed and another meteor – even faster than the previous one – appeared. This time, it shot towards Chen Feng’s waist.


Chen Feng responded by sending out the Steel Enigma Sword, which flew forward to unleash over 100 sword beams at the meteor. Due to the collisions with the sword beams, the flames on the meteor burned with an even greater intensity, transforming into a huge fireball which advanced at a slower rate. The sword beams had managed to slow down the meteor, but had seemingly caused it to grow even stronger.


The Domain Geocompass appeared before Chen Feng and domain power surged to create a domain. Layer after layer of the power swelled forward in an attempt to stop the huge fireball.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Everywhere the huge fireball went, the domain created would be shattered. The Domain Geocompass released a wail before flying back into Chen Feng’s body.

In the end, the huge fireball made contact with Chen Feng’s figure before enveloping him.

Suddenly, countless streams of light flashed out from Chen Feng’s body and a formidable power erupted to force the surrounding flames away.


Next, Chen Feng disappeared to re-appear somewhere 10,000 metres away.

I wasted so many Teleportation Talismans, but I still couldn’t leave this damned space. Chen Feng gritted his teeth. Earlier, he had utilized several Teleportation Talismans to avoid the incoming attack.

Most of the Teleportation Talismans were crafted by high-level Human Immortals. A few were even crafted by Earthen Immortals. Using them, Chen Feng had assumed that he would be able to leave this place. Unexpectedly, he had still failed.

“Urgh!” After stabilizing his position, Chen Feng then coughed out another mouthful of blood.

I am still unable to adapt to the laws here. How troublesome.

I have only managed to dodge the opponent’s attack once. This is not enough. I do not know what other attacks the opponent will display next, but getting passively beaten like this will not do.

Hopefully, Liu Wuxiang would be able to do better.

As Chen Feng had expected, Liu Wuxiang and the Hell Dog were presently facing a siege. Unlike Chen Feng, however, their cultivation bases were higher. Thus, in the face of their present situation, they were not feeling as flustered.

Humph! You want to entrap me with just a pocket dimension? Dream on! Though, I wonder how Chen Feng is doing? He is most likely in possession of an Immortal artefact. So, he should be fine. Maybe I should wait for him to break this space. That was the thought going through Liu Wuxiang’s mind. However, what happened next forced him to change his mind.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

One golden light after another flashed out, appearing before Liu Wuxiang’s eyes. Accompanying them were explosive booming sounds.


1 li = 0.5 km

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