Chapter 743 Two Corpses


Chen Feng had believed that his sea of wisdom was already very strong. In terms of soul power, he was likely stronger than even starter-level Human Immortals. However, in the face of this strand of essence energy that had been left behind for tens of thousands of years, he felt as though his sea of wisdom would collapse.

Soul Subduing Mantra! Subdue!

A large talisman rose up from his sea of wisdom to smash heavily against the strand of energy. As a result, a formidable collision erupted and the talisman shattered apart. The strand of energy, however, remained intact.

Despite that, Chen Feng could feel his sea of wisdom stabilizing as a result of the collision. Thus, he quickly condensed out another Soul Subduing Talisman and sent it smashing forward once again.

He did it three times in quick succession before the strand of energy finally showed signs of breaking.

Another three times and the energy strand finally broke apart. Next, Chen Feng created a soul storm and his Lifebound Flame burned as he began refining the energy strand.

If he could refine this high-quality energy strand, it would serve as a great supplementary item for him.

“Brother Chen, are you alright? Do you need help?” Liu Wuxiang asked with a smile. On the other side, Li Wenhou and He Qingqing revealed looks of contempt.

“Thank you, Brother Liu. However, this is just a small issue.” Chen Feng responded with a smile.

“Humph, lucky fellow.” He Qingqing smirked.

It’d be great if my soul power can advance to become primary lifebound flame. I wouldn’t have to go through so much troubles. Seeing how easy it was for the others, Chen Feng felt his heart stirring.

I’m still not strong enough.

“Those essence energy strands earlier must be formed by the vengeful energy left behind by an Ascendant Immortal. It’s strange. I could sense nether energy and orthodox immortal energy. Is there more than one Ascendant Immortal?” Liu Wuxiang turned to ask Li Wenhou and He Qingqing.

A peculiar light glinted across Li Wenhou’s eyes and he smiled before saying, “We do not know about that. All we know is that there is the corpse of an Ascendant Immortal here. It is possible that there is more than one here.”

“An Ascendant Immortal is an existence far superior to people like us. Even if this fellow is already dead, the power of whatever consciousness remains will still be strong enough to kill us. We should exercise caution.”

Next up, they encountered more monsters formed from sand. These monsters were not difficult to handle. The difficult part was the aura of the Ascendant Immortal within them.

After refining two more energy strands, Chen Feng began to secretly utilize his magic treasures to deal with them. His sea of wisdom could no longer contain any more of the energy strands. If he were to continue absorbing them, he would likely blow up from overload. 

“Junior Sister Qing, this aborigine is not to be underestimated. He must possess some good items on him. How else could he have unravelled the essence energy of an Ascendant Immortal with such ease?” Li Wenhou and He Qingqing secretly chatted. 

“It is at the very least a Dao artefact. He is not even a Human Immortal, and yet, he has a Yao Immortal serving as his subordinate. I find it hard to believe that such characters exist in Eternal World. Also, did you notice how Liu Wuxiang is treating him on equal terms? He must have figured something out.”

“Humph! Who cares if he is not to be underestimated? Since he dares snatch our treasures, he must die.”

“Yes. That Liu Wuxiang must die too!”

“Still, we should exercise caution. That Liu Wuxiang’s life-saving move is very powerful.”

“Brother Chen, looks like those two are thinking of misbehaving. We should be careful.” Liu Wuxiang was also secretly communicating with Chen Feng.

“I noticed it too. However, what methods do they have up their sleeves?”

“I know very well what these cultivators from Immortal Sword Sect are capable of. The only thing we need to worry about is the Ascendant Immortal corpse. I believe that they will attempt to do something to the corpse.”

“If there is truly an Ascendant Immortal’s corpse, these two must die.”

“Naturally. When the time comes, we’ll split the spoils equally.”

After making their way through the deep cavern for an indeterminate amount of time, the sandstorms finally disappeared. No monsters appeared anymore. Instead, streams of intense malevolent energy surged towards them. Within the streams of malevolent energy were carnage, resentment, rage and unwillingness. In fact, the strength of the malevolent energy went beyond Chen Feng’s expectations.

Although these streams of malevolent energy can affect the mind and lead to cultivation deviation, it is the best item for refining magic treasures. Next, Chen Feng began absorbing the malevolent energy.

There were many magic treasures within Chen Feng’s person and some of them were demonic artefacts. Utilizing the malevolent energy to temper the demonic artefacts would allow the demonic artefacts to grow considerably in strength, lessening the time they would need to level up.

He is absorbing the malevolent energy? He has a death wish! Seeing Chen Feng’s action, Li Wenhou and He Qingqing reflexively smirked. Liu Wuxiang, on the other hand, merely cast a surprised look at Chen Feng. He did not say anything.

You fools, this is a good item. Chen Feng himself was secretly scorning the Earthen Immortals.


As Chen Feng was absorbing the malevolent energy streams, a bright light suddenly flared out from Li Wenhou’s body and layer after layer of restrictive arrays were broken as their surroundings kept changing. When their surroundings finally settled down, everyone there felt their rate of breathing turn ragged.

“This, this is…”

“Found it, we finally found it!”

While Li Wenhou was revealing looks of excitement, there was an astounded look on Chen Feng’s face.

Like two mountains, two corpses rested before them all. One was seated while the other was lying on the ground.

Although there were no signs of life coming from the two corpses. The terrifying atmosphere of power and formidable malevolent energy streams radiating out from the two corpses showed just how extraordinary those two had been when they were still alive.

There was only a small number of wounds on their bodies. Meanwhile, their skin shone with lustrous light and their face appeared life-like. All that proved that the two corpses were intact. 

“Not a trace of rot in their flesh and skin. As expected of Ascendant Immortals, their fleshly body can be preserved for millions of years or more!” Liu Wuxiang praised.


At that very moment, Li Wenhou and He Qingqing’s eyes had turned fiery-red in colour. They had finally found what they came here for. Not to mention, this result was beyond their expectations.

They had originally assumed that they would only be able to find some incomplete parts. That would have been good enough. Unexpectedly, they would find two intact corpses. This treasure hoard was comparable to an intact Immortal artefact. Not to mention, these two corpses would surely possess Immortal artefacts as well.

Next, they seemingly lost their minds, forgetting that there were other people beside them as they charged straight towards the corpses.

Seeing that, Chen Feng had wanted to rush forward. However, he then noticed that Liu Wuxiang was not moving. Not to mention, there was a ridiculing smile on his face as well.

Due to that, Chen Feng decided against making a move as well. Although those two were corpses, they were incomparably formidable Ascendant Immortals. And while they were already dead, it would not be easy to collect their corpses.

The cross-legged, seated corpse was 10,000 zhang tall while the one lying on the ground was over 100,000 zhang tall.

The seated corpse wore ragged-looking armour and there were many see-through holes on the armour. As for its body, it was stained with blood. Although its face was already affected, it was still possible to determine that this person was a human.

On the other hand, the massive corpse lying on the ground was covered in strong bone armour. Just by looking at the getup, they could tell that this was someone from the Nether Plane.

A faint-yellow lance pierced the corpse of the Nether Plane.

Li Wenhou was charging at that lance while He Qingqing charged towards the human corpse.

“These two fellows are truly greedy,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“I doubt they have what it takes to take it away.” Liu Wuxiang revealed a derisive grin.

As predicted, when there was still one zhang between Li Wenhou and the lance, an invisible malevolent energy surged out from the lance and Li Wenhou instantly cried out miserably as his figure was sent flying. His figure smashed heavily against the ground and both his hands flew up to clutch his head while his body rolled on the ground. Next, blood began flowing out from his seven orifices.

Upon seeing what happened to Li Wenhou, He Qingqing faltered. She wanted to back away, but it was already too late. A wound on the seated corpse suddenly shone with bloody light and the ray of bloody light shot right towards He Qingqing. He Qingqing did not even have the time to let out a wretched cry before her figure disappeared into the bloody light.

“One drop of blood from a high-level cultivator is enough to kill off countless living beings. The power contained within one drop of Ascendant Immortal blood can annihilate a small planet. Killing off a starter-level Human Immortal is very well within its capacity,” Liu Wuxiang said coolly.

“Those two were careless.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Junior Sister Qing!” Li Wenhou shouted and traces of pain could be heard within his tone. At that very moment, Li Wenhou’s face was completely covered in blood. Add the fact that he was rolling on the ground while roaring loudly, he gave off quite a savage appearance.

“They are Earthen Immortals. Why are their mental states even worse compared to ordinary humans?” Chen Feng shook his head. Seeing that felt all too surreal for him.

“These fellows are flowers cultivated inside the sect. They have never had to face life and death situations. What kind of abilities could they possess?” Liu Wuxiang said disdainfully.

“Let’s kill him first. Then, we’ll split the corpses,” Chen Feng suggested.

“No problem.” Liu Wuxiang nodded.

There were two Ascendant Immortal corpses there. Getting one was already a great fortune. Naturally, there was no way to tell if either of them was planning anything else.

“Attack together!”

“Will do.”

Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang had assumed that everything would proceed smoothly. Unexpectedly, Li Wenhou, who had been howling out in pain, suddenly hurled something out. That something abruptly exploded, transforming into myriad, golden-coloured silk threads. Layer after layer of the golden silk threads enveloped Chen Feng, Liu Wuxiang, the Hell Dog and the Divine Phantom Mink. Additionally, the golden silk threads were swiftly wriggling and shrinking, becoming increasingly tight as a result. At the same time, a formidable atmosphere of pressure and suffocation surged into their hearts.

“Oh, no! It’s this thing! I’ve miscalculated.” Liu Wuxiang’s face instantly sank.

“Ha ha ha! These Myriad Layers Goldencoil Silk are created from the silk produced by an Ancient Gold Silkworm at the Yao Immortal stage. This is my killer move. You fellows should feel happy that I am using it against you fellows!” Li Wenhou laughed loudly. He revealed a crazed look and light shone from his eyes. The blood on his face had already completely evaporated away.

“Do you think you can collect the two corpses by entrapping us?” said Liu Wuxiang, who was attacking the golden silk threads to charge out. However, the silk threads were abnormally tough. Despite their weak and delicate appearance, the attacks from Liu Wuxiang failed to affect them even as they continued to encase him.

Facing the golden silk threads, Liu Wuxiang’s face turned grim. Chen Feng, on the other hand, revealed a look of shock. The silky threads encasing him were the best material to refine his Immortal-binding Rope!

The Hell Dog and Divine Phantom Mink unleashed an attack each and the formidable yao energy within their attacks caused some of the silky threads to melt.

“Oyoyoy! Stop attacking, guys! These threads are good materials!” Chen Feng quickly moved to stop them. No joke. If he could completely fuse these golden silk threads with his Immortal-binding Rope, the Immortal-binding Rope would be able to level up to become a top-grade Sacred artefact, if not a Dao artefact.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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