Chapter 742 Entering the Hole


Li Wenhou and He Qingqing exchanged glances before saying, “Fine, we’ll talk. However, you must promise not to kill us.”

“If you do not provoke me, naturally, I will not kill you.” Liu Wuxiang nodded.

“We are here for the corpse of an Ascendant Immortal,” Li Wenhou said.

“An Ascendant Immortal’s corpse? Are you fellows for real? Are you just trying to deceive me now?” As Liu Wuxiang spoke, however, he secretly communicated with Chen Feng.

“As expected, there is something left behind by an Ascendant Immortal here. Looks like our trip here was not in vain.”

“Why don’t we just take action? Capture them and search their seas of wisdom.”

“Brother Chen, you are even more ruthless than me. However, that will be hard. We should interrogate them more first.”

“Tian Xiaozi was the one who informed us about it. However, he got himself into a bit of trouble and is currently entangled with something right now. Thus, we decided to come here. We wanted to get something before he arrives,” Li Wenhou said.

“So, that’s how it is.” Liu Wuxiang snickered at them.

“Everything I said is the truth!”

“I know that you are telling us the truth. However, you didn’t tell us the whole truth. For example, where the corpse is, the Ascendant Immortal’s identity, how to enter and so much more. Li Wenhou, do you take me for a fool? You think you can trick me so easily?”

“Brother Liu, I think we should just kill them and search their souls.” Chen Feng suddenly spoke up.

“Who do you think you are, you… eh? You’re the kid from back then!”

“That’s right! He is that aborigine. Liu Wuxiang, you are someone of status, after all. Why would you work together with this aborigine?”

Li Wenhou and He Qingqing finally recognized Chen Feng. At any rate, he was the first person they encountered upon arriving here. Only, they had looked down on Chen Feng, an aborigine from a lesser world. Even now, there was still a look of disdain on their faces as they looked at Chen Feng.

Are these two idiots? Can they not see that the Hell Dog is my subordinate? Chen Feng smirked inwardly and said nothing. However, the Hell Dog stepped forward to assume his role, unleashing a sky-vaulting yao energy. Additionally, there was also a thick aura of Hell within it.

“By joining forces with Senior Hell Dog here, killing you two should be a piece of cake,” Liu Wuxiang said with a contemptuous grin.

“Fine!” Li Wenhou sighed before bringing out something.

A geomantic compass. It is a treasure-seeking magic treasure, Chen Feng thought.

After Li Wenhou brought out the geomantic compass, He Qingqing brought out a fiery-red spirit stone, which she placed on top of the geomantic compass.


A red beam of light fired out from the geomantic compass. Swirling around for a short while, it then shot down into the hole on the ground.

“Is it here? Or did the hole attract its attention?” Liu Wuxiang frowned.

“It should be here. Although this magic treasure of mine is not a high-grade magic treasure, when used in conjunction with this Immortal Anchor Stone, it should be around 80% accurate.”

“You fellows even have an Immortal Anchor Stone? Looks like you have been preparing for this. Don’t worry, if we really do find something good, I will share it equally with you fellows,” Liu Wuxiang said smilingly.

“I hope you will keep your words, otherwise we’ll have to fight each other to the death,” Li Wenhou said through gnashed teeth.

“Brother Chen, what do you think?” Liu Wuxiang secretly asked.

“We were planning on going down anyways. Besides, they are not telling us everything. Who knows if their words can be trusted? However, there is nether energy coming from below. If there is really a corpse of a Nether Plane’s Ascendant Immortal down below, that would make it the corpse of a Nether Immortal.” 

“I am not worried about these two fellows. Should something happen, with our combined might, we’ll be able to kill them off. What I am afraid of is what lurks beneath. I can sense a slight feeling of crisis.”

“Ha ha ha! Since entering this place, I have always been feeling a sense of crisis. If this is not a dangerous place, would there be good items here?”

“Brother Chen’s words are logical.”

“Let’s go. You two will take the lead. If you dare try anything funny, I will instantly kill you two.” Liu Wuxiang then shouted at Li Wenhou and He Qingqing.

Chen Feng felt secretly amused at what was happening. A Human Immortal was barking orders to two Earthen Immortals. Not to mention, the two Earthen Immortals dared not fight back. It was quite the peculiar sight.

The expressions on Li Wenhou and He Qingqing’s faces changed again and again. In the end, however, they said nothing. Getting on a Void Array Platform, their figures flashed to enter the deep, pitch-black hole.

Liu Wuxiang also brought out a Void Array Platform to follow them. Observing the motionless black hole beneath him, Chen Feng felt a sense of crisis emerging from his heart as well.

This feeling. Looks like there must be some good items down there.

The Hell Dog shook and his figure grew several times in size. Next, a semi-transparent silhouette of his original form appeared. Then, Chen Feng and the Divine Phantom Mink moved to stand on his shoulders, one on the left and one on the right.

Looks like I will need to snatch over a Void Array Platform. Either that or get myself a high-grade flying-type magic treasure, Chen Feng thought.

The Hell Dog moved very quickly and it did not take long for him to catch up to the others. Their surroundings were dark and the sound of flowing sands echoed ceaselessly all around them. After descending through a distance of over 1,000 metres, they encountered a restrictive array.

Liu Wuxiang attacked to destroy the restrictive array standing before their path and they continued forward. However, more and more restrictive arrays blocked their path. Additionally, the obstructions in their path grew increasingly strange.


The Hell Dog swiftly swung his hand and a clump of black item exploded. Surprisingly, it was a highly compressed clump of yellow sand.

Shua! Shua!

Li Wenhou and He Qingqing took action as well. The techniques that the two of them cultivated were orthodox immortal sword techniques. Immortal intent drifted out from their sword techniques and a domineering killing power rested within the gentle-looking sword moves. Within the upright moves were evasiveness and craftiness.

Speaking of which, Chen Feng had been staying within Heavenly Sword Faction for quite some time. Thus, he had come to respect the sword techniques of Heavenly Sword Faction. Sometimes, he would think that Heavenly Sword Faction possessed the highest skill with the sword amongst all the places within Eternal World. However, when compared to the sword techniques that these two Earthen Immortals were displaying, the sword techniques from Heavenly Sword Faction seemed to be lacking something.

Is it the immortal dao laws that they lack? Or is it due to the difference in level? However, the foundation of a sect from the Immortal Plane is likely something that Heavenly Sword Faction cannot compare against.

“What’s that sound I hear coming from below?” Liu Wuxiang’s words brought Chen Feng back to attention.

There were sounds of wind, whining and collisions.

“It’s a sandstorm!” the Hell Dog shouted.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

A hurricane formed through sand emerged from down below to instantly engulf them all.

This was no ordinary sandstorm. Chen Feng had tested it by bringing out a broken Sacred artefact and tossing it into the sandstorm. In just one breath’s worth of time, the sandstorm had torn it to pieces and it eventually disintegrated into powdery bits before becoming part of the sandstorm.

“Just a minor sandstorm, break!” Streams of sword energy swirled around Li Wenhou and He Qingqing. Due to that, the sandstorm failed to affect them in the slightest. Next, they quickly rushed forward.

Liu Wuxiang, on the other hand, used a peculiar move to deal with the sandstorm. Two energy streams emerged from his body before quickly fusing together to form a large, black-coloured hole. Everywhere it went, the sands would enter it before disappearing entirely. Appearance wise, it looked as though Liu Wuxiang had an easier time dealing with the sandstorm compared to Li Wenhou and He Qingqing.

As for the Hell Dog, he relied on his vigorous yao power and monstrous fleshly body to charge head on. The surrounding sands could not even get close to him.

“Senior Hell Dog, do you know what that technique is?” Chen Feng cast a surprised look at Liu Wuxiang, who was flying ahead.

“It looks like a yin yang, five elemental-type immortal technique. However, I am uncertain about the details.” The Hell Dog shook his head.

“I know even less than him.” Seeing Chen Feng turn to look at him, the Divine Phantom Mink shook his head.

“It’s the Yin Yang Cavity Scripture. It is quite a decent immortal technique. It is said to have been lost for a long time now. Unexpectedly, after all this time, I could see it again.” Tower’s voice rang within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

Immortal technique? Chen Feng nodded. He was not shocked at the words immortal technique. Rather, Tower had actually said that this was a decent immortal technique. If so, it must surely be quite special.

A long-lost immortal technique has reappeared. Looks like this Liu Wuxiang is also someone blessed with luck. Add the Yao-refining Furnace, there is indeed no need for him to fear Earthen Immortals.

The farther down they went, the stronger the sandstorm became. In the end, the grains of sand came together to form various sharp objects, which shot towards them.

“I wonder, what kind of power could transform the sands to such a degree?”


A massive, grimacing-face, formed entirely with sand, charged upwards. The face opened its mouth, seemingly desirous of devouring them all. Seeing something like that appear within such a dark environment brought an eerie feeling to them all.


A sword light flew out to strike the grimacing face. Next, a banging sound rang out and the grimacing face exploded into sands, scattering all across the space there. Immediately, however, the sands moved. It was as though there was someone secretly controlling the sands and they quickly formed four lances, which then shot towards them.

“Is someone secretly controlling it?”

Despite the peculiarity of the situation, they easily smashed the four lances apart.


Suddenly, a strange-looking monster charged at them from below, howling as it did. Although it was also a lifeless object created by the sand, the devilish aura radiating from its body left them secretly shocked.

“This is a Nether Armour Beast, a creature of the Nether Plane. Everyone, attack together!” Liu Wuxiang brought out his weapon, a black-white spear. Next, his figure became an after image as he charged towards the charging monster.


Li Wenhou and He Qingqing did not hesitate. Two beams of sword energy slashed forward with a force capable of destroying the winds and cleaving apart the waves.

“Let’s attack too,” Chen Feng said.

The Hell Dog and Divine Phantom Mink fired out a compressed blast of yao energy each at the same time. Facing the combined might of the three forces, the Nether Armour Beast below was quickly shattered apart to sand again. However, the instant the sands erupted, strands of peculiar energy streams spread out and flew towards them all.

“Careful! That might be the vengeful energy that an Ascendant Immortal left behind before dying.”

“Watch as I refine it!”

Like an agile snake, a dark-grey strand of energy entered Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. Instantly, Chen Feng saw a giant figure wrapped entirely in thick bone armour roaring skywards. Runes covered its entire body and the ferocious energy waves radiating out from its body caused Chen Feng’s heart to tremble.

This must be an Ascendant Immortal! Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom began shaking violently. It seemed as though it might break apart at any moment.

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