Chapter 741 Cultivators from Immortal Sword Sect


Woah! Woah! Woah!

Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang stared. Although the surrounding sands were continuously funnelling down the hole, the situation around them appeared fairly calm.

“Can you see anything?” Chen Feng turned to ask the Hell Dog.

“I’ll give it a shot.” The Hell Dog nodded.

The Hell Dog’s Nether Eye was capable of peering into the Nine Heavens and Nine Abysses. Thus, Chen Feng believed that, if there was something down below, the Hell Dog would surely be able to figure something out.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Surprisingly, as the gaze from the Hell Dog’s Nether Eye shot down into the hole, popping sounds began ringing out from the hole. As for the Hell Dog, he backed away and closed his Nether Eye. 

“What happened?”

“I think, there is a formidable power of laws down below.” After saying that, the Hell Dog fell into a contemplative state.

“I’ll try again.”

This time, as the Nether Eye moved to investigate the hole, the hole beneath them began expanding in size. Rather, a series of howls was seemingly spreading out from beneath the hole. It was as though there was a devilish Demon God trapped far beneath the ground.

“Looks like there is something down there,” Liu Wuxiang said.

“Surely, there aren’t actually some monsters down there? If that is the case, then we truly possess a Heaven-defying luck,” Chen Feng said with a wry smile.

“It’s the aura of the Nether Plane.” The Hell Dog was finally able to confirm it.

“Nether energy. Restrictive arrays of the Nether Plane. Could this be a grotto-mansion left behind by an expert from the Nether Plane back then?” Liu Wuxiang’s eyes instantly lit up.

“I am unable to ascertain it. There seems to be some energy fluctuations down below. However, there are no life signs. Perhaps, this is truly a relic left over from the past.”

“Brother Chen, what do you think?” Liu Wuxiang then turned to look at Chen Feng.

“We can head in and have a look,” Chen Feng said solemnly.

“Alright, I think so too. No matter if there are any dangers down below or not, we must check it out. This hole could have appeared at any time. And yet, it chose to appear right when we landed. There must be a reason for this. Perhaps, this is our stroke of fortune,” Liu Wuxiang said with a chuckle.

They had only just decided to enter and check it out when two rays of light, one green and one white, pierced their way through the sky from afar.

“Oh, some people are coming. They are from the Immortal Plane. Could they be old acquaintances?” Liu Wuxiang mumbled. 

It’s them, but why only two? Chen Feng had already received a notification from Tower.

Back then, a group of three males and one female had rode a Void Array Platform to arrive here. As it so happened, Chen Feng was right there. More importantly, Tower had left something on their bodies.

Did the other two get themselves killed? Chen Feng began having ill thoughts.

“No. The marks are still there. For some unknown reason, they had split up. However, this is a good thing. You can deal with them one at a time.” Tower laughed.

“Those two are genuine Earthen Immortals. Not to mention, they are also cultivators from the Immortal Plane. They probably know Liu Wuxiang. If they are to join forces, I will be incapable of defending against their attacks and forced to run.” Chen Feng secretly disagreed.

“Who knows? Maybe there is a grudge between them.”

“That would be nice.”

“A Human Immortal and another who is not even at the Human Immortal stage. Scram!” A youngster in silvery-white, light armour simply gave Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang a glance before revealing a look of disdain. With a wave of his hand, he sent out two sword beams to kill them off.

“Heh!” Liu Wuxiang snickered as he raised his head. Chen Feng could clearly see the corners of his lips curling into a smile as killing intent flashed across his eyes.

The female in green clothes saw Liu Wuxiang’s face and her face sank. Instantly, she shouted, “Be careful!”

Bang! Bang!

The sword beams that the youngster fired out were instantly dispersed before an even stronger energy blast charged towards him and the green-clothed female with overwhelming force.


Chen Feng’s pupils contracted. He hadn’t done anything at all. Liu Wuxiang was the one who had shattered apart the sword beams. Even this attack was from Liu Wuxiang.

Truth be told, Chen Feng had always felt curious about this Liu Wuxiang. He gave Chen Feng an inscrutable feeling and Chen Feng wanted to see his true abilities. However, Chen Feng never got the chance to see it.

And now, Liu Wuxiang had shattered the incoming attacks with just a wave of his hand. At the same time, he also fired out an incomparably savage attack at them.

This attack contains the power of yin and yang. Not to mention, they are well integrated, with no signs of conflict or rejection. For it to be able to casually break the attacks of an Earthen Immortal, this must be an immortal technique, right? Chen Feng thought.

Chi! Chi! Chi Chi! Chi! Chi!

However, the youngster in silvery-white armour was not to be trifled with either. In the face of the incoming attack, his face remained calm and he waved his hand. Five sword beams shot out from each of his five fingers to slice their way forward, shredding the attack from Liu Wuxiang apart.

Pure sword energy. He must be a sword cultivator, Chen Feng thought.

“You have some skills. However, you will still die in the end!” He had failed to kill off two ants. Not to mention, the ants had even launched a counter attack against him. Furthermore, all of it had happened in front of his Junior Sister Qing. Due to the series of events, the youngster felt as though he had lost face big time.

“Senior brother, wait!” Just as he was about to attack, however, Junior Sister Qing’s voice entered his ears.

“Is that so. Then, let’s see just who will die in the end.” Liu Wuxiang, meanwhile, sneered at the youngster and took a step forward, killing intent surging out from his body. From afar, it would appear as though there was a fiery-red stream of energy charging up into the sky. 

Incredible! Seeing that, Chen Feng became so shocked that his expression contorted.

Such a potent killing energy! Just how many people has he killed? Chen Feng was astounded.

“Truth is, there are some cultivation techniques for the cultivation of killing energy. Although the amount of killing energy he is radiating is shocking, it does not mean that he had killed that many people before,” the Hell Dog whispered from beside Chen Feng.

Truth be told, the Hell Dog and Divine Phantom Mink had wanted to take action as well only for Chen Feng to stop them.

“Liu Wuxiang. You’re Liu Wuxiang!” the youngster in silvery-white armour cried out in shock.

To Chen Feng’s surprise, a look of vigilance and panic could be seen in the eyes of the two Earthen Immortals.

Tsk, tsk. Looks like this Liu Wuxiang is quite powerful.

“So, it’s the guys from Immortal Sword Sect. Consider yourselves unlucky for bumping into me.” The sky-vaulting killing energy emanating out from Liu Wuxiang’s figure converged into himself, but his figure instantly appeared before the two Earthen Immortals. His hand shot forward and the power of yin and yang surged to form a great vortex. The vortex made no sound as it rotated. And yet, the power of destruction contained within it was so great that even the distant Chen Feng could sense it.

“Wait!” The two Earthen Immortals cried out, putting up layer after layer of sword energy before them in a purely defensive manner.


A volcanic-like boom rang out and Junior Sister Qing was sent flying. Even the armour-clad youngster was forced to back away in a wretched manner.

Oh, this is Liu Wuxiang’s strength! Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. At the same time, he felt puzzled. He did not understand why Liu Wuxiang, who had revealed such a restrained behaviour all this time, would suddenly burst with killing intent.

“Liu Wuxiang, now is not the time to be fighting one another! Stop it! Don’t think we’re afraid of you!” 

The two Earthen Immortals felt somewhat frustrated. If their two companions were here, they would surely have attacked Liu Wuxiang upon meeting him. They won’t even bother exchanging words. However, the two of them were the only ones there. They had no confidence in their abilities to defeat Liu Wuxiang. Not to mention, there were others there as well.

Instantly, various thoughts came to their mind. Next, Junior Sister Qing suddenly made a dash towards Chen Feng.

It would appear that she wanted to capture Chen Feng. Previously, they had seen Liu Wuxiang stand beside Chen Feng. It was only natural for them to think that he was Liu Wuxiang’s companion.


Unexpectedly, before Junior Sister Qing could approach Chen Feng, a large, black-coloured paw appeared to slap her figure away. This attack was even stronger compared to the attack from Liu Wuxiang earlier. The force behind it blasted a crater upon the ground and Junior Sister Qing was left temporarily incapacitated.

“We are on the same level here. You human cultivators are just too weak, even those from the Immortal Plane,” the Hell Dog said proudly.

Speaking of which, these two cultivators were only bottom-level existences within Immortal Sword Sect. There was simply no way they could be compared to the likes of the Ghost General and Demon Deity from earlier. That was also why Chen Feng would suddenly feel as though Liu Wuxiang had suddenly grown stronger.

Seeing Junior Sister Qing getting smacked, the armour-clad cultivator’s heart lurched. He knew then that the situation had spiralled beyond his control. Unexpectedly, there was another formidable existence there besides Liu Wuxiang. 

Liu Wuxiang’s attacks grew even more ferocious. A black hole kept flashing into existence from Liu Wuxiang’s palm, like a grotto that was gushing with formidable power.

Without Junior Sister Qing’s assistance, the armour-clad cultivator’s ability to fight off Liu Wuxiang decreased further and he was sent flying after just one breath’s worth of time.

However, despite having gained the upper hand, Liu Wuxiang did not press the attack. Instead, his figure flashed to re-appear beside Chen Feng.

“Brother Chen, these two fellows are from Immortal Sword Sect. There is a grudge between me and them. Why don’t we join forces to finish them off? We’ll split their possessions equally,” Liu Wuxiang suggested.

“I don’t mind. However, there is probably a reason as to why they are here, no?” Chen Feng said coolly. When Liu Wuxiang was describing the affairs of the Immortal Plane to him earlier, he had mentioned that this Immortal Sword Sect was one of the sects there. However, he did not mention what level this sect was at. 

“Now that you mention it.” Liu Wuxiang nodded his head. Next, he took a step forward and his figure jumped through the void to appear before the two Earthen Immortals. 

“Liu Wuxiang, our Immortal Sword Sect are not the only ones here. Mystheaven Sect, Azure Depth Pavilion and even Immortal Night Mansion have come. If they find out that you are here, you will die!” the armour-clad cultivator said fiercely.

“Oh, is that so?” Liu Wuxiang revealed a cryptic smile. “You two must be He Qingqing and Li Wenhou from Immortal Sword Sect, right? I have killed many fellows at your level in the past. Now, all I have to say is this, why did you fellows come here?”

“Don’t hurry to answer. You fellows need to think it through. I believe you fellows should be aware of it. If I make up my mind to kill you, then, no matter how powerful you fellows may be, it would be useless in the end,” Liu Wuxiang said icily.

He Qingqing and Li Wenhou hesitated. They turned to look at each other. Clearly, they were discussing something.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, was pondering the situation. Judging by what happened earlier, it would seem that this Liu Wuxiang was someone with quite the origin in Immortal Plane. Furthermore, according to Li Wenhou, it would seem that Liu Wuxiang had quite a high number of enemies there.

“I don’t believe you would utilize that technique!” Li Wenhou said. He Qingqing, who was beside him, made ready to fight.

Although he believed it to be unnecessary, Chen Feng had still directed his two bodyguards forward to block off their retreat path.

“You two can give it a shot. However, I must tell you. The moment you try it, you will die.” Liu Wuxiang brought his palm out and waved it.

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