Chapter 740 Deathly Desert


“Brother Chen, you did not come in here alone, did you?” Liu Wuxiang then seemingly glanced at the three bodyguards behind Chen Feng.

“I came here with a few of my friends. However, we were separated. It is strange. Previously, no one seemed to know of this Heavensday Battlefield. Why did so many people come here all of a sudden?” A puzzled look appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “The Immortal Plane, Ghost Plane, Demon Plane and Nether Plane. I wonder if there are any more experts from other worlds?”

“This is quite a peculiar incident. Back then, I myself had only managed to come across information about this place by accident. Later, I snuck in here along with some other fellows. I had assumed that this is a place that the cultivators from the Immortal Plane had inadvertently come across. However, it would now appear that I was mistaken.”

“There are simply too many experts from the various worlds coming here. I wonder if there are even stronger experts?”

“You are referring to the Ascendant Immortals, right? That should be impossible. According to the information I obtained, most of the cultivators who came here are Earthen Immortals. Naturally, there are also some Human Immortals. As for Ascendant Immortals, they are not the kind of existences that people like us can fathom.”

They moved forward quickly. As they did not encounter any incidents along the way, they were able to reach the Deathly Desert in just several days’ time. 

“This desert is said to stretch across a distance of over tens of millions of li and there are some danger zones within it. Even during the great war, very few cultivators would choose this place to do battle. It is said that some Ascendant Immortals had ventured inside only to never emerge again,” Liu Wuxiang said.

Chen Feng was surprised. He did not think that Liu Wuxiang would know this much about the Heavensday Battlefield.

“Ha ha! Looks like Brother Chen doesn’t know the story behind this Heavensday Battlefield,” Liu Wuxiang said, chortling.

“Oh, I would like to hear about it.” It was true, Chen Feng knew nothing about it.

“Truth be told, it is very simple.” Liu Wuxiang smiled. “As the most powerful existence within the universe, it is only natural for the Immortal Plane to have many enemies. For example, the Demon Plane, Nether Plane, Ghost Plane and some other powerful worlds would often cast their gazes at the Immortal Plane. They want to kill their way into the Immortal Plane to take this juicy piece of meat and make it theirs. It would not be an exaggeration to say that there is a perpetual war going on between the Immortal Plane and the other worlds.”

“I did hear about that before. However, the Immortal Plane aside, there would also be frequent wars between the other worlds.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Naturally, that is true. Every world wants to expand their power and grab more lands. The Demon Plane and Nether Plane want to divide up the Immortal Plane between themselves. However, if the opportunity presents itself, the Demon Plane would also kill their way into the Nether Plane and snatch the resources there. Isn’t your Eternal World also constantly at war with other worlds?

“Who knows just how many hundreds of millions of years this war has gone on for? Perhaps, it will continue forever.”

“Yes, this war will never end, unless the universe itself is destroyed.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Sometimes, this war cannot be carried out on either world. The war I am talking about is one where millions to tens of millions of cultivators are dispatched. In this war, Human Immortals are but lowly soldiers. Even Earthen Immortals could only qualify to become officers. Occasionally, in large-scale wars, even Earthen Immortals would become nothing more than cannon fodders.

“Even for high-level worlds like the Immortal Plane and the Demon Plane, playing host to such wars for a long time is beyond their abilities.”

“And so, they must find some other place to wage their war.” Chen Feng sighed. He had finally understood the story behind the Heavensday Battlefield.

“Yes. This Heavensday Battlefield is what remains of the war from back then.” Liu Wuxiang nodded before continuing, “Back then, the participants of the war included the Immortal Plane, Yao Plane, Ghost Plane, Nether Plane and some special races. The number of participants was over ten million. Who knows how many Ascendant Immortals were killed during the war? Rather, it is said that there were existences superior to the Ascendant Immortals taking part in the war as well. Of course, I do not know if that is true or not.

“That’s about all I know. As for the rest, I am in the dark myself. How this battlefield ended up getting sealed, how it was left to collect dust and how it was opened again, I do not know.”

“Ha ha! Brother Liu, you are quite the straightforward person.” Chen Feng laughed.

“It’s just some unimportant information. However, to think that Brother Chen would know about this Deathly Desert. That is a surprise.” Liu Wuxiang waved his hand.

“I heard about it from some other cultivators. I was uncertain if it’s true or not.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“If I can acquire one or two Immortal artefact fragments here, this trip will not have been in vain.”

“Hopefully, that’s the case,” Chen Feng replied with a smile.

Next, the two of them entered the vast desert. Chen Feng was reminded of the pocket dimension within the Starsea Region. Back then, he had ended up inside a desert not unlike this one. Only, it had not taken him long before he entered the Spirit Essence Tower. He managed to gain a lot inside the Spirit Essence Tower. Just the spiritual trees alone were great treasures. Then, after making his way to the 5th floor, he had to exit. However, he did receive a jade talisman from the tower as he was teleported out. Upon receiving the jade talisman, Chen Feng found out that he needed to be at the Human Immortal stage if he wanted to enter the tower again.

Back then, Tower mentioned that the Spirit Essence Tower is an intact Immortal artefact. Once my cultivation base is strong enough, I must go explore it again. Chen Feng was feeling highly curious about the Spirit Essence Tower. There were simply too many treasures inside the Spirit Essence Tower. The number of treasures inside far exceeded even the treasures within the Immortal Skylodge Mansion. That being said, there were still many places within the Immortal Skylodge Mansion that he had yet to unlock.

However, after considering it properly, an Immortal artefact containing a Heaven-defying spiritual tree like the Domain Tree was surely an extraordinary object.

At that moment, only the Hell Dog and Divine Phantom Mink were accompanying Chen Feng. As for the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss, he had obtained a great deal from the earlier fight. Thus, he had entered the Longevity Tower to continue with his cultivation.

Seeing the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss obtain the demon core and magic treasure, the eyes of the Violent Earthen Bear and the other Demon Kings turned red. They wanted so badly to just rush forward and snatch it.

“This is unfair!” Flames ignited all across the surface of the temperamental Demonic Blaze Ape’s body.

“Humph!” The Netherpython of the Nine Abyss merely responded with a scoff before ignoring them. At the same time, he was secretly feeling smug about it. Serves you fellows right! Who told you fellows to stay inside? Once I finish refining this demon core, I will, at the very least, become a peak-level Demon King. Add this Dao-tier demonic artefact into the equation, I will be able to fight even an Earthen Immortal!

“Sigh, what a pity! If only I had known, I would not have come back inside just now,” the Four-eyed Spirit Fox said with a begrudging tone. 

In comparison, the tree yao, tiger yao and Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm didn’t show as much envy as the Demon Kings. They simply cast surprised looks at the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss. 

“The little fellow is truly generous,” the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm mumbled before going back to sleep.

“We’ve been flying for over tens of thousands of li now. Still nothing.” Liu Wuxiang cast a frustrated look at the endless yellow desert.

“We’ve been flying for too long. Let’s head down and check it out.” Chen Feng suggested.



Right after Liu Wuxiang’s feet made contact with the ground, a formidable power emerged from beneath his feet to press down the sands there to quickly form a sandy crater.

“The sand layer here is very thick. It is at the very least 1,000 zhang long,” Liu Wuxiang said smilingly.

“It’s strange, how could such a place come about?” Chen Feng was feeling somewhat surprised. At the very least, he had never heard about such a vast desert in Eternal World.

“What’s so strange about it? Back when I was exploring the cosmos, I had once seen a planet covered entirely with sand.”

“To think that there could be something like that. However, Brother Liu have explored the cosmos before. You must know a lot.”

“No, no. The cosmos is simply too dangerous. Back then, I was just following a team. If a cultivator wants to explore the cosmos alone, that cultivator must at least be an Earthen Immortal.” Liu Wuxiang swiftly waved his hand.

Next up, Chen Feng utilized his eye technique to scan his surroundings. However, no sign of life could be detected within a 5,000-kilometre radius.

“Brother Chen, you actually cultivated out the Magic Eyes of Darkness?!” Liu Wuxiang was truly astounded.

The Magic Eyes of Darkness was not something that could be cultivated out casually. At the very least, Liu Wuxiang had never encountered a Human Immortal who could successfully cultivate it. At that very moment, Liu Wuxiang wondered if Chen Feng was putting on an act, and that he was not actually a Sky Human stage cultivator. Was he actually a formidable Earthen Immortal?

“Just because you have never seen it before doesn’t mean that there is no one who can. In Hell, there are many at the Human Immortal stage who could successfully cultivate it. I have also heard that there are some in the Demon Plane and Ghost Plane who could do the same. Of course, those who are truly proficient at it are rare,” the Hell Dog, noticing the look on Liu Wuxiang’s face, said.

“Ha ha, looks like I know too little.” Liu Wuxiang laughed. He agreed with the Hell Dog. At any rate, it was easier for those in Hell and the Demon Plane to cultivate out the Magic Eyes of Darkness.

“Something feels wrong about this place.” There was a puzzled look in the Hell Dog’s eyes as he regarded their surroundings.

“Oh, what did senior notice?” Liu Wuxiang revealed a fairly respectful attitude towards the Hell Dog.

The Hell Dog then opened his Nether Eye and a faint-blue light pierced its way into the sand.

Is there something underground? Chen Feng and Liu Wuxiang looked at each other, the same thought going through their minds at the same time.

“As expected, there is something here. Hurry, dodge!” The moment the Hell Dog said that, he grabbed Chen Feng and dashed backwards. As for the Divine Phantom Mink, he specialized in speed. Thus, his figure had flown up the instant the Hell Dog shouted the warning.

Liu Wuxiang himself only hesitated for a moment. Next, his figure blurred as he re-appeared somewhere five kilometres away.

The entire stretch of sand sank before spreading outwards. The sands within the affected area seemingly funnelled underground, looking like the opened mouth of a monster that was continuously devouring the surrounding sand.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Liu Wuxiang felt the ground beneath his feet going soft and he hastily backed away. In the end, he flew high up into the sky.

“What’s going on here?” Chen Feng had also utilized his eye technique to inspect the sands. He wanted to figure out what was happening down below. By then, a great hole with a radius of 50 kilometres had appeared beneath them. Circular and pitch-black, the surrounding sands continued funnelling down the hole. The instant Chen Feng’s eye technique made contact with the hole, however, an invisible power cut it off.

“So lucky?” Liu Wuxiang revealed a wry smile.

Their group had been advancing through the desert for quite some time now. This time, they had randomly chosen a spot to land. Unexpectedly, something like this would happen.

“I am not sensing any life signs. I had assumed that some yao beast would charge out.” Chen Feng regarded the hole beneath them. The hole appeared tranquil. However, it was capable of giving others a feeling of dread. It seemed as though the hole was capable of devouring everything, even life.


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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