Chapter 739 Liu Wuxiang



Inside the Blood Mustering Bead, Chen Feng coughed out mouthful after mouthful of blood. If it weren’t for the Blood Mustering Bead, which had helped him block the attack during that critical moment, that one slap from the Demon Deity would have smashed him to bits.

Chen Feng was someone who could unleash a force of 100 million kilogrammes. However, it was clear that the force behind the Demon Deity’s attacks could no longer be measured by mere weight. In Chen Feng’s opinion, that slap from the Demon Deity was already strong enough to destroy an ordinary planet.

Moreover, that was not even the Demon Deity’s full-powered attack.

“Don’t allow it to escape!” Chen Feng shouted.

Although the Demon Deity was able to release such a formidable burst of power, Chen Feng knew that it would not stay here and continue to fight them. Only a fool would do so.

Truth be told, there was no need for Chen Feng to say that. The Hell Dog had already charged forward. He made use of his speed to entangle the Demon Deity and the number of wounds on the Demon Deity’s body rose higher and higher. Even without the help from Chen Feng, with time, the Hell Dog would be able to finish off this Demon Deity.

However, Chen Feng was concerned that something unexpected might happen. This was a good chance to finish off a Demon Deity. He must not let this opportunity slip past him.

If I cannot smash you to death with one attack, I will just have to attack you twice or thrice! A pity, my cultivation base is not high enough. Additionally, the Demonic Heavengorging Art I cultivated is only a fragment of the whole. If it weren’t for that, I would have been able to suppress it. By then, Chen Feng had already emerged from the Blood Mustering Bead. Both his hands were placed on the Blood Mustering Bead and his pale complexion had already recovered.


The Blood Mustering Bead transformed into a beam of bloody light before charging forward. However, the Demon Deity had been keeping an eye on Chen Feng’s actions. As it had suffered from this move once before, it dared not be careless about it this time around. Thus, even at the cost of taking on an attack from the Hell Dog, it swiftly ducked to evade the Blood Mustering Bead.

The Blood Mustering Bead missed. However, the bloody light emanating from the Blood Mustering Bead had still enveloped the Demon Deity. Then, with a shout from Chen Feng, streams of fresh blood flowed out from the Demon Deity’s wounds and all of them flowed into the Blood Mustering Bead.

That’s the blood of a Demon Deity. With a little more of it, the Blood Mustering Bead will probably be able to level up. However, since it has absorbed the blood of an Earthen Immortal, it should be able to grow some high-grade Bloody Netherfruits. Eating that will be even better than absorbing blood essence.


The Demon Deity had taken great pains to avoid the attack from the Blood Mustering Bead. Unexpectedly, its blood would suddenly flow out from its body. Quickly, one third of its blood was drained away and it felt even weaker.

The Divine Phantom Mink had become like a ray of black light and his sharp claws swiped at the Demon Deity’s eyes. A tearing sound rang out and the Demon Deity cried out miserably. Although it had already closed its eyes, the attack from the Divine Phantom Mink had still torn off a piece of its flesh, causing blood to drip down its face.

“Divine Dark Yama Claw!”

The Hell Dog swiped at the Demon Deity’s body with his claw again to tear a hole upon it.

“Blood Mustering Bead, subdue!”

Chen Feng’s hands moved swiftly to form hand seals and the Blood Mustering Bead rapidly grew in size, becoming like a red-coloured meteor smashing the Demon Deity into the ground.


The Demon Deity roared furiously. At the same time, the blood flowing out from its body began burning with black flames. The black flames grew stronger and stronger before spreading across the Demon Deity’s body.

“Is it going to blow itself up?” Chen Feng cried out.

“No. This is a secret technique. It is burning its own demonic blood to increase its strength. Heh! This guy is probably lacking the courage to blow itself up. However, at this point in time, blowing itself up will no longer be useful.” The Hell Dog utilized his Nether Eye again and the faint-blue gaze swept forward to extinguish the demonic flames. Finally, the gaze pierced into the Demon Deity’s soul once again.

As for Chen Feng, he made use of the opportunity to mobilize the Blood Mustering Bead to devour close to half of the Demon Deity’s remaining blood.


The Hell Dog attacked swiftly, ripping the Demon Deity’s demon core out from its body. With the disappearance of its demon core, the Demon Deity instantly fell limply to the ground.

Next, the Blood Mustering Bead released spiky tentacles to completely devour all the blood essence within the Demon Deity’s body.

Instantly, the bloody pool inside the Blood Mustering Bead churned and the size of the pool grew continuously. Likewise, the Bloody Nethertree that was growing beside the bloody pool began growing as well.

This was the blood essence of an Earthen Immortal, after all. It was a great supplementary item for the Bloody Nethertree. As the Bloody Nethertree grew, the number of Bloody Netherfruits growing from it also rose.


After having all of its blood and essence devoured, the Demon Deity’s body burst apart into a cloud of powder. Chen Feng then waved his hand and a spatial ring and a small, bronze hammer flew into his hand.

“All of you have been working hard for this. Check to see if there is anything good here. This is for you.” Chen Feng waved his hand to send the bronze hammer to the Hell Dog. 

“I already have a Dao artefact. Besides, this hammer is not suitable for me.” The Hell Dog smiled and gave it to the Divine Phantom Mink.

“I really want it. However, it is also not suitable for me.” The Divine Phantom Mink shook his head and handed it over to the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss.

In the end, the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss cast an excited look at Chen Feng before keeping it. The Netherpython of the Nine Abyss was a demonic beast. As it so happened, the hammer was a demonic artefact. Thus, using it would suit him well.

“The demon core is also yours.” Chen Feng fiddled with the demon core he received from the Hell Dog before tossing it over to the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss.

After obtaining a demonic artefact and a demon core, the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss became so excited, he didn’t know what to say. With these two items, his strength would rise several folds. Additionally, it would be just a matter of time before he achieved another breakthrough.

Speaking of which, in the earlier fight, the Hell Dog had contributed the most. Unfortunately, there was nothing there that suited him. Thus, it would appear that his contributions would go unrewarded. Even the Divine Phantom Mink had managed to devour the soul of the fleeing Earthen Immortal. After refining the soul, his strength would increase significantly.

As for Chen Feng, there was temporarily no need for him to devour other energy. There were still many powers within his body that he had yet to fully refine.

After he was done with the Demon Deity, Chen Feng then turned to look at the fight between the Human Immortal and the Ghost General. What he saw left him shocked.

Shockingly, the Human Immortal from the Immortal Plane already had the situation under control. A massive, furnace-shaped magic treasure had imprisoned the Ghost General and flames raged while immortal energy revolved around it. Additionally, various restrictive powers could be seen flashing about non-stop. No matter how hard the Ghost General struggled, it only ended up getting trapped deeper and deeper inside the furnace.

“The magic treasure has an orthodox appearance. Even the aura that it is exuding feels orthodox. Looks like this is truly a magic treasure of the immortals.” Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

“It must be the Yao-refining Furnace. Many of the people in the Immortal Plane knows how to forge and concoct items. However, that magic treasure is at least a high-grade Dao artefact. This fellow is indeed not to be underestimated,” the Hell Dog said smilingly.

“You know quite a lot.” Chen Feng laughed at the Hell Dog.

“My former master was an Ascendant Immortal, after all. I do know a little about the Immortal Plane,” the Hell Dog replied with a chuckle.

“Greetings to you all, my name is Liu Wuxiang.” The Human Immortal, a youngster in white clothes, held his exquisite-looking Yao-refining Furnace in his hand as he walked over. There was a smile on his face, but the light shining within the depths of his eyes contained different thoughts, thoughts that others were incapable of seeing.

“I am Chen Feng. Greetings, Ascendant Immortal of the Immortal Plane.” Chen Feng too, had a smile on his face. As for the Hell Dog and the others, they had assumed their human forms once more to stand beside him. They did not speak up. Rather, they simply stood on guard.

“I’m no Ascendant Immortal. I am just the lowest existence within the Immortal Plane. I believe that Brother Chen must also be someone with quite the status in the lesser world. I wonder, which sect are you from?” Liu Wuxiang appeared to be talking casually. However, he was secretly guessing Chen Feng’s identity.

This fellow is not even at the Human Immortal stage. And yet, there are three formidable yaos and demons serving as his bodyguards. Most importantly, he had managed to kill off a Demon Deity earlier. Due to that, Liu Wuxiang was secretly wary of him.

“I am not from any sect, just a loose cultivator. Brother Liu, the magic treasure in your hand is magnificent and exquisite and it overflows with immortal will. The way I see it, you must also be from a great family.” Chen Feng regarded the Yao-refining Furnace in Liu Wuxiang’s hand. Although the Ghost General was still struggling inside, its aura was becoming weaker and weaker. It would not last long.

“I am also just a loose cultivator in the Immortal Plane. This time, I had inadvertently found a passageway leading to this place. There are still a lot that I do not know. I was thinking of asking Brother Chen about it.” Liu Wuxiang did not look down on Chen Feng because of his cultivation base. On the contrary, he was treating Chen Feng in rather high regards because he had also witnessed the earlier battle. The combat power that Chen Feng was able to unleash had surpassed that of the average Human Immortal.

“I also have things I want to ask Brother Liu.”

“If I may, where is Brother Chen planning to go to next?”

“The Deathly Desert up ahead.”

“What a coincidence, I am also planning on heading there.”

Next, the two parties ventured forward together. They chatted as they advanced. Naturally, they were both mostly trying to probe each other.

Chen Feng believed that this Liu Wuxiang was no ordinary character. His cultivation base aside, the way he treated Chen Feng was different from the other cultivators from the Immortal Plane. He did not put on a haughty demeanour; neither did he look down on Chen Feng. He was unlike some of the cultivators from the Immortal Plane who would call other ants or aborigines the moment they opened their mouths. On the contrary, he placed Chen Feng on the same level as himself. Although part of it was because Chen Feng had displayed his strength earlier, Liu Wuxiang’s show of sincerity in the way he treated Chen Feng lessened the sense of hostility between them.

That being said, Chen Feng was still vigilant. At any rate, this place was the Heavensday Battlefield. At this point in time, every single person here was an extraordinary character.

This fellow exudes a noble temperament. He must be from a big sect. If the whole Immortal Plane is like him, then my previous speculation would be wrong. However, despite his display of geniality, the malevolent energy that he would unintentionally exude proves that he had been killing a lot of people just recently. A Human Immortal who can kill off an Earthen Immortal is surely not some nameless character. Chen Feng secretly utilized the Blood Mustering Bead and was able to sense traces of malevolent energy from Liu Wuxiang.

“I wonder, will Brother Liu be willing to tell me a bit about the situation of the Immortal Plane,” Chen Feng asked.

“Not an issue. Although I am just a minor character, I do know quite a bit about the Immortal Plane.” Liu Wuxiang smiled. Seemingly bearing no other intentions, he began talking about the Immortal Plane.

Next up, Chen Feng spent most of their time moving forward listening to Liu Wuxiang.

“He is telling the truth.” The Hell Dog sent a secret vocal transmission to Chen Feng.

“Ha ha! There is no need for him to lie to me about this.”

Thanks to Liu Wuxiang, Chen Feng was able to gain an intuitive understanding towards the outline of the Immortal Plane. Simply put, the Immortal Plane was a place that was far bigger and more chaotic compared to Eternal World.

Of course, the ‘bigger’ word from Liu Wuxiang meant that it was practically boundless. As for how big the Immortal Plane was, not even the Ascendant Immortals, existences above that of Earthen Immortals, knew, let alone a high-level Human Immortal like Liu Wuxiang.

The Immortal Plane is so big and there are countless cultivators there. The amount of competition there must surely be just as high, Chen Feng thought.

Liu Wuxiang was a very eloquent person. However, after describing the affairs of the Immortal Plane to Chen Feng, he did not ask too much about Eternal World from Chen Feng. Perhaps, in his mind, he was still looking down on the lesser worlds.


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