Chapter 738 Attack


“He is able to explore this place alone, possessing the combat power of an Earthen Immortal despite being a Human Immortal. Naturally, he is not to be underestimated.” Chen Feng nodded. “How did the discussion go?”

“He is willing to attack at the same time as us. Additionally, he has been making preparations the moment he hid himself. Even if we did not attack, he would have taken action,” the Hell Dog said.

“For a Human Immortal to have such a big appetite, it seems this fellow is something else. Be sure to exercise caution later. Do not get sucked into his plans.” Chen Feng considered it for a moment and recalled the young Human Immortal that he had fought against back then. He dared not act recklessly against the cultivators from the Immortal Plane. 

“I believe he must possess a trump card up his sleeves. He is confident that he can defeat an Earthen Immortal.”

“He has his trump card, but so do we. Only, I will not be using our trump card unless absolutely necessary. My trump card is something that cannot be exposed, especially not to the cultivators from the Immortal Plane,” Chen Feng said.

As they were finishing up their negotiations, the two Earthen Immortals were already beaten to the point of bursting apart. One of them had lost half his torso, shattered apart by his opponent’s attacks. As for the other, his magic treasure had been destroyed.

The two Earthen Immortals gave it their all to fight back. Unexpectedly, the Ghost General and the Demon Deity were so strong. They were capable of blocking all of their attacks. Clearly, they were planning on killing off the two Earthen Immortals.

“You want to kill us? I won’t make it easy for you!” Knowing that there was no hope of escape, one of the Earthen Immortals decided to take drastic action. His broken body flared with an eye-piercing light. Next, raging flames emerged all over his body. In just a flash, the Earthen Immortal had transformed into a huge fire ball.

The fireball kept growing bigger and bigger, like a star that was about to meet its end bursting with all its might.

“Are you going to blow yourself up?”

“In the end, is this all you can do? How boring.”

“Brother Wen, I hope you can escape.” Those were the last words the Earthen Immortal said before blowing himself up.

“Sigh, hopefully!”

“Time for us to attack,” Chen Feng said.

“Here I go!” The Hell Dog instantly changed back to his original body. Next, carrying Chen Feng along, he charged forward. As for the Divine Phantom Mink and Netherpython of the Nine Abyss, they hid themselves, keeping an eye for any unexpected variables.

“You want to escape? Not so fast! Get back here!”

A stream of light charged out from the explosion, but flames suddenly burned the stream of light and a miniature figure could be seen howling within the stream of light.

A large hand – dripping with blood – appeared to grasp the fleeing soul.

They are able to emerge unscathed despite facing such a formidable explosion? These two fellows are truly strong. Chen Feng was already able to get a good look at the Ghost General and the Demon Deity. Appearance wise, the explosion from the self-destruct move had ripped out their flesh, even exposing their bones in some places. However, the aura emanating from their bodies did not weaken in the slightest. Moreover, the wounds they sustained from the explosion were already rapidly healing up.

Naturally, Chen Feng’s target was the Demon Deity. Compared to the creature from the Ghost Plane, a demonic beast should be easier to handle.

Upon their arrival, the Hell Dog slammed against the huge Demon Deity. As for Chen Feng, he swiftly followed up with a slash against the Demon Deity.

This time, the sword Chen Feng used was another grade 6 Sacred-tier sword, the Steel Enigma Sword. It was the Sacred artefact with the strongest steel-type attack. Utilizing the sword, he was able to leave a deep sword mark on the Demon Deity’s body.

As expected. However, the Demon Deity was the equivalent of an Earthen Immortal. Thus, the ability to break the other party’s defence was already good enough.

“A creature of Hell!” The Demon Deity recollected itself and its eyes stared directly at the Hell Dog, the large bronze hammer in its hand smashing forward.

The Demon Deity ignored Chen Feng. A small fry could only be a small fry in the end.

The Hell Dog and the Demon Deity quickly got into a fight. On the other side, the Human Immortal from the Immortal Plane had already appeared to entangle the Ghost General, wounding it and eliciting a series of furious howls from it.  

Both sides had their own intentions for taking action. As for the fleeing soul of the Earthen Immortal, no one bothered with it. Rather, they could not spare the time and effort to care. 


Suddenly, the Divine Phantom Mink’s figure flashed, transforming into a black stream of light before disappearing from sight.

“Humph, he got himself a bargain.” The Netherpython of the Nine Abyss mumbled in a displeased tone. However, he quickly focused his attention on the fight again.

Chen Feng’s domain power slowly unfurled and the Domain Geocompass flew up, rotating as it did so. This was one of the magic treasures that Chen Feng found to be quite good.

It was originally known as the Octagonal Geocompass. However, Chen Feng had decided to change its name to Domain Geocompass.

During this time, the magic treasure had been integrating with Chen Feng’s domain. Due to that, Chen Feng was able to gain a deeper understanding of the domain. Additionally, he was also better able to control the magic treasure.

Let’s test the fruits of my efforts. Chen Feng’s eyes shone and the Domain Geocompass arrived atop his head. Two of its edges began shining with light as it began gathering its strength.

Next, Chen Feng placed both his hands on the Domain Geocompass and his domain burst forward like a tsunami. It surged forward, twisting without cease like a world coming into existence from amidst chaos.

Chen Feng channelled the power of water and fire with all his might into the Domain Geocompass and it instantly thrummed. Following that, the power of water and fire began surging forward.

This Domain Geocompass contains a trace of grand dao powers. Add the power of water and fire of the world essence fragment that I recently refined into the equation, I do not believe that I cannot wound this guy! Chen Feng revealed a savage grin.

As Chen Feng continued pouring his energy into it, the Domain Geocompass abruptly expanded with a booming sound. The Domain Geocompass, a grade 9 Sacred artefact containing grand dao powers, began bursting with formidable power.


The Domain Geocompass flew forward like a flash of light. The power of water and fire swirled around the Domain Geocompass to form a thick layer of sharp light and it smashed heavily against the Demon Deity’s body.

The Demon Deity who was in the midst of fighting the Hell Dog had noticed Chen Feng’s actions. However, it had continued to view Chen Feng as an ant. It wasn’t until the Domain Geocompass made contact with its body did it realize that things were not looking good for it.

Two powers with an extreme capacity for destruction, water and fire, had made their way into its body. However, that was not all. The eight edges of the Domain Geocompass radiated with light and it began developing a domain which enveloped the Demon Deity. Surprisingly, it was capable of restraining it for a moment.

Normally, the Demon Deity would have been able to easily break apart the restraining power acting on it. However, it was presently in the middle of a fight. It still had to face a very formidable opponent.

The Hell Dog’s Nether Eye opened and a faint-blue light pierced its way into the Demon Deity’s sea of wisdom.

Due to that, the Demon Deity screamed out in pain.

Most of the creatures of the Demon Plane shared a common trait. They possessed fleshly bodies that were abnormally powerful, but their souls were relatively weak.

As for the Hell Dog’s Nether Eye, although it could pierce flesh, it could also attack the soul.

One was a creature from the Demon Plane while the other was a creature from Hell. Strength wise, they were more or less on equal footing. At that very moment, however, the Hell Dog’s strongest attack had successfully struck the Demon Deity’s weakest spot. Instantly, the Demon Deity was inflicted with a grievous injury.

Chance! Chen Feng rapidly rushed forward and the Domain Geocompass flew to arrive beneath Chen Feng’s feet before spreading out its domain power again. It gave off the impression that Chen Feng himself was exuding a domineering atmosphere of an exalted character overlooking all from beyond Heaven.

The Blood Mustering Bead flew out from Chen Feng’s body before swiftly growing in size. Next, it smashed into the Demon Deity. At the same time, a ‘subdue’ character appeared on the surface of the Blood Mustering Bead. This was one of the few techniques that Chen Feng had managed to learn after refining the power of the Demon Subduing Mountain’s artefact spirit. He was presently using the technique to further empower the Blood Mustering Bead.

Comparatively speaking, the force behind the attack that Chen Feng had first inflicted upon the Demon Deity with the Domain Geocompass earlier was only a small one. Following that, however, the Hell Dog managed to grievously wound the Demon Deity with his Nether Eye.

And now, by utilizing the Blood Mustering Bead to attack the Demon Deity, Chen Feng managed to seriously aggravate the grievous wound. The Blood Mustering Bead was a mid-grade Dao artefact, after all. By utilizing certain methods, Chen Feng would be able to wield a good portion of its power.

Due to that, the Demon Deity fell into a miserable state. The Blood Mustering Bead’s forceful attack had left it in a half-dead state, a dangerous situation that it had not faced in a long time.

The Demon Deity knew that failure to turn the situation around would mean death.

Thus, it mobilized its power to employ some secret techniques. Even if it meant sacrificing its blood and essence, it had to escape.

However, it was then that the Hell Dog’s attack arrived. Once again, it was the Nether Eye. This time, it did not strike its soul. Even so, it did bring about a restraining effect.

Demonic Heavengorging Art! Holding the Blood Mustering Bead with one hand, Chen Feng pressed his other hand on the head of the Demon Deity as he channelled the Demonic Heavengorging Art with all his might. Chen Feng was aware that combining his strength with the fragment of the Demonic Heavengorging Art would be insufficient to defeat this opponent. Thus, he borrowed the Blood Mustering Bead’s power in order to stir out the strongest amount of power he could muster with his body.

Woah! Woah! Woah!

It was peculiar. In the face of the Demonic Heavengorging Art, the incomparably ferocious Demon Deity froze for a brief moment. Next, the power within its body became like a swiftly melting iceberg and it began flowing out like a river.

“Demonic Heavengorging Art! You are a member of the Imperial Clan! How is this possible? You are clearly a human!” A hint of fear flashed across the Demon Deity’s eyes. However, it quickly turned to savagery.

“Unfortunately for you, your technique is incomplete and your cultivation base is low. You cannot kill me!” The Demon Deity’s body grew to become as big as a mountain. It wanted to shake Chen Feng off its body.

The Demon Deity’s words were very logical. Although Chen Feng was already borrowing the power of the Blood Mustering Bead, it would still be difficult to devour the power of an existence at the Earthen Immortal stage.

However, Chen Feng was not alone. The Hell Dog was already upon the Demon Deity again. Even the Divine Phantom Mink had suddenly appeared. He unleashed his illusion technique and the Demon Deity’s soul fell into a state of chaos.

The Divine Phantom Mink was a peak-level Yao King (Human) and there was only one step between him and the Yao Immortal (Earthen) stage. However, that meant that he still wasn’t a Yao Immortal. Normally, if he had to face a Demon Deity in a fight, that Demon Deity would’ve been able to send him flying with a slap. However, the situation was different. After having received the attacks from the Hell Dog and Chen Feng, the Demon Deity could no longer unleash even half of its original power. Additionally, the Demonic Heavengorging Art was swiftly draining away its power as well. Thus, the Divine Phantom Mink’s illusion technique was able to affect it.

On Chen Feng’s side, he channelled all the demonic energy he drained from the Demon Deity into the Blood Mustering Bead. Given Chen Feng’s present level of strength, he was still incapable of holding so much power.


The Demon Deity’s chest was pierced. The Hell Dog had seemingly gone mad and both his eyes turned somewhat blood-shot as his sharp claws pierced into the Demon Deity’s body to crush its heart.

“Roar!” Due to the serious amount of damage it had sustained and the looming threat of death, the Demon Deity was able to push itself beyond its limits to free itself from the Divine Phantom Mink’s illusion technique. With a swing of its palm, it sent Chen Feng flying. Then, releasing a roar, it brought forth streams of demonic energy, which moved to envelop its whole body.


Note: Steel Enigma Sword is probably the sword Chen Feng obtained from the Cloudmist World back in Chapter 606.

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