Chapter 736 Watching the Show


“Clearly.” Chen Feng responded with a pout and watched as the two sides began fighting once more.

Even though this was a battle at the level of Earthen Immortals, it did not cause as big of a stir as Chen Feng had imagined. However, watching their comprehension of the laws and sway over worldly powers was a somewhat enlightening experience for Chen Feng.

Not to mention, there was also a cultivator from another world. The cultivation method of this cultivator would surely be somewhat different compared to what Chen Feng was familiar with.

The Earthen Immortal from Eternal World displayed a grand atmosphere of force and his power surged forward. In comparison, however, the Nether General’s display of attacks was not as flashy. It seemed that this Nether General was more proficient in close combat. With a swing of its hand, a bone spear stabbed forward. Nether flames flared as it instantly broke through the layers of defences put up by the Earthen Immortal. After breaking through the restrictive arrays, it then stabbed towards the Earthen Immortal’s head.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, although the Earthen Immortal from Eternal World possessed great magics and a vast repertoire of magic techniques, he seemed inferior to the Nether General when it came to close combat. After just several exchanges, the Nether General had succeeded in stabbing the Earthen Immortal’s body.

Sparks flew as a result, only to reveal that the spear had failed to break through the defensive power of the Earthen Immortal’s body. Next, a mountainous seal descended to smash the Nether General aside.


A 10,000-zhang-tall mountain was shattered apart, but the Nether General remained unscathed. Nether energy streams churned all over his body. Next, the nether spear in his hand jumped up to knock the incoming seal away.


Chen Feng was able to clearly see the patterns on the Nether General’s bone armour bursting into flames. Its body did not grow bigger, but the nether flames that were burning ferociously on its bone armour formed a mighty-looking, semi-transparent silhouette.

Due to that, the Nether General’s combat power began rising, giving the Earthen Immortal a hard time.

Speaking of which, this was not the Earthen Immortal’s first fight against someone from the Nether Plane. Thus, when he saw that his opponent was only at the Human Immortal stage, he had believed that it would be easy to deal with. Unexpectedly, after their battle began, he only appeared to occupy the upper hand. In fact, he was struggling hard in the battle. Additionally, after exchanging so many blows with this opponent, the Earthen Immortal knew that it would be impossible for him to kill off this Nether General.

He wanted to run away, but the Nether General refused to disengage. And yet, there was no way to determine who was stronger or weaker. It was a somewhat troubling situation.

“What level is the Nether General at in the Nether Plane?” Chen Feng asked.

The Hell Dog thought for a moment before saying, “It is only one stage higher compared to the Nether Trooper. Above the Nether General is the Nether King, Nether Sovereign, Nether Deity. As for the specific details, I do not know. I only managed to hear about that from others.”

“So, if we are to compare with Eternal World, it should be on the same stage as a Human Immortal, right?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“If we are to compare the standards between the two worlds, this Nether General is on the same stage as Eternal World’s Sky Human stage,” the Hell Dog said with a serious tone.

“Eh?” Chen Feng was flabbergasted.

“Right, the Nether Plane is not on the same level as Eternal World. There is no way to compare the two. If so, what if we are to compare the standards of the Nether Plane and the Immortal Plane?” Chen Feng grew curious.

“Naturally, the Nether Plane is far inferior compared to the Immortal Plane. However, even though the Immortal Plane is constantly sending out their armies to conquer the Nether Plane, it is still incapable of conquering the Nether Plane,” the Hell Dog said.

“Do these worlds often go to war against one another?” Chen Feng grew shocked.

“I know about this. The high-level worlds aside, even Eternal World would start a war with other worlds every once in a while,” the Divine Phantom Mink said.

“Other worlds?”

“For example, Chaos World, Domain World, Primal World and Median World. Naturally, other life-bearing planets might participate in the war as well.”

“Speaking of which, in this endless universe, conflicts would arise every moment. Countless lives would be destroyed with every breath we take. At the same time, though, many more new worlds would be created.”

“Let’s not talk about that first. Let’s discuss about the current situation. It would appear that these two fellows are incapable of determining a victor and a loser.” In Chen Feng’s opinion, the two of them had seemingly transformed their battle arena. In the face of their battle, their surroundings had become a stretch of ruins. It was as though countless meteors had struck the place.

“The Earthen Immortal possesses a deep cultivation base. However, the Nether General’s combat techniques are somewhat special. Additionally, it would appear that its body is not showing any signs of weakening. The way I see it, this would either end with mutual destruction or the both of them would walk away from this fight.”

“A mutual destruction scenario is impossible. However, given how big of a commotion they are causing, they might end up attracting some other cultivators. Who knows? There might be some other cultivators lurking around, waiting for them to be mutually wounded before seizing the two of them in one fell swoop.”

“Oh, they stopped fighting!”

“This is bad! It is rushing towards us. Did it notice us?”

The two cultivators abruptly stopped fighting and the Nether General flew forward, hurling the spear in its hand out. Its target, Chen Feng.

“Attacking a minor Sky Human stage cultivator? Doesn’t that seem too much like a bullying act?” Chen Feng smiled. However, he was not feeling too concerned.


Black light flashed as the Hell Dog took action to stop the Nether General’s attack. Next, the Hell Dog assumed his original form and opened his mouth to bite the Nether General.

“A creature from Hell!” The Nether General was shocked and its body darted again and again to avoid the Hell Dog’s attack before running away in a different direction.

Using the spear to open the way, it then left a broken pathway through space itself.

As the Nether General was about to leave, a massive, pitch-black palm appeared from the void to slap the Nether General away.

Next, the Earthen Immortal arrived to attack the Nether General.

As for the black hand, it disappeared to reveal another Earthen Immortal. With a grasping swing of his hand, the space around the Nether General shattered.

The two Earthen Immortals began besieging the Nether General.

“They’re fighting someone with a lower cultivation base while having numbers on their side. Still, the Nether General is quite strong. I wonder if it will be able to flee?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

After attacking earlier, the Hell Dog transformed again to his human form to stand beside Chen Feng. There was a look of indifference on his face. It was as though nothing had happened earlier. The glint of light within his eyes was the only indication that he was still interested in the fight.

Due to the battle, the ground cracked and the cracks spread towards Chen Feng, who quickly backed away, floating up into the sky.

The two Earthen Immortals surrounded the Nether General, one in front and the other behind, sealing off the surrounding space. Wielding its spear, the Nether General attempted to charge out, but it was incredibly difficult.

Should the situation be allowed to continue, the Nether General would most likely end up getting killed.

“There are probably more people lurking around.” Chen Feng activated his eye technique to sweep his surroundings. However, he found nothing.

“Let me have a look,” the Hell Dog said and a faint-blue light shone out from his forehead.

It was none other than his Nether Eye.

The Nether Eye, capable of peering at the Nine Heavens and Nine Hells. Generally, creatures from Hell would have an easier time cultivating it. As for the Hell Dog, he was born with the Nether Eye. In that regard, he was far superior to the masses.

It did not take long before the Hell Dog began chuckling. “Heh, there are more people lurking around. A Human Immortal and two Earthen Immortals.” 

“What’s their background?” Chen Feng asked curiously. He was surprised to find out that there were still others lurking around.

“The Human Immortal should be from the Immortal Plane. As for the other two Earthen Immortals, they are keeping themselves well hidden. However, I can see the ghost energy swirling around one of them. It is obviously from the Ghost Plane. The other one must be from the Demon Plane. I can already sense the faint demonic energy coming from its body.

“Demon Plane!” Chen Feng felt pleasantly surprised.

“Still, there are so many people thinking about fishing in troubled waters. This will be lively,” Chen Feng said smilingly.


The Nether General was viciously struck by a mountainous seal and cracks began spreading out across its bone armour. Next, like a river of stars, a violent power descended, causing the wounds on the Nether General to become even more serious.

“The Nether General is truly formidable. If it’s on the same cultivation level as its opponents, it would have been able to kill off the two Earthen Immortals long ago. However, that is not the case. Unless something unexpected happens, its ending is already set in stone. Of course, things could also change depending on how the lurking fellows choose to act.”

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Flowing light flashed and the Nether General was tied up. In the end, it was forced to the ground, suppressed and incapable of moving. The Nether General appeared to be in a somewhat wretched state. Its bone armour had broken in many areas while its body had sustained a high number of wounds. Blood with a gemlike lustre flowed out from its body without cease while the nether energy swirling around it had been battered away long ago.

“We caught it! And it’s still alive!”

“A minor Nether General that is not even an Earthen Immortal could actually display such a formidable combat power. It is truly extraordinary.”

“Looks like the fellows who are lurking around will not be doing anything.” As the fight had ended, Chen Feng had no intentions of watching anymore.

Suddenly, the Hell Dog stepped forward and whispered, “We should retreat a little. Someone is coming. It is a very powerful character.”


Before Chen Feng could even retreat, however, a white stream of light pierced through space, appearing like a star that was continuously growing in size. When Chen Feng was finally able to get a good look at the situation, he saw one of the Earthen Immortals sent flying.

“An expert has appeared!” Chen Feng’s heart gave a thump.

An Earthen Immortal with the same appearance as the previous Nether General had appeared up in the sky. The white lance in his hand shone with an eye-catching, dazzling light. It was seemingly desirous of melding into space.

Blue clumps of flames danced in place of eyes. Glancing around, it caused an overwhelming atmosphere of power to sweep outwards. It was as though it was overlooking the world. The impression that it created caused Chen Feng to involuntarily pull his neck back.

“It is also an Earthen Immortal, but the difference between them is simply too big, no?” Chen Feng stared with widened eyes. Next, the other Earthen Immortal was sent flying as well.

This newly-arrived Nether General grabbed the previous Nether General before vaulting up into the sky. It showed no intentions of staying. It simply wanted to rescue the defeated Nether General.

“Where do you think you’re going?” The two Earthen Immortals who were sent flying by the Nether General’s attacks earlier charged forward again. They wanted to stop it from escaping.

Puchi! Puchi!

Unexpectedly, lance silhouettes would flash out to encompass the sky and the two Earthen Immortals were sent flying once more. Several bloody holes had appeared on their bodies. Strangely enough, no blood flowed out from the bloody holes. Instead, there was a devilish power within each hole, which kept trying to erode their bodies.

“It’s nether energy!”

Realizing that the opponent was too powerful, they stopped pursuing it. Instead, they stopped to quickly focus on expelling out the devilish nether energy from their bodies.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The ones who were lurking around were finally incapable of holding back. 

Streams of flowing light and silky rays of radiant light shot towards the two Earthen Immortals from different directions. One of the attackers was enveloped in swirling immortal energy and he exuded a supreme atmosphere of orthodox quality. He was a cultivator from the Immortal Plane.

The other possessed a tall and mighty body and demonic energy surged up from its body. It was a Demon Deity from the Demon Plane.

Additionally, there was also a large, human-shaped skeleton. Black flames burned between the ghastly-white bones and the sound of ten thousand howls could be heard coming from between the bones.

It was a creature from the Ghost Plane.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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