Chapter 735 Nether General


Chen Feng took a step forward. Suddenly, his heart gave a thump. Waving his hand, several Teleportation Talismans appeared in his grasp.

Next, a formidable power emerged from the talismans to envelop Chen Feng before a spatial passageway opened up above his head, desirous of pulling him in.

That was not the end of it. Behind Chen Feng, a rune flared with light to exert a force that was even stronger compared to the force exerted by the Teleportation Talismans.

The layers of power enveloped Chen Feng. In that instant, Chen Feng felt as though even a high-level Human Immortal would be incapable of resisting them, let alone someone at his level.


A strand of power flew out from Chen Feng’s body, becoming like a drill to pierce and break the spatial powers in a flash.

The spatial passageway and rune behind him disappeared and everything returned to a state of tranquillity.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

A formidable force spread out from Chen Feng’s body and the ground beneath him rapidly cracked. Seeing that, Chen Feng swiftly flew up. However, that formidable force was also tearing apart the surrounding space. 

Chen Feng did not utilize the Longevity Tower’s power. Instead, he had only mobilized the Immortal Skylodge Mansion slightly and the Immortal artefact’s power managed to easily unravel the power that was attached to his body.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Next, all of the Teleportation Talismans in Chen Feng’s grasp shattered before turning to ash, dissipating away into the air.

I did consider the Teleportation Talismans. Unexpectedly, there was an imprint left on my body. Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

“The imprint was something done by an Earthen Immortal. It is only natural for you to not realize its existence,” Tower said.

“Since the ones entering are all Earthen Immortals, I think the Human Immortals should have left. Still, I think that some Human Immortals would still be willing to stay behind.

“There is fortune to be found here, after all. You said that the opening period for Heavensday Battlefield has come. If so, some treasures would appear. Why else would so many people be willing to come?

“Right now, I am hoping we can encounter some demonic beasts from the Demon Plane. Better yet, a member of the Imperial Clan. Tower, you said that every member of the Demon Plane’s Imperial Clan, the Devourer Beast, practices the Demonic Heavengorging Art, yes?”

“Yes. Almost every Devourer Beast would carry the legacy of the Demonic Heavengorging Art within their genes. That is also the foundation behind the Devourer Beasts’ ability to rule over the Demon Plane. It is a very monstrous technique. At its strongest, it might not be a match for the Heavengulping Absorption Technique. However, in terms of the overbearing aspect, it is actually superior. Of course, the greatest importance of this secret technique is that it counters the demonic beasts of the Demon Plane. Comparatively speaking, it is actually somewhat less effective when dealing with other types of creatures.”

“But even if I do encounter a demonic beast, it will be at the Earthen Immortal stage. I am still not strong enough for that. I must rise up to the Human Immortal stage as fast as I can.”

Chen Feng considered it for a moment before waving his hand to release all the yaos and demons within the Longevity Tower. The moment they were released, every one of them assumed their human forms. Although they were not particularly respectful towards Chen Feng, they did act courteously towards him.

Since entering the Longevity Tower, the cultivation rate of these yaos and demons had sped up. Thus, they were generally unwilling to come out.

However, there must surely be a reason for their master to bring them out. 

“Little Brother Chen, what instructions do you have for us?” As the Divine Phantom Mink had been following Chen Feng the longest, he had become more familiar with him.

“It’s nothing much, really. I just wanted to let you fellows come out and breathe the outside air.” Chen Feng smiled.

“If there’s nothing, don’t call me out. I am in the midst of cultivating myself.” The Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm was the first to express his dissatisfaction. Next, he transformed into a stream of light before entering the Longevity Tower.

“I’m heading in to sleep.” The Violent Earthen Bear shook his head.

“What’s so fun about the outside? The spiritual energy here is so chaotic,” the Frost Serpent said.

“I have yet to fully recover from my wounds.” The tree yao and tiger yao maintained an expressionless look on their faces.

Chen Feng had originally assumed that the yaos and demons would be happy to come out. However, it would appear that he was mistaken.

All of them appeared somewhat irritated. It was as though he had interrupted their cultivation sessions.

In the end, only the Hell Dog, Divine Phantom Mink and Netherpython of the Nine Abyss were willing to stay outside.

Speaking of which, Chen Feng’s subordinates were already very strong. Four Earthen Immortals, one peak-level Yao King (Human) and eight high-level Demon Kings (Human). Additionally, there was also the slumbering Ancient Flame Beetle.

Moreover, these yaos and demons were constantly cultivating themselves inside the Longevity Tower. They could break through at any moment.

If Chen Feng were to bring them out, he could shake the first-rate sects of the Central Plains, let alone sweep his way through the Northern Plains.

The Hell Dog continued maintaining the appearance of a black-clad youngster. If it weren’t for the occasional hellish glint in his eyes, he would have appeared like a handsome human cultivator.

Likewise, the Divine Phantom Mink was also clad in black clothes. A perfunctory glance would reveal that the two of them looked more or less similar. However, the auras that they were radiating were different. One was from Hell while the other was a genuine yao beast.

However, the Divine Phantom Mink seemed more glacial.

The Netherpython of the Nine Abyss had rarely ever assumed his human form before Chen Feng. At that moment, he was assuming the form of a tall youngster with a somewhat average appearance. However, there was a slightly sinister look on his face. Additionally, there was also a white mark on his forehead.

The Divine Phantom Mink had followed Chen Feng the longest while the Netherpython of the Nine Abyss had received some benefits from him before in the past. As for the strongest amongst the three, the Hell Dog, he showed the most respect towards Chen Feng. Naturally, the reason for that was the existence residing within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom, something that had shocked him before in the past.

And thus, Chen Feng led a Demon King, a Yao King and a creature of Hell with him as he advanced.

Naturally, Chen Feng was not moving aimlessly. At any rate, he did possess a map of the Heavensday Battlefield. Thus, he possessed a general understanding of the place.

“Looking at the markings on the map, it is possible to tell where there are treasures. First stop, the Deathly Desert half a million kilometres north from here!” Chen Feng decided after studying the map for a while.

He did not utilize his magic treasures. Instead, he simply relied on his own strength to fly forward. His three companions followed him loyally.

The Hell Dog, Divine Phantom Mink and Netherpython of the Nine Abyss were all monstrous-like existences, after all. They had been cultivating for over 10,000 years. They were bona fide monsters that had gone to many places and experienced much.

As they advanced, they chatted. Although they were not the talkative sort, Chen Feng could feel himself gaining a lot from the conversations.

Cultivation only made up part of it. It was mostly stories regarding the fantastic experiences that they had experienced in the past.

Additionally, most of the events had occurred as they were exploring outer space.

Due to that, Chen Feng felt a yearning sensation rise up from him. Although he had yet to roam through every part of Eternal World, when compared to the endless cosmos, Eternal World was too small.

Sigh, thinking too much about it is useless. I should wait until my strength is high enough before thinking about it. Chen Feng released a self-deprecating smile.

Nothing happened along the way and Chen Feng was able to cover a distance of 250,000 kilometres in ten days. Originally, he had assumed that his journey to the Deathly Desert would be an uneventful trip. However, what he encountered next caused him to change his mind.

Two cultivators were in the midst of a battle and mountains would constantly break apart in the wake of their battle. Finally, an entire mountain range spanning a distance of over 5,000 kilometres was flattened by them.

Someone’s fighting! In the beginning, Chen Feng had felt pleasantly surprised to see that. He began considering watching the show to study their combat techniques to widen his horizons. Moreover, he might also get the chance to fish in troubled waters.

However, after watching the fight carefully for a while, Chen Feng became surprised. There were two cultivators engaged in the battle. One of them was an Earthen Immortal and the aura coming off him was extremely formidable.

The reason Chen Feng was surprised was the other person.

Contrary to Chen Feng’s previous speculation, this was not a battle between two Earthen Immortals. This person was actually just a Human Immortal.

Tsk, tsk. Fighting a higher-levelled opponent. Chen Feng gaped slightly.

Generally speaking, challenging a higher-levelled opponent was nothing unusual. Within the Sky Human stage, a cultivator could challenge someone that was several levels higher than him or her and defeat that opponent.

However, the higher up the cultivation stages, the harder it would be to challenge a higher-levelled opponent. Often times, the difference of one level was as great as the difference between Heaven and Earth. 

The difference between a Human Immortal and an Earthen Immortal was even bigger than the difference between Heaven and Earth.

This Earthen Immortal should be from Eternal World, right? Although he did not recognize the cultivator, Chen Feng could still sense that he was from Eternal World. It was a feeling, an indescribable feeling. It was something that he could ascertain just by looking. And yet, there was no way for him to explain it.

The other fellow is actually just a Human Immortal. A Human Immortal fighting against an Earthen Immortal. Moreover, it would appear that he is not in a disadvantageous position. Which world is he from? By then, Chen Feng had already activated his eye technique as he wanted to get a good view of the Human Immortal.

However, the battle between the two was abnormally intense and chaotic energy streams kept bursting out. Due to that, Chen Feng’s eye technique was affected and he was only able to get a rough glimpse of the battle.

“He is covered in black-coloured energy streams. How strange. Is he from the Demon Plane? However, I do not sense any demonic energy. Truly, strange,” Chen Feng whispered.

“Look again,” Tower said.

“Wait. The black energy streams around him is probably a special power. Additionally, it also contains strands of blue flames.”

As Chen Feng was observing the fight, the two abruptly burst backwards to create a distance of 50 kilometres between them. It was as though a gale had swept forward, causing the black energy streams around the Human Immortal’s body to dissipate away, revealing an appearance that Chen Feng had never seen before.

“That’s probably not human.”

It had a humanoid shape, and even a somewhat human appearance. However, it was only somewhat similar. Its entire body was encased in a thick layer of bone armour. Only, it did not appear to be something forged. Rather, it appeared as though the bone armour had grown out from the person’s body.

The bone armour shone with a crystal-white lustre and some peculiar bone patterns grew on the surface of the armour to give off an impression of indestructibility.

In place of eyes, there were two clumps of raging fire. The flames flickered and the surrounding spiritual energy streams were pulled over before flowing into the eyes.

“What is that? Is it a creature from the Ghost Plane? Or a creature from Hell?” Chen Feng wondered.

“That’s not a creature from Hell,” the Hell Dog suddenly said. “That’s a Nether General from the Nether Plane.”

“Nether Plane, Nether General.” Chen Feng shook his head. He was already lacking in his understanding towards the many things in Eternal World, let alone these legendary existences.

“Generally speaking, only those at the Earthen Immortal stage would be able to become a Nether General. For this fellow to become a Nether General at the Human Immortal stage, it must possess the ability to fight against an Earthen Immortal.” There was a somewhat smug tone in the Hell Dog’s voice as he spoke. Clearly, he was feeling proud of his extensive knowledge.


1 li = 0.5 km

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