Chapter 734 Shocking the Worlds


“Heavensday Battlefield!”

They turned to look at one another. “So, what does it mean exactly?”

“I do not know of the specifics. However, this Heavensday Battlefield is likely an extraordinary place. There must be a story behind it, otherwise it could not have attracted so many cultivators from the Immortal Plane.”

“Their cultivation bases?”

“Most of them are Earthen Immortals.”

The faces of the cultivators there grew more contorted. As they were on the same level, they did not believe that they could be a match for these cultivators hailing from high-level worlds.

“So many cultivators are entering this Heavensday Battlefield. Looks like there are some good items inside this battlefield.”

“Sigh! There is no helping it. Given the strength of the number of sects involved right now, there is no way we can fight against them.”

“You mean?”

“Contact the other Earthen Immortals! Let’s invite out the hidden monstrosities! This Heavensday Battlefield belongs to our Eternal World. In a one-on-one fight against someone on the same level from the Immortal Plane, we will likely end up losing. However, what about two-on-on or three-on-one fights? If we can capture them and extract their immortal dao laws, we might be able to ascend to the Immortal Plane in advance.”

“Makes sense. Even if we cannot ascend to the Immortal Plane, it will still increase our cultivation bases. I have been stuck at this level for nearly 10,000 years now. Getting another breakthrough would be incredibly difficult. Ascending to the Immortal Plane would be an impossibility, unless I come across a great serendipity. However, this kind of thing is very rare. So, even though this will be risky, it will be worth it!”

“True. I do not have long to live myself. If I cannot make another breakthrough, my soul will dissipate away. Let’s risk it!”

“Very well. Everyone, go contact those monstrous characters! Patriarch Warfield, I think you should stay here and recuperate. This is not the time for infighting. Next up, we will need to join forces to fight against a common enemy.”

“Then, I will have to impose myself on your sect.”

Instantly, the entire world of cultivation was thrown into a state of upheaval. Naturally, that only involved the high-level experts. For the low-level cultivators, there was nothing different going on. They did not even know what was going on. Only a few Human Immortals who were involved with the incident were able to vaguely guess that there was something afoot. Even so, they were not the kind who would blab.

In the beginning, only Sky Human stage cultivators had entered to explore the ancient battlefield. Then, it was the Human Immortals. And now, even the peak-level characters of Eternal World were mobilizing for the ancient battlefield.

Unbeknownst to the Earthen Immortals, another force had gotten wind of the news. This force was even stronger and even more mysterious.

Within the savage zones and danger zones in Eternal World, places where even Human Immortals would die in such as the Demon Soul Valley, Demon Trial Grounds, Seven Slaughters Dire Zone, Barren Lands of the Western Regions, Maelstrom of the Southern Sea, Icy Polar Fringes and even the Driftcloud Immortal Mountain, formidable divine senses that had been hiding themselves deeply suddenly charged out.

“A world left behind from ancient times has emerged!”

“It’s the Heavensday Battlefield!”

“So, it’s the Heavensday Battlefield. It is said that there was a considerable number of Ascendant Immortals in the war that happened back then. Rather, there were even cultivators of a higher level in the war.”

“Very well. I have been focused on cultivating for so many years. It is time I go out and stretch my body.”

The auras coming off them were actually even stronger than the Earthen Immortals of Heavenly Sword Faction. There was simply no need for them to search for a passageway. Instead, they simply tore space open to create a new spatial passageway.

The spatial passageways disappeared and every one of them entered the Heavensday Battlefield.

Another year went by and Eternal World fell into a state of tranquillity. Some of the Human Immortals who had entered the Heavensday Battlefield began exiting the place. Some would enter cultivation retreat after emerging to assail a higher level while some would go about recovering from their wounds.

On the contrary, the Heavensday Battlefield became even more chaotic. It became like an ancient beast that was gradually waking up, exhaling an unusual aura as it did.

Pieces of Immortal artefact fragments would constantly be found and legacies kept emerging. More and more treasures appeared, causing the cultivators there to compete against one another for the treasures.

The battle between Earthen Immortals was even more brutal and intense compared to the battle between Human Immortals. A battle between cultivators at that level would cause the world itself to shake.

Thankfully, the Heavensday Battlefield was strong enough. There were so many Earthen Immortals fighting one another, unleashing various immortal techniques using Dao artefacts, pseudo Immortal artefacts and even genuine Immortal artefacts. Naturally, the genuine Immortal artefacts were usually sealed, only to be unsealed during critical moments.

Of course, Chen Feng had nothing to do with all of that. He was still quietly cultivating himself inside the Longevity Tower. No matter how savage the battles occurring outside were, they could not affect Chen Feng in the slightest.

“Tower, how long did I spend on my cultivation session?” After Chen Feng was able to control the primary essence water and primary essence fire within his body, this was the first question he asked Tower.

“Three years have passed outside. Of course, since you were cultivating inside, I also modified the laws of time to give you more time,” Tower said smilingly.

“Ten times. So, it’s been 30 years already? Sigh! Unexpectedly, this cultivation session would take this long. If we are to go by the passage of time in Eternal World, I haven’t spent too long on my cultivation. However, if I am to add up the time I spent inside the Longevity Tower, heh, I can already be considered as an old guy.” Chen Feng laughed. Next, his figure flashed forward to sit down on a branch of the Domain Tree. Plucking a fruit containing the power of lightning, he began munching it.

For any other Sky Human stage cultivator, after eating this lightning-type spiritual fruit, they would either blow up from overload or require a long time to digest the fruit. For Chen Feng, however, this spiritual fruit was no different from a normal fruit.

“Did anything special happen outside?” Chen Feng asked casually.

“Some interesting events have been unfolding.” Tower’s human form had grown even more solid. In Chen Feng’s eyes, Tower’s body now appeared almost no different from a real person.

“Something interesting? Did more people from the Immortal Plane arrive?” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“It’s not just the Immortal Plane. There are even those from other worlds. Rather, I should say even non-humans have appeared here in this Heavensday Battlefield. The opening period for this ancient battlefield must have arrived.”

“Oh, is that so? Where are they from? Are they from the other cultivation worlds?”

The ‘other cultivation worlds’ that Chen Feng was referring to meant those at the same level as Eternal World. Naturally, the Immortal Plane was not included.

“There is no need to say anything about the Immortal Plane. In addition, there are also the Yao Plane, Demon Plane, Ghost Plane and Nether Plane. Besides these high-level worlds, I believe there are also some Heaven-defying races.”

“Heaven-defying races? You mean?”

“Yes, the same as those Purpleblood Clan guys.”

“Are there any from the Longevity Clan?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

Tower grew silent for a moment before answering, “None yet.”

“Naturally, there might also be cultivators from other worlds that I have yet to detect. At present, I am only capable of scanning up to a radius of half a million kilometres. Not to mention, I am not always scanning the place. You were focused on cultivation and so was I. A pity, some materials are still lacking. If only the 100,000 great arrays could be fully repaired, I will be able to defend myself even after going to the Immortal Plane,” Tower said coolly.

“Are they all Earthen Immortals?”

“Most of them are.”

“Given my current level, I am simply incapable of competing with them. However, given my present level of strength, overcoming tribulations to reach the Human Immortal stage should not be too much of an issue,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Still, just joining in the liveliness should not be a problem, right?”

“Ha ha! Truth be told, I am also suppressing my strength. If I release the aura of a Dao artefact, I fear that it would bring about unnecessary troubles. Naturally, I am unable to ascertain as to whether or not we will be facing troubles as it is right now. Not to mention, I also need to work on condensing grand dao powers. Sigh!”

“Let's go.”

“Didn’t you say there are other earthen fire cores?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“If I had to wait for you to ask, it would be too late. Don’t worry. I had already handled it while you were cultivating. Additionally, I also obtained some more fire-type spirit stones.”

“How many?”

“I didn’t check. Let’s see, there should be around 200 million.”

“So many?!” Chen Feng was astounded.

“Not really. I have already devoured 100 million of them.”


As the two of them chatted, the Longevity Tower tore space and jumped out.

They emerged somewhere 50,000 kilometres away from their previous position. To Chen Feng’s surprise, they were still inside the volcanic region.

“Just how big is this volcanic region?” Chen Feng blurted out in surprise.

“We’ll be getting out of here soon enough. Just several hundred thousand li more to go.” The Longevity Tower jumped through space once more to emerge somewhere with chirping birds and fragrant flowers. Breathing in the fresh air there, Chen Feng felt refreshed.

“Finally, we are out of the volcanic region. This place looks decent. It doesn’t look like there are yao beasts staying here.” Chen Feng had already emerged from the Longevity Tower, which now hid within his body.

“Tower, given your current level of strength, you should already be capable of coming out, right?” Chen Feng asked smilingly.

“Truth is, it doesn’t matter if I come out or not. Do not forget. I am the Longevity Tower and the Longevity Tower is me. Having the Longevity Tower come out means having me come out,” Tower said indifferently.

“That sounds weird.” Chen Feng smiled.

“There’s nothing weird about it. Most importantly, it is because I am still not strong enough. I cannot go too far away from my body.”


As Chen Feng was walking forward, a multi-coloured flower suddenly attacked Chen Feng. The attack was performed in silence. And yet, it charged forward with an extreme level of speed. 

The petals spun rapidly and sharp energy streams flew forward. The soft petals were seemingly capable of slicing iron.

However, Chen Feng jabbed with his finger and the petals exploded, causing a fragrant aroma to fill the air. Chen Feng then waved his hand and the fragrant aroma was blown away. And yet, everywhere the aroma went, the flowers and grasses affected would wither.

It even contains poison. Chen Feng smiled.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

This time, the attacker was not a flower. Rather, it was a number of vines hidden beneath the ground. The vines emerged before shooting towards Chen Feng like lances.

At the same time, the various plants around Chen Feng began stirring restlessly.

How troublesome. Chen Feng shook his head and he utilized the Heavengulping Absorption Technique. For a moment, the space around his body grew still. Next, two large vortexes appeared, one in front of his body and the other behind.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

All the grass essence around him were extracted out, transformed into motes of light before flying into Chen Feng’s body. As for the vines, they were all reduced to ash before they could even get near Chen Feng.

The number of green motes of light grew increasingly high. After just several breaths’ worth of time, they had spread across a radius of over 100 zhang. The distant plants shook and Chen Feng could clearly sense the notion of fear emanating from them.


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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