Chapter 733 Change


This is even more painful that the body-renewing process! The thought flashed through Chen Feng’s mind.

Ha ha, but of course! This is a body-renewing process of a higher level. Sigh, the great war back then had damaged your spiritual root and a long time had passed since then. Without using some rough methods, how will you face your great enemies in the future? Kid, you have your own great enemies and I have my own great enemies! Those words did not leave Tower’s mouth. Instead, he simply held it in his heart.

Sigh! Truth be told, this kid’s rate of cultivation is already very fast. However, it is still not fast enough! It will be great if he can cultivate up to the Earthen Immortal stage. Even the high-level Human Immortal stage will be good enough. That way, he can leave this world and explore outer space. Only in the depths of space can I find the treasures and energy sources I need to recover. Having come to that line of thought, Tower sighed again.

There’s no other option. All I can do is to give him even more assistance. Next, another drop of energy flew out from the essence fragment. However, this droplet did not contain primary essence water. Rather, it was the primary essence flames that Tower had specifically extracted out from the essence fragment.


The drop of primary essence flames spread out from within Chen Feng’s body. It was as though a clump of flames that was several million degrees hot had fallen into an icy lake.


Chen Feng could not hold on anymore. Earlier, Chen Feng had finally managed to endure the pain, gritting his teeth as he did. However, in the face of the resulting collision of the two opposing forces, he felt as though his body was about to blow up. Even his soul felt as though it would be shredded into pieces.

“Are you trying to get me killed?!” Chen Feng howled. His skin had already cracked, becoming like the shell of a tortoise. In fact, even the body armour that had melded with Chen Feng’s body shattered due to the power of the collision. Part of the essence power of the body armour melded back into Chen Feng’s body while some, the impurities, were forced out through the cracks spreading across Chen Feng’s body. There were also another portion which simply disintegrated in the face of the formidable power.

The body armour was already a grade 3 Sacred artefact. And yet, it became like a thin piece of paper in the face of that power. 

“You should have taken off this so-called armour off long ago. You should know, the strongest thing is still your own fleshly body,” Tower said coolly, ignoring the howls coming out from Chen Feng’s mouth.


At that very moment, Chen Feng’s appearance was shockingly terrible. Wounds covered every part of his body. His skin torn, his flesh hanging out. Not a single spot was spared. There was even a high number of cracks on his durable bones. Next up, the bones themselves shattered. If it weren’t for the energy structure encasing his body, Chen Feng’s figure would have disintegrated due to that.

Tower, you bastard! Chen Feng swore inwardly. His eyes were black but radiant. However, blood kept flowing out from his mouth. Later, streams of energy gushed out from his mouth. 

Chen Feng was simply incapable of dealing with the situation.

“Sigh! So, it failed.” Tower sighed. Next, he extended his hand to jab a finger at Chen Feng. Following that, Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom began flashing with golden light. The light then spread out and one character after another began floating up. Every single one of the characters – glittering with golden light – contained a wondrous power. Upon their emergence, they stabilized Chen Feng’s turbulent sea of wisdom. Then, they flew out from Chen Feng’s body to swirl around him. Slowly, Chen Feng’s body, which was already on the verge of disintegrating away, recovered to its former state. However, the primary essence waters and primary essence flames were still inside his body. In fact, they had become even more violent. 

That’s the Longevity Scripture! Chen Feng was astounded. Unexpectedly, the Longevity Scripture could automatically change in such a manner.

“This is the Secret Domain Circulation Technique. As it is, your body is currently forced to do something far beyond what it can achieve. Be sure to study it properly. When your level is high enough, you will understand just how unparalleled the Longevity Scripture is.” Tower’s voice erupted from within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom, reverberating so loudly that Chen Feng felt his mind reeling.

“How can you do this?” Chen Feng felt somewhat depressed. His recent rate of cultivation was already quite fast, leading to signs of instability in his foundation. In fact, Tower had even ridiculed him about it. And now, mere days after that, Tower did this to him.

However, Chen Feng was quickly left with no time to think about other matters. His body was not in a good state. Although the situation had stabilized thanks to what happened earlier, it was only temporary. Chen Feng could clearly sense an increasingly violent power charging towards every one of his cells. If he were too slow in dealing with it, the earlier predicament would likely repeat itself.

Thus, Chen Feng poured all his strength into cultivating the Secret Domain Circulation Technique. Upon starting the cultivation process, Chen Feng was surprised to find out that it was an incredibly marvellous breath-regulating technique. It also contained domain power. As he cultivated using the technique, every circulation he did would cause his cells to grow a notch stronger and the rampaging power of water and fire within his body seemingly weakened. Even the Eight Trigram acupoints within his body were stirring from that. Seemingly breathing, the insight acupoints began pulling and ejecting energy.

The Heavenly Sword Faction’s valley…

By then, most of the cultivators there had already dispersed, leaving only four Human Immortals from Heavenly Sword Faction there to stand guard.

The four Human Immortals were Steelstone, Scarletflame, Windflow and Sunmoon.

Although each of them was occupying a certain spot around the valley, they were in constant contact with one another using their divine sense.

“It’s been over one year since you fellows came out from the ancient battlefield. Ha ha! Are you fellows feeling impatient?” Immortal Steelstone said with a laugh. 

“Yes. We had practically nothing to show for our efforts inside. We are no match for Senior Steelstone. You managed to obtain a treasure the moment you stepped foot into the ancient battlefield and left in a dashing manner. We feel envious.”

“I heard that Senior Steelstone obtained a Dao artefact, is it true?”

“I heard that Senior Steelstone obtained an Immortal artefact fragment.”

With the exception of Immortal Steelstone, who was a mid-level Human Immortal, the other three were all starter-level Human Immortals. As for Immortal Steelstone, he would often treat others in a frank and generous manner. That was especially true in his treatment towards his juniors. He would not put on airs before them. Thus, the others did not have much scruples in talking with him.

“Ha ha, I did indeed obtain something. However, all of you are wrong.” Immortal Steelstone laughed in a somewhat self-satisfied manner.

“Just what is it? Senior, please show us.”

“Yes, let us have a look.”

Unable to stand their pleas, Immortal Steelstone finally nodded. He brought out a dim-looking, grey-coloured piece of stone.

“What is it? Is it a rare ore?”

“It doesn’t look like a magic treasure to me.”

“Look closely,” Immortal Steelstone said as he poured some power into the stone. Next, the unassuming piece of stone began releasing minute rays of golden light and its dim and grey appearance disappeared to become a shining crystal that they had never seen before.

However, that was not all. There were what appeared to be characters flashing about on the surface of the crystal, giving off an entrancing feeling.

“This is…” Immortal Scarletflame and the others cast puzzled looks at the stone. They were still incapable of understanding what the stone was.

“This is an immortal technique,” Immortal Steelstone said smugly.

“Immortal technique!” The other three exclaimed.

“Naturally, I nearly died in the process of getting this from the ancient battlefield. Obtaining this is enough for me. Besides, staying inside that place is not safe. However, I still don’t understand how to practice this secret technique,” Immortal Steelstone said.

“I wonder if that piece of information is true?”

“It must be. However, there has been no news of Chen Feng since then. It feels strange.”

“That Chen Feng is not to be underestimated. Strength wise, he should already be stronger than me.”

“Surely not? He is so powerful?”

“Let’s not discuss about that. I hear that more Earthen Immortals had entered recently. Additionally, I also hear that our seniors who are exploring outer space have been recalled back.”

“If the news is true, it would not bode well for our sect. Sigh! We had assumed that finding the ancient battlefield is a good thing. Unexpectedly, something like this would happen.”

“It’s not that bad. Our disciples did gain some benefits from it.”

As they were chatting animatedly, the space within the valley suddenly shook with a violent quality. Next, a massive passageway appeared, resembling an abyssal monster opening its mouth.

“Oh, someone is coming out! Who could it be? Could it be the three disciples who did not come out before?”


As the four of them were speculating, the spatial passageway abruptly exploded and the resulting shockwaves spread out to incinerate the whole valley. Naturally, nothing was left of the teleportation array at the centre of the valley.

As for the four Human Immortals, the shockwaves swept them away, leaving them in wretched states.

“This is bad, something has happened! Hurry up and inform the Sect Master!”

“Eh, there is someone there!”

Rushing forward, they quickly found a half-dead cultivator buried beneath the soil there. When they saw who it was, all of them cried out.

“It’s Patriarch Warfield! How did he end up in such a wretched state?”

“Did he croak already?”

Suddenly, Patriarch Warfield moved, struggling to sit up. His eyes shone with radiant light and the formidable atmosphere of oppression emanating out from him forced the Human Immortals back.

“Call your Sect Master over. No! Get your sect’s Earthen Immortals!”

It did not take long for the Earthen Immortals of Heavenly Sword Faction to bring Patriarch Warfield away. In the past, seeing Patriarch Warfield in such a wretched manner, they would have wanted to kick him when he was down. At that very moment, however, the information that Patriarch Warfield brought out left the several Earthen Immortals there in a state of shock.

“A few of us have already died. I myself only managed to barely make it out.” By then, the wounds on Patriarch Warfield’s body had already disappeared. Even so, his face remained terribly pale.

“The cultivators from the Immortal Plane. They really did come.”

“More. There are also those from the Demon Plane and Nether Plane. Perhaps, there are also cultivators from other worlds. Back then, I was wounded by something that looked like a ghost. It might be a Ghost Immortal from the Ghost Plane.”

“What?!” Everyone present was astounded. Eternal World was a very ancient cultivation world, superior to some other life-bearing worlds and life-bearing planets. However, when compared against the worlds that Patriarch Warfield mentioned, Eternal World was the inferior one. Rather, it could not even stand on the same level as any of them.

“How could this be happening? Why are so many characters from so many worlds entering this Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans?” Every one of the Earthen Immortals there was an exalted character in Eternal World. At that moment, however, their faces were somewhat ugly to behold.

“Perhaps, it is just a coincidence. Or perhaps, this ancient battlefield has entered a certain period where something would happen.”

“By the way, I also obtained another piece of news. This ancient battlefield’s name is called the Heavensday Battlefield,” Patriarch Warfield said.

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