Chapter 732 Essence Fragment


“There is no need for your Heavenly Sword Faction to interrogate the disciples of our Heartless Heaven Sect!”

“That’s right! Your Heavenly Sword Faction has no right to interrogate our disciples!” The Human Immortal from Warlord Pavilion stepped forward as well.

“Is that so? However, this is not up to you!”

“Before they were sent in, everyone here had already agreed to the conditions. However, it appears that some fellows decided to take some sneaky actions in the end. This incident is an act that violates the dignity of our Heavenly Sword Faction. Who cares if you do not agree? Even if the Earthen Immortal seniors backing you fellows come here today, these fellows must still be interrogated by us!”

“Take them all away!”

The Human Immortals from Heavenly Sword Faction took action to stop the 23 cultivators. Jian Xiaotian and a few others did not resist. However, there were some who responded by releasing formidable auras from their bodies.

“Humph, Sacred artefacts capable of stopping the power of teleportation. As predicted! Now, you fellows have been exposed.”

“Heavenly Sword Faction! This action is a declaration of war against us all!” The Human Immortal from Warlord Pavilion strode forward.

“If we’re really going to have a war, then we’ll just have to kill you fellows first!”

Suddenly, as the two sides were about to get into a fight, a tall youngster tore his way out through the void to appear before them all.

The youngster was not releasing a formidable aura. However, when both his feet made contact with the ground, the lands and the surrounding mountain range seemingly shook.

The Human Immortals from Warlord Pavilion revealed looks of shock and delight.

“Greetings, Patriarch Warfield!”

Surprisingly, this youngster was an Earthen Immortal from Warlord Pavilion. He was a true expert who had been focused on cultivation retreat for several hundred years, not revealing himself to the outside world at all.

“Patriarch, please deal with this situation!” The Human Immortals from Warlord Pavilion quickly rushed forward, wanting to explain the situation to Patriarch Warfield.

Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, two more figures appeared there. Like Patriarch Warfield, they had arrived by tearing their way out through the void.

“Greetings, patriarch!”

“Greetings, patriarch!”

The Human Immortals from Heartless Heaven Sect and Divine Demon Grotto stepped forward and bowed. At the same time, they felt puzzled. They did not understand why these Earthen Immortal seniors who had been spending so long in cultivation retreat would suddenly emerge. Additionally, it did not seem like they were here to start a fight.

“All of you, stand down. This does not concern you.” Patriarch Warfield waved his hand and the Human Immortals who had wanted to approach him backed away.

However, that was not all. Several more cultivators appeared. Every single one of these newcomers was an Earthen Immortal. What could cause a whole bunch of Earthen Immortals to group up? In Eternal World, a sect with an Earthen Immortal could already be considered as a first-rate sect. 

The gathering of so many Earthen Immortals was enough to shake the entire world of cultivation.

“What’s going on here?” The Human Immortals led their many disciples far away before secretly discussing the issue.

“Something must have happened.” 

“You fellows came in from the Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans. You should know what happened, right?” Some of the Human Immortals began to secretly ask the disciples who came out from the ancient battlefield.

Suddenly, a sky-encompassing veil of sword energy spread forward from afar to land before the Earthen Immortals gathered there.

“Fellows, come.” A voice rang out from the other end of the veil to arrive before the Earthen Immortals.


Although some of the Earthen Immortals revealed looks of displeasure, they had still chosen to step onto the passageway created by the veil.

Next, the Earthen Immortals and veil disappeared simultaneously.

“All right. It is time for you fellows to talk,” the Human Immortal from Heavenly Sword Faction barked coldly.

This time, the faces of the Human Immortals from the various sects simply flickered. They did not step forward to stop Heavenly Sword Faction.

Moving away from what was happening within Heavenly Sword Faction, Chen Feng was still cultivating himself inside the Longevity Tower. The pulling technique and the mechanism to pull him back after the appointed time was reached were simply incapable of affecting him.

Rather, Chen Feng, who was deeply immersed in his cultivation session, had failed to even notice that it was happening.

This time, I have been cultivating for a total of two months. The one-year-period is over. I wonder, was Brother Jian teleported out?

Given my current level of strength, I can already assail my next Lightning Tribulation. However, I should check out the situation first.

“Tower, how is your cultivation process proceeding?”

“Ha ha ha! I have repaired a considerable portion of the damage to my body, resulting in a rise in my power. I am very close to returning to the Dao artefact tier. Hopefully, the essence power that we’ll find is big enough.” Tower’s human body appeared before Chen Feng and he laughed in joy.

Next, Tower jabbed a finger at Chen Feng and a small flame flew into Chen Feng’s body before splitting up into two portions. One flowed into the Five Elemental acupoints’ Fire acupoint while the other flowed into the Eight Trigram acupoints’ Fire Trigram acupoint.

After entering Chen Feng’s body, the two minute flames acted in a meek manner. However, the power of fire that they released at random would illicit an exclamation from Chen Feng. It felt as though he was getting burned.

“It is the power of fire that I extracted from the earthen fire core. I have already filtered out the fire poison within it. The essence purity of that power of fire is extremely high, even higher compared to the world essence power that you devoured in the past. Ha ha! You will be able to slowly refine it in the future. It is a massive amount of power. If you can fully refine and comprehend the power of fire there, you might be able to comprehend some of the grand dao of the essence of fire,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“The grand dao? Isn’t that a power that only Earthen Immortals’ can make contact with?” Chen Feng was shocked.

“That is true. However, there are no absolutes in this world. Some geniuses could comprehend the essential laws of the grand dao while only at the Human Immortal stage. Some who possess spiritual roots could accomplish that even earlier. For example, a cultivator with a fire-type constitution or a water-type constitution would possess an innate affinity towards the grand dao, allowing them to sense it. Some could comprehend the power of the grand dao from their moment of birth.” 

“Such monstrosities!” Chen Feng was somewhat at a loss for worlds.

“Naturally, geniuses such that the ones I mentioned are rare. Enough, kid! Your cultivation base has improved recently and I also managed to obtain the earthen fire core. Now, it is time we go look for the essence power. As to whether it is a world essence power, planetary essence power, or pure cosmic essence power, we’ll find out once we get there.”

Next up, Chen Feng did not emerge from the Longevity Tower. Instead, he simply watched as the Longevity Tower kept shifting its position. Occasionally, it would jump through the magma. At times, it would shift itself into the void. Sometimes, it would even jump through layer after layer of space.

Just one glance at the Longevity Tower’s actions was enough to make Chen Feng dizzy. He felt as though his divine sense was drifting away. He knew then that the Longevity Tower’s actions were at a level that he could not yet understand. Thus, he decided not to look. Instead, he closed his eyes and rested himself as he waited for the result.

After an indeterminate amount of time had passed, the Longevity Tower shook and Chen Feng knew that they had arrived.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

It was the sound of restrictive arrays being broken. Next up, a series of booming sounds rang out. And even though he was inside the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng felt his blood streams churning as a result.

“Unexpectedly, this essence fragment is deep within this place’s inner core. No wonder the earthen fire here is so powerful. Looks like there should be more than just one earthen fire core here. 

“Heh! Let’s not bother about that first. We’ll collect this essence fragment first.”

Next, the Longevity Tower became akin to a massive, ancient divine mountain. With a ferocious pulse, the naturally-forming restrictive arrays around the essence fragment broke apart, reduced to nothingness. After that, a massive passageway appeared at the base of the Longevity Tower, becoming like a monster opening its mouth to devour the essence fragment. 

It was a very simple process which happened quickly. Not long after that, a radiant, fist-sized object in a crescent shape and shining with a riot of colours appeared before Chen Feng. 

“This is an essence fragment? It looks different from the previous one. Not to mention, this one looks much smaller,” Chen Feng said curiously.

“What do you know?” Tower’s figure appeared before the essence fragment and he reached out one hand to tap the essence fragment. Instantly, the shining, multi-coloured essence fragment shone with an even more dazzling radiance. However, Chen Feng could see streams of power flowing through the extended hand into Tower’s body.

“This is an essence fragment from a life-bearing planet. It is just a small portion. However, I do not know how it could have appeared here. It is truly peculiar. Perhaps, it flew over after the life-bearing planet broke apart.”

“Also, do not look down on this fragment. The essence power contained within it is over 100 times stronger that the one you obtained in the past.”

“Surely not! If that’s the case, does that mean that I will be able to cultivate out the Chaos Constitution?”

“Far from it!

“Kid, I will only devour 80% of this essence fragment. The remainder will be yours. A pity! If only this is an intact essence power, I would be able to recover some of my essence laws. Heh! Once I can recover some of my essence laws, returning to my prime will become a very real possibility!” As he spoke, Tower’s eyes shone.


Something resembling a water droplet flew out from the essence fragment before flying into Chen Feng’s body. Instantly, a grand and exalted aura enveloped Chen Feng’s whole body and he felt as though he had become submerged within immortal energy so condensed it was in liquid form.

No, it was 10,000 times more comfortable than that.

Every cell in his body became energized. His blood streams churned and his primary energy circulated automatically to become even purer. Even his sea of wisdom shook. At that very moment, Chen Feng’s ability to perceive his body became 10 times stronger, allowing him to view everything happening to his body.

“You are still incapable of refining a high amount of this essence fragment’s power. This drop of essence liquid is something I extracted from it. It contains the power of primary water. It will be just right for improving your constitution. After you have absorbed this drop of primary water, your constitution will surpass the majority of those who possess spiritual roots.

“Kid, be sure to feel it properly. You might be able to comprehend essence laws from it, the power of the cosmos! By doing that, you will be able to comprehend the grand dao faster.”

Tower’s voice made its way into Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. As for Chen Feng, he had entered a wondrous state. It felt as though there were 10,000 ravenous monsters hidden within his body and they kept devouring the energy coming from outside his body. Despite that, Chen Feng felt incomparably comfortable. His soul and body kept improving. This experience was different from the painful, body-renewing experience he felt from the past.

It would be great if every cultivation session is like this, Chen Feng thought.

However, the thought had only just flashed through his mind when a sharp sensation of pain shot up from his soul. Next, a series of painful sensations spread out from within his body to envelop every part of him.


The pain extended all the way to Chen Feng’s soul. Despite his many experiences in battle, despite the many torturous and inhumane pain that he had suffered before in the past, Chen Feng ended up screaming.

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