Chapter 731 Earthen Fire Core


What a formidable fire poison! Chen Feng was shocked.

Wouldn’t one suffer from cultivation deviation by cultivating here for an extended period of time? However, if I can refine and absorb the fire poison as well, I would have another killer move to use against my enemies.

“Tower, did you find the earthen fire core?” Chen Feng’s soul power was incapable of doing anything there. For Chen Feng, it felt as though he was only slightly stronger than the average human. The power of fire there could easily burn his soul power away.

“It’s still beneath us.”

“Let’s go!”

The semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower grew more solid as it blocked off the surrounding magma. There was no telling how far down they had descended. In Chen Feng’s opinion, they must have descended through over 50 kilometres. Waves of formidable, world-annihilating aura swept upwards and even with the protection of the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng found his heart palpitating as a result. His throat went dry, his blood roiled and sweat broke out from his body.

“Did you find it already?”

This time, however, Tower did not answer. Instead, he sped up the rate at which he was descending, bringing Chen Feng along with him. And thus, they fell for another 50 plus kilometres. Finally, something akin to a blazing sun appeared before Chen Feng’s eyes.

With just one glance, Chen Feng felt as though he was going blind. Next, his figure flashed to re-appear within the Longevity Tower. He quickly plucked down two Ice Pears and munched them down. The cooling energy streams from the two Ice Pears flowed through his whole body and he released a lengthy sigh of relief. That felt better.

“Is that the earthen fire core?” Chen Feng finally cried out in shock.

“Ha ha ha, lucky! Unexpectedly, this is a high-grade earthen fire core. Judging by its appearance, this fire core has been developing for over tens of millions of years! Although it is still not comparable to world essence power, it is just right for me!” Tower’s laughter rang out and the entire Longevity Tower shook as it gave off a feeling of joy. 

“Kid, I’m calling dibs on this earthen fire core. So, you can forget about it,” Tower said again.

“Up to you.” Chen Feng shook his head and waved his hand to bring out a sizable, circular jade platform.

Next, his figure leapt up to sit down cross-legged on it. The jade platform was carved out from 10,000-year-old Frost Jade. Cultivators could cultivate on it without fear of cultivation deviation. Additionally, it could also expel fire poison from the cultivator’s body.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

With a grasping motion from Chen Feng, one fire-type spirit stone after another flew over to hover before him. Next, strands of fire-type spiritual energy flowed out from them before making their way into his body.

Thankfully, the purity of these spirit stones is quite high. Although there are some strands of fire poison inside them, it will not pose a serious problem. As Chen Feng was cultivating himself, the 10,000-year-old Frost Jade that he was sitting on released strands of cooling energy to neutralize Chen Feng’s increasing body temperature.

In the beginning, the two powers, ice and fire kept clashing against one another. Soon, however, they converged into a clump of energy and began circulating. Every circulation would generate a high amount of energy, which would then meld into Chen Feng’s body.

One hour later, as Chen Feng was still cultivating himself, a blazing sun suddenly popped into existence within the Longevity Tower. Next, countless restrictive arrays appeared around the blazing sun to seal up the energy fluctuations radiating out from it.

“So, this is the earthen fire core.” Chen Feng stopped his cultivation session and cast an astonished look at the blazing sun before him.

In Chen Feng’s eyes, this highly concentrated fire core appeared no different from the blazing sun in the sky. Naturally, if he had to truly compared the two, this one was far smaller, very much so.

Even so, the amount of energy it contained should not be underestimated. Chen Feng knew that without the restrictive arrays and seals placed around it, this blazing sun would have turned him to ash in a flash.

Isn’t this practically a compressed little star? Chen Feng thought.

“Kid, given your current level of strength, you are simply incapable of absorbing a power of this level. Still, no need to worry. I will leave some for you.

“This fire core is already comparable to a low-grade Immortal artefact for me.” Tower’s body had completely fused into the Longevity Tower and countless forces converged within the tower to form various types of restrictive arrays.

Next, Chen Feng watched as one passageway after another came into being, connecting to the earthen fire core and turning it into a nexus of passageways.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

One top-grade ore after another flew forward and one spatial pouch after another automatically opened up to allow the ores to fly out. The high number of ores became like a torrential river as they flew towards the earthen fire core. Naturally, it did not matter how tough the ores or metal-type spirit stones were, all were melted down the instant they approached the earthen fire core. After that, all of them – still containing traces of flames within them – flowed into the passageways hovering in the air.

Naturally, every one of the passageways was connected to the Longevity Tower. Chen Feng knew the reasoning behind Tower’s actions. He was utilizing the earthen fire core to melt down the ores before using them to repair the damaged parts of the Longevity Tower. Moreover, the earthen fire core itself contained a high amount of power. In the end, the Longevity Tower would absorb the earthen fire core and use it to recover its power.

Seeing that, Chen Feng smiled and continued with his own cultivation session. As he continued with his cultivation session, his domain slowly unfurled. Following the increase in the size of his domain, the rate at which he absorbed the spirit stones became increasingly fast.

Woah! Woah!

In the end, his domain expanded to a radius of over 100 zhang. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, water and fire churned. The spirit stones containing different attributes stored within the Longevity Tower floated up as well to gather around Chen Feng.

The lightning powers within the Lightning Bead, the Dawnsource Crystal Waters within the Treasured Ocean Pearl and various other spirit stones kept sending out streams of spiritual energy into the domain, causing it to become even more violent.

As Chen Feng continued with his cultivation, the Domain Tree which was growing within the Longevity Tower began shaking. Suddenly, a ferocious suction force bore down on Chen Feng’s domain to suck away a large portion of its domain power. In fact, its actions nearly caused the domain to collapse.

“Err…” Chen Feng gaped at what just happened.

As Chen Feng was feeling depressed about what just happened, an even thicker domain power surged out from the Domain Tree to bear down on Chen Feng, causing his domain to swell up once more. In but one breath’s worth of time, it expanded to a radius of 200 zhang before stopping.

Woah! Woah!

The Domain Tree then shook slightly and its roots and branches stabbed into the void as they began devouring the domain power of the universe.


Suddenly, the Longevity Tower sent out a stream of power into the Domain Tree, allowing it to open up even more folds of space.

The formidable power of fire and surging domain power filled the entire Longevity Tower.

“A good chance! Looks like the Domain Tree will be growing up quite a bit this time.” Chen Feng was somewhat surprised to see that.

During that short period, the Eight Trigram acupoints within Chen Feng’s body had doubled in size while his domain had grown several times stronger. In fact, even the Eight Trigram Domain swords placed within the acupoints were showing signs of levelling up.

Thus, Chen Feng kept cultivating, forgetting about the passage of time. 

Immersed within a state of cultivation, it took Chen Feng two whole months before he finally woke up again.

During that two months, however, some events transpired within the Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans. The most important event was that the Sky Human stage cultivators sent into the ancient battlefield had been teleported out.

Naturally, some cultivators who managed to gain some harvest from the ancient battlefield did not want to leave yet. However, when the time came, their Teleportation Talismans automatically burst to release an unstoppable force. The unstoppable force enveloped the cultivators and opened up a passageway to teleport them out.

“As expected, there are issues here.”

Some of the cultivators who were waiting within the Heavenly Sword Mountain Range revealed looks of surprise. The agreed upon time had come. And yet, some cultivators did not return.

After performing some investigations, they found that most of those who did not return were still alive. They were able to stay within the ancient battlefield due to some special reasons.

“The appointed time has arrived, but they still want to stay inside? They are challenging the dignity of our Heavenly Sword Faction! Notify the seniors. We’ll utilize a pulling technique to haul their asses back here! Then, we will thoroughly deal with them!” one of the Human Immortals from Heavenly Sword Faction roared furiously.

It did not take long for a cultivator from Heavenly Sword Faction to arrive. He was an Earthen Immortal. In Eternal World, he was already a peak-level existence. Characters like these would rarely appear in the open and there was a great gap between them and Human Immortals.

Upon his arrival, an invisible atmosphere of coercive power silenced all who were occupying the place. In the face of the aura that he was exuding, the world itself seemingly fell into a state of silence and all of the cultivators there bowed respectfully towards him. It was a sense of suppression that came from their hearts.

“Greetings, patriarch!” The Human Immortals from Heavenly Sword Faction bowed, reverent looks on their faces. Although they were from the same sect, a senior of this level was not someone that they could easily meet. This was an expert who had already comprehended the grand dao. By taking another step forward, he would be able to break through the void and ascend to the Immortal Plane.

“Mm, no need for formalities.” The Earthen Immortal had the appearance of a middle-aged scholar. He gave his surroundings a casual glance and all the Human Immortals there felt as though the gaze had seen through them all.

“As expected of an Earthen Immortal! Just his gaze alone contains such a formidable sense of oppression.”

There was a jade tablet in the Earthen Immortal’s hand. Seemingly without any overt actions from him, the jade tablet suddenly shone with a dazzling light. Next, the streams of light slipped into the void and disappeared.

Soon enough, the space there began twisting and one spatial passageway after another opened up. After that, cultivators wrapped by the power of space were transported out.

The faces of some of the cultivators there fell. It seemed they did not think that they could be brought out like this.

Oh? I’m out! How strange, teleportation should not have been possible there. Besides, my Teleportation Talisman is already broken. Jian Xiaotian was surprised. He failed to notice the imprint flashing behind him. 

As expected, Brother Chen is not out yet. If only I knew it would end like this, I would have stayed together with Brother Chen. Sigh! One year went by so quickly.

Still, I did manage to gain a lot. Next up, I will be assailing the Human Immortal stage!

“There are still three people who haven’t come out. To be able to accomplish this, a power at the Earthen Immortal stage would have to be involved. There is nothing else I can do.” After saying that, the Earthen Immortal disappeared.

The Earthen Immortal had brought out a total of 23 cultivators from the ancient battlefield, Jian Xiaotian included. Next up, all 23 of them will have to undergo a series of interrogations.

“Humph! It doesn’t matter which forces these 23 cultivators belong to. Every one of them must be interrogated. If they were incapable of exiting due to the restrictive arrays there, they can be excused. However, if this is something they themselves did… heh! At the very least, their cultivation bases must be abolished and they will be imprisoned for 100 years!” one of the Human Immortals from Heavenly Sword Faction said icily.


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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