Chapter 729 Collect


“So, it’s a grade 9 Sacred artefact containing Dao-tier powers. No wonder I could not break out. If he had utilized this magic treasure right from the start, I would not have been able to last this long,” Jian Xiaotian said.

“It’s strange though. Sacred artefacts aside, even the usual Dao artefacts would not require this type of method to utilize.” After saying that, Chen Feng’s eyes flashed with light as he instantly noticed a chilling demonic imprint from it.

“So, it was stained by demonic energy before. There is a formidable strand of demonic imprint and some other contaminants within it. Still, this octagonal Sacred artefact contains the eight trigrams domain power. It is just right for me,” Chen Feng said, smiling.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The eight powers of Heaven and Earth, wind and lightning, water and fire, mountains and lakes spread out from the eight edges of the magic treasure to envelop their surroundings, forming a separate world. Inside this world, the owner of the Sacred artefact was the master who controlled everything. He could change even the laws of this world.

Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian were within this world.

Waves of coercive power engulfed the two of them and they instantly felt as though there was a mountain pressing down on them.

This is the domain’s power of the worldly laws. With a thought, every one of Chen Feng’s Eight Trigram acupoints began operating and the Eight Trigram Domain Swords within them began thrumming. Eight streams of sword energy charged upwards to encase both Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian to block the incoming waves of pressure.

By then, every one of the eight swords had become a grade 2 Sacred artefact. They had been nourished within Chen Feng’s Eight Trigram acupoints for a long time now. Naturally, their levels were still far below the level 9 Sacred artefact. However, in Chen Feng’s hands, they were able to unleash their strongest force, allowing them to stop the incoming waves of pressure for a time.

“That domain of yours is just a lesser domain! Mine is the greater one!” Bloody runes covered the short cultivator’s body, which shone with red light. More, streams of power flowed ceaselessly through his blood, giving off a heretically evil atmosphere.

Sou! Sou!

A power of wind and lightning – containing formidable power – shot forward to strike one of the swords that was hovering before Chen Feng.


Lightning radiance burst forth and the sword began shaking violently.


Another beam shot forward. This time, it was the power of water and fire. However, Chen Feng blocked it once again.

“A good magic treasure. A pity, you are unable to unleash its full power.” After saying that, Chen Feng flicked his finger and a mote of bloody light spread out from his finger, causing his Eight Trigrams Sword Domain to take on a blood-red colour.

Next, Chen Feng began moving forward, one step at a time. Everywhere he went, the world that the short cultivator created with his domain laws would break apart. It was simply incapable of doing anything to Chen Feng.

“No matter how powerful it may be, it is still just a Sacred artefact while my Blood Mustering Bead is already a mid-grade Dao artefact. It contains grand dao powers. For it, breaking this lesser world of yours is a piece of cake,” Chen Feng whispered.

There was only one way to destroy the world that the octagonal Sacred artefact had created, and that was to use an even greater level of power against it.

Normally, Chen Feng would have wanted to fight the short cultivator to test the might of the octagonal Sacred artefact for himself. At that very moment, however, Chen Feng was feeling a sense of urgency. It felt as though there was something summoning him. Not to mention, Jian Xiaotian was beside him. Thus, he decided to finish off this opponent as quickly as possible.


Another halo of light burst out from Chen Feng’s body. Next, Chen Feng simply brought out the Blood Mustering Bead, holding it in his hand. Waves of coercive power spread out and the surrounding power of space broke apart. It was like a blazing fire burning away the surrounding mist. Everywhere it went, the misty vapour would disappear.

“It’s a Dao artefact! How is this possible? How?! How can he possess a Dao artefact?! Just who is he?” The smile on the short cultivator’s face disappeared and a look of dread replaced it.

Originally, he had assumed that bringing out this magic treasure would allow him to finish off his opponent. It was his final killer move, after all. Unexpectedly, his opponent would bring out an even more powerful magic treasure to turn the tables on him.

Sensing the world he created falling apart, the short cultivator cried out in pain, “Why? WHY?! This is too unfair! For the sake of this Octagonal Geocompass, I had to give up everything! Even my soul was corrupted by the demonic imprint within it. Even then, I am still incapable of fully unleashing its power! And yet, this youngster can so easily wield the power of his Dao artefact!

“The Heavens is truly unfair!!!

“If so… heh, let’s fight to the death!” The expression on the short cultivator’s face kept changing. In the end, it became a snarling grin. He had made up his mind and his face regained a look of calmness. However, a violent killing intent surged out without respite from his heart. 

“Guys, don’t be afraid. This fellow cannot bring out his Dao artefact’s full power to bear. Now, you guys need to go ahead and entangle him for a moment. I will use this time to stir out my octagonal Sacred artefact’s full power. Once the guy is dead, the Dao artefact will become yours.” After calming down, the short cultivator sent a secret vocal transmission to his companions.

However, seeing Chen Feng bring out the Blood Mustering Bead had already sent them all into a state of stupor. A Dao-tier magic treasure was not something that they could handle. Thus, upon receiving the short cultivator’s secret vocal transmission, they all hesitated.

“Humph, do you fellows still do not understand our situation? He wants to kill us all! Due to the chaotic spatial laws within this cavern, we are incapable of teleporting back to the outside world. Even if I lose, there might be a chance for me to escape. However, you fellows will surely die.” The short cultivator continued. 

As he predicted, his words managed to move the cultivators. His words were correct, after all. This was a life and death situation for them.

“What should we do?”

“It’s simple, give me three breaths’ worth of time.”

“No problem. Radiant Thunderbolt Bead!”

“Bloodguide Essenceburst Art!”

“Blood Change!”

“Magic Treasureburst!”

After making up their minds, the cultivators fired out their strongest moves to entangle Chen Feng for a moment.

“Bring it!”

Chen Feng smirked. The attacks that they had unleashed could not endanger him in the slightest. In fact, they could not even break through his defence.

Additionally, Chen Feng was also aware of their plans. Thus, he flicked the Blood Mustering Bead in his hand forward and a thick curtain of bloody light spread out, unravelling all the incoming attacks before rolling up, sweeping all of the cultivators into the bead.

In the end, all of the attacking cultivators were transformed into some energy for the bloody pool inside the Blood Mustering Bead while providing additional nutrients for the Bloody Nethertree.

Utilizing a Dao artefact to deal with cultivators who were not even Human Immortals felt like a shameless act to Chen Feng.

On the other side, there was a crazed look on the short cultivator’s face. His body shrivelled and his essence, blood and soul were all extracted, channelled into the Octagonal Geocompass. After that, his shrivelled body collapsed into nothingness. All that was left was the Octagonal Geocompass, which kept rotating in the air. A rumbling sound kept spreading out from its centre and demonic energy waves began emerging alongside the atmosphere of power that it was emanating.

The short cultivator had fully stirred forth the demonic imprint contained within the Octagonal Geocompass to maximize the display of power from the magic treasure.

“It’s useless. No matter how powerful a Sacred artefact may be, it is still a Sacred artefact in the end. It can never match up to even the most worthless piece of Dao artefact.” Chen Feng shook his head. The short cultivator’s actions had shocked him. 

Still, Chen Feng understood why he would do this. By defeating Chen Feng, there was still a chance that he could restore his body. However, if he were to end up losing to Chen Feng, he would be destroyed both in body and soul.

Ghastly soundwaves began spreading out from the Octagonal Geocompass. It sounded as though there were countless vengeful spirits fighting one another.

Strands of demonic imprint were intertwined with the soundwaves. It was as though they wanted to secretly sneak into Chen Feng’s body and affect his mind.


The Blood Mustering Bead slowly flew forward while gradually growing in size. It became like a burning planet smashing its way forward. Everywhere it went, the strands of demonic imprint around it would shriek out before dissipating away in its entirety.

In the face of the waves of pressure radiating from the Blood Mustering Bead, the Octagonal Geocompass responded by unleashing its full power. It was a clash between a grade 9 Sacred artefact and a Dao artefact. The resulting shockwaves could destroy even a small planet.

Unbeknownst to Chen Feng, as the two magic treasures were duking it out, restrictive arrays began emerging within certain areas of the massive cavern. Wave after wave of restrictive arrays emerged to stop the shockwaves from spreading outwards.


One collision. That was all it took to smack and put the Octagonal Geocompass in its place. Like a living creature, it immediately released a wretched wail. It was a wail that contained a mercy-seeking impression.

That impression is something that the demonic imprint released. Extraordinary. Even though it was not a full-powered attack, this magic treasure can actually block the attack of a Dao artefact. Chen Feng was both pleasantly surprised and satisfied. This Octagonal Geocompass would complement well with his domain power.

In order to not destroy the Octagonal Geocompass, Chen Feng suppressed the power of the Blood Mustering Bead as he directed it to smack the Octagonal Geocompass again. 

After three consecutive collisions, the demonic imprint within the Octagonal Geocompass were all quaked apart, reduced to strands of chaotic energy, which dissipated into nothingness. The short cultivator’s soul imprint was also completely wiped out.

Chen Feng then beckoned and the Octagonal Geocompass shrank before flying into his hand. After inspecting it for a moment, Chen Feng grew highly satisfied.

Sensing the aura emanating from the Octagonal Geocompass, the Eight Trigram acupoints within Chen Feng’s body palpitated eagerly.

This magic treasure is quite old. I wonder where the shortie found this? In the beginning, the Octagonal Geocompass had a pitch-black and blurry appearance. Now that he held it in his hand, Chen Feng could immediately see the minute, damaged areas on the magic treasure.

I have already wiped out the demonic imprint that was on it. It has an ancient form and mysterious runes on its surface. Most importantly, it contains Dao-tier powers. Heh! Looks like it will be rising up to the Dao artefact tier soon enough. As Chen Feng was inspecting the Octagonal Geocompass, he inserted his soul power into it and began refining it.


The Octagonal Geocompass then transformed into a strand of dull light and flowed into Chen Feng’s body. He chose to temporarily place it in his Eight Trigram acupoints’ Heaven acupoint.

“I don’t like the name Octagonal Geocompass. Since it contains the eight trigrams domain power and is capable of creating a domain of its own, I will name it Domain Geocompass.” Chen Feng decided to name it.

After they had handled their situation, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian began exploring their surroundings. They had been preoccupied with fighting the cultivators earlier. Thus, they were still lacking a good understanding of their surroundings. All they knew was that this was a spacious cavern. Not to mention, this was an extraordinary cavern.

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