Chapter 728 Octagonal Sacred Artefact


To Chen Feng’s surprise, the present Jian Xiaotian was already a level 9 Sky Human stage cultivator. In Eternal World, with enough resources, one can indeed overcome several Lightning Tribulations. However, they were presently within the ancient battlefield, a place with chaotic laws. Even Chen Feng would have to exercise caution when undergoing his tribulation.

“I got lucky, I guess. I acquired some treasures. More, the Lightning Tribulations I had to face were actually very weak. That was how I managed to successfully overcome my Lightning Tribulations. Truth be told, this all feels like a dream to me.” Jian Xiaotian chuckled, feeling somewhat pleased with his accomplishments.

“What about these fellows?” Chen Feng pointed at the opposing cultivators with his chin.

“These fellows are after the legacy that I obtained. I only recognize two of them. One is from the Zhao Family and the other one is from the Bai Family. As for the others, I do not recognize them. They are likely some loose cultivators. However, they are not to be underestimated. They could actually make my Teleportation Talisman lose power. They must possess some good items on them.” Jian Xiaotian regarded the opposing cultivators and killing intent flashed across his eyes. In the face of their pursuit, Jian Xiaotian had nearly died several times. It was a terrible stressful and uncomfortable situation. Now that Chen Feng had arrived, it was time for revenge.

“If they have good items, we should snatch them.” Chen Feng laughed.


The expression on Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian’s faces – as though there were no one else there beside them – infuriated the opposing cultivators. Before Chen Feng could finish laughing, the ground suddenly burst outwards as a large, black-coloured hand emerged to grasp Chen Feng’s legs.


Chen Feng responded with a kick and the large hand was instantly shattered, causing the power of earth and steel to swirl about haphazardly in the air.

“Pu!” After the hand was shattered, one of the cultivators turned pale and he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

“Is this the Arms of the Earthen Sovereign? Heh! It looks like your cultivation of the technique has yet to reach perfection. Even before reaching a high enough level with it, you have already begun mixing in the power of steel into it? You don’t know the meaning of death.” Chen Feng smirked.

“Fellow friend, may we know your name?” The cultivators cast terrified looks at Chen Feng and stopped attacking. One of them, clad in faint-yellow magic robes, spoke up.

“Oh?” Chen Feng revealed a cryptic smile. Although it seemed as though the cultivators were trying to negotiate with him, they were actually secretly setting up a magic array.

However, Chen Feng did not expose their actions. He also did not attack first. This was because Jian Xiaotian was presently still focused on healing himself. Moreover, as long as nothing unexpected were to occur, dealing with these fellows should not be an issue.

“Brother Jian, how is your recovery process coming along?” Chen Feng secretly asked.

“Sigh, only 30%.” Jian Xiaotian sighed. He had the Dawnsource Crystal Waters that Chen Feng had given him and his own special constitution, allowing his body to heal at a very fast rate. Even so, he still needed slightly more time.

“30% is good enough. Now, let’s deal with these fellows first,” Chen Feng said, flicking his fingers. The Twin Swords of Life and Death, which had been hovering before them began to rotate swiftly. Black and white sword energies intertwined to generate surging beams of sword energy, which then swept towards the cultivators.

“Raise the array! Eight Wilderness Magic Array!” The instant Chen Feng attacked, the opposing cultivators’ magic array was completed. Light flowed and runes emerged from space to spread out into their surroundings. They moved about unobstructed through space to envelop the place. Finally, waves of spherical light spread outwards. It seemed as though nothing could stop the energy waves from spreading out.

In just the blink of an eye, Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian were encased by the spheres. However, light suddenly drifted out from Jian Xiaotian’s body and a faint barrier encased Jian Xiaotian’s figure.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

The barrier moved forward and the spheres of light and runes in its path broke apart.

Jian Xiaotian then rushed out from the magic array. This was how Jian Xiaotian had managed to escape from them so many times in the past.

Unlike Jian Xiaotian, Chen Feng did not evade the magic array. Instead, he simply allowed the spheres of light to sweep over him. By the time Jian Xiaotian rushed out, the magic array had managed to entrap Chen Feng.

“Is this guy actually so weak? Did we overestimate him by using the Eight Wilderness Magic Array?” Seeing Chen Feng fall into the magic array so easily, the cultivators grew shocked. Additionally, it looked as though Chen Feng was in a state of surprise.

“He got trapped just like this? Could it be so simple?”

Previously, when they were pursuing Jian Xiaotian, they had utilized this magic array many times before. Every time, Jian Xiaotian would quickly escape from the magic array. If it weren’t for that, they would have captured Jian Xiaotian long ago. This was a magic array that would grow stronger with time, after all. 

Speaking of which, this magic array was an immortal technique passed down from ancient times. However, due to the ravages of time, only a fragment of the original technique remained. After some modifications made to it by the seniors of their sect, it was able to display a great deal of power. By utilizing this magic array, they would be able to entrap opponents that were of a higher level than them.

Thus, seeing Chen Feng trapped inside, they became confident. They left two cultivators to maintain the magic array while the others charged towards Jian Xiaotian.

This magic array is quite good. A pity, these fellows’ cultivation bases are insufficient. They are incapable of unleashing it full powers. Additionally, it simply cannot be compared to any of the 100,000 great arrays within the Longevity Tower. Chen Feng’s soul power swept out to quickly investigate every inch of the magic array.

Next, wielding the Death Sword in his hand, he swung to shatter apart the restrictive arrays lying before him. Step by step, Chen Feng made his way out from the magic array. Next, he raised his hand and fired out a punch. Like a torrential river, a mighty fist blast charged forward to inundate the two cultivators who were left behind.


“This is bad!”

The faces of the cultivators besieging Jian Xiaotian sank. At the same time, dread rose up from their hearts. The Eight Wilderness Magic Array that they had set up was something that even a Human Immortal would find hard to break out from.

The events playing before their very eyes informed them that Chen Feng’s cultivation base had already reached that of a Human Immortal.

They stopped besieging Jian Xiaotian. Instead, they turned around and besieged Chen Feng.

Seeing that, Chen Feng secretly scoffed at them. These fellows seemed like veterans with a great deal of combat experience. And yet, in this critical juncture, they had panicked and made a low-level mistake. 

Given their present situation, the right move would have been to capture Jian Xiaotian and turn him into a hostage, not turn around and attack Chen Feng.

Chen Feng jabbed forward with a finger and the Twin Swords of Life and Death charged towards the cultivators. Chen Feng could not be bothered to utilize any secret techniques against them. He would simply rely on the advantage he held with his magic treasures to deal with them in one fell swoop.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Banging sounds rang out in quick succession and the cultivators’ magic treasures were all cleaved and shattered by the Twin Swords of Life and Death. 


Sword light flashed by and one of them was cleaved from the waist down.


Another sword light flashed out and another cultivator was killed.

Each of the Twin Swords of Life and Death was a grade 7 Sacred artefact. Not even the average Human Immortal could block it, let alone these half-step Human Immortals.

“Brother Liu, hurry up and use your magic treasure!” Seeing such a ferocious display of might from Chen Feng, the other cultivators grew terrified. One of them shouted out while two had already crushed their Teleportation Talismans.

Chen Feng did nothing to stop them. As he had predicted, the teleportation failed. Their Teleportation Talismans could no longer work.

“The laws of space here have changed! We cannot open up a teleportation passageway!” The cultivators grew more anxious and they urged Brother Liu to utilize his magic treasure as they attempted to evade Chen Feng’s attacks.

“You guys hold him for a moment! I am unravelling the seal now!” A cultivator with a relatively short height shouted back and rushed to the side. Extending a finger, he then tapped his chest again and again, causing bloody holes to appear there. Blood flowed out and a high number of bloody runes emerged to swiftly envelop his body.

After killing another cultivator, Chen Feng summoned back the swords and re-appeared beside Jian Xiaotian. He cast a curious look at the cultivator.

“Brother Jian, do you know what he is up to?”

“There must be a powerful magic treasure sealed within his body. However, it appears that utilizing it would involve a certain price. At the very least, I have never seen him do this when they were pursuing me in the past,” Jian Xiaotian replied.

Chen Feng utilized his eye technique to see into the cultivator’s body and figure out what the item was. However, his gaze, which could pierce through the many layers of ground and mountains was actually obstructed by layers of bloody runes.

Could it be a Dao artefact? Or perhaps, a demonic artefact? Chen Feng wondered. 

A violent aura emerged from the short cultivator’s body and a world-encompassing atmosphere of coercive power forced even the cultivators beside him to back away.

Weng! Weng!

The Twin Swords of Life and Death were seemingly provoked. They flew out from Chen Feng’s hands before releasing formidable waves of sword aura to clash against the short cultivator’s aura.

So, it’s not a Dao artefact. The corners of Chen Feng’s lips curled into a smile. Thinking about it, it made sense. Dao artefacts were the magic treasures used by Earthen Immortals. Most Human Immortals don’t even have such a treasure, let alone some Sky Human stage cultivators that he had randomly bumped into.

Additionally, Chen Feng himself possessed a Dao artefact. Thus, he was aware that even if this fellow did possess a Dao artefact, it would be difficult to utilize the Dao artefact. At the very least, he would have to pay a price for using it.

The blood soaking the short cultivator’s body grew in volume and it seemed as though all of his blood had flowed out. His face contorted again and again, seemingly racked with pain.

Finally, a dot of black light flew out from his chest before rapidly expanding in size. Soon enough, a black, octagonal device could be seen rotating in the air.

Strands of black energy emerged from the octagonal magic treasure and formidable energy fluctuations spread out to cover its surroundings. 

This included Chen Feng and Jian Xiaotian. Instantly, Jian Xiaotian utilized his magic treasure to charge out from the energy fluctuations. However, he failed.

“Stop it. It’s useless. Your Voidbreaker Talisman will not be able to break through it,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“This is a Dao artefact! No, it doesn’t seem like it.” Jian Xiaotian’s eyes widened.

By then, the Twin Swords of Life and Death had returned to Chen Feng’s hand. The oppressive atmosphere emanated by the opposing magic treasure was something that even their fused form was incapable of stopping.

The Twin Swords of Life and Death are only grade 7 Sacred artefacts. Even after fusing together, they could only increase their level to grade 8. Unfortunately for them, their opponent is a grade 9 Sacred artefact.

Not to mention, it also contains dao-tier power. This is a top-grade Sacred artefact that is already on the verge of rising up to the Dao artefact tier. Chen Feng then smiled and he cast a fiery look at the octagonal Sacred artefact hovering above the short cultivator’s head.

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