Chapter 725 Volcano


After he had recovered, Chen Feng determined that the youngster was not after him. Due to that, Chen Feng decided to continue cultivating himself there.

One month quickly passed by. The spot that Chen Feng had selected was very quiet. No cultivators came by and no yao beasts would appear there as well. If it weren’t for the somewhat chaotic streams of spiritual energy there, it would have been a good spot for cultivation.

Naturally, for Chen Feng, cultivation resources were not an issue at all. By now, Chen Feng was using only Immortal crystals for his cultivation. He had long since stopped using Prized crystals. Since getting his hands on Immortal crystals, he would rarely use even Sacred crystals for his cultivation.

Additionally, as he was using the Immortal crystals to cultivate, he had also – clenching his teeth as he did – crushed tens of millions of Prized crystals, turning them all into torrential streams of spiritual energy. The streams of spiritual energy then surged into the herbal fields within the Longevity Tower, allowing the countless herbs there to grow at a faster rate.

Originally, Chen Feng was even thinking of crushing Sacred crystals for that. However, after reconsidering it for a while, he decided against it. Sacred crystals would still be useful for transaction purposes in the future. Using Immortal crystals for transactions would be too ostentatious.

In the world of cultivation, those who can bring out Sacred crystals were at the lowest, Human Immortals. A Sacred crystal was something that could already be considered as a high-grade spirit stone.

If he were to use Immortal crystals for transactions after exiting the ancient battlefield, it would surely invite troubles. Naturally, if his cultivation base was high enough, that would not be an issue.

This ancient battlefield is very big. And yet, even though I have only travelled across such a small area, I have already encountered several cultivators from the Immortal Plane. I wonder how many more cultivators from the Immortal Plane there are in other areas?

Originally, this place was supposed to be a place of adventures for Heavenly Sword Faction’s disciples. Unexpectedly, it would end up developing in such a way. In the face of the cultivators from the Immortal Plane, the cultivators from Eternal World would become akin to little sheep. Chen Feng felt his heart stirring.

“If so, what do think about the issue?” Tower suddenly interjected.

“Naturally, I am hoping that more cultivators from the Immortal Plane would come. That would make things more interesting.” Chen Feng chuckled.

“Just wait, I have this feeling that a considerable number of cultivators will be coming here. Rather, it might not just be cultivators from the Immortal Plane.” Tower’s voice then took on a peculiar tone.

“What do you mean?” Chen Feng did not understand.

“By my estimate, not many people have entered this place in the past. This time, though, even those from the Immortal Plane have come. Perhaps, this place has entered a certain period. A period where this place would completely open up.”

Chen Feng pondered it for a moment before saying, “There are pros and cons for that. With more people coming here, the majority of the treasures here will surely be split up amongst those guys.

“However, the fiercer the competition becomes, the more casualties there will be. The more casualties there are, the better it will be. The blood essence of cultivators from the Immortal Plane! My Blood Mustering Bead might be able to level up again!” Chen Feng laughed.

After the fight with the youngster, Chen Feng had retracted his belittling view towards others. At the same time, he also understood that the amount of strength he possessed was actually nothing. If it weren’t for the Longevity Tower’s assistances throughout his journey to cultivate himself, he would have died long ago. 

If there is ever a day when the Longevity Tower is no longer by my side, would I become just an ordinary cultivator? Truth be told, Chen Feng had considered this before in the past. Only, this time, the thought carried more weight than before.

My own strength is what matters the most.

After that, Chen Feng walked out of the cave. Then, he leisurely made his way forward. Occasionally, he would walk on foot to make his way through mountains. Occasionally, he would soar through the sky.

Another month went by. Finally, Chen Feng was able to gather news about Jian Xiaotian.

“Let me go and I can tell you something important.”

A cultivator stood before Chen Feng and his whole body trembled. A rope, shining with golden light, had tightly bound the cultivator.

Beside him were three other cultivators. All three were lying haphazardly on the ground. It was unknown if they were dead or alive.

During this time, Chen Feng had successfully fused and refined the Hollow Voidsilk he snatched from the youngster into the Immortal-binding Rope, causing it to level up again. The present Immortal-binding Rope was already a grade 4 Sacred artefact.

For a grade 4 Sacred artefact, tying up a half-step Human Immortal was not an issue.

“Just spit it out. If it is of no value, I cannot guarantee that I will let you go,” Chen Feng said coolly.

Chen Feng did not recognize them. These fellows had noticed that Chen Feng was alone. Thus, they decided to prey on him. The result was such. They didn’t even get the chance to crush their Teleportation Talismans before Chen Feng whooped their asses. He had easily knocked those three cultivators unconscious. Originally, Chen Feng had wanted to knock all four unconscious and loot them. Unexpectedly, the last cultivator would be able to give him an important piece of news.

“I know some information about Jian Xiaotian,” the cultivator said, keeping on eye on Chen Feng’s face. Unexpectedly, the expression on Chen Feng’s face did not change at all.

“You recognize me?” Chen Feng asked instead.

“I know that you are someone from Heavenly Sword Faction. Before entering this place, I saw you together with Jian Xiaotian and the others.”

“Very well, continue.” Chen Feng nodded. Minute glints of light shone out from his eyes as invisible energy fluctuations spread out from his eyes.

It was a secret eye technique. The function of this technique was to bewitch the other party so that they would not lie.  

“Back then, we had gone to a cave to find some fire-type spirit stones. There, we inadvertently saw some fellows chasing Jian Xiaotian. He looked injured and quite miserable. Rather, it looked like he had lost even his Teleportation Talisman,” the cultivator said while keeping on eye on Chen Feng’s expression.

“The specific location?” Chen Feng asked coolly.

“It’s 150,000 kilometres up ahead. There are a few massive volcanoes there.”

“Very well. Regardless if you are telling the truth or not, I will spare you fellows first,” said Chen Feng, who waved his hand to collect all the spatial pouches on them. Naturally, he had left their Teleportation Talismans behind.

After Chen Feng left, the cultivator sighed. Moving forward, he helped the unconscious cultivators up. Their faces contorted, they then discussed what they should do next. Then, all four sighed as they brought out the Teleportation Talismans to leave the ancient battlefield.

Speaking of which, the four cultivators were well aware of their situation. Chen Feng’s actions of not killing them was already good luck on their part. If they were to encounter others, they might not be so lucky. Most importantly, they had nothing on them. Not to mention, they were also wounded. Thus, continuing on with the exploration of the ancient battlefield was not advisable.

“A distance of 150,000 kilometres, eh? Hopefully, I can make it in time. However, it should not have been easy for Brother Jian to last this long.” Chen Feng did not tarry. The Twin Swords of Life and Death appeared beneath his feet and the life and death energies linked up with the Life and Death acupoints within his body, causing his flight speed with the two swords to become comparable to a small teleportation array.

For Chen Feng, 150,000 kilometres was not far. However, he was concerned that Jian Xiaotian, who was under pursuit, would run away to some other places.

Chen Feng thus mobilized all his power, allowing him to arrive at the spot in one day’s time.

What a thick power of fire! There is also the scent of magma. Chen Feng landed on a 10,000-zhang-tall volcano. Although the volcano was not erupting, thick streams of power were surging out from the mouth of the volcano.

The streams of spiritual energy here is too convoluted. It is not a good place for cultivation. However, the interior of such volcanoes must contain spirit stones. Chen Feng spread his soul power out to quickly envelop the entire volcano with it. Then, he began scanning the interior of the volcano.

The boiling magma could not stop Chen Feng’s soul power. However, the chaotic streams of spiritual energy that were constantly gushing out from the bottom of the volcano were able to greatly reduce Chen Feng’s scanning ability.

Someone else has already collected the spirit stones inside this volcano. I do not sense Brother Jian’s aura here. I’ll go check the other volcanoes then. Chen Feng’s figure darted to leave the volcano.

Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng was quick to react. His soul power enveloped the place and he spent but one breath’s worth of time to scan seven volcanoes before stopping.

Why are there so many volcanoes here? This is quite peculiar. The expression on Chen Feng’s face flickered. Along the way, he had only managed to acquire slightly over 10,000 fire-type spirit stones. Someone else had dug out the majority of the spirit stones there.

That volcano back then should have at least over 100 million fire-type spirit stones. Every one of them is the equivalent of a Sacred crystal. Heh! I wonder which lucky fellow got them? With so many Sacred crystals, that person can buy a Dao artefact. Chen Feng flew out from a volcano. 

However, the moment he emerged, ten or so cultivators surrounded him. To Chen Feng’s surprise, there were two Human Immortals amongst them.

“Kid, I don’t care who you are. Hand over all the spirit stones on you.” Seeing Chen Feng emerge, one of them, a half-step Human Immortal, quickly said.

“I have only just arrived here myself. Someone had already taken away the spirit stones here,” Chen Feng said nonchalantly. The cultivators surrounding him were very strong. By grouping up, they could become quite an unstoppable force in this ancient battlefield. However, Chen Feng was someone who had faced a mid-level Human Immortal from the Immortal Plane. For him, these fellows were not even worth his time.

“You expect us to just believe you? Bring out all of your spatial pouches and let us investigate, otherwise death will be a luxury for you.” The cultivator who spoke took action. 

Since entering this ancient battlefield, these cultivators had grouped up and relied on their numbers to make a killing. After two of their members broke through to the Human Immortal stage, they became even more arrogant and imperious. They had robbed many solitary cultivators before. Thus, they came to believe that Sky Human stage cultivators were just easy pickings.

“Fire Dragon Hand!”

The cultivator displayed a fire-type capturing palm technique. A massive, flaming palm silhouette appeared, emanating a terrifying atmosphere of power. Accompanying it was a mind-shaking dragon roar.

The others from the group split up to take up positions around them. In their opinions, Chen Feng would not have the time to even crush his Teleportation Talisman.

The cultivation base of the attacker was already infinitely close to that of a Human Immortal. Due to that, they were all confident in his abilities. What happened next, however, caused their faces to sink.


The cultivator’s Fire Dragon Hand exploded all of a sudden. Next, an even louder boom rang out as a clump of flames abruptly erupted to spread into their surroundings. At the same time, wretched cries rang out. It was as though there were souls getting burned, undergoing Hellish torture.

“Not good!”

“Seal the world!”

The two Human Immortals who had maintained a calm demeanour all this time finally took action. They fire out one immortal dao law after another, joining forces to seal up the space there and create a separate, lesser world.


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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