Chapter 723 Various Moves



As Chen Feng was backing away, he was finally incapable of holding it in. Opening his mouth, he coughed out a mouthful of blood. After that, Chen Feng’s body lightened and he focused once more. His Lifebound Flame burned fiercely as his aura abruptly swelled.

Woah! Woah!

The blood streams inside his body began roaring and the wounds within his body began healing up. Some of the more grievously wounded areas were temporarily covered by thick blood and vigorous primary energy. Chen Feng was aware that he would have to undergo a lengthy battle.

Weng! Weng!

Chen Feng’s Lifebound Flame raged and a soul storm formed within his sea of wisdom. Under his control, the Twin Swords of Life and Death swirled around to slice about, reducing the pressure bearing down on him. Next, the two swords abruptly transformed into two streams of sword energy, one black and one white, before fusing together. While only a temporary fusion, it caused an incomparably formidable power to emanate from the fused sword energy.

The two swords were already grade 7 Sacred artefacts. After fusing together, the aura they emanated surpassed that of even a grade 8 Sacred artefact.


The fused sword, now sporting black and white colours, left a stream of light in the air as it shattered the clumps of frost. It rushed forward, piercing through the layers of ice to attack the youngster.

“A pure fundamental power. This must be a naturally-forming object. A decent Sacred artefact. A pity, its grade is a little low.” In the face of Chen Feng’s attack, the youngster’s face remained composed. Again, all he did was jab with a finger. The tip of his finger then collided against the tip of the Sword of Life and Death. 


A clump of frost erupted from the point of collision, continuing to expand quickly and envelop the Sword of Life and Death. Instantly, Chen Feng sensed his connection to the Sword of Life and Death become increasingly faint. It felt as though he would lose control over the sword.

Shocked, Chen Feng sent his soul power surging forth, wanting to summon back his Sword of Life and Death. However, more frost attacks arrived. Not daring to be careless about it, Chen Feng displayed the Kirin Steps to evade the attacks again and again. Next, he brought out the Demon Sealing Sword and swung to create a dimension. The dimensional barrier then blocked all of the incoming attacks.

“Astral lightning power!”

Extending his finger, Chen Feng tapped the Demon Sealing Sword and a compressed sword beam containing the power of lightning shot out. Due to the power of lightning, the sword beam was even faster. However, before it could even pierce its way into the frozen area, it was stopped by thick layers of ice.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

Suddenly, the layers of ice separated and the youngster strode out. In his hand were the Twin Swords of Life and Death. 

“Kid, you are quite something. With a cultivation base of the Sky Human stage, you can actually block so many of my attacks. How about this? I will give you one chance. Submit to me. If you are willing to submit to me, not only will I return these swords to you, I will also figure a way to bring you with me to the Immortal Plane. It is a better alternative than staying here in this lesser world.” This time, the youngster was in no hurry to attack. Instead, he began attempting to recruit Chen Feng.

“You already have four Earthen Immortal bodyguards behind you. Would you care about a minor Sky Human stage cultivator like me?” Chen Feng chuckled.

The youngster looked at Chen Feng and said coolly, “I will give you three breath’s worth of time to consider.” 

“No need. Just attack.” Chen Feng linked up to the Twin Swords of Life and Death. However, the youngster’s hand was keeping a firm grip on the two swords. There was no way for them to extricate themselves.


The youngster extended a finger to tap the two swords and Chen Feng felt his mind quaking. The restrictive arrays within the two swords were all broken.

“I can’t wait any longer.” Raising the Demon Sealing Sword in his hand, Chen Feng charged forward.

His cultivation base had risen by leaps and bounds recently. Due to that, Sky Human stage cultivators were no longer a threat in his eyes. Even the average starter-level Human Immortals were no match for him. However, this was his first time fighting against a mid-level Human Immortal.

Since the fight began, Chen Feng had been in a disadvantageous position. That was even more so with the Twin Swords of Life and Death lost to the youngster. Most importantly, Chen Feng had the feeling that this youngster was definitely not going all out. Rather, he was viewing this as a casual fight. It looked as though he was just toying with him.

Before the fight began, Chen Feng had assumed that he would be able to rely on the magic treasures in his possession to fight against a mid-level Human Immortal. Only now did he realize how terribly wrong he was.

Without utilizing higher-tiered magic treasures, he would certainly lose today. In fact, he might fail to even escape.

“Explosion of Wind and Lightning!”

“Blazing Sword Beam!”

Chen Feng utilized ferocious sword techniques right off the bat. Wind and lightning-type sword energies moved in a swift and overbearing manner while the blazing-type sword energy was incredibly ferocious. Not to mention, Chen Feng had displayed the two moves using the Demon Sealing Sword, causing their offensive power to rise up by several notches.

The present Demon Sealing Sword was already infinitely close to becoming a grade 7 Sacred artefact. In Chen Feng’s opinion, it should already be strong enough to deal with a mid-level Human Immortal.

And yet, the youngster easily unravelled the two attacks. As Chen Feng was unleashing another attack, the youngster gently pushed his palm forward and space froze once more. For Chen Feng, it felt as though he had slammed into a massive city wall.

Chen Feng became one with his sword and dashed forward, making his way through the spatial wall.

“Heavensieve Finger!”

The youngster jabbed out with a finger again. Once again, a massive finger filled the world.

The youngster did not stop. Again, he jabbed a few times at the air in Chen Feng’s direction, sending several space-piercing wind blasts forward. Some of them were as fast as lightning, some were as soft as the wind, some were like torrential waves and some were silent and invisible.

As the youngster kept jabbing at the air, the surrounding space began filling up with frost once more before spreading outwards. Looking at the area from afar, it would seem as though a massive sphere of frost was spreading outwards.

“Unstoppable Sword Technique!”

With a move, Chen Feng changed his stance, causing his aura to charge up into the sky. His sword began swinging widely, becoming increasingly forceful and fierce. Even so, he was still incapable of stopping the youngster’s attack. Clumps of energy erupted before Chen Feng. It was due to the collisions between Chen Feng’s sword attacks and the finger blasts from the youngster.


A finger blast abruptly exploded and a clump of frost spread out to envelop Chen Feng, causing his speed to falter slightly. Due to that, a lightning-fast finger blast struck him, causing a piece of his flesh to disappear. Blood did not even flow out from there. However, Chen Feng could feel strands of the power of destruction flowing in through the wound and into his body.

Woah! Woah!

Primary energy circulated rapidly to unravel the power of destruction. However, Chen Feng ended up feeling slightly exhausted. 

Chen Feng possessed a mighty fleshly body and vigorous mind. Given how much power was stored inside his body, flying at full speed for several days would not be an issue for him.

At that moment, however, Chen Feng was facing a mid-level Human Immortal from the Immortal Plane. This opponent’s cultivation base and level were all far above Chen Feng, leading to him getting beaten down time and again. In the face of such an overpowering force, unleashing everything he had was all Chen Feng could do. Not to mention, in order to mend the wounds he took earlier, he’d had to exhaust a great deal of his energy.

After that, Chen Feng had to continue fighting with those wounds, doing his best to utilize his various secret techniques. As he had been unleashing technique after technique without taking a breather in between, his body was failing to keep up with the energy demands for those techniques. Due to that, Chen Feng finally began feeling exhausted.

With just half a breath’s worth of time, Chen Feng would be able to mobilize the energies stored within his insight acupoints to restore himself to his peak. However, this youngster was not giving him the chance to do so.

After spending some time fighting Chen Feng only to fail to capture him, this youngster, a leading character in the Immortal Plane, began losing his temper. He held the Twin Swords of Life and Death in his left hand while the five fingers of his right hand kept jabbing at space. Each of the finger blasts he fired out was different. Firmness and haste supported each other, the false and the real coexisted. Facing those attacks was an arduous task for Chen Feng.



Another finger blast arrived before Chen Feng. This finger blast gave off no sound. And yet, it was as fast as lightning, seemingly containing the power of wind, lightning and space, making it near impossible for Chen Feng to grasp its existence.

By then, Chen Feng’s eyes had become completely black. His view of the world had changed. Although this was the power of darkness, it did not affect the clarity of his view.

Finally grasping the trajectory of the finger blast, Chen Feng gave it his all to evade. Even so, a flower of blood bloomed out from his arm in the end.

The previous finger blast had directly corroded my flesh and blood. This one tore open the wound it caused. It’s been a long time since I had to end up in such a wretched state. And to think that I thought I could already fight against Human Immortals. Looks like I have been overestimating myself. Chen Feng smiled bitterly.

Chen Feng was aware that his own strength was insufficient. Thus, his eyes flashed and the surrounding space shook violently as Chen Feng began mobilizing the worldly laws of the ancient battlefield.


Invisible and formless lines began emerging from the surrounding space. Chen Feng had merged with the will of the world of this ancient battlefield. This did not increase Chen Feng’s personal strength. However, by borrowing the worldly laws here, the power behind his offensive and defensive moves would rise greatly.

“Oh? Looks like you overcame your Lightning Tribulation here. Tsk, tsk. Kid, I am really unwilling to kill you.” A playful smile appeared on the youngster’s handsome face.

“However, if this is all you have, then you are going to die.” After saying that, the youngster stretched his palm out to rapidly grasp with it. Next, the layers of ice beneath him promptly melted. Then, the seemingly endless power of ice around them converged upon his palm to swiftly form a spinning ball of ice. The ball of ice was only as big as a fist and strands of frost energy twisted about around it. Sensing the power of ice contained within it, Chen Feng, who was standing some distance away from it, secretly felt shocked. 


The ball of ice flew towards Chen Feng. As Chen Feng had long since speculated what the youngster would do with it, he instantly unleashed a sword technique against the incoming ball of ice.

“Exploding Sword Beam!”

Stream after stream of sword energy burst forward. Some were like a peacock spreading open its tail, some were like a meteor smashing into the ground and some were like the gentle drizzle of spring. Layer after layer of the sword energy swept forward in an attempt to shatter the incoming ball of ice.


However, as the ice ball was flying forward, it abruptly spun and ripples spread out. No matter how many sword beams Chen Feng fired out, no matter how strong and ferocious his attacks were, they would all wobble before they could get close to the ice ball and miss their mark.


Chen Feng fired out another sword beam. Then, kicking the air, he rapidly backed away. At the same time, he secretly praised the youngster’s secret technique.

“Can you avoid it?”

The youngster snickered and the spinning ice ball suddenly sped up. In just a flash, it disappeared, seemingly breaking through the void to re-appear somewhere 10 zhang before Chen Feng.

So fast! Chen Feng had wanted to utilize the Longevity Steps. However, the ice ball suddenly erupted with a bang.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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