Chapter 722 Intense Battle


This was not an assault against his power of sight. Rather, it was an assault against his mind. That brief exchange informed Chen Feng that he was simply no match for this youngster. He could not block this attack. Be it their cultivation levels, cultivation techniques or secret techniques, he could not compare against the youngster. The only exception would be for him to rise up to the Human Immortal stage as well and cultivate the secret techniques within the Longevity Scripture.

The instant he thought about the secret techniques, Chen Feng’s figure suddenly changed its movement pattern. The youngster’s finger had been on the verge of tapping Chen Feng’s glabella when Chen Feng’s figure suddenly disappeared, escaping his locking powers. By the time Chen Feng re-appeared, he was already 1,000 zhang away.


A scraping sound rang out and a deep hole with a radius of one zhang appeared where Chen Feng had been standing on earlier. As for how deep the hole was, there was no way to tell. However, Chen Feng knew that his defensive power would have been insufficient to block it.

While Chen Feng was shocked, the youngster was even more shocked. In his opinion, performing a soul search on this fellow was just a very normal thing. Capturing him should have been a simple feat. And while he did not go all out for that finger technique earlier, even the average mid-level Human Immortal would have been incapable of blocking it.

And yet, this Sky Human stage cultivator was actually capable of evading it. Due to that, the youngster became shocked. At the same time, he also became displeased.

“You could evade that attack from me. Looks like you possess some secrets on you. Now, I will give you one chance. Get over here right this instant and pledge your loyalty to me. That way, I can spare your life,” the youngster said coolly with a cold and arrogant demeanour. He gave off the atmosphere of an exalted character.

“Oh, you want me to pledge my loyalty to you? That’s not impossible. However, where are you from and do you have the qualifications to make me loyal to you?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Insolence! Who gave you the right to speak directly to me? I will give you one breath’s worth of time. If you do not kneel right now, you will die.” As he spoke, the youngster stretched his finger out and jabbed the air, causing strands of golden light to flow out from his finger before slipping into the surrounding space, disappearing from sight.

However, Chen Feng could clearly sense waves of restrictive power around him. It was very powerful, even more so compared to the previous spatial locking power.

Golden-coloured silky threads shot forward from their surroundings to form a golden net, which entrapped Chen Feng.

Despite saying that he would give Chen Feng time, the youngster had immediately made his move. Seeing that, Chen Feng secretly praised him.


An incomparably violent power unfurled out from Chen Feng’s body. It was his domain power. Eight different powers kept developing to form stronger forces, intent on stopping the incoming attack.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

To Chen Feng’s surprise, the domain that he unleashed began corroding away upon making contact with the golden net. It had failed to do anything.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Seeing no other options, Chen Feng brought out the Death Sword and displayed his sword techniques. Sword light flashed and the sounds of steel and iron striking one another rang out. Next, the golden-coloured silky threads flew away.

Chen Feng could sense that every one of the golden threads charging at him contained a force of over half a million kilogrammes. What surprised Chen Feng the most, however, was the fact that his Death Sword, a grade 7 Sacred artefact, could only knock the golden threads away. It had failed to cut them up.

Chi! Chi!

However, some managed to slip past the sword. As Chen Feng was displaying his sword techniques, two golden threads sped up to quickly arrive before Chen Feng. Then, they elongated all of a sudden. One of them wrapped itself around Chen Feng’s arm while the other one wrapped itself around his waist. Then, they began tightening, desirous of slicing Chen Feng’s body apart.

It was then that the youngster attacked again. His figure flashed to re-appear before Chen Feng, where he sent out a simple punch. The world before Chen Feng disappeared, replaced only by the fist.

The terrifying punch and the overwhelming aura of coercion gave Chen Feng the notion that this was an unstoppable move.


Chen Feng shouted and lightning burst out from his tongue as light shone from both his eyes, allowing him to escape from the opponent’s concept of fist. Next, he thrust and the tip of the Death Sword made contact with the fist.


The punch sent Chen Feng flying and his figure hurtled across over 10,000 metres before coming to a halt.

No. He is not as strong as me. However, his concept of fist, his understanding of the laws, they are all things that I cannot match up against. Not to mention, the laws that he comprehends are the laws of the Immortal Plane. Chen Feng chuckled. Since the fight began, he had been in a disadvantageous spot. However, the youngster would not find it easy to finish him off.

Having thought of that, Chen Feng then turned to regard the four Earthen Immortals. Since the beginning, the youngster had been the only one to take action. The four Earthen Immortal bodyguards had not made a single move. Rather, there weren’t even any change in their expressions. Perhaps, they were of the opinion that the youngster would be able to easily defeat him.

A sensation of pain came from Chen Feng’s arm and waist. The two golden threads were growing tighter, so much so that they had already made their way into his flesh. His fleshly body was already strong enough to block the attacks of Sacred artefacts. And yet, these two unassuming golden threads had broken through his defences.

“Slicing-type sword energy!”

A beam of sword energy shot out from his body to quickly slice at the golden thread on his chest. However, even after the sword energy had exhausted itself, all that were left on the golden thread were some shallow marks. Not to mention, it was also rapidly recovering.

What is it made of? Chen Feng was shocked. He sent out another beam of sword energy.

He sent three beams of slicing-type sword energy in quick succession before successfully cutting the golden thread apart. Next, Chen Feng grabbed the golden thread. The power of wind and lightning flashed out from his palm to instantly bombard the golden thread over 100 times. 

Finally, Chen Feng kept the golden thread into the Longevity Tower. After getting sent into the Longevity Tower, no matter how powerful the golden thread may be, it would be incapable of doing anything.

What a good material! It just so happens I can use it to refine my Immortal-binding Rope. Chen Feng decided.

Next, Chen Feng did the same thing to the golden thread on his arm, collecting it into the Longevity Tower in the end.


He had only just done that when the youngster’s attack arrived once more. Once again, another punch arrived to send Chen Feng several thousand zhang into the distance.

“Eh?” The youngster’s eyes shone with light. He was able to accept the fact that his opponent could block his attacks. However, he did not expect this opponent to possess the ability to refine his Hollow Voidsilk.

The Hollow Voidsilk was forged by mixing the muscles of various yao beasts, steel cores and steel essences. Capable of piercing through the void and encage space, even a mid-level Human Immortal can forget about escaping after getting trapped by it.

This little Sky Human stage cultivator is quite the interesting fellow.

“So strong!” Chen Feng was finally astounded. He didn’t even have the chance to fight back.

Neither his Soul Subduing Mantra nor Magic Eyes of Darkness could handle the youngster. As for his other techniques, they would likely be ineffective as well, unless he utilized his stronger magic treasures.

However, turning to look at the four Earthen Immortals in the distance, Chen Feng decided against it.


Chen Feng’s Void acupoint galloped into action and he disappeared from sight.

If that’s the case, I’ll just have a good fight with you! Firstly, I can experience the might of an expert of the Immortal Plane. Secondly, I can test my own strength and refine some more of the hidden powers stored within me.

“A decent stealth technique. However, it is useless against me!” the youngster said, grasping at the space there to expose Chen Feng’s figure. At the same time, strands of chilling energy shot out from the youngster’s fingers. Instantly, Chen Feng felt as though all the blood within his body had turned to ice. Even the circulation of his primary energy was on the verge of freezing up.


Primary energy circulated and blood streams churned as Chen Feng’s hair billowed upwards. The clothes on his body flapped intensely and formidable energy streams charged out from his body.


A spiralling sword beam, enhanced with the power of wind, shot towards the youngster’s chest. Next, Chen Feng took a step forward, displaying the Longevity Step again to arrive above the youngster’s head. The sword in his hand then stabbed towards the youngster’s head.

“You have a death wish!”

Having an opponent occupy a higher position than him was a humiliating thing for the youngster. Thus, he decided to stop toying with his opponent. Energy streams charged out from every part of his body and his aura abruptly became ten times stronger.

“Chilling Ice Palm!”

The youngster’s palm shot forward and white-coloured energy streams surged out to freeze their surroundings. Layer after layer of ice began spreading out. The power behind this move was far stronger compared to the previous spatial locking move.

Chen Feng had long since sensed danger. Thus, the speed at which he was charging down faltered and the sword in his hand shook, causing sword energy to erupt, blasting his figure back up.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The surrounding space crackled continuously and frost accumulated all over Chen Feng’s body.

Incredible! He can even freeze space.

Chen Feng’s domain power kept roiling about and the Life Sword flew out from his body as well to swirl around him. Everywhere it went, flowers of ice would bloom.

“Storm of Sword Beams!”

As he controlled the Life Sword, Chen Feng also made use of the Death Sword to fire out his killer move. Sword beams swirled forward to pierce through the layers of frost.

With great difficulty, Chen Feng charged out from the frozen space. Then, he quickly took a deep breath. The area within a 10,000-metre-radius of the youngster had become a world of ice. Layer after layer of ice filled the area and countless patterns began taking shape there. Seeing that, Chen Feng instinctively felt a foreboding sensation.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

As expected, the clumps of frost seemingly became alive. Next, they pierced through space with a shrill sound while reflecting light off one another.


Chen Feng shouted in a hushed tone as he swung his sword. Two clumps of frost were shattered, but the formidable momentum behind them caused Chen Feng to flinch. More clumps of frost arrived.

“Heaven and Earth occupy their positions!”

The range of Chen Feng’s domain began increasing and the power of Heaven and Earth intersected one another, rotating and swirling without cease to form a slow and balanced force. The clumps of frost that entered the domain were all slowed down.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Sword light flashed again and again and all the clumps of frost that had entered the domain were shattered.

“You are someone from the Immortal Plane. Is this all you got? It looks pretty average to me!” Chen Feng laughed.

Chen Feng had only just said that when an intense feeling of alarm rose up from his heart. An invisible and formless finger blast had pierced its way through his domain to arrive before him. It was so fast that Chen Feng was incapable of dodging. He did not even have the time to utilize the Longevity Steps.


With a thought from Chen Feng, the Life Sword shot forward to block the attack. With a bang, the finger blast struck the surface of the sword. At the same time, Chen Feng felt his mind reeling. The Life Sword then smashed against his body, bringing along with it the swift and forceful momentum of the finger blast. It was seemingly capable of piercing through even the void.

Chen Feng’s body trembled violently and tears began spreading out across his chest. The power that could seemingly penetrate all became like a spiderweb, spreading its way out into its surroundings. 


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

1 jin = 0.5 kg

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