Chapter 721 Map


This map is quite good. Chen Feng then kept the jadestone. Although the map was very vague, Chen Feng was very satisfied with it. It showed the general layout of the ancient battlefield.

For example, the locations of some mountains and rivers, danger zones, places that might have Immortal artefact fragments, places that had played host to a battle between Immortal Humans before, places with formidable yao beasts. All of them were marked on the map.

According to Heavenly Sword Faction, they had inadvertently found this space. However, for them to possess this map… Heh, looks like Heavenly Sword Faction is hiding a number of things here. Chen Feng chuckled.

Regardless, Heavenly Sword Faction had given him the chance to enter this ancient battlefield. If it weren’t for that, he would not have been able to gain so much. Although he had saved some disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction, the amount of harvest that he had gained here was simply too great. He felt as though he owed Heavenly Sword Faction something.

His identity as the honorary elder cannot be taken as a reason. Thus, Chen Feng came to the decision that he would, to the best of his abilities, help Heavenly Sword Faction.

That was the reason why Chen Feng had been looking for the disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction. However, after his meeting with Immortal Iron Sword and Immortal Great River, Chen Feng then stopped looking for the disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction. He believed that they would have their own methods of locating the disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction.

Next, Chen Feng flew forward, covering a distance of over 5,000 kilometres in a short span of time. Finally, he was able to determine his position. By referring to the map, Chen Feng could see that he was presently near the edges of the ancient battlefield. There was a distance of hundreds of millions of li between him and the central area of the ancient battlefield.

I’m so far away? Chen Feng furrowed his brows slightly. Even a fool could guess that there would be treasures in the central area. That was the place where the most intense fights would take place.

According to the map, there are also some large-scale teleportation arrays here. Heh! Heavenly Sword Faction is not to be underestimated. They even know of the teleportation arrays here. However, that Immortal Great River sure is an interesting fellow. He gave me this map just like that. The value of this map is already above that of a Sacred artefact, Chen Feng thought. 

At any rate, I have plenty of time. Since I am far away from the central area, I will just take my time to venture forward. I’ll cultivate myself as I move forward. Though, I wonder if there are any cultivators who were directly teleported into the central area. If there were, then those fellows sure are lucky.

Chen Feng spent another month moving forward and stopping every now and again. Along the way, he had gone to some dangerous places, fought some strange-looking yao beasts and even encountered some other cultivators who came from Eternal World. Some of them were the disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction.

Those few disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction were very cordial and they invited Chen Feng to join them. However, Chen Feng refused.

Even so, there were still no news about Jian Xiaotian, Wen Shaoxiu and the others. As for the cultivators from the Immortal Plane, it was as though they had disappeared into thin air.

“Tower, can you sense them?” Chen Feng was finally incapable of holding himself back and he asked Tower.

Tower was silent for a moment. Then, he said, “I can only vaguely sense that they are right in front of you. However, they are too far away. The distance between you two is over half a million kilometres. I have no way to narrow it down. Besides, there were a few moments when I lost track of them. I think they must have entered a special place.” 

“Up ahead? That’s the central area of this ancient battlefield. Looks like they are going after the same thing as me. Since they can open up a passageway from the Immortal Plane to this place, it makes sense that they would also possess some knowledge of this place and a map,” Chen Feng said after a moment’s consideration.

“Enough! Let’s not talk anymore. You might be in trouble,” Tower suddenly said.

“Trouble? What kind of trouble? Human Immortals or the yao beasts here?” Chen Feng was not too worried about it. In his opinion, starter-level Human Immortals and low-level Yao Kings could no longer pose a threat to him.

“Heh! They are from the Immortal Plane,” Tower said with a snicker.

“Immortal Plane!” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and his expression grew solemn. For the denizens of Eternal World, the Immortal Plane was the dream, the ultimate objective. Chen Feng was aware of it. Only by entering the Immortal Plane can one truly be considered to be walking the true path of cultivation. Unexpectedly, even though he had yet to even reach the Human Immortal stage, he would repeatedly encounter some cultivators from the Immortal Plane here in this ancient battlefield. 

“Tower, these people could actually enter this place just like this. If so, doesn’t that mean they can also enter Eternal World? Then, can the people here also directly enter the Immortal Plane? Chen Feng finally asked the question which had been on his mind.

“Ha ha! Those two scenarios are possible. However, they are both very difficult to accomplish. Don’t even think about entering the Immortal Plane right now. There are some complicated cosmic laws involved in the process. Naturally, if I can recover more of my powers, it will be possible. Given my present state, no. If we are to force it, we will most likely end up facing Heavenly Tribulation. Not to mention, it is the type that you still cannot handle. As for these cultivators who came here from the Immortal Plane, firstly, they are lucky. Secondly, they had paid a certain price to do so.”

“In fact, it is sometimes easier to make one’s way from another world into the Immortal Plane. For the cultivators from life-bearing worlds or planets, all they need to do in order to enter the Immortal Plane is gain a high enough cultivation base. They will be able to do so by just overcoming their Heavenly Tribulation. However, in order for those from the Immortal Plane to enter other worlds, they would have to tamper with cosmic laws. Heh! The chances of doing so for these guys are very low.”

After hearing Tower’s explanation, Chen Feng grew silent. He had learned another thing about the Immortal Plane. Simply put, it was the case of cultivators from a low-level world entering a high-level world and cultivators from a high-level world entering a low-level world. When compared to the Immortal Plane, Eternal World was the low-level world. Within the cosmos, the Immortal Plane was the high-level world.


Suddenly, spatial fluctuations spread forward and a spatial crack emerged from the space there. Similar to what happened previously, a Void Array Platform flew out from the crack.

Chen Feng’s eyes narrowed. This time, there was a total of five cultivators. One stood in the lead while the other four stood behind him. Clearly, the one in front, a youngster, was the one with the highest status amongst the five cultivators. In fact, the four cultivators behind him wore clothes that marked them as either subordinates or bodyguards.

To Chen Feng’s surprise, however, the youngster was only a Human Immortal while the four cultivators behind him had cultivation bases that he could not determine. Naturally, Tower could. All four were Earthen Immortals. In fact, they were even stronger compared to the previous group with three males and one female.

This youngster has quite the background. He actually has four Earthen Immortals as his bodyguards. Not to mention, he possesses a dashing countenance and exudes an extraordinary atmosphere. He must certainly be someone from one of the great sects of the Immortal Plane, Chen Feng thought.

“There is someone here. You, come.” Even before the Void Array Platform could land on the ground, the youngster had already taken action against Chen Feng.

All the youngster did was to perform a grasping motion and Chen Feng felt his surrounding space freezing. He felt as though he had become a mosquito trapped inside a crystal.

As expected of someone from the Immortal Plane. Even though he has only just arrived here, he is not affected by the change in the Heavenly laws. Chen Feng was surprised. However, he did not struggle against it and simply allowed the youngster to pull him forward.

“Kid, just consider yourself unlucky.” After saying that, the youngster extended a finger, jabbing it at Chen Feng’s glabella. He had no intentions of questioning Chen Feng. Instead, he would directly search through Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

Ruthless! Compared to him, I am practically just scrap, huh? He is simply looking down on other living beings here. He must think I am an ant amongst aborigines. In that case, I’ll have you suffer from a loss! Chen Feng sneered inwardly as he allowed the youngster to jab his index finger against his glabella. Next, an energy ripple entered Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom to envelop it.

If it weren’t for the fact that there was the Longevity Tower to serve as protection, Chen Feng would not have been so bold as to let an external force enter his sea of wisdom.

Still, Chen Feng was quick to take action.

“Oh, this kid has some potential. He has yet to cultivate up to the Human Immortal stage, but his sea of wisdom is already so big. Looks like he has the ability to become a renowned character in the future. A pity, he is still an ant.” Light glinted across the youngster’s eyes, but he quickly recollected himself. He had seen too many geniuses like Chen Feng before. Forget those at the Sky Human stage, even those at the Human Immortal and Earthen Immortal stage would rush over for the chance to become his subordinate.

However, what happened next surpassed the youngster’s expectations. Chen Feng, who was already under his control, suddenly smiled. Seeing the smile on Chen Feng’s face, the youngster knew that he had yet to fully gain control over the situation.

“Soul Subduing Mantra!” Chen Feng shouted and the youngster’s soul shook. The soul power that he sent into Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom began disappearing.


A black-coloured ripple shot out from Chen Feng’s right eyes. Chen Feng decided to change his method of combat. This time, he was utilizing an illusion technique.

Upon falling prey to the illusion technique of the Magic Eyes of Darkness, his opponent’s divine sense would fall into a state of chaos and lose his bearings.

As this youngster was someone from the Immortal Plane, Chen Feng believed that he would surely possess some special techniques of his own. Additionally, he possessed a cultivation base of a mid-level Human Immortal. No matter what, Chen Feng could not look down on him. Thus, Chen Feng had first utilized the Soul Subduing Mantra followed by the Magic Eyes of Darkness. Next up, Chen Feng planned on capturing the youngster. At any rate, this youngster had four Earthen Immortal bodyguards.

However, plans don’t always come to fruition in the face of reality. As Chen Feng was about to take action to capture the youngster, he saw the lips on the youngster’s face curling to form a smirk. Instantly, Chen Feng decided to back away and his figure re-appeared 1,000 metres away in the blink of an eye.

However, a blur appeared before Chen Feng. The youngster had, at an unknown moment, left the Void Array Platform to arrive before him. Again, he extended his index finger to jab at Chen Feng.

There were no energy fluctuations, no atmosphere of power, no change at all. However, Chen Feng felt as though the entire world had disappeared. All that was left was the massive finger descending upon him. It had locked down on his soul and would smash down on his head the very next moment, destroying him utterly.

It was also a finger technique, However, Chen Feng felt as though it was far stronger compared to the Finger of the Hegemonic Sky move that he had cultivated. Even the finger marks left of the Sky Meteorite were not as profound as this.

What kind of finger technique is this? Chen Feng was stunned and he utilized the Kirin Steps. His figure kept disappearing to re-appear elsewhere, alternating between over 100 locations in just the blink of an eye. Even so, he was still incapable of evading the youngster’s attack. For Chen Feng, the finger simply grew bigger and bigger.


1 li = 0.5 km

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