Chapter 720 Meeting Human Immortals


“Sigh! It is said that the most important thing in the path of cultivation is to focus. Find a path that suits you and walk down that path. However, I found so many things and placed them all on myself. Will this affect me?” Chen Feng blurted.

“What do you think?” Tower casually interjected.

After considering it for a moment, Chen Feng then said, “I think this method is quite suitable for me. My cultivation base is improving at a fairly rapid pace.”

“There you have it. I say, kiddo. If there is nothing going on, then just focus on cultivating yourself. Don’t disturb me.” Those words showed that Tower was feeling irritated.

“You think I want to disturb you? I haven’t spoken a single word for so many days now. Do you not feel bored?” Chen Feng felt frustrated. Cultivation was a tedious process. That was especially so when entering cultivation retreat alone. It was an even more tedious matter. Although his cultivation base was improving every day, entering a cultivation retreat for several years or tens of years was something that he was still incapable of doing, let alone thousands of years.

“I am still not at that level.” Chen Feng sighed.

“What part of it is boring? Even if I have to do this for 10,000 years, I won’t feel bored.”

“Forget it, then. Let’s go back to cultivation.” Chen Feng shook his head and stretched his palm out. A lotus seed and a golden-coloured medicinal pill appeared on his hand.

The lotus seed was a Heavenly Yao-Demon Lotus seed while the golden-coloured pill was a Golden Pill of Nine Revolutions. 

“Both of these can give me 1,000 years’ worth of cultivation. However, the amount from the Golden Pill of Nine Revolutions is higher.” Chen Feng had collected Ascendant Immortal Skylodge’s Immortal Skylodge Mansion and obtained the legacy there. There was quite a number of medicinal pills inside. Amongst those medicinal pills was a considerable number of Golden Pills of Nine Revolutions.

“Sigh! If I take this now, my foundation will definitely become unstable. However, it will allow me to instantly break through to the Human Immortal stage.” Chen Feng looked at the lotus seed and medicinal pill in his hand and hesitated.

However, the hesitation quickly disappeared. At the same time, he kept the Heavenly Yao-Demon Lotus seed and the Golden Pill of Nine Revolutions.

Foundation was a very important thing in the path of cultivation. At present, Chen Feng was not lacking in cultivation materials. Thus, Chen Feng decided to stabilize his foundation before taking the medicinal pill.

“My own strength is of utmost importance. Recently, I have been borrowing too much external powers.” Chen Feng shook his head and his longevity-type primary energy kept circulating, flowing towards every part of his body. With every breath he took, Chen Feng could feel that the impurities within his body were getting extracted. Truth be told, those weren’t exactly impurities. However, the high number of energies within him had caused some conflicts to arise. Thus, what Chen Feng wanted to do was to make the power within him reach a higher level of purity.

After spending two hours on it, Chen Feng began immersing himself into his cultivation process when a sound suddenly alarmed him.

Who is outside? Chen Feng was shocked. He had already set up some restrictive arrays before starting his cultivation session. The restrictive arrays could take on even the attacks from the average Human Immortal. At that very moment, however, waves of energy fluctuations made their way through the restrictive arrays and into where Chen Feng was. Due to that, Chen Feng was able to deduce that the ones outside were at the very least at the Human Immortal stage.

With a thought, Chen Feng was then able to clearly see everything that was happening outside the restrictive arrays. Two Human Immortals were besieging a one-horned monster.

The two Human Immortals kept unleashing sharp sword beams, slashing at the one-horned monster to force it to retreat again and again. However, the defensive power of the one-horned monster was simply too strong and they were constantly incapable of inflicting a fatal wound on it. On the contrary, it became even more savage. Seeing that, the expressions on the two Human Immortals’ faces grew increasingly wary.

The two of them are the Human Immortals from Heavenly Sword Faction. They look somewhat familiar, but I can’t quite remember their names. The agreed upon time has yet to arrive. Why did the Human Immortals come in? However, this one-horned monster is quite extraordinary. Although it is only a low-level Yao King, its defence is simply too strong. The two Human Immortals’ sword attacks are already comparable to that of mid-level Human Immortals. And yet, they are still incapable of finishing off this one-horned monster.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

The two Human Immortals were very fast and one sword beam after another befell the one-horned monster’s body. And yet, despite the wounds they managed to leave on its body, the one-horned monster’s aura did not weaken at all.


A stream of brilliant light shot out from the one-horned monster’s horn before splitting up into two, each attacking one of the two Human Immortals besieging it.

After firing out the attack, the one-horned monster did not bother to see how effective its attack was. Instead, it turned and fled. Coincidentally, the one-horned monster was running towards Chen Feng’s location.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The restrictive arrays that Chen Feng had set up were all shattered and Chen Feng’s figure was revealed.

Perhaps the one-horned monster had already noticed Chen Feng’s existence and was deliberately charging at him.

However, regardless if the one-horned monster was deliberate in its actions or not, Chen Feng had decided to take action. In the face of the one-horned monster’s charge, Chen Feng took a step forward and released a casual punch.

As Chen Feng had been spending the past month cultivating himself, he had subconsciously gathered some power within himself. Thus, despite the casual nature of the punch, it also unleashed all the gathered power in one go.


Chen Feng’s fist struck the one-horned monster’s horn. It was as though two mountain peaks had smashed into one another and the ground beneath Chen Feng’s feet cracked. Even the surrounding mountains began collapsing as a result. Due to the collision, Chen Feng’s figure fluttered backwards. However, the one-horned monster ended up in a rather miserable state. The punch from Chen Feng blasted it backwards and its figure tumbled as it hurtled backwards before smashing out a crater somewhere 1,000 zhang away.

Seeing that, the two Human Immortals from Heavenly Sword Faction were astounded. When they were fighting against the one-horned monster earlier, they had noticed the restrictive arrays there. They also knew that there was someone cultivating inside. After the restrictive arrays were shattered, they were able to see Chen Feng. They did find Chen Feng to be somewhat familiar. However, before they could identify him, they became flabbergasted by what happened next.

Although Chen Feng’s punch did not smash apart the one-horned monster, it did rupture its internal organs and blood kept flowing out from its mouth.


Recollecting themselves, the two Human Immortals from Heavenly Sword Faction were quick to attack. Two swords flew out to attack the one-horned monster.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

A series of stabbing sounds rang out as sword beams pierced through the one-horned monster’s body. In the face of all the attacks, the one-horned monster’s vitality kept flowing away. Finally, with a wailing cry, it died.

After finishing off the one-horned monster, the two Human Immortals quickly went to meet up with Chen Feng.

“If we may, who are you?”

“I am an honorary elder of Heavenly Sword Faction,” Chen Feng said, bringing out a token. It was the identity token for Heavenly Sword Faction’s honorary elder.

“So, it’s Elder Chen. I knew you looked familiar.” Finally, the two Human Immortals remembered Chen Feng. In the past, they had only viewed him as an ordinary Sky Human stage cultivator. After witnessing his might, however, they immediately lifted their evaluation of Chen Feng, putting him on the same level as them. Slightly higher, in fact. At any rate, they were incapable of grievously wounding that one-horned monster with just one move. 

“I am Immortal Iron Sword.”

“I am Immortal Great River.”

The two of them introduced themselves.

“Greetings.” Chen Feng hurriedly reciprocated their show of courtesy. “By the way, weren’t Human Immortals only supposed to enter after Sky Human stage cultivators have left? Why?”

“I’ll explain.” The two of them exchanged glances. Then, Immortal Great River began explaining the situation to Chen Feng.

After listening to his explanation, Chen Feng nodded. They had been exploring the ancient battlefield and fighting against the other cultivators. Thus, he did not know that so many things had happened outside.

“Speaking of which, if it weren’t for Elder Chen, the casualties on our sect’s side would be even worse,” Immortal Iron Sword said.

Chen Feng simply smiled with a shake of his head. Next up, he informed them about some of the things he knew. As expected, the faces of the two Human Immortals grew grim.

Immortal Iron Sword pondered the issue for a moment before asking hesitantly, “To think that those from the Immortal Plane would come. This is quite troublesome. Elder Chen, are you certain that they are from the Immortal Plane?”

“Definitely. Additionally, there is more than just one batch. Most of them are Earthen Immortals,” Chen Feng said confidently.

“If so, I will have to head back first. Immortal Great River, you go contact the others.” Immortal Iron Sword was quick to react. After making up his mind, he instantly crushed his Teleportation Talisman.

“Truth be told, I hope that everyone will leave.” After a moment’s consideration, Chen Feng suddenly said. He could already guess that something would happen. Upon receiving the news from Immortal Iron Sword, other stronger cultivators would likely enter this ancient battlefield. Perhaps, even Earthen Immortals. 

In Chen Feng’s opinion, these first-rate sects must certainly have Earthen Immortals as well. Not to mention, given how many treasures there were inside this ancient battlefield, it made no sense for them to not secretly send in some experts. And these experts would most likely be Earthen Immortals. 

While both sides may be Earthen Immortals, Chen Feng did not think that the Earthen Immortals from Eternal World would be a match for the Earthen Immortals from the Immortal Plane. Naturally, Chen Feng was more supportive of Eternal World. In fact, he had taken some secretive actions against those from the Immortal Plane back then. Naturally, that was Tower.

“I wonder where Immortal Iron Sword will get sent to when he enters again. Is Elder Chen interested in exploring ahead with me?” Immortal Great River invited Chen Feng.

“Forget it. I prefer exploring alone. There is an aura of ancientness within this space and there are some things that I still need to comprehend.” Chen Feng shook his head and refused.

“If so, I will not impose. Hopefully, Elder Chen will be able to break through to the Human Immortal stage quickly. I have a sketch here. Although it is a little rough, I believe that it will be of some help to Elder Chen.” Immortal Great River did not say much about Chen Feng’s refusal. On the contrary, he even brought out a jadestone, which he handed over to Chen Feng.

“Farewell, then. Hopefully, we’ll both be able to gain something from this place.” After that, Immortal Great River leapt into the sky to disappear in a flash.

After passing on that piece of news to the Human Immortals from Heavenly Sword Faction, Chen Feng felt a small burden getting lifted. With that, he would be able to move as he pleased. 

Chen Feng sent a stream of soul power into the jadestone in his hand. Immediately, he saw a large and complicated map. After inspecting it carefully, Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. It was actually a map of the Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans.

It was just a sketch and many of the places there were vaguely drawn, with only a general depiction of the terrains there. Even so, for Chen Feng, this was already a great improvement. They were all teleported in at random, after all. Most of them were not even capable of getting their bearings. With this map in hand, Chen Feng would be able to save a lot of time.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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