Chapter 719 Finding a Place to Cultivate


That one strand of soul power caused Chen Feng to feel as though his whole figure was swelling up. It felt as though he might end up blowing up from overload.

Too strong! This is just one strand of his soul power! As expected of a character who is already infinitely close to the Ascendant Immortal stage. It is not something that the present me can refine. 

Soul Subduing Mantra!

During that critical moment, Chen Feng utilized the secret soul technique, causing the strand of soul power to pause. When it paused, Chen Feng quickly made his move. He promptly split the strand of soul power into three parts. He left one part for himself to refine and sent the other two parts back into the barrier.

Suddenly, the mini man’s voice, weak to the ears, rang out. “Let me go. I know some places with Immortal artefacts. I also know many more secrets. As long as you let me go, I can give you unlimited power. Yes, I can even let you refine this Treasured Ocean Pearl.” 

Chen Feng shook his head. Ignoring the mini man, he then left his sea of wisdom.

“Tower, this Treasured Ocean Pearl should be easy to refine, right?” Chen Feng asked.

“There are some restrictive arrays inside. After I break them, you can proceed to refine it. That fellow had been using this Treasured Ocean Pearl to survive this long. Unfortunately for him, this Treasured Ocean Pearl will now become the object that suppresses him,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“That fellow is not to be underestimated. At present, he appears to be in a wretched state. However, with time, he will recover. I cannot keep on standing guard over him either. So, I will have to make use of this Treasured Ocean Pearl.”

Next, Tower casually wiped out the seals and restrictive arrays within the Treasured Ocean Pearl and established a connection between it and Chen Feng. In the end, the Treasured Ocean Pearl entered Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom to firmly safeguard the barrier there.

Due to that, the barrier became as steady as a mountain. Even after recovering, the mini man would be incapable of turning the situation around.

In the future, Chen Feng would slowly refine his soul power, strand by strand. The mini man would gradually grow weaker while Chen Feng would gradually grow stronger. 

A Dao artefact and the ocean-like Dawnsource Crystal Waters within it. More importantly, there is the peak-level Earthen Immortal’s soul. The amount of harvest gained from entering this ancient battlefield is simply too big. The amount here is enough for me to enter cultivation retreat for up to a thousand years! Chen Feng was feeling astounded at it all.

Still, I do need to thank those fellows who were fighting. Their fight brought me here. Hmm, I can consider the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction as rescued. As for the other fellows, I suppose that is just their fate. Chen Feng shook his head and he began checking his surroundings.

As he had collected the Treasured Ocean Pearl, his surroundings had changed as well. Although the smooth walls of the bottomless pit did not transform into a place with chirping birds and fragrant flowers, strange-looking flowers could be seen growing around him. Those were flowers that Chen Feng had never seen before.

Suddenly, the bloodstreams within Chen Feng’s body began roiling again and the killing intent within him grew once more.

So, it’s because of these flowers. Chen Feng stepped forward to regard the strange flowers.

Heart-shaped flowers that are as red as blood. It emanates a medicinal power capable of affecting a person’s soul. Could this be the Bloodsoul Flower? Chen Feng wondered. Next, he began searching through the herbal fields inside the Longevity Tower. As expected, it did not take long before he found a similar-looking spiritual herb.

“Soul Captivating Flowers and Bloodsoul Flowers. Both can increase your soul power. However, these Bloodsoul Flowers clearly possess a higher medicinal age compared to those that you’ve planted. Sigh! Speaking of which, ever since you woke me up, you have been constantly showered with luck. Looks like it won’t be long before you reach the Human Immortal stage,” Tower said, shaking his head. 

Hearing Tower’s words, Chen Feng could not stop himself from rolling his eyes.

The medicinal power of these Bloodsoul Flowers are truly strong, otherwise they would not have been able to affect those that are far away. Chen Feng stretched his hand out and grasped. Next, the ground quaked and soil, millions of jin of soil, were pulled up before getting sent into the Longevity Tower.

“Humph! You’re just treating me like I am a storeroom.” Tower became slightly displeased.


Both his feet kicked lightly and Chen Feng’s figure flew upwards to reach the surface.

Next up, Chen Feng found two more cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction. As they listened to Chen Feng, they revealed enthusiastic looks. However, Chen Feng caught the dismissive notion within their eyes.

Sigh! It is as I have predicted. It wasn’t easy for them to come in. Would they leave just because there are dangers? Thankfully though, this ancient battlefield is big enough. Thanks to that, we are able to save ourselves a lot of troubles. Chen Feng shook his head. He hadn’t encountered any dangers recently. Thus, he began feeling more relaxed.

After refusing their invitation, Chen Feng continued exploring on his own. At the same time, he asked Tower, “Tower, how big is this ancient battlefield?”

“Very big.”

“How big is this ‘very big’?”

“Even bigger than Eternal World.”

“What, so big?” Chen Feng was truly astounded to hear that. Chen Feng had travelled from the Northern Plains to the Central Plains before, utilizing a large-scale teleportation array along the way. The Central Plains aside, Chen Feng had yet to even explore 0.01% of the Northern Plains. He cannot even tell how big Eternal World was. Not even Human Immortals could tell. In fact, even Earthen Immortals would need some time to explore it all. 

And yet, this ancient battlefield was even bigger than Eternal World. In his shock, Chen Feng was also feeling excited. He had only entered this place for a short amount of time and explored a small area. And yet, he had already gained so much. If he were to stay a little longer, even if he did not get to search through the whole place, even if all he did was to go through 0.01% of the ancient battlefield, just how many items would he be able to gain?

“This is an ancient place. The space here is very stable. Most importantly, the structure here is very firm, otherwise it could not have been chosen to become a battlefield. However, only the Immortal artefact fragments here are useful for me. Still, it’s been so long since then. Not to mention, this is the aftermath of a great battle. The number of Immortal artefact fragments that we can find will likely be limited,” Tower said. 

“Could there be an intact Immortal artefact?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“If there is an intact Immortal artefact, do you think that it would stay here?” Tower revealed a cryptic smile.

Chen Feng fell silent. Even some Sacred artefacts would already possess artefact spirits. Thus, the artefact spirits of Immortal artefacts would surely possess great magics. Rather, there was practically no difference between them and Immortal Humans. Naturally, if their bodies were intact, they would have no reason to stay here. However, that also meant that, if there were intact Immortal artefacts here, there must be a reason for them to be staying here. Besides, given Tower’s present level of strength, Chen Feng did not believe that Tower could subdue an intact Immortal artefact.

In the past, Tower had devoured some Immortal artefacts before. However, those Immortal artefacts were either lacking artefact spirits or broken. That was how Tower had managed to succeed each time.

“Looks like we’ll have to stay inside this space for quite some time. Hopefully, we’ll be able to find some Immortal artefact fragments.”

“Immortal artefact! Thinking back, I used to be a piece of trash at the Training Body and Energy stage. In just a short span of time, I have reached this level. Sometimes, it feels as though I am just dreaming.” Chen Feng suddenly felt his heart stirring.

“Heh, is that what you think? After you level up a few more times, you will probably stop thinking that.” Tower suddenly said something that Chen Feng could not understand.

Next, Chen Feng spent one whole month with nothing to show for. It was as Tower had said earlier. This place was too big. Chen Feng had previously managed to gain some items due to luck. Thus, it was only normal for him to find nothing after that.

However, during that month, Chen Feng had encountered over 30 cultivators who came in through the same teleportation array. Of the 30 cultivators, Chen Feng killed three. There were also three who were from Heavenly Sword Faction. Similar to what happened before, after hearing Chen Feng’s warning, they chose not to teleport out.

Still, Chen Feng did feel somewhat puzzled. He had failed to find Jian Xiaotian and others whom he was friends with. Even after asking around, he was unable to discover anything about them.

Did Brother Jian and the others get teleported out? Chen Feng felt puzzled about it.

The other puzzling matter was that Chen Feng did not encounter those from the Immortal Plane anymore. Tower had already left something within their bodies. Thus, should they enter Tower’s range of detection, Chen Feng would be able to see every action they take.

That’s fine as well. I can just find a place to cultivate myself. Chen Feng had been spending the past few days travelling through hundreds of thousands of li. He did not encounter a single cultivator. He did not even find a single yao beast. Thus, Chen Feng found a place with a relatively decent view and stopped.

He stayed there for one whole month. If it weren’t for the incident, which alarmed Chen Feng, he would have continued to cultivate himself there.

At any rate, Chen Feng had already entered a state of cultivation during that month, allowing his strength to improve. Most importantly, his foundation had become more stable.

Again, Chen Feng had been overcoming his Lightning Tribulation again and again in quick succession. He was already a level 8 Sky Human stage cultivator now. And yet, after successfully overcoming his tribulation, he was never able to find enough time to comprehend the knowledge and harvest gained as a result of the tribulations. That aside, there were also the hidden powers stored inside Chen Feng’s body. Those powers brought Chen Feng both delight and a headache. He was delighted at how overpowered those hidden powers were. If he could fully refine and absorb all those powers, his cultivation base would surely rise by leaps and bounds. In the same vein, however, he was having a headache precisely because those hidden powers were too overpowered. Refining all those powers would take an incredibly long time.

First, there was the energy from the Demon Subduing Mountain’s artefact spirit. The Demon Subduing Mountain was a Dao artefact. The amount of power its artefact spirit held was naturally nothing to scoff at. Even an Earthen Immortal would have required some time to refine that amount of energy, let alone someone like Chen Feng, who had yet to even reach the Human Immortal stage.

Next up was the Lightning Bead, which stored lightning powers. It was also a Dao artefact. The lightning powers contained within the Lightning Bead was so great that it would take Chen Feng a long time to absorb.

Following that was the Treasured Ocean Pearl safeguarding his sea of wisdom. It was a top-grade Dao artefact. Likewise, the ocean-like Dawnsource Crystal Waters inside it brought both shock and delight to Chen Feng.

Additionally, the Treasured Ocean Pearl was also suppressing a peak-level Earthen Immortal’s soul. That too, was something that Chen Feng had to slowly refine and absorb.

But wait, there’s more. There were also the sword intent and sword energy – from the broken immortal sword – that Tower had forcefully injected into Chen Feng’s body back then. That energy was something from an Immortal-tier treasure. Refining it was no easy feat.

And those were just the powers that he had recently absorbed into his body. There were other items as well. For example, there were the mountainous pile of spirit stones inside the Longevity Tower and the fields of spiritual herbs. There were also the various spiritual fruits growing out from the spiritual trees there.

He also had to go about refining the various magic treasures inside his insight acupoints and improve the grade of his Longevity weapons. Furthermore, there were also some secret techniques within the Longevity Scripture that he could now practice.

And so on and so forth. In short, there were so many things that Chen Feng couldn’t even remember some of the things that he wanted to do. There were also many items left inside the Longevity Tower that he himself could not remember. Despite having cultivated the one multitasking mind, thinking about them all gave Chen Feng a headache.


1 jin = 0.5 kg

1 li = 0.5 km

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