Chapter 717 Black Mini Man


After descending through another 1,000 zhang, all sense of danger suddenly disappeared. It was as though what awaited him below was just a deep valley and that there was no danger there. 

However, Chen Feng only became more wary. This abnormal situation indicated that something unusual was about to happen.


After considering it for a moment, Chen Feng’s eyes shone and a wave of soul ripple condensed to form something of a rope, which then shot down.

1,000 zhang.

2,000 zhang.

After going down through a distance of 10,000 zhang, his soul power finally reached the bottom part of the pit. Next, Chen Feng controlled his soul power, spreading it out to scan the surrounding area. However, he failed to discover anything.

This 10,000-zhang-deep hole must have been something left behind from the great battle in the past. To be able to create such a deep hole within such a hard ground, the one who did this is probably above the Human Immortal stage.

Despite Chen Feng’s ever-growing strength, he was still incapable of creating such a deep hole, not even with the help of his magic treasures. Naturally, he would not be taking into account the magic treasure that was above the Dao artefact tier.

Speeding up, Chen Feng quickly made his way down to the ground. After that, he swiftly checked his surroundings with his eyes.

Strange, there is nothing here at all. How is that possible? Chen Feng felt puzzled and he abruptly fired out a punch aimed at the ground, causing a big hole to burst into existence.

Chen Feng then closed his eyes as he began to carefully sense his surroundings again. Like tidal waves, his soul power spread into his surroundings.

“Soul Storm, charge!” Chen Feng shouted and his soul power grew more ferocious, gaining a tangible quality as it swept into his surroundings. Everywhere it went, the rocks protruding from the ground would be reduced to ash.

Still nothing? The power behind Chen Feng’s soul power grew even stronger, spreading to a radius of at least 1,000 zhang. Forget some hard rocks, even the average Human Immortal would die in the face of Chen Feng’s vigorous soul power.

Finally, he received a response. Every part of Chen Feng’s body shook as his surroundings turned viscous. It felt as though he had fallen into the very depths of the sea and a great deal of pressure pressed down on him.

Is this an illusion? No, this shouldn’t be an illusion. Chen Feng shook his head as he sensed the fast-rising pressure.


Chen Feng’s domain unfurled to form a separate space there and everything coming at him from his surroundings was stopped.

And yet, due to the mountain-like pressure, the domain that Chen Feng created began breaking and shrinking. Even after Chen Feng had pushed the power of his domain to the max, it was still incapable of stopping the power.

It looks like I have entered a strange place. Due to Chen Feng’s gaze, the surrounding space began fluctuating. Surprisingly, there were actual streams of water around him. However, it was obvious that the waters there were 10,000 times more viscous compared to normal water.

When his domain was shattered apart, Chen Feng reached out with his hand to grab a clump of water from his surroundings. A fist-sized water sphere flowed on his palm. It looked like water crystal, shining with a cyan lustre.

Incredible! This clump of water weighs a total of 5,000 kilogrammes. With so many streams of water here, they can create a pressure exceeding that of a 10,000-zhang-deep ocean. Even a Human Immortal would be squashed here. Chen Feng allowed the water streams to press down on him. In the face of the waves of formidable pressure, his muscles began twitching.


Chen Feng took a deep breath and his Blood acupoint galloped, causing his bloodstreams to surge like tidal waves. Next, a thick blood energy seeped out from him. Chen Feng wanted to rely on the might of his fleshly body alone to resist the surrounding pressure.

Somewhere 1,000 zhang away from Chen Feng – also covered by the viscous streams of water – was a black clump of light. Within the clump of light was the blurry image of a cross-legged human figure.

The figure was observing every move that Chen Feng made.

“Ke ke ke ke!” The figure then let out a piercing laugh, causing the surrounding streams of water to shake. The piercing quality of the laugh was so powerful that Chen Feng was able to instantly hear it.

There is really someone here. However, is this fellow an explorer from another world like me? If it’s not that, I will have to be careful. Chen Feng secretly put his guard up.

What a mighty fleshly body! Only, his cultivation level is slightly low. Whatever, I have been waiting for so many years only to have no one enter. I was originally thinking of taking over the body of a Human Immortal. However, this fleshly body is not inferior compared to that of an Earthen Immortal. I will grant this kid the chance to become my vessel then. The figure then laughed again. Hearing the laughter caused Chen Feng’s mind to shake as well.

“Tower, I am inside a dimension, right?” Chen Feng asked.

“You are currently inside a Treasured Ocean Pearl, a fairly decent magic treasure. A pity, it is already slightly damaged. The cyan-coloured waters around you are Dawnsource Crystal Waters. Heh! For you, this is a good item. However, its grade is somewhat too low for me,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“Dawnsource Crystal Waters. You are talking about a type of water essence formed by worldly fundamental energies? It can be directly used to scour the soul and improve vitality. It can even be used to concoct Sacred-tier medicinal pills. It can also be used for artefact forging.” Chen Feng thought about it. He had heard of this water before.

“It is as you said. This water is several levels higher compared to the spiritual waters of life that you obtained in the past. Weren’t you looking for something to improve the grade of the Life Sword? This Dawnsource Crystal Water will make a suitable substitute. Its effects are very good.”

“Something that can substitute for the waters of the Fountain of Life is definitely a good thing. However, what functions does this Treasured Ocean Pearl have?” Chen Feng asked.

“There are many functions. Its most important function is to collect water essence. The Dawnsource Crystal Water here is something that the Treasured Ocean Pearl spent a long time collecting.”

“Its grade should be quite high, no?”

“It’s a top-grade Dao artefact. A pity, it is somewhat damaged, otherwise I would have wanted to devour it.” Ever since Tower devoured the broken Immortal sword, he had lost interest in most Dao artefacts. Additionally, the Longevity Tower itself was constantly recovering its power on its own. Thus, only by devouring Immortal artefacts can the Longevity Tower actually recover a substantial amount of its power.

“A top-grade Dao artefact? Not bad, it’s mine then.” Chen Feng chuckled as he slowly utilized the Heavengulping Absorption Technique. Strands of the Dawnsource Crystal Waters flowed into his body and the longevity-type primary energy within him circulated, causing the pressure on him to slowly lessen.

Oh, this kid is even cultivating a wondrous cultivation technique. It feels somewhat familiar, but I can’t quite place it. Forget it. I’ll take over his body first. After I gain control over his memories, I will find out about everything. As Chen Feng was channelling his cultivation technique, the black figure swiftly approached him. Next, it transformed into a black stream of light, which entered Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

“Ha ha ha ha! I didn’t think that I could succeed so easily. Kid, you should feel honoured that I am taking over your body.” The black light disappeared, leaving a black-coloured, miniature humanoid hologram within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. The mini man laughed loudly.

Perhaps it was because the mini man was too powerful, but Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom ended up shaking.

“Who are you?” Chen Feng’s soul condensed out a humanoid form as well to appear within his sea of wisdom.

“You don’t need to know who I am, because your body will soon become mine. As for your soul, I will be refining it!” There was a somewhat piercing quality to the mini man’s voice. 

“You want to snatch my body? Not so fast!” Chen Feng waved his hand and his Lifebound Flame transformed into ribbons, which spun around Chen Feng’s palm.

“You are just a minor Sky Human stage cultivator, not even at the Human Immortal stage. Your present level of strength may be enough to make you a genius, but in front of me, you are just an ant! I can kill you with just one breath,” the mini man said arrogantly. After that, he strode towards Chen Feng and performed a grasping move. By capturing and refining the humanoid entity formed from Chen Feng’s soul, the mini man would be able to easily take over Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom and make Chen Feng’s body his own.

Both sides were in their soul forms. However, in a contest of soul powers, Chen Feng was far too weak. Not to mention, the mini man was also capable of employing some secret techniques.

“Are you thinking of refining me?” said Chen Feng, who waved his hand. His soul power swelled forth and a soul storm rapidly formed within his sea of wisdom.

“Is this all you got?” the mini man said disdainfully. Jabbing out with his finger, he sent a stream of black light into the soul storm that Chen Feng had created. Next, the black light exploded, becoming like roiling sparks. Instantly, Chen Feng felt as though his soul was getting scorched by fire. It was so unbearable that he felt the urge to cough out blood.

Impressive. Just a casual move from him had grievously wounded my soul. If he hadn’t held back, that move could have destroyed my soul completely, Chen Feng thought.

“Of course! Your soul is only at the Sky Human stage. As for me, even though my fleshly body has disappeared, my soul has been through years of tempering. It is already on the cusp of breaking through to the Ascendant Immortal stage. Taking care of you will take but a thought from me. However, I can see that you are feeling unwilling. If you have any other abilities, then just go ahead and use them,” the mini man said. 

“You can read my mind?” Chen Feng grew even more shocked.

“Just a minor trick. Don’t forget, I am currently inside your sea of wisdom. You cannot hide anything from me.”

“In that case, have a taste of my Soul Subduing Mantra!” Despite knowing that he was no match for this opponent, Chen Feng decided to attack again.


Invisible energy fluctuations rapidly condensed to form a massive talisman. The talisman shone with a spiritual light and an ancient ‘subdue’ character was written on it. Next, the talisman rushed towards the mini man.

However, the mini man did not move. He simply allowed the talisman to land on his head. Energy fluctuations charged upwards and the Soul Subduing Talisman shone a few times before disappearing. As for the mini man, he remained still. It was as though that move had failed to harm him in the slightest.

“Oh? That’s a secret soul-type technique. It is actually an Immortal-tier technique. Looks like you are quite an extraordinary character. You must have some background. A pity, your level is too low. If you are a few levels higher, that move of yours would have been able to affect me somewhat. Originally, I was thinking of just destroying your soul Now, I think I can just erase your soul imprint.”

“Well, then. There is a limit to my patience. What other abilities do you have? Hurry up and show me?” The mini man laughed. The Soul Subduing Mantra that Chen Feng utilized earlier had piqued his interest. 

“Soul Lock Mantra!” Chen Feng waved his hand as he channelled the secret soul technique again. This time, the talisman he condensed out did not have the ‘subdue’ character on it. Instead, it had a ‘lock’ character on it.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 jin = 0.5 kg

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