Chapter 716 Abyss


“Such power!” Tie Liuzhi sucked in a sharp breath of air. If that ball of energy had struck him, it would have torn his body to bits.

He could catch my Bloody Soulbeads with his bare hand. Is he a Human Immortal? Surely, not even a Human Immortal could so casually accomplish that. Tie Liuzhi’s mind reeled. He regarded Chen Feng with a look of regret. It was obvious that he was far weaker compared to this fellow. In fact, if this fellow decided to attack for real, he would be incapable of defending himself.

“That’s just a warning,” Chen Feng said coolly before flying off again. This time, Tie Liuzhi no longer had the courage to give chase. That was suicide.

I suppose it’s just bad luck on my part. Though, I can also be considered lucky. It appears the other fellow is not some bloodthirsty character. Tie Liuzhi shook his head.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

One attack after another pierced through the sky to arrive before him in an instant. The three Chang Brothers and the Silver-armoured Gale Wolf had caught up to him.

What bad luck! In the end, I only managed to obtain two Deathstill Fruits. Not to mention, I had even provoked the three Chang Brothers. Tie Liuzhi shook his head again. The expression on his face flickered for a moment before his figure quickly dashed away.

“You’re thinking of leaving? If you don’t hand over the Deathstill Fruits, we brothers will chase you to the ends of the earth. Even after leaving this Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans, we brothers will continue to hunt you down!” the three brothers howled.

“Humph, do you fellows think that I am afraid of you? If you have what it takes, then come!” Tie Liuzhi responded with a scoff.

Chen Feng kept flying forward, covering a distance of over 500 kilometres before stopping. Hovering high up in the sky, he waved his hand and a portal appeared from his palm. Next, a formidable suction force emerged from the portal. It was as though there were thick roots inserting themselves into space.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Black-coloured energy streams at three different spots began condensing into energy clumps, which jumped through space as they made their way towards Chen Feng. The three different spots were all at varying distances from Chen Feng. The first was 500 kilometres away, the second was 1,500 kilometres away and the third was 5,000 kilometres away.

Everywhere they went, the sky turned dark as both sun and moon seemingly lost their radiance. The exploring cultivators who were within the affected areas raised their heads in surprise. They did not understand what was happening.

“Is a treasure about to emerge?”

“It looks to me like a heretical object is about to emerge.”

It did not take long for the space there to become clear once more and all of the death energy collected were devoured by the Death Sword. Chen Feng could already sense the surging power of death within the Death Sword. However, it did not fuse up with the Life Sword. There were no signs that it would be levelling up at all.

Looks like I will need to find some power of life.

Chen Feng then spent the next two days making his way through a flat land, three basins and a stretch of rolling hills. He had already gone through hundreds of thousands of li. During that time, the number of cultivators he encountered grew increasingly high. Normally, though, they would not go trouble Chen Feng. Likewise, Chen Feng too, did not attack them. The same was true even when he encountered those from Heartless Heaven Sect and Warlord Pavilion. Where there were no benefits to be gained, Chen Feng seriously could not find the motivation to attack them. Naturally, it would be a different story if there were some good items involved.

Given Chen Feng’s present level of strength, attacking characters like those felt somewhat degrading.

On the third day, Chen Feng finally encountered some disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction.

It was a ruined piece of land. Even with Chen Feng’s eye power, he was incapable of seeing the ends of the ruined land. There were seemingly bottomless pits, mountainous mounds and holes on the ground. There were also places with uneven terrain there.

Clearly, this place had played host to an intense battle before. Strands of blade-like energy streams flowed endlessly there. There were malevolent energy, yao energy, demonic energy and various other fundamental energies mixed within them. After tens of thousands of years congealing together, they had transformed into a brand-new type of power, creating an even more powerful energy stream.

There were two forces fighting each other at the edges of one of the bottomless pits. 

One of them consisted of the disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction. However, the other side was clearly holding the upper hand in the battle. The seven cultivators besieged the three cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction and both sides unleashed their killer moves again and again. The cultivators were constantly getting wounded and screams of misery kept filling the air.

Even so, neither side stopped attacking. Instead, with bloodshot eyes, every one of them revealed a desire to continue attacking until the other side was dead.

“Astral Sword of the Great Enigma!”

“Slash of the Five Elemental Cycle!”

“Driftwind Astral Sword!”

“World-toppling Battle Seal!”

The killer moves employed by the two sides caused the surrounding ground to crack without respite. Finally, one of them became grievously wounded.

A cultivator from Heavenly Sword Faction had gone all out, taking grievous wounds in the process as he pushed himself beyond his limits to utilize a sword technique that he had yet to fully master. Thanks to the sword technique, he managed to grievously wound two cultivators on the other side. However, he ended up losing all ability to fight as a result.

“It is said that you disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction are all madmen. Today, I finally got to witness your madness. However, no matter how mad you fellows may be, no matter how much you push yourselves, you cannot change the fact that you fellows will be dying here today.

“Naturally, you fellows also have another choice. That is to crush the Teleportation Talismans while you fellows still have the strength to fight back and leave this place. However, by doing so, you fellows will have to end this training session ahead of time.”

“Is that your plan? Have us leave and let you guys get the treasures here? Hah! You already know that we disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction are madmen. Today, even if we throw our lives away here, we will ensure that this ends with mutual destruction. Let’s see which of us dies first!” 

The eyes of the cultivators on both sides turned even redder and the killing energy coming from their bodies grew increasingly strong.

By then, Chen Feng was already hovering up in the sky above them. However, he did not take action immediately. Instead, he curiously observed his surroundings.

There is something strange here. Although these fellows are antagonistic towards one another, there is no need to be going all out like this. It looks like they are affected by some external power. After reaching that conclusion, Chen Feng slowly flew down.

As predicted, after descending to a certain altitude, Chen Feng instantly felt his blood streams surge and a murderous desire hidden deep within his heart became seemingly on the brink of bursting out. However, Chen Feng swiftly suppressed all of that.

Next, he focused to sense everything around him only to find nothing out of the ordinary. It was as though what happened earlier was just an illusion. However, Chen Feng knew that what happened earlier was real. This situation was not something that he could underestimate.

As expected, Chen Feng soon noticed a sinister and obscure strand of energy slipping into his sea of wisdom. There, it promptly expanded to trigger a series of reactions. His mind became affected and bloodthirsty desires began raging.

These fellows must be in the same situation as me. However, what happened to them was different from what happened to me. The way the energy affected me is very forceful and abrupt. These fellows, on the other hand, must have been gradually affected when they began fighting. It seems there is someone pulling the strings in the dark.

If there is someone hiding in the dark here, then they can only be hiding here. After considering that, Chen Feng’s figure dashed forward to disappear. He had utilized a peculiar move to enter the nearby bottomless pit.

Before entering the bottomless pit, however, Chen Feng hurled something out. A stream of light swiftly flew out from Chen Feng’s hand to arrive atop the two sides who were fighting each other before exploding. Next, numerous silky threads spread out, becoming like spiderwebs as they wrapped up the seven cultivators.

“What is that?” The three cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction quickly backed away. Strangely enough, not one strand of the webs latched onto them.

“It’s a web barrier created using the spider silk of a Yellow Wood Spider. Someone is launching a sneak attack!”

As they spoke, the seven cultivators became utterly bound by the spider silk. Their ability to move became restrained and the more they struggled, the tighter it became. A foreboding sensation rose up to their minds.

“Hurry, crush the Teleportation Talisman!”

“A good chance! Attack!” The three cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction realized the opportunity lying before them and they quickly attacked.



A series of rumbling sounds rang out, accompanied by the sounds of collisions and spatial powers. There were also cries of misery and unwillingness mixed in.

In the end, only four of them managed to escape through the spatial passageways to teleport back out while three of them were killed by the attacks launched by the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction.

It was originally a certain death situation for them. However, all of that was changed in an instant. Due to that, the three cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction exchanged glances before looking around.

“Earlier, someone secretly helped us.”

As the three of them were looking around, Chen Feng’s voice rang out. “You three should leave this place. It would be better to teleport out. A number of unstoppable forces have come to this ancient battlefield.”

That was all Chen Feng said to them as he descended. The reason for that was that he had sensed a faint feeling of crisis. Although it was very obscure, Chen Feng knew that it was not something he could overlook. Thus, he slowed down his rate of descent. At the same time, he pushed his stealth technique to its limits.

“What do you guys think?” The three cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction looked at each other and began discussing the issue.

“The other party saved us. So, he is probably a fellow disciple. Not to mention, he has already ventured into the bottomless pit. In that case, we must not think about snatching the treasures below.”

“Yes. However, about what he said earlier, to teleport out, what do you two think?”

“This ancient battlefield is full of dangers to begin with. Even Human Immortals could die here. Until the time limit arrives, I will not leave.”

“I won’t leave either. There are still a few more months. Maybe we’ll be able to get some gains during that time.”

“If so, let’s get out of here. We’ve managed to survive from the jaws of death here. Regardless of who the other party may be, that person has saved our lives.”

Finally, the three of them bowed respectfully towards the bottomless pit before leaving.

Naturally, Chen Feng was able to sense what the three cultivators were doing earlier. He could not stop himself from revealing a wry smile. I have already warned you fellows about it. What you choose to do next is up to you.

The most important issue right now is to check out what is below this pit. The rate at which Chen Feng was descending grew increasingly slow. Additionally, the warning cries coming from within his heart grew ever stronger.

To be able to make me feel this much danger, the other party must be at least a mid-level Human Immortal. Perhaps, even stronger, Chen Feng thought.

By then, Chen Feng had gone 1,000 zhang down. Even so, he was still incapable of seeing the end of the pit. Additionally, even through there was no smoke, his surroundings became dim. That was particularly true the deeper he went as an invisible power blocked his vision.

There are many factors that can affect a person’s mind. Magic arrays, malevolent energy or maybe someone who cultivates sinister and heretical techniques is secretly making a move. Or perhaps, there are special spiritual herbs growing down below. Keeping his guard up, Chen Feng pondered his situation.


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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