Chapter 713 Cultivators from the Immortal Plane


Moving away from Chen Feng, who was secretly chatting with Tower, something was happening at a spot somewhere around 50,000 kilometres in front of Chen Feng. The place was a wasteland. The defining features of the place were a crater that was seemingly formed from a meteor and the countless colossal rocks scattered around the place.

Clearly, this was the result of the great battle that happened back in the past.

Suddenly, a relatively flat area within that place shook and the space above it folded. Then, with a tearing sound, a crack appeared. It was as though a monster had torn apart the space there. Next, a circular array platform flew out from the crack.

It landed on the ground in a seemingly gentle manner. However, the tangible waves of power spreading out into its surroundings caused the hard ground – tougher than even steel – to crumble. Some distant spots ended up collapsing in the face of the energy waves. It was like a hurricane smashing its way into a body of water and the waters that were swept up ended up affecting its surroundings.

When the array platform finally settled down, three cultivators walked out from it. One of them waved his hand to collect the array platform.

“So, this is the Heavensday Battlefield. It doesn’t seem too special.”

“The energy streams here are quite chaotic. Not to mention, the ground here is very hard. It is quite suitable to be a battlefield.”

“However, many ancient Immortal Humans were killed in the war that happened here. Most of them were at the Ascendant Immortal stage. There were also some True Immortals. When it comes to obtaining legacies, serendipity and luck are important. As long as I can obtain some fragments, I will be satisfied.”

“Don’t be modest about it. I have heard stories of others who entered this place in the past. It is said that they managed to obtain an Immortal artefact here. Now, I only hope that not too many people have come, otherwise we’ll be faced with another battle.”

“If you ask me, the ones who can enter this place are mostly the aborigines from the lower planes. Their cultivation bases are all very low. Even if we encounter them, there will be nothing to worry about. “

The three cultivators were all youngsters. Two of them wore resplendent combat armour while the third wore aqua-blue robes. Every one of them sported dashing and elegant looks, giving off the impression of exalted characters. The atmosphere that they were exuding alone was enough to tell that they did not come from some ordinary place.

Suddenly, one of them performed a grasping motion at the ground. Next, the hard ground cracked apart and an invisible power pulled out a massive earthen-yellow wyrm from somewhere deep below the ground.

At that very moment, there was only horror in the wyrm’s eyes. Originally, upon sensing danger, the wyrm had hidden itself and remained still. Unexpectedly, it would still end up getting captured. Additionally, no matter how hard it struggled, it was incapable of extricating itself.

“Unexpectedly, we would encounter a Yao King the moment we arrived. Unfortunately, it is too weak. It does not have much value.” After saying that, the cultivator tossed the massive earthen-yellow wyrm away with a casual flick of his hand. Next, the three of them leapt into the sky, disappearing in a flash.

“Woah!” Having just escaped from death, the wyrm lost the balls to stay there. It quickly ran as far away from the place as it could.

Oh, there are indeed some energy fluctuations. Additionally, it is the aura of immortal dao laws. Strange. Just what could it be? Chen Feng, who was in the midst of flying forward, suddenly halted. Next, his pupils spun and his eye technique activated, allowing his gaze to peer through space.

However, Chen Feng failed to find anything. The other party had already left by then. As Chen Feng was about to retract his gaze, however, he saw a massive wyrm charging towards him.

Quickly, Chen Feng determined that there was still a distance of over 40,000 kilometres between him and the wyrm. Thus, he sped up again.

When there was a distance of 10,000 kilometres between the two, the wyrm noticed Chen Feng. Although Chen Feng’s flight speed shocked the wyrm, it did not think too much about it. It did not sense any danger from Chen Feng. Rather, the aura that Chen Feng was emanating was simply too weak.

Finally, the two sides met.

So, it is a Yao King. A pity, it is only a starter-level Yao King. It is not even qualified to become my pet. At present, even the weakest amongst Chen Feng’s helpers was at the high-level Yao King stage. In comparison, this starter-level Yao King was indeed not worth looking at. Additionally, Chen Feng’s present cultivation base was already strong enough that he could look down on Yao Kings of this level.

“Hold!” The massive wyrm viewed Chen Feng as an ant-like existence. It simply had no desire to deal with him. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng would take action against it.

With a loud shout, his soul power condensed into a clump of power before rushing towards the wyrm, quaking it. The massive wyrm’s body shook and its eyes revealed a look of pain. It felt as though every iota of strength within its body had dissipated. Its blood streams had seemingly lost the strength that it originally had.

The shout from Chen Feng contained the power of the Soul Subduing Mantra and the Soul Storm. In the face of such a formidable attack, not even the average Human Immortal could resist.

Next, Chen Feng’s palm grasped and a palm silhouette grabbed the wyrm. No matter how hard the wyrm struggled, it could not extricate itself from the great palm silhouette that Chen Feng had condensed out using his domain power.


Their surroundings shook and a thick power of earth moved forward to entangle Chen Feng. However, Chen Feng merely raised his leg and stomped once, causing the lands to quake. The power of earth was thus vibrated apart before it could properly condense itself.

“Stop struggling, or I will kill you,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

“Mercy!” Finally, the wyrm caved in.

“Hurry up and transform.” Chen Feng abruptly shouted. At the same time, he released his grip on the wyrm who instantly assumed its human form. A middle-aged man, clad entirely in yellow clothes, appeared before Chen Feng.

“What happened up ahead just now?” Chen Feng was direct in his questioning. At the same time, he kept a close eye on the wyrm. For the wyrm, it felt as though Chen Feng’s gaze was capable of seeing through every part of his body. He knew that he must not lie. He knew all too well the consequences of doing so. 

The wyrm secretly lamented his bad fortune. Just earlier, he had encountered three formidable characters. Escaping from that deathly situation had not been easy. Unexpectedly, he would encounter another ruthless fellow. 

This is a really unlucky day for me. The few cultivators I encountered are all experts.

As he wanted to survive, the wyrm had no choice but to tell Chen Feng the truth.

“Oh, three fellows broke space to arrive here? Additionally, there is also a wondrous-looking array platform exuding a thick aura of immortal dao laws.” Chen Feng’s eyes instantly lit up. “If so, what level do you think those three fellows are at?”

The wyrm pondered the question for a moment before answering, “All of them are probably Earthen Immortals.”

Chen Feng nodded his head. He did not trouble the wyrm any further and waved his hand to let him off.

“Tower, three Earthen Immortals. They are probably not from Eternal World, no?” Chen Feng asked.

Tower considered it for a moment before replying, “The three of them used an array platform to get here. It must be the Void Array Platform. It is a teleportation array capable of jumping through the void. There is an 80% chance that they came from the Immortal Plane. Naturally, it is also possible that they are from other worlds. Still, this means that others have already noticed this battlefield. Not to mention, they have already created a passageway leading to this place.”

Pondering the issue for a moment, Chen Feng then said, “If so, won’t the cultivators who entered this place end up in a miserable spot? The difference between the two sides is simply too big. If they bump into them, they will be in deep trouble. Hopefully, this ancient battlefield is big enough. I must quickly tell the disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction to leave this place.” 

Chen Feng was not feeling too worried about himself. He had managed to take care of even the experts from Purple Blood Clan. Thus, the three Earthen Immortals did not feel dangerous to him. Additionally, Chen Feng was eagerly wanting to meet them. That way, he would be able to snatch their items to help the Longevity Tower restore its powers.

As these fellows had come from the Immortal Plane, Chen Feng believed that they would surely possess many good items on their person. Even if they do not possess any Immortal artefacts, they should possess at least a few Immortal-tier pills, right?

Chen Feng moved quickly and it did not take long for him to arrive at the spot where the three cultivators had appeared earlier. However, he failed to find anything useful. Even the Thousand Seeker Mirror was incapable of finding anything. At any rate, their cultivation levels were too high. They were not the kind of existences that Chen Feng could sense.

As Chen Feng was about to leave, Tower suddenly spoke up, “Someone else is coming.”

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. For Tower to be warning him meant that these newcomers were extraordinary characters. At the very least, Chen Feng himself hadn’t noticed anything yet.

Chen Feng’s Void and Dark acupoints began running and his figure slowly disappeared. However, Tower suddenly waved his hand, sending a wave of power out to instantly reveal Chen Feng’s figure.

“Tower, what are you doing here?” Chen Feng was shocked.

“These fellows are very powerful. Your action of hiding yourself will be futile. You should just wait out here in the open,” Tower said coolly.

“Could it be Earthen Immortals again?” Chen Feng grew curious, but he stopped talking. Instead, he simply stood there and waited, as though nothing was happening. He wanted to see who the newcomers were.

Next, the space there shook and a tearing sound rang out before a crack opened up. Following that, a circular Void Array Platform flew out to land right before Chen Feng.

The array platform shone with immortal light and streams of immortal energy swirled around it. There was no way to tell what materials were used to forge the array platform, but it gave off a contradictory – fleeting yet solid – feeling. At the same time, there was a concept of sharpness that seemed capable of piercing through everything.

However, that was not the part that drew Chen Feng’s attention the most. Rather, it was the cultivators atop the array platform. There were four of them in total, standing side by side. There were three males and one female. All of them appeared young. 

All three male cultivators possessed strikingly handsome looks while the female cultivator looked noble and celestial. Add the swirling immortal energy streams around them, the sight of the four cultivators gave off the illusory feeling that one would feel when standing within a misty area.

Chen Feng had failed to determine the cultivation states of even one of the four cultivators. Just by standing there, they gave off a formidable atmosphere, which seemingly charged outwards. If it weren’t for the Longevity Tower serving as his backer, one glance at them would have caused a submissive notion that he could not fight against them to rise from the depths of his heart. 

All of them should be Earthen Immortals, right? Chen Feng sighed inwardly. At present, he had yet to even break through to the Human Immortal stage. Unexpectedly, he would repeatedly encounter experts at this level after entering the ancient battlefield.

Moving away from Chen Feng, who was secretly feeling astonished, the four cultivators were also surprised when they saw Chen Feng. However, when they saw Chen Feng’s cultivation level, they grew relaxed. At the same time, a playful look flashed across their eyes.

“Tower, who are these fellows and what level are they at?” Chen Feng was incapable of determining their cultivation states, but Tower could.

“Judging by the aura they are emanating, they are from the Immortal Plane. All four are starter-level Earthen Immortals. Putting their age and talent into consideration, the four of them must be from some notable great sects,” Tower analysed. 

“Forget it. Let’s not talk about the matters of the Immortal Plane. Let’s think about how to deal with our present situation first.” As all four were Earthen Immortals, Chen Feng was feeling somewhat worried.

“Aborigine!” Suddenly, one of them cast a look of disdain at Chen Feng.


1 li = 0.5 km

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