Chapter 712 Black-robed Cultivator


A poison-type energy attack. Which sect is he from? Chen Feng wondered as he stretched his hand out to grasp. The black smoke was immediately gathered into a clumpy ball. Then, with a swing of his hand, he sent the clump of smoke into the ground, causing the spot on the ground to blacken and crumble.

However, that move managed to delay Chen Feng somewhat, giving the figure time to dash backwards, putting some distance between him and Chen Feng.

This fellow has accumulated enough strength to assail the Human Immortal stage. Chen Feng regarded the fellow. He wore voluminous, black-coloured robes, which covered his entire body. His eyes were the only thing exposed, and only occasionally. The set of black robes was actually a Sacred artefact and profound ripples of energy could be sensed within it. Even so, thanks to his eye power, Chen Feng was able to see through the black robes.

A young and handsome cultivator. However, his face is slightly pale and his eyes look somewhat sinister. Chen Feng was still incapable of figuring out his background.

He is likely a loose cultivator. Forget it. I’ll ask him about the situation first.

Speaking of which, all the cultivators who could enter this Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans were all characters with certain backgrounds. Chen Feng himself was relying on his status as Heavenly Sword Faction’s honorary elder to enter. Most importantly, he had saved many of the disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction before. That was his value. Truth be told, Chen Feng can also be regarded as a loose cultivator.

Naturally, each and every one of the other loose cultivators who managed to get a spot here was not to be underestimated. They were either characters with good relationships with the sects involved or characters with formidable abilities.

Take this loose cultivator that Chen Feng was facing for example. His whole figure was shrouded within the black robes. Even so, Chen Feng was still able to sense the formless malevolent energy coming off him. Due to that, Chen Feng could tell that this fellow was highly experienced in fights and killing. There was no telling just how many people he had killed. It was evident from the way he had attacked Chen Feng despite not having seen Chen Feng earlier.

“Please hold!” Chen Feng shouted.

However, the black-robed cultivator simply snickered. Opening his mouth, he released a stream of black smoke. This time, the black smoke he released was different from the previous one. Converging together, the black smoke then burned and attacked Chen Feng. At the same time, the black-robed cultivator’s ten fingers kept moving and one spirit stone after another flew out to swirl around Chen Feng.


The space there shifted and changed as Chen Feng became trapped in a magic array. At the same time, the black smoke became like an agile snake, attempting to slip into Chen Feng’s body.

He has quite the set of skills. A pity, I have yet to open up my Poison acupoint, otherwise I would be able to absorb this poisonous energy. By extending his hand, Chen Feng sucked in the black smoke with a grasping motion. Next, a clump of flames burst out from his palm to quickly burn the black smoke away, all of it. The black smoke released sharp shrieks as it burned.

What a highly potent poison! However, it is useless against me. Although the poisonous energy was very potent, it could not even make it past Chen Feng’s skin. Thus, it was practically useless.

His domain unfurled. Wind and lightning blended to boost each other while water and fire existed in harmony; all of them then swept outwards. A series of popping sounds rang out and the magic array entrapping Chen Feng broke. Next, Chen Feng’s figure darted forward and he charged at the black-robed cultivator.

“Since you cannot appreciate acts of kindness, don’t blame me for this.” Chen Feng stopped going easy on the black-robed cultivator. He employed the Kirin Steps and stretched his hand out to catch the black-robed cultivator.

Seeing Chen Feng break his move so quickly, the black-robed cultivator became shocked. He knew that he had encountered an expert. However, he did not panic. In the face of Chen Feng’s incoming attack, his whole body surged with black smoke. He had once again utilized a poison-type attack.

This time, there were even more streams of poisonous energy. Some of them formed into formidable astral shields to block Chen Feng’s attack while the others transformed into agile snakes, which moved forward to entangle Chen Feng.

“Is this all you have?” The black-robed cultivator had been quick to react and his response was quite good. However, they were incapable of actually threatening Chen Feng.

In the face of absolute power, all forms of attacks were nothing more than flashy tricks.

“Can you block this?” In the face of the black-robed cultivator’s counter attack, Chen Feng did not stop his advancing palm. Instead, it continued to charge at the black-robed cultivator to capture him. At the same time, the domain that Chen Feng released grew even more violent. The instant the black-robed cultivator’s attacks made contact with Chen Feng’s domain, they became like snowflakes falling into flames, melting away just like that. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Next, Chen Feng’s five fingers easily broke through the poisonous energy shields that the black-robed cultivator put up.

“Oh, no!” Seeing how powerful Chen Feng was, the black-robed cultivator’s heart lurched. He knew then that he had been too careless about this. His whole figure abruptly pulsed and the black robes on his body rotated, becoming like a maelstrom deep within an ocean, capable of tearing everything apart. Additionally, there was also a pair of sharp eyes sending a stabbing gaze towards Chen Feng.

Surprisingly, he was able to unleash a soul attack at Chen Feng while utilizing his magic treasure.

This fellow is truly not to be underestimated. He is even more powerful compared to Senior Brother Wen Shaoxiu. Chen Feng smiled. However, he did not evade the incoming attack. He allowed the gaze to enter his own eyes while his hand swiftly grasped. A booming sound rang out and his hand tore out a chunk of the black robes, leaving a large hole upon them.


After that, the claw shape that his hand was assuming turned back to a flat palm shape and the black-robed cultivator was sent flying.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of popping sounds rang out again. This time, they came from the black-robed cultivator’s body. That was the sound of his bones and meridians breaking.

As for the eye technique he unleashed against Chen Feng earlier, it was completely ineffective.

“What other moves do you have? Go ahead and use them. However, I assure you. I will not be holding back anymore after this,” Chen Feng said coolly as he looked at the black-robed cultivator who was lying on the ground.

The black-robed cultivator had wanted to bring out his magic treasures to continue fighting. However, when he saw the deepness within Chen Feng’s eyes, an intense feeling of crisis rose up from his heart. He knew then that any more offensive actions from him would result in his death. 

“You are a Human Immortal?” the black-robed cultivator asked grimly.

“There is no need for you to ask anything. Just answer my questions. If I am not satisfied, I will kill you anytime I feel like it.” Even though Chen Feng was smiling, there was a look of indifference on his face, making it even harder to figure him out.

“What questions?” The black-robed cultivator sighed and looked at Chen Feng. However, he was still keeping his guard up.

“The recent events here. Tell me everything you know,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“I’ve been spending all my time cultivating here, so I do not know much.” The black-robed cultivator struggled to sit before talking. At the same time, he analysed his present situation. In the end, he came up with a conclusion. If he had not attacked right from the beginning, he would not have been beaten up.

Hopefully, he does not bear any malicious intentions, otherwise I will have to crush my Teleportation Talisman, the black-robed cultivator thought.

The black-robed cultivator was brief and he quickly informed Chen Feng everything he knew. Speaking of which, since entering the ancient battlefield, the black-robed cultivator had simply spent his time on exploring the place and cultivating himself. Although he did encounter some other cultivators, he did not know much.

Upon hearing that, Chen Feng revealed no change in his expression. This black-robed cultivator did not know much. However, he did give Chen Feng some interesting information. 

Firstly, some cultivators had broken through to the Human Immortal stage.

Secondly, the battle between Heavenly Sword Faction and Heartless Heaven Sect had grown even more intense.

Thirdly, someone had obtained some Immortal artefact fragments. As for who these fellows were, he did not know.

“That’s all I know. Do you have anymore questions?” Seeing Chen Feng remain silent, the black-robed cultivator could not stop himself from asking.

“Is that it? It looks like there are still some other information that you are not telling me. Do you want to force me to use a soul-searching technique on you?” Chen Feng said coolly, a glint of killing intent flashing past his eyes.

“I have already informed you of everything I know! There is no way I can tell you something I don’t know!” the black-robed cultivator hastily said. As the same time, he secretly speculated Chen Feng’s origins. Given how strong Chen Feng was, he was surely no nameless character.

“If so, why did you come here? Don’t tell me you inadvertently came here. Right now, you only have this one chance. Don’t blame me if you miss it. Now that you are right before me, you won’t be able to even crush your Teleportation Talisman,” Chen Feng said with a tepid tone, glints of black light shining from his eyes. It was a ghastly sight to behold.

“It’s nothing special actually. Not too long ago, I sensed some energy fluctuations coming from up ahead. That is why I am heading there.” The black-robed cultivator sighed. Unexpectedly, this fellow before him had managed to notice it.

“What kind of energy fluctuations? How long ago was it and how far away?” Chen Feng was quick to continue his questions.

“It should be the energy fluctuations from immortal dao laws. It was three days ago. Its specific location should be somewhere 50,000 kilometres ahead from here.” Now that he had revealed it, the black-robed cultivator did not hide it anymore. 

Seeing the suspicious expression on Chen Feng’s face, the black-robed cultivator revealed a wry smile and said, “Back then, I was utilizing a secret technique which allows me to sense far ahead. Additionally, it is quite sensitive towards energy fluctuations.”

“Is that so?” Chen Feng cast a thoughtful look at the black-robed cultivator. Then, he nodded. Next, his figure flashed, disappearing from sight. When the black-robed cultivator raised his head, all he could see was a blurry dot in the horizon. 

Seeing Chen Feng disappear from sight, the black-robed cultivator breathed a sigh of relief. Only then did he realize that he was completely soaked in cold sweat.

It had to be said. In situations like these, even fellow disciples from the same sect would sometimes choose to kill each other. That was even more probable when those from different sects encounter one another. If that fellow had chosen to attack him earlier, the black-robed cultivator had no confidence in his ability to escape.

“I had assumed that with my recent growth in strength, I can already be considered as an expert. Unexpectedly, there is still someone who is so much stronger than me. Looks like I will have to be more cautious in the future. Still, if I do not go check it out, I won’t be able to live with myself.” An entangled look appeared on the black-robed cultivator’s face. Finally, clenching his teeth, he advanced again.

To be capable of sensing energy fluctuations that are 50,000 kilometres away, that secret technique is quite something. However, my Magic Eyes of Darkness can also achieve the same result. Chen Feng sped up. The black-robed cultivator’s words had piqued his interest. By Chen Feng’s estimate, there were many scenarios that could result in the appearance of immortal dao laws. However, regardless of which scenario it may be, all of them would be very attractive towards Sky Human stage cultivators.

Additionally, thanks to the observations from Chen Feng’s soul power, he was not worried that the black-robed cultivator was lying to him.

Is an Immortal artefact about to emerge? Chen Feng wondered.

“By the way, Tower, do you think there are any surviving ancient Immortal Humans here?” Chen Feng suddenly asked Tower.

Tower considered it for a moment before answering, “Hard to say. However, by my estimate, the chances of any ancient Immortal Humans remaining here are very small.”

“Oh, why do you say that?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

“It’s very simple. This space is only attractive for cultivators at your level. As for those ancient Immortal Humans, each and every one of them possessed great magics and formidable might. If they did not fall in the great battle, they would have long since left this place. The Immortal artefact fragments here are treasures to people like you, but not to them. For them, those things are not even worth looking at,” Tower said lackadaisically.


1 li = 0.5 km

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