Chapter 711 Larva


“What about this one?” Chen Feng then pressed his hand against the body of the bug. He could feel the smoothness of the surface and the heat coming off it. He could also sense the torrential power within its body.

“This Ancient Flame Beetle is in its larva stage. At present, its strength is equivalent to that of a high-level Human Immortal. Additionally, it has yet to develop intellect. Kid, consider yourself lucky. This is a good opportunity to subdue it,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“A cultivation base of high-level Human Immortal at the larva stage? Surely not?!” Chen Feng was shocked.

“Humph! You’ve been holed up in just one cultivation world. How much can you know? When your cultivation level is high enough to leave Eternal World and explore the cosmos, you will know just how colourful the world beyond is. Some monstrous-like races will possess the might of a Human Immortal at their moment of birth. There is no need for them to cultivate. Upon reaching adulthood, they will automatically ascend to the Immortal Plane. They don’t even need to undergo Heavenly Tribulation,” Tower said with a prideful tone.

“There are such monstrous existences?” Chen Feng’s eyes went wide. “It is said that the cosmos is filled with extraordinary existences. Looks like the vast universe is even more mysterious than I could have imagined.” 

“If so, what should I do now? Do I just enter its sea of wisdom?” There was still a note of scepticism in his voice.

“I have already made it clear before. This is just a larva without much in way of intellect. You can succeed easily by utilizing the Soul Shackle technique. Still, I am curious as to how an Ancient Flame Beetle could appear here,” Tower said, a note of annoyance in his voice.

Chen Feng nodded and his soul power surged forward to quickly enter the Ancient Flame Beetle’s sea of wisdom. As expected, the sea of wisdom of this beetle, despites its Human Immortal stage power, was a mess. There were only several fragments of intellectual thought processes within it. Through the fragments, Chen Feng was able to easily obtain some information. They were the information pertaining to its sleep and meal cycle. There were also some simplistic ways of combat that the beetle could utilize.

Without thinking too much about it, and fearing that something unexpected might happen, Chen Feng swiftly melded his soul imprint into the Ancient Flame Beetle’s sea of wisdom. Next, a wondrous feeling of connection between his soul and the beetle emerged within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

With that, Chen Feng knew that he had gained absolute control over the Ancient Flame Beetle.

Thankfully, this larva is in deep sleep. If it were awake, it would not be so easy for this to succeed, Chen Feng thought.

Next, the Ancient Flame Beetle woke up. In the beginning, it became flustered. Quickly, however, it expressed thoughts of enthusiasm and submission towards Chen Feng.

Now this is a real pet. Possessing a cultivation base of a high-level Human Immortal at the larva stage. Its ability to display its prowess will be even greater in the future. After obtaining the Ancient Flame Beetle, Chen Feng felt delighted.

Subduing formidable existences like this was best done when its intellect was still in the developing stages. It was the equivalent of humans taming hounds. Naturally, they must begin training them from a young age.

Next, Chen Feng sent a thought to it and the Ancient Flame Beetle immediately shrank to a length of one inch before flying into Chen Feng’s palm. Casually looking at it, one would assume that it was something carved out from a fiery-red crystal.  

Chen Feng then kept the ancient bug into the Longevity Tower and brought out a high number of Immortal crystals for it to refine and absorb. He also brought out the fire-type spirit stones that he had accumulated within the Longevity Tower for it. All of them were piled up like a mountain. Seeing Chen Feng’s generosity, the Divine Phantom Mink and the others felt their hearts stirring.

“At the very least, this youngster is very generous.” The Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm shook his head and turned to look at the tree yao and tiger yao who were absorbing Immortal crystals to heal themselves. In the earlier battle, the two of them were the most badly wounded amongst them all. However, now that they have entered the Longevity Tower, willingly dying would be hard even for them. Not to mention, there were so many Immortal crystals and spiritual herbs there. Thus, recovering was just a matter of time for them.

The part that caused their passion to rise, however, were the pointers that Tower gave them on their cultivation. Rather, Tower even brought out some immortal dao laws, which he then inserted into their bodies. Upon successfully comprehending the immortal dao laws, they would be able to quickly rise up to a higher level.

The immortal dao laws were items that Tower had replicated using his energy. There were also some that he had brought out from the broken sword. At least, those that he had yet to completely refine and absorb.

Compared to the immortal dao laws, however, the pointers given by Tower were even more important. Merely a few words from Tower were enough to stir these Earthen Immortal stage existences. In their minds, Tower’s status had instantly surpassed that of Chen Feng’s status.

After having collected the Ancient Flame Beetle, there was no other reason for Chen Feng to stay there. Thus, he quickly made his way back to the surface before advancing through the swamp.

Next up, Chen Feng collected some top-grade ores and spiritual herbs that he found along the way. He also found the fragment of a top-grade Dao artefact. However, his harvest was far inferior compared to the Ancient Flame Beetle.

Thankfully, I have been able to get constant stream of harvest here. Chen Feng was quite satisfied. During the few months that he was inside the ancient battlefield, he had been able acquire a considerable amount of gains.

I wonder if anyone managed to break through to the Human Immortal stage. There are still around six months left before the designated time limit expires. Then, the Human Immortals would enter. However, there is no need for me to feel anxious. The environment here is quite good. I can stay here for a while longer. Chen Feng had been spending his recent days cultivating himself, not making contact with other cultivators. Thus, he did not know what had been going on. Naturally, that also meant that he was unaware that the Human Immortals have entered in advance.

Also, I wonder how Brother Jian Xiaotian and the others are holding up? Did they manage to get some more harvest? Chen Feng pondered as he advanced through the swamp.

Chen Feng was not feeling too concerned for Jian Xiaotian. As Jian Xiaotian possessed the defensive measures given to him by his master, he would be able to escape even in the face of danger.

Still, so many forces have joined up to target and kill off those from Heavenly Sword Faction. Looks like many cultivators will die here in this ancient battlefield. All the cultivators sent inside are the elites of their respective sects. After such a brutal series of battles, the ensuing days will surely be rocky.

Let’s find someone and ask them about the situation first. Chen Feng then sped up while retracting all of his aura. Both the Dark acupoint and Void acupoint within him operated at the same time. Thus, despite the speed at which Chen Feng was moving at, it was as though his figure had utterly disappeared from space. Those beneath the Human Immortal stage would find it difficult to notice Chen Feng.

It did not take long for Chen Feng to advance through over 500 kilometres. And yet, he was still incapable of leaving the swamp. As he was advancing, he had already utilized his eye technique to check his surroundings. Everything within a 2,500-kilometres radius from him was swamp.

Let’s see how big this swamp is. After that, energy streams surged around Chen Feng. He was utilizing his domain power to improve his power. However, he did not fly up. Instead, his entire figure became a faint shadow. In just the blink of an eye, he had traversed a distance of tens of li. His speed had surpassed that of some Human Immortals.

Suddenly, Chen Feng halted. As he had stopped in such an abrupt manner, the momentum behind his body charged forward, causing two pools of mud before him to flip upside down.


Countless Bloodthirsty Poison Wasps were inundated by the mud.

Places such as this swamp – filled with miasma – was prone to become a breeding spot for bugs. Due to the high amount of spiritual energy here and some other special reasons, the bugs that could survive there all possessed a formidable offensive power. 

In the past, Chen Feng had also encountered these Bloodthirsty Poison Wasps back when he was in Eternal World. The wasps he encountered back then were only capable of posing a slight danger towards Sky Human stage cultivators. However, the Bloodthirsty Poison Wasps he faced this time was different. In the face of the Bloodthirsty Poison Wasps swarming him, even a Human Immortal would be engulfed. 

There are at least 10 million of them. Individually, each of them possesses the strength of a Great Yao. What a formidable show of force! In the outside world, this is already strong enough to start a massacre! Chen Feng sucked in a sharp breath of air.

By then, the Bloodthirsty Poison Wasps was already upon Chen Feng. Instantly, they engulfed him and his figure disappeared from sight as sharp, poisonous stingers jabbed towards him.

In just the blink of an eye, tens of the poisonous stingers from the Bloodthirsty Poison Wasps had made contact with Chen Feng’s body. At the same time, even more Bloodthirsty Poison Wasps charged over.

The sound created from the flap of their wings brought about a feeling of irritation.

Chen Feng, however, remained immobile, allowing the countless poisonous stingers to attack him. After one breath’s worth of time, over 100 stingers had attacked him. And yet, not one managed to pierce through his skin.

Their offensive power is comparable to a mid-grade Prized artefact. However, it is useless against me. Even if there are more of them, it is still useless, unless they want to waste my time.

Sou! Sou!

Seeing their attacks fail to produce any results, the Bloodthirsty Poison Wasps began attacking Chen Feng’s eyes.


Two black-coloured spiritual light shone out from Chen Feng’s eyes, spreading far into the distance. As a result, all the Bloodthirsty Poison Wasps in their path were turned to ash.

Next, Chen Feng turned and the black-coloured light swept out, catching large swaths of the Bloodthirsty Poison Wasps within its radiance.

After just a short breath’s worth of time, Chen Feng retracted his gaze. All of the Bloodthirsty Poison Wasps within a radius of 1,000 zhang had been wiped out.

Over one million Bloodthirsty Poison Wasps had died to Chen Feng’s gaze. This violent display of offensive power from Chen Feng caused the distant Bloodthirsty Poison Wasps to halt in their tracks and they stopped attacking him.

It is said that they are all like moths to the flame. However, once the strength of their opponent reaches a certain threshold, these social creatures with supposedly no regards to their own lives would still know fear. After considering that, Chen Feng’s eyes flashed out several more times and streams of black light flew out from his eyes before landing upon the packed swarm of Bloodthirsty Poison Wasps. Next, the streams of black light exploded and a high number of the Bloodthirsty Poison Wasps were wiped out once more by the force behind the explosions.

The Bloodthirsty Poison Wasps had been considering attacking Chen Feng again. However, seeing that, they quickly retreated, disappearing completely in short notice.

No matter where you go, power is the most important asset. Chen Feng sighed and retracted his gaze. His eyes returned to their normal state.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng’s figure kept flashing forward as he continued advancing. However, it did not take long before the boring feeling came to an end. He had encountered another cultivator.

I finally found someone. Let’s ask him about what’s going on. Chen Feng chuckled. Disregarding the person’s background, he employed the Kirin Steps, leaving blurry images behind as he moved forward.

“Who?” The cultivator that Chen Feng had set his sights on noticed something amiss. However, he did not turn his head. Instead, he quickly took several steps forward and waved his hand. Next, a stream of black smoke surged towards Chen Feng.

Everywhere the black smoke went, the ground would become black. Clearly, the black smoke contained a potent poison.


1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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