Chapter 71: Wicked Peddlers


“All right, all right. Let’s not go into that issue first. For now, let’s discuss how to let you recover. Earlier, you absorbed the Water of Life and managed to recover some of your strength, right? If I can find more Water of Life, you can recover even more of your strength. So, when that happens, you will be able to help me find more materials, right?” Chen Feng suggested.

“Not a bad idea. If there is a lake’s worth of Water of Life, I will be able to recover more of my magic powers. Then, I will be able to utilize my magic abilities and secret techniques,” said Tower with the same tone of solemnity.

“An entire lake’s worth of Water of Life? I didn’t get that wrong, did I?” Chen Feng cried out in response.

“Just getting that little spring earlier had nearly killed me!”

“You can also take out some magic treasures for me to fuse with. Magic treasures are created using various rare materials. They contain spiritual attributes and can be used to repair the wounds on my body,” said Tower.

Wounds on my body. As expected, it would appear that the one speaking is indeed the little tower of mine. How unexpected. To think that the magic treasure has attained awareness. Chen Feng noted.

“I do have some Magic artefacts with me,” said Chen Feng.

“You are talking about those broken goods, aren’t you? Those items are just rubbish. I would suggest you to find a place and sell them off. There is no point in keeping them,” said Tower.

As Chen Feng conversed with Tower, he was suddenly visited by a feeling that Tower was talking more and more. Additionally, his words contained a teasing tone. Chen Feng felt as though he was conversing with a living person.

“Then, what about the Overwhelming Astral Sword?” asked Chen Feng again.

“That sword qualifies, if not barely. However, you will likely need ten or eight of those just to repair one of my wounds,” replied Tower.

“If that is how it is, you might as well wait until I have cultivated up to the Immortal stage,” answered Chen Feng as he pursed his lips to the side.

“That’s fine too. After talking so much, I am feeling tired. I will need to enter deep sleep. If there is anything good nearby, I will give you a call.” After saying that, Tower fell into a state of silence.

“Kid, I did not expect you to possess such a treasure. It has actually developed awareness. Let’s make a deal. Release me and I promise I will not be your enemy. Rather, I can even give you some benefits,” the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm, who had calmed down, started to converse with Chen Feng.

“Have you gone stupid? Release you? Do you think of me as an idiot? Just be good and stay here,” said Chen Feng with a roll of his eyes.

“What is the point of imprisoning me here? Not only do you gain nothing, you have to waste your energy instead. Are you not afraid that I will break free one day?” threatened the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm.

“You said it yourself. One day, you will break free. As long as you cannot break free today, that’s good. If I release you, I will probably die immediately. Unless my strength has surpassed yours, you should just be good and stay here, all right?” said Chen Feng with a smile.

After that, Chen Feng turned towards the Four-eared Spirit Monkey. Due to its long imprisonment there, the yao beast’s aura had weakened considerably. Even so, Chen Feng still dared not let it go. Although the Four-eared Spirit Monkey’s level was not high, Chen Feng’s investigation led him to believe that it was also a variant type. Even though its cultivation base was currently low, its future accomplishments was limitless.

“From this day forward, you will be called Four Ears and you Purplebolt. You will become my generals in my future conquest for the world. For now, just stay here and hone yourself for a bit. Cultivate your minds. It will be beneficial for you,” said Chen Feng with a smile. Ignoring their howls, his figure flashed out of the Longevity Tower.

After exiting the tower, Chen Feng was overcome by shock. The scenery outside had changed. Before entering the Longevity Tower, they had been standing within a sea of flowers, a very beautiful sight. At present however, thick smoke rolled about in front of his eyes. Evil winds blew, accompanied ceaselessly by thunder and lightning. Various monstrous roars could be heard.

“What happened?” Looking at the nearby Ye Ziming and Lu Ta, Chen Feng asked. The two of them looked pale as they sent out wave after wave of potent energy streams out from both hands. Immediately after the energy streams shot into the surrounding thick smoke, shrill cries could be heard from amidst the smoke. It was an ear-piercing and devilish sound, causing goose bumps to rise all over their bodies.

“We are surrounded by Wicked Peddlers,” said Ye Ziming gravely. The smile that was constantly on his face was no more.

“Wicked Peddlers, what are those?” asked Chen Feng as he observed their surroundings.

“Wicked Peddlers are actually a variant type of bats. They have a tendency to group together. After surrounding a cultivator, they would suck all the blood off the cultivator and eat up all the flesh. Not even bones would be left behind. It is strange though. How could there be such creatures here?” said Ye Ziming with a frown.

“If I hadn’t quickly set up a spell array, there may be nothing but scraps left of us now. Of course, it may be possible for you to stay alive while inside the tower,” Ye Ziming suddenly said with a smile. 

“So, they are just a group of bats,” said Chen Feng, not thinking much about it.

“A single Wicked Peddler is indeed weak and can only be considered as a yao beast of the lowest level. However, do you know how many Wicked Peddlers there are outside? There are at least 10,000 of them! As the saying goes, even a swarm of ants can kill an elephant. With so many Wicked Peddlers swarming forward, even Concealed stage cultivators would have a hard time escaping. Unless, of course, if that person is a Sky Human stage expert,” said Ye Ziming.

“At least 10,000? Tsk tsk! We have yet to recover. This is probably not good. Don’t you have your spatial array? Hurry up and use it!” said Chen Feng.

“Do you think I don’t want to? Firstly, I don’t have the time to set up the spell array for it. Secondly, I don’t have that much magic power,” said Ye Ziming with a wry smile. Next, he pulled out a sword and charged into the thick smoke. It did not take him long to return, his whole body drenched in blood.

“Huh! I had just killed over 100 Wicked Peddlers. Unfortunately, there are just too many of them. I fear that my spell array will be broken through soon,” said Ye Ziming.

Right after he said that, a “bang” sound could be heard. Smoke billowed as thunder and lightning rumbled. Next, a swarm of Wicked Peddlers charged in.

Each of the Wicked Peddlers was as large as an ordinary eagle. However, its beak and claws were sharper compared to those of an eagle. Additionally, its pair of eyes were the colour of bloodthirsty red and it radiated a murderous aura.

“Not good! The corner of the spell array is broken!” Ye Ziming exclaimed.

“I will deal with it! Endless Sky of Turbidity!” Lu Ta stepped forward and brandished his staff. Instantly, tens of Wicked Peddlers were smashed. The smashed Wicked Peddlers then transformed into a fog of blood, which seemingly possessed a will of its own. The fog of blood then transformed into small bugs, which flew towards the three of them.

“Be careful, don’t let those bugs enter your body. If they get inside, the blood inside your body will be damaged,” said Ye Ziming as he swung his sword, sending a sword beam right through the blood-coloured bugs, evaporating them all.

“You two, hurry up and tend to your injuries and gather your strength! I will deal with them!” After saying that, Chen Feng pulled out the Overwhelming Astral Sword. With a swing of the sword, tens of the Wicked Peddlers up front were obliterated.

At that moment, Chen Feng was still seriously injured and was incapable of pulling out the Overwhelming Astral Sword’s power. Even so, the sword itself was naturally capable of releasing sword luminescence and was incomparably formidable. Back then, without the use of divine sense, Chen Feng had managed to kill off the Fifth Senior Brother of the Purplecloud Sky Grotto. Thus, Chen Feng, by relying on the sharpness of the sword alone, was capable of easily killing off the Wicked Peddlers that were breaking in.

Seeing Chen Feng bring out his Prized artefact, Ye Ziming and Lu Ta quickly breathed a sigh of relief. They hastily went about recovering their strength. As for Ye Ziming, he began setting up a new spatial array.

“Right! Brother Chen, didn’t you collect the Spring of Life? Hurry up and take out some of its waters. It has very good restorative properties,” Ye Ziming suddenly said.

Hearing the words, Chen Feng could only blink like an idiot.

“Ah, about that… I would also like to use the Water of Life. However, the Water of Life had been completely sucked away by my magic treasure. Just look, I myself remain injured,” said Chen Feng awkwardly.


Both Ye Ziming and Lu Ta stared with widened eyes as they cast looks of disbelief at Chen Feng.

“I am telling the truth here. Don’t look at me with those eyes. Do I look like I am lying?” Chen Feng quickly added.

“We had to work so hard for the Water of Life, nearly losing our lives as a result. And now, you are telling us there is none?” Lu Ta could not stop himself from shouting out.

“I will compensate you two with something else.” That was all Chen Feng could say. Truth be told, that was Chen Feng’s fault. However, since the Water of Life had been completely used up by the Longevity Tower, it was not possible to ask Tower to barf it out.

“Forget it. We should prioritize getting out from this dangerous situation first,” said Ye Ziming.

“I have a Greenjade Magic Soulfruit. You two can use it to replenish your strength first.” After some consideration, Chen Feng pulled out the Greenjade Magic Soulfruit that he had obtained from the pool.

“Greenjade Magic Soulfruit? This is a good item! Where did you get this? It can stimulate the insight acupoints, nurture the divine sense and even be used for various types of medicinal pills! Although its value is not as good as the Spring of Life, it is very close to it!” Ye Ziming exclaimed.

“With this, we can forget about the Water of Life’s matter.” After saying that, Ye Ziming cut the Greenjade Magic Soulfruit into two, one for him while the other was given to Lu Ta.

“You two focus on recovery so that you can activate the spatial array,” said Chen Feng before charging out of the spell array. 

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Countless Wicked Peddlers screeched out as they charged at Chen Feng. Sharp claws, bloody eyes, bloodthirsty aura; every one of those aspects displayed the ferocity of the creatures.


With but one attack, Chen Feng seemingly managed to sweep a thousand of them off. The surrounding Wicked Peddlers were all torn to pieces. However, even more of the Wicked Peddlers swarmed towards Chen Feng from every direction. Additionally, every one of them unleashed a soundwave. The soundwaves merged together to form a torrential wave, which immediately enveloped Chen Feng.

That was the Wicked Peddlers’ soundwave attack. The soundwaves could penetrate the cultivator’s fleshly defence, going into their target’s mind to inflict direct damage there.

As expected, Chen Feng felt his mind spinning and his divine sense started scattering apart. He felt as though his soul was on the verge of being shattered.

What a bizarre means of attack. Chen Feng summoned the Longevity Tower out. The tower unleashed a pulse through the air, incinerating hundreds of the surrounding Wicked Peddlers into ashes.

After unleashing that attack, Chen Feng felt his strength drain away from him. The Longevity Tower flew back into his glabella. No matter how hard he tried to use it, he could not get any response from it anymore.

As for Chen Feng, he had reached the point of utter exhaustion as well. Were it not for the fact that the earlier attack had killed off all the surrounding Wicked Peddlers, they could have swarmed him and tear him to shreds.

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