Chapter 709 Human Immortals Enter


Heavenly Sword Faction…

Within the valley hosting the entrance to the Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans, the Human Immortals from the various forces had already gathered up.

By then, one third of the cultivators they sent into the ancient battlefield for training and adventures had already been teleported out. Most of them had chosen to teleport out because they encountered a danger they could not defend against.

Naturally, there were also some other cases. These cultivators would inadvertently enter certain magic arrays or participate in some quests that were set up inside only to be forcibly sent out in the end.

They were actually quite lucky. At the very least, they managed to stay alive. According to the information that they managed to collect, 200 of the 1,000 plus cultivators sent into the ancient battlefield had already died inside. Additionally, that was only the number of deaths that they were able to confirm. There were surely even more deaths that they could not confirm.

Thus, once the agreed upon time arrived, the Human Immortals were incapable of holding themselves back. Everyone wanted to enter earlier and ensure the safety of the disciples of their respective sects. Naturally, they also wanted to find some fortune of their own.


Finally, the spatial passageway was opened and one Human Immortal after another eagerly entered the passageway.

“Let’s go. Last time, I failed to get anything. Hopefully, this time I will be able to get lucky,” Immortal Sunmoon said smilingly. 

“Can it. Last time, you obviously got your hands on an Immortal artefact fragment. Don’t think I don’t know. Your cultivation base used to be lower than mine, but now, it is already higher. That is proof,” Immortal Iron Sword said with a dissatisfied tone.

“That’s because I have been cultivating harder compared to you.”

“Sigh, I have been stuck at the starter-level for tens of years now. After this, I must break through to the mid-level Human Immortal stage.”

“I’m not hoping for that much. Just getting a Dao artefact would satisfy me.”

“Hah! You sure can dream.”

There were over 100 Human Immortals gathered there and they entered the spatial passageway one at a time. As agreed beforehand, the ones to enter were all starter-level Human Immortals. That was the best in terms of competitiveness and overall coordination. Naturally, Heavenly Sword Faction was able to send the highest number of Human Immortals in.

Moving away from what the Human Immortals may experience after entering the ancient battlefield, the Sky Human stage cultivators who had yet to be teleported out were still exploring the ancient battlefield.

Some managed to gain a lot, even breaking through to the Human Immortal stage inside. Some, on the other hand, were incapable of getting anything and were still exploring the place bitterly. Others ended up encountering a great deal of dangers inside and were grievously wounded. In fact, some of them ended up dying inside, their souls dissipating away.

The first to break through to the Human Immortal stage was Young Master Tianhen from Warlord Pavilion. As expected of the most outstanding of all the elites from Warlord Pavilion, Young Master Tianhen had chosen to undergo his tribulation inside the ancient battlefield. He faced a Heavenly Tribulation that was much stronger compared to the Heavenly Tribulation that he would have faced in the outside world. After successfully breaking through and stabilizing his cultivation base, the first thing he did was to go after the disciples from Heavenly Sword Faction.

Even when they were on the same level as Young Master Tianhen, the others would still regard him as a highly exalted figure. Thus, after his rise to the Human Immortal stage, there was no way the others could stop him.

For a time, the Heavenly Sword Faction’s side suffered from serious casualties.

However, not long after that, Liu Mingdao and Ye Ziwen from Heavenly Sword Faction broke through to the Human Immortal stage as well. Thus, the power of Heavenly Sword Faction’s side rose greatly and the cultivators from Warlord Pavilion became the hunted.

Immediately after that, however, someone from Heartless Heaven Sect also broke through to the Human Immortal stage.

And so, in the face of pressure and opportunities, the cultivators with talent and luck on their side were able to break through. And as they continued exploring the ancient battlefield, the fights between them grew even more bloody and brutal.


Somewhere underground, inside a cavern 10,000 zhang below ground, magma churned. There, even iron and stone would melt instantly. Jian Xiaotian made use of a defensive magic treasure to protect himself as he hid inside the small cavern.

At that very moment, Jian Xiaotian was gasping for breath and his face was flushed as sweat kept trickling down all over his body. It was unknown if that was due to the wounds on his person or if it was due to the environment. Or perhaps, it was due to both.

Hah, hah! I was really lucky. To think that he would actually break through to the Human Immortal stage. Even the defensive jade talisman that my master gave me was destroyed. Thank goodness I was quick to flee. Still, now that I am hiding here, even if he is a Human Immortal, he will not be thinking of coming down here, will he? Jian Xiaotian pondered.

Back then, Jian Xiaotian had encountered a group of Man-eater Wasps. After struggling to escape from them, he ended up encountering the cultivators from the Dongfang Family. Unexpectedly, one of the cultivators from the Dongfang Family had managed to break through to the Human Immortal stage. One attack from him managed to grievously wound Jian Xiaotian. If it weren’t for the defensive magic treasures that his master had given him, Jian Xiaotian would have been killed on the spot.

Since then, they had been chasing after Jian Xiaotian. Finally, Jian Xiaotian fled into a danger zone, this cave located deep underground. Only then was he able to find temporary refuge.

This defensive jade talisman can last for three days. I can use the time to treat my wounds. Jian Xiaotian then brought out some medicinal pills and began healing himself.

Somewhere 50,000 kilometres away from Jian Xiaotian, Wen Shaoxiu was facing the attacks from a group of strange-looking creatures. The creatures were not large, but they had the advantage in numbers. Additionally, there were streams of nefarious energy coming off them. As they attacked, the streams of nefarious energy would move forward to erode the minds of their opponents.

“This is a type of variant bug from Hell. Unexpectedly, we would end up bumping into them. Looks like we will not be able to escape.” There were several other cultivators in addition to Wen Shaoxiu who were besieged by the bugs.

“Forget it, I’m out of here. If I don’t leave soon, I will be killed!” Finally, one of the cultivators there were incapable of holding on anymore and he crushed his Teleportation Talisman. Next, the power of space surged and the cultivator was teleported out.

“I cannot go out! After all this time, I have yet to obtain anything! I am unwilling! I must endure!” One of the cultivators howled. However, the Hell Bugs quickly crawled up his body to gobble up one of his arms. Seeing no other options, he finally crushed his Teleportation Talisman.

Wen Shaoxiu was also in a wounded state. However, the sword light swirling around him remained strong and any Hell Bug that approached him would be shredded into pieces. Even so, Wen Shaoxiu could feel a mountainous pressure pressing down on him. There were simply too many of the Hell Bugs around them. Add the attacks on his soul from the nefarious energy around him, Wen Shaoxiu knew that failure to charge out would mean that he would have to crush his Teleportation Talisman.

Sigh! I managed to obtain two Immortal artefact fragments and even refined them. However, mobilizing them would exhaust a great deal of my power. Unless I am facing absolute crisis, I will not use them.

Speaking of which, compared to all the cultivators who had entered this ancient battlefield, Wen Shaoxiu’s harvest was quite big. Two Immortal artefact fragments. That was something that could make even the eyes of Human Immortals go red as they attempt to snatch them. Not to mention, during critical moments, the two Immortal artefacts could also unleash a formidable power, helping Wen Shaoxiu get over danger time and again. However, Wen Shaoxiu’s cultivation base and level were not high enough. Forget unleashing the full power of the two Immortal artefact fragments, even controlling them slightly was incredibly difficult for him.

To Wen Shaoxiu’s delight, however, he did manage to refine the two Immortal artefact fragments. However, given the amount of power he possessed, mobilizing them was quite hard.

After two hours, Wen Shaoxiu was finally incapable of holding on anymore. Thus, gritting his teeth, he empowered the two Immortal artefact fragments that had fused as one.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Formidable waves of sword energy swept outwards and the Hell Bugs within a radius of over 1,000 zhang were all shredded into pieces. Two of the cultivators there failed to evade in time and were also grinded into a mist of blood. 

You can only blame this on your bad luck. Naturally, Wen Shaoxiu was able to see what happened to them. However, they were not disciples of Heavenly Sword Faction. Thus, Wen Shaoxiu was not burdened by their deaths.


Next, Wen Shaoxiu quickly rushed forward. Getting rid of the pursuing Hell Bugs had not been easy and he felt as though the power within his body had become like the receding tide. An extreme feeling of exhaustion washed over his whole body.

Let’s find a place to restore my strength first. Wen Shaoxiu then charged towards a stretch of rolling mountains. There, he found a relatively safe place and set up some restrictive arrays. Then, he began working on his recovery.

Somewhere half a million kilometres away from Wen Shaoxiu was a small lake. The calm surface of the lake suddenly began roiling and every spray of water up the surface of the lake contained flashing lightning bolts.

A small animal that had wanted to drink some water there was knocked unconscious by the power of lightning. As for the creatures living inside the lake, they had long since disappeared.


A burst of water charged all the way up into the sky and a cultivator in light-blue clothes flew out. After emerging from the lake, he extended one hand and grasped. Instantly, lightning flashed all around the lake and countless lightning powers flew up from the lake, converging into a ball of lightning before falling into the cultivator’s hand. There, it spun without respite.

Hmm, given my current level of strength, I should already be capable of overcoming my next Lightning Tribulation. However, it would be better for me to wait a while longer.

The cultivator was none other than Chen Feng. Since obtaining the legacy of Ascendant Immortal Skylodge, he had been in a deep state of cultivation, cultivating within the lake for one whole month. He spent that one month refining most of the power of lightning within his body, increasing his understanding of the power of lightning by another level.

Add the tree-type power hidden within his body, Chen Feng felt that overcoming his next tribulation was already in the bag. However, he had been overcoming his tribulation again and again quickly, leading to a sense of instability in his cultivation base. Thus, he decided to suppress it for a while longer.

I have already gained enough from this trip. However, in order for the Longevity Tower to recover, it will need a high number of Immortal artefact fragments and high-quality energy sources.

Sigh, I still need to hurry up and break through to the Human Immortal stage as soon as possible. Once I am strong enough, I will be able to explore some secret danger zones. Either that or fly out and explore outer space. Then, I should be able to find some high-quality material. It would be even better if I can find the naturally-forming divine objects that the Longevity Tower needs. Chen Feng pondered.

“There are distinctions even between naturally-forming divine objects. Low-grade divine objects are very easy to find, but the high-grade ones will be difficult to find. Rather, there are some naturally-forming divine objects that I have never even seen before, even back at my prime.” Tower suddenly interjected.

“No matter how you cut it, this is a battlefield between ancient Immortal Humans. There should be quite a number of Immortal artefact fragments here. If we can find a few more immortal mansions, you should be able to recover back up to the Dao artefact tier, right?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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