Chapter 707 Recognizing the Longevity Tower


One wave of aura from the white-coloured geomantic compass was enough to seemingly engulf the whole world and the terrifying atmosphere of power that it emanated was capable of sending chills down anyone’s spine.

The Hell Dog and the other three Demon Deities trembled. A feeling of terror was bearing down on their hearts.

“This is bad! That’s an Immortal artefact!”

“What do we do? That’s an Immortal artefact! We are simply incapable of fighting against that kind of magic treasure.”

“Hold it. That’s not a real Immortal artefact. That’s a pseudo Immortal artefact!”

“If it’s a pseudo Immortal artefact, then we can try to fight it.”

The Hell Dog’s massive body abruptly shrank as he transformed back to his human form. At the same time, a gauntlet appeared on his hand and a terrifying aura emanated out from it.

Shockingly, it was a Dao artefact.

The Heavenscreen Skylark released a clear-sounding cry and a pitch-black spear charged into existence.

Yellow-light shone from the Violent Earthen Bear’s body and patterns appeared all over its body. Next, a thick layer of armour appeared over its body.

The Demonic Blaze Ape brought out a staff covered in raging flames.

All of them were Dao artefacts.

Usually, these yaos and demons would usually fight with their formidable fleshly bodies. In the face of this situation, however, they finally brought out their ultimate magic treasures.

“Hopefully, we’ll be able to fight it.”

Inside the Longevity Tower, Chen Feng was standing beside Tower’s boyish form.

Standing opposite them was none other than Zi Wuming. At that moment, however, Zi Wuming had seemingly become a different person. Streams of purple energy surged across his whole body and his aura surged skywards. Purple light reigned supreme within his eyes as he scanned his surroundings.


A massive stone stele descended to smash down on Zi Wuming. This was a move that Tower would often use in the past. Even when he was still weak, this move had been capable of suppressing a Human Immortal.


This time, however, the stone stele was shattered into pieces by a punch before it could even reach Zi Wuming’s body.

“Kid, who are you?” Zi Wuming stared intently at Chen Feng, wanting to see through him. However, there were layers of barriers stopping his attempts to do so.

“You are not Zi Wuming. You are a soul imprint left inside Zi Wuming’s head. Looks like you must be an expert from Purple Blood Clan,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“A cultivator from the minor Eternal World could know about our Purple Blood Clan?” Zi Wuming turned his gaze towards Tower and a contemplative look appeared on his face.

“Artefact spirit?! Ha ha ha! You think that a magic treasure alone can help you suppress me?” Zi Wuming laughed loudly. Next, he took a forceful step forward, causing the entire Longevity Tower to shake.

Seeing the brazen actions from Zi Wuming, Chen Feng did not feel too confident and he secretly asked Tower, “This is the imprint of an Ascendant Immortal. Can you handle it?” 

At that moment, the Longevity Tower had yet to even return to the Dao artefact tier. And now, it had to face an Ascendant Immortal, an existence on a higher level.

“Not a problem. Don’t worry. I still have some abilities,” Tower secretly replied.

“All right, then.” Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief. With a thought from him, his figure moved far away from Zi Wuming. He was too weak. Despite the Longevity Tower’s protection, he still needed to exercise caution. The ensuing battle could potentially kill him off in an instant.

“Are you two done discussing? It’s my turn to attack now.” Zi Wuming stepped forward again, breaking through layer after layer of obstructions as he threw a punch at Tower.

It looked like an unremarkable punch, one without much force behind it. However, Chen Feng, who was far away, felt as though a massive fist was filling up his entire vision of the place. All he could see was a fist rampaging everything in its path.

Instantly, Chen Feng’s vision went dark and his sea of wisdom roiled. Intense pain spread through every part of his body. Just glancing at that one move had left him grievously wounded.

As expected, a battle of this level is not something that the current me can participate in. I cannot even observe it. Chen Feng knew that he was still lacking in strength.

The longevity-type primary energy circulated to quickly heal up the wounds in his body.


In the face of the incoming attack, Tower merely flicked his fingers and the Longevity Tower rumbled in response. At the same time, a fist condensed into existence to smash against the incoming fist. 

The two fists dispersed and both Zi Wuming and Tower remained standing there, unmoved by the resulting collision. It would appear that the exchange had ended in a draw. Next, however, Zi Wuming’s eyes, which were staring intently at Chen Feng, lit up.

“Longevity-type primary energy! How is that possible? You are a member of the Longevity Clan?” Zi Wuming said, staring at Chen Feng.


As Zi Wuming was feeling shocked, Tower snickered and countless Longevity Chains materialized from the surrounding space to surround Zi Wuming tightly. At the same time, a semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower abruptly descended to press Zi Wuming down.

“The Longevity Tower! This is the Longevity Tower!” Zi Wuming roared out in an agitated voice. At that very moment, he had seemingly become a wounded beast, struggling without respite. Purple energy streams swelled out from his body and purple radiance flared out. Countless cracks spread out across his body, but he completely ignored it.


Finally, the semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower was quaked apart. However, Zi Wuming did not immediately attacked. Instead, he began healing himself while looking at Chen Feng and Tower.

“How imperceptive of me. Unexpectedly, I would encounter a little guy from the Longevity Clan here. However, he has lost his spiritual root. More surprisingly, the Divine artefact of the Longevity Clan, the Longevity Tower is not destroyed. Additionally, it would appear that it has recovered some of its power. If news of this were to spread, the Myriad Celestial Planes would be shaken.” After saying that, Zi Wuming’s body abruptly exploded. Flesh and blood fell apart as a purple clump of spiritual light rapidly charged out.

After recognizing the Longevity Tower, the will of the Ascendant Immortal hidden within Zi Wuming’s sea of wisdom decided to escape. Additionally, he had shown no hesitation in sacrificing Zi Wuming’s life. His goal was obvious, to bring this news back with him.

“You want to leave? Can you?! Forget your will, even if it’s your real body, having entered the Longevity Tower, you can forget about leaving!” Tower snickered. The entire Longevity Tower shook violently and the 100,000 great arrays circulated. Next, a formidable power began forming within the Longevity Tower.


The purple clump of spiritual light bounced back down. Next, layer after layer of nets rapidly appeared to wrap around the clump of spiritual light. The nets were all the condensed form of the Longevity Tower’s power. As they were inside the Longevity Tower, they became even more resilient and tough. The purple clump of spiritual light struggled against the nets several times, but failed to escape. 

Even so, it continued smashing against the nets, bringing forth an extremely formidable power as it did. It was as though there was a purple-coloured sun radiating its power there.

As for Chen Feng, he closed his eyes, not daring to look at the fight. However, he did hear the words coming from Zi Wuming’s mouth earlier. Due to that, his heart shook and his thoughts fell into a state of chaos.

Longevity Clan.

Divine artefact!

The two statements caused Chen Feng’s heart to thump again and again, like drums.

From the two statements, Chen Feng was able to come up with a rough speculation. I am a member of the Longevity Clan and the Longevity Tower is a Divine artefact. The highest artefact tier I know of is the Immortal artefact. Is this Divine artefact of a higher tier than the Immortal artefact?

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The purple clump of spiritual light kept smashing about and the nets wrapping it up were constantly bursting apart as a result. It would appear as though the clump of spiritual light was already on the verge of escaping, but Tower merely looked on with a calm expression on his face. There was no way to tell what he was thinking.


Finally, the purple clump of spiritual light broke through the nets. Screaming, it then flew into the distance.

“Ha ha ha! The Longevity Tower that had once shaken the world, is this all you have right now? A pity my original body is not here right now, otherwise I would have wanted to refine you. Ha ha ha!” The purple clump of spiritual light laughed.


Tower suddenly raised his hand and a beam of sword light descended to slash the purple clump of spiritual light. Sensing the peerless might of the sword energy, Chen Feng finally realized Tower’s plan.

Previously, when Tower was refining the broken Immortal sword, he had kept a portion of its sword energy. At that very moment, the sword energy proved to be of good use.

The beam of sword energy arrived and the purple clump of spiritual light screeched in horror, but it could not stop the sword beam from cleaving it into two.

The cleaved spiritual light attempted to reform itself. However, it was far too weak to fight against Tower. Next, the Longevity Furnace appeared to quickly and utterly refine the purple-coloured spiritual light.

“All right, kid. If you have any questions, keep it for later. Right now, we have to deal with the one outside,” Tower said coolly.

“Heh, it doesn’t matter if you tell me or not. That which I should know, when the time comes, I will definitely know,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“It’s good that you can see it that way.”

The fight outside was going very badly. The Hell Dog and Violent Earthen Bear were already grievously wounded. The Heavenscreen Skylark and Demonic Blaze Ape were the only ones who were still fighting against the middle-aged cultivator, albeit with great difficulty.

On the middle-aged cultivator’s side, he grew stronger with each passing moment. His pseudo Immortal artefact, the Heaven Defying Geocompass, sent out strands of immortal might, which suppressed the two Demon Deities to force them to constantly retreat.


The Demonic Blaze Ape was struck and its massive body was smashed down into the ground.

“Only one left.” More and more blood was flowing out from the middle-aged cultivator’s body. Clearly, there was a price involved in utilizing the pseudo Immortal artefact.


Suddenly, a beam of sword energy shot out from void space to slash heavily against the Heaven Defying Geocompass.


The resulting sound from the collision spread outwards and the entire planet shook violently, causing the soil on the planet’s surface to become loose.

“Pu!” The middle-aged cultivator coughed out a mouthful of blood.

“A good chance!” The Heavenscreen Skylark swiftly charged and its spear transformed into a black beam of light, which pierced the middle-aged cultivator.

Likewise, the Hell Dog and Violent Earthen Bear struggled to fire out their attacks as well.


The sword beam slashed forward once again to elicit another sky-shaking, booming sound. This time, the middle-aged cultivator was no longer capable of controlling the Heaven Defying Geocompass and it fell to the ground.

No matter how powerful the pseudo Immortal artefact may be, it was still not a real Immortal artefact in the end. However, that broken sword was a genuine Immortal artefact. Only, that sword energy had been used to attack the purple-coloured spiritual light once earlier. And now, after attacking the Heaven Defying Geocompass twice, it grew slightly dimmer.


After taking their attacks head on a few times, the middle-aged cultivator was finally sent flying. Next, the sword beam streaked forward again and the middle-aged cultivator was cleaved into two.

A semi-transparent silhouette of the Longevity Tower appeared to devour the middle-aged cultivator.

The Longevity Tower! It’s the Longevity Tower! That was the final thoughts contained within the middle-aged cultivator’s soul waves.

“Sigh, how troublesome!” Looking at the wounded yaos and demons, Tower sighed before keeping them all inside the Longevity Tower. Given their situation, they would not be able to fight anymore.

As the Longevity Tower was jumping through space to go assist the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm, however, something happened.

The purple-clad cultivators were about to capture and kill the tree yao, tiger yao and Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm when the lands suddenly cracked open to form a massive fissure. Next, the fissure swiftly sucked the three yao beasts inside. 

After that, a huge, pure-white palm emerged from the fissure. Swinging forward, it furiously slapped the two purple-clad cultivators.

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