Chapter 706 Change


The four yaos and demons, each at the Earthen Immortal stage, surrounded the middle-aged cultivator and sent furious attacks his way. Seeing that, Chen Feng grew at ease and he turned his attention towards the Young Master in his grasp.

“Listen up, answer whatever questions I ask you, otherwise I will be beating you up,” Chen Feng said coldly. 

“Humph!” The Young Master was feeling highly disgraced and infuriated. Thus, he responded with a scoff.

“What is your name?” Chen Feng asked nonchalantly.

The Young Master kept his mouth shut. Seeing that, Chen Feng smiled. His palm flew forward to slap the Young Master and two more teeth flew out as a result.

The slap from Chen Feng contained a force of at least 5 million kilogrammes. If it weren’t for his strong fleshly body, the Young Master would have died from the slap.

“Since you are unwilling to tell me, I will just have to keep slapping you until you talk.” Chen Feng chuckled.

“Zi Wuming,” the Young Master finally said, clenching his teeth.

“From the Purple Blood Clan.” Chen Feng continued chuckling. This fellow would only be obedient after getting a beating.

“Since you know that, hurry up and let me go. If you provoke our Purple Blood Clan, any one we send out will be able to obliterate your world!” Zi Wuming said arrogantly.

“Is that so? Wouldn’t the fellow they send over just be another piece of trash, like you?” Chen Feng felt unperturbed by it. Although the Eternal World was not comparable to the Immortal Plane, it was still not to be underestimated. Tower had informed Chen Feng about some matters before. Residing in Eternal World were experts capable of striking fear into the hearts of the Immortal Humans from the Immortal Plane. Of course, they were not the type of existences who would casually take action. Moreover, the Eternal World itself was also a formidable existence.

A cultivation world with the name Eternal would naturally possess some unusual attributes.

“What would it take for you to let me go? We can discuss things through. There is no need to escalate this issue.” Zi Wuming suddenly grew calm and a cunning look appeared in his eyes.

“Oh, what do you want to discuss?” A ridiculing smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

“Release me and I can give you some things,” said Zi Wuming after a moment’s consideration.

“Oh, really? What good items do you have to give?” Chen Feng kept smiling.

“Medicinal pills and spirit stones. I can also give you a secret cultivation manual, a Sky-tier secret technique. How does that sound?” Zi Wuming said.


Chen Feng reached out with his hand. Next, an ornate ring, which was on Zi Wuming’s finger, ended up in Chen Feng’s hand.

“This must be a storage-type magic treasure, right?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“You!” Seeing Chen Feng snatch his storage ring, Zi Wuming’s face instantly shank.

However, he quickly recollected himself. “It is useless. There are seals placed there by Earthen Immortals on it. You will be incapable of accessing it.

“Is that so?” 

Chen Feng flicked his hand and the ring ended up inside the Longevity Tower.

“Tower, can you open it?”

“No problem. It is just a minor seal left behind by an Earthen Immortal.”

Tower acted quickly and it did not take long for the ring to re-appear in Chen Feng’s hand. Next, Chen Feng shook his hand slightly and a top-grade spirit stone appeared in his grasp.

“Malla spirit stone! That’s my Malla spirit stone!” Zi Wuming’s eyes seemingly burst into flames.

“So, it’s the Malla spirit stone. It contains a unique energy. Even Immortal crystals would be no match for it. Let me see what else is inside.” Chen Feng’s mind entered the ring to quickly put his own soul imprint on the ring. Upon entering, he saw a mountain-like pile of Immortal crystals inside the spacious storage space. The other items inside were all placed in an orderly manner.

“So, it is a high-grade Sacred artefact. Looks like you have quite a good number of good items on you. However, they are all mine now,” Chen Feng said, tossing Zi Wuming down the ground. At that moment, Zi Wuming’s whole body was already sealed. Even his storage ring had been taken away. He had no ability to resist at all.

“Eh?” Ignoring Zi Wuming, Chen Feng then turned to look at the fight between the middle-aged cultivator and the others. Next, a look of shock appeared on his face.

“So powerful?” Chen Feng blurted.

Despite facing a siege from four Earthen Immortals, the middle-aged cultivator did not end up in a disadvantageous position. Purple light shone all the way to the sky and his figure flitted about even as he fought the Hell Dog and the others. 

The Demonic Blaze Ape attacked and demonic flames surged forth from every direction, seemingly desirous of burning the entire world.

The Violent Earthen Bear linked up with the power of earth to interfere with the middle-aged cultivator’s movements and suppress him.

The Heavenscreen Skylark made use of its speed to attack the middle-aged cultivator non-stop. As for the Hell Dog, he simply made use of his strongest Nether Eye to hypnotize the middle-aged cultivator. However, it was not too effective.

“You fellows have a death wish!” The middle-aged cultivator clashed against them again and again. The attacks he unleashed were gradually growing stronger and a thick layer of purple energy enveloped him. There was something peculiar about the purple energy that he radiated. Like highly formidable flames, they kept corroding everything around them. At least half of the attacks that the Hell Dog and the others sent out were corroded by the flames.

“What kind of technique is that?” Chen Feng was shocked.

“Purplebit Primary Energy, something that only those from the Purple Blood Clan can cultivate. It is capable of eroding everything in this world, even primary energy,” Tower said.


Suddenly, the middle-aged cultivator turned his gaze towards Chen Feng and a beam of purple light pierced through space, making its way through the restraining power set up by the Hell Dog to attack Chen Feng.

Chen Feng had no time to react to it. The purple light was simply too fast, as though space and time meant nothing to it. However, when there was still one chi between Chen Feng and the light, an invisible barrier appeared to block the purple light, causing it to explode and engulf Chen Feng’s vision.


Seeing the middle-aged cultivator finding the time to attack Chen Feng, the Hell Dog and the other three Demon Deities grew infuriated. Every one of them radiated a sky-vaulting aura. That was particularly so for the Demonic Blaze Ape and the Violent Earthen Bear. They tossed away all thoughts of defending themselves and instead focused solely on unleashing a wild barrage of attacks.

“Purplebit Heavenstrike!”

The middle-aged cultivator utilized a killer move. Next, purple light burst out to send the Demonic Blaze Ape flying.


The middle-aged cultivator’s figure then dashed forward, charging towards Chen Feng. However, the Heavenscreen Skylark stopped him.

“Tower, are you not going to take action yet?”

“No rush. If I am to take action, I will have to finish them all in one fell swoop.”

Grabbing Zi Wuming, Chen Feng backed away, covering a distance of 10,000 zhang before finally stopping. The scope of the battlefield was constantly growing. This was a battle between five Earthen Immortals, after all. Normally, a battle of this scale would have destroyed this planet long ago. However, Ascendant Immortal Skylodge had empowered this planet with his magic powers before in the past. Thus, it was able to endure this long.

Even so, the entire planet had begun shaking.

Naturally, the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm had also noticed the battle raging between the middle-aged cultivator and the Earthen Immortals on Chen Feng’s side. At that very moment, the tree yao and tiger yao were already badly wounded. They were only able to endure this long thanks to the assistance of the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm. However, in the face of the attacks from the two Purple Blood Clan cultivators, they would not be able to last long.

The Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm had originally assumed that the situation would become better once the Hell Dog and Chen Feng arrived. Unexpectedly, a battle would break out on the other side as well.

This is bad. The Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm’s face turned grim.

“Hurry up and stop! If you continue attacking, I will kill this kid right now!” Chen Feng hoisted Zi Wuming and shouted, wanting to distract the middle-aged cultivator.

Unexpectedly, the middle-aged cultivator showed indifference towards Chen Feng’s actions.

A ferocious light glinted across Chen Feng’s eyes and his hand shot out to strike Zi Wuming’s head. This move from Chen Feng was done without mercy. Clearly, he was actually going to kill off Zi Wuming.

And yet, the middle-aged cultivator remained indifferent, seemingly uninterested in the wellbeing of Zi Wuming. By then, Chen Feng had instinctively sensed that something was amiss. He then noticed light shining from Zi Wuming’s eyes, confirming his hunch that something was about to happen.

However, instead of staying his hand, Chen Feng increased the power behind his move.

Chen Feng’s palm landed heavily against Zi Wuming’s head. It was a move that Chen Feng believed could shatter a 10,000-zhang-tall mountain.

To Chen Feng’s surprise, Zi Wuming was unscathed. The force of over 50 million kilogrammes behind the attack had seemingly been absorbed away by Zi Wuming’s head. 

It was as though there was a separate space inside Zi Wuming’s head, capable of easily unravelling Chen Feng’s attack.


Purple light radiated out from Zi Wuming’s body and a series of popping sounds rang out as the seals that Chen Feng had placed upon Zi Wuming’s body were all destroyed. Even the Soul Lock Technique was easily destroyed.

“Ha ha ha ha! You didn’t expect this, did you? Now, the one to die will be you!” Zi Wuming laughed loudly as he stood up. He had regained full control over his body. At the same time, the aura radiating from his body began growing.

Starter-level Human Immortal, mid-level Human Immortal, high-level Human Immortal.

Earthen Immortal.

Even after reaching the Earthen Immortal stage, his cultivation level continued to rise.

What is going on here? Chen Feng did not retreat. Instead, he unleashed several more attacks with lightning-like speed at Zi Wuming. However, every one of his attacks became like a pebble sinking into the sea, incapable of creating even a ripple.

“It’s very simple. There is a soul imprint left by an expert inside this kid’s soul,” Tower said coolly.

“Come!” Zi Wuming abruptly stretched his hand to grab Chen Feng, a move that Chen Feng was incapable of fending against.

However, Chen Feng’s body suddenly took on an illusory quality and a spatial crack appeared. Next, a great hand emerged from the crack to grab hold of Zi Wuming before pulling him inside.

The great hand, Zi Wuming and Chen Feng disappeared all of a sudden and the space there returned to a state of tranquillity. It was as though nothing had happened.

“What?” Seeing that, the middle-aged cultivator became astounded.

“Come, Heaven Defying Geocompass!”

A sky-engulfing aura charged out from the middle-aged cultivator’s body. Next, his clothes burst apart and streams of purple blood flew out to intertwine with one another in mid-air to form what appeared to be a strange-looking diagram.

“What is that for?” The Hell Dog had a foreboding feeling about that.


Light flashed upon the purple diagram and a sharp soundwave emerged. It was a very unique soundwave. It did not cause the space to vibrate in any way. However, the Hell Dog and the others could feel their souls shaking.

A soundwave attack? It doesn’t seem to be that.


A white stream of light flew out from the purple diagram to fly into the middle-aged cultivator’s hand.

It was a palm-sized geomantic compass. White in colour and quaint in design, there were countless patterns carved onto its surface. It was as though it had been carved out from a piece of rock.

“Is it a magic treasure? Be careful, I have a bad feeling about this.” The Heavenscreen Skylark stared intently at it.

“To think that I would be forced to utilize this magic treasure. Now, there is only one ending for all of you. And that is death.” The middle-aged cultivator raised his hand and the white geomantic compass slowly floated up, rotating as it did. With every rotation, it would grow considerably larger. At the same time, swift and forceful ripples of power would sweep outwards.


1 chi = 0.333 m

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