Chapter 705 Capture


“If that’s the case, there should be no problems, right?” Chen Feng grew relaxed. Previously, Tower had improved the cultivation bases of the Divine Phantom Mink, Four-eyed Spirit Fox and Netherpython of the Nine Abyss. Although Tower can no longer do the same thing to them for the time being, there were six more Demon Kings inside the Longevity Tower that Tower could use. And while there was a time limit for how long that improved power could last, it should be enough to handle their present situation. 

“Sigh! Do you think improving those fellows’ cultivation bases is that easy?” There was a change in Tower’s voice.

“Whatever! If it comes down to it, I’ll have to personally do it! However, if I am to take action, then I must kill them all. Information about me must never be allowed to make it out, otherwise the consequences would be beyond what we can handle,” Tower said.

“What do you mean?” Chen Feng understood what Tower meant. However, he asked again to doublecheck.

“What I mean to say is, these Purple Blood Clan guys might be able to recognize me. Although the probability is small, it is a risk I cannot afford to take,” Tower said.

“Did the Purple Blood Clan have a hand in what happened in the past as well?” Chen Feng was surprised.

“Humph! They are slightly involved. However, these are not the things that you can find out just yet. Enough with the chit-chat. Right now, I am hoping that these guys are the only ones here. If there are too many people from Purple Blood Clan, we would do well to book it asap.”

“I’ll deal with this little Hell Dog first.” After saying that, the middle-aged cultivator attacked and a massive purple-coloured palm moved towards the Hell Dog in a grasping motion. He simply ignored Chen Feng.

“Chen Feng, I am no match for this fellow. I won’t be able to stop him for long.” As the Hell Dog fended off the attack, he sent a secret vocal transmission to Chen Feng.

“Don’t worry, I will be sending out the other Earthen Immortals soon,” Chen Feng replied.

“Although the cultivator is at the Earthen Immortal stage as well, his level is a notch higher compared to the Hell Dog. Add the power of his genes, holding on for one hour would be an impressive feat even for the Hell Dog.” Just by observing that one move from the middle-aged cultivator, Tower was able to determine his strength.

“Are you not going to take action just yet?” Chen Feng asked grimly.

“No rush. Say, do you think it would be better to just capture the kid?” Tower replied with a snicker.

Hearing that, Chen Feng’s eyes instantly lit up. That was right. Instead of going all out to fight them, it would be better for him to just capture the Young Master. That way, the other cultivator would be incapable of attacking anymore due to his fear of harming the Young Master.

As Chen Feng was considering how he should go about dealing with the Young Master, the Young Master actually took the lead and went after him. Looking at Chen Feng, he said arrogantly, “Kid, the way I see it, you must be an aborigine from Eternal World, right?”

“Aborigine?” Chen Feng snickered. However, he was inwardly swearing. Since the beginning, this fellow had been putting on a haughty demeanour, looking down on everyone. He was even calling those from Eternal World as aborigines. Due to that, Chen Feng could not stop the rage from rising within his heart.

If so, I will capture you first and slowly deal with you. Chen Feng made up his mind to teach him a thorough lesson. 

Surface wise, though, Chen Feng responded with a casual question, “Yes, I am indeed a cultivator from Eternal World. I wonder. Where did you come from, Young Master? Are you perhaps from the Immortal Plane?” 

“Immortal Plane? Humph!” The Young Master snorted. It was a display of utter arrogance.

“What is the big deal with the Immortal Plane? Listen properly, I am from the Blood Origin Plane.”

“Blood Origin Plane? What is that place? Could it be even greater than the Immortal Plane?” Chen Feng deliberately put on a puzzled look, wanting to inquire the truth from the Young Master.

“I forgot. How could aborigines like you know of a noble place like the Blood Origin Plane? Enough with the nonsensical exchange. Since you are unwilling to hand over the items, I will have to take action myself.”

After saying that, the Young Master took one step forward to re-appear right before Chen Feng. Next, he extended his index finger, which jabbed towards Chen Feng.

It was a casual-looking move. However, sensing the power contained within the move, Chen Feng dared not be careless. Even though the Young Master was looking down on Chen Feng, he had not held back at all with his attack.

For Chen Feng, he only sensed a speck of purple light shooting towards his glabella like a meteor. Judging by the power contained within that move, it was clearly meant to take his life.


Chen Feng utilized the Kirin Steps to evade the attack.

“Eh?” The Young Master cried out. He had not expected that Chen Feng would be able to escape his attack.

“So, you have some skills. However, I would like to see how you plan on dodging this next attack.”

“Purplelight Cage!”

The Young Master spread open his five fingers and five beams of purple light spread out to quickly form a cage, which entrapped Chen Feng.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng kept attacking the cage. However, with the exception of the flashes of purple light, the cage remained unaffected.

“Don’t waste your strength. Even a Human Immortal can forget about escaping after falling for this move, let alone a minor Sky Human stage cultivator like you.” Seeing Chen Feng trapped, the Young Master laughed.

“Let me out!” Chen Feng bellowed furiously. He did not stop attacking. 

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The Young Master laughed and jabbed with his finger at Chen Feng a few times. Purple light flashed out to land on Chen Feng’s body. Immediately, Chen Feng was no longer capable of moving.

“Kid, with only this kind of ability, you dare put on airs in front of me? Aborigines indeed.” The Young Master then moved forward and his hand reached out to grab Chen Feng.

The instant the Young Master’s palm grabbed Chen Feng’s neck, however, Chen Feng revealed a peculiar smile.

Instinctively, the Young Master sensed danger. He wanted to back away, but it was already too late. A formidable aura erupted forth from Chen Feng’s body.

The domain power swiftly inundated the Young Master and a Great Palm of Wind and Lightning charged out. Next, Chen Feng rushed forward. First, he shattered the purple cage. Then, he quickly stretched his hand to grab the Young Master by the neck to lift him up.

The moment he made contact with the Young Master, Chen Feng sent his primary energy into his body, crushing all opposition as one would crush withered twigs as he sealed up every avenue of power within the Young Master’s body.

As this opponent was from the famed Purple Blood Clan, Chen Feng dared not be careless about it. He decided on a two-pronged approach. After sealing the Young Master’s power, he then utilized the Soul Subduing Mantra to firmly seal up the Young Master’s soul.

“Humph! A minor Human Immortal dares to show a haughty face in front of me? I can kill a whole bunch of you. What? Aborigine? Who the hell do you think you are? You think you’re hot shit? In the end, here you are, in my grasp!” Chen Feng lifted the Young Master with a smirk.

Chen Feng grew animated as he spoke. In the end, he could not stop himself from swinging his palm forward to slap the Young Master forcefully. Due to that, half of the Young Master’s face swelled up. Rather, even two pieces of his teeth fell off due to that. 

“You, you’re courting death!” The Young Master was feeling utterly bewildered. Everything had happened so fast. Chen Feng’s every move had been chained carefully and that final slap from him left the Young Master in stupor.


Another slap. The Young Master’s face became completely deformed.

“Shut up! Another word from you and I will slap you to death!” Chen Feng said with a scoff.

“Kid, you dare?! Hurry up and release him!” Seeing what was transpiring, the middle-aged cultivator who was in the midst of fighting the Hell Dog grew anxious. He ignored the Hell Dog and flashed forward to arrive before Chen Feng. With a swing of his hand, the space around Chen Feng became frozen and Chen Feng became like a mosquito trapped inside a crystal, incapable of moving at all.

The middle-aged cultivator had been looking down on both Chen Feng and the Hell Dog. In his opinion, Chen Feng was a Sky Human stage cultivator. It would be easy for the Young Master to deal with him. Thus, he had chosen to attack the Hell Dog instead.

Additionally, the Hell Dog was truly no match for the middle-aged cultivator. He was thus confident that it was only a matter of time before he captured the Hell Dog.

Unexpectedly, after turning his gaze away for just one moment, the Young Master would end up getting caught instead. Seeing that, the middle-aged cultivator’s face grew ugly to behold. He became furious and was at a loss for words. That said, he was not feeling too worried. The difference in strength between him and this little cultivator was simply too high.  

For him, rescuing the Young Master was just a piece of cake.

Take Chen Feng’s present circumstance for example. He was already trapped, frozen in place. Next, all the middle-aged cultivator needed to do was to simply finish off Chen Feng and he would be able to rescue the Young Master.

For an Earthen Immortal, killing off a minor Sky Human stage cultivator would take but a mere thought.

However, the corners of Chen Feng’s lips suddenly curled into a smile. Even for the middle-aged cultivator, seeing that smile brought him a feeling of unease. 

Next, the frozen space shattered, like shattered fragments of crystals falling apart. Chen Feng’s figure, still holding onto the Young Master, flashed to re-appear somewhere 1,000 zhang away.

“That move!” The middle-aged cultivator’s pupils contracted. The move from Chen Feng had given him a familiar feeling. However, before he could carefully consider it, space suddenly cracked before him as two massive demonic beasts pounced at him.

Two Demon Deities?! The middle-aged cultivator’s heart lurched as he knew that the situation had spiralled beyond his control. At the same time, he became anxious. Should something happen to the Young Master, they can forget about returning.


Purple energy streams surged out from every part of the middle-aged cultivator. At the same time, purple light shone from his eyes as he pushed with both hands. Next, a tsunami-like wave of power swept towards the two Demon Deities.

The two Demon Deities were the Violent Earthen Bear and Demonic Blaze Ape. Both of them were known for their defensive might. Thus, in the face of the attack from the middle-aged cultivator, their bodies rapidly expanded in size, becoming like two massive mountains. At the same time, they stretched out their hands to grab the middle-aged cultivator.

Bang! Bang!

However, the purple wave of power actually knocked the two massive demonic beasts off their feet and their figures tumbled a few times. At the same time, the middle-aged cultivator fired out purple light from his eyes to restrain their movements.

“As expected, it is still not enough. Another!” Tower had seemingly expected that. With a wave of his hand, a stream of immortal dao laws flowed into the Heavenscreen Skylark’s body. Next, the Heavenscreen Skylark’s aura rapidly climbed to quickly reach that of a Demon Deity.


The moment the Heavenscreen Skylark emerged, it blotted the entire sky. Its wings spread out, covering a span of over 1,000 zhang and streams of demonic energy surged about. One by one, hurricanes that seemed capable of destroying the lands swept towards the middle-aged cultivator. 

Another three Demon Deities? Just how many more cards does this fellow has? Seeing the new line-up of Demon Deities, the Hell Dog stared with widened eyes. 

Next, however, he grew excited. Roaring skywards, his massive body leapt, charging towards the middle-aged cultivator.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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