Chapter 704 Purple Blood Clan


Next, the expression on the Hell Dog’s face grew grim.

“What did you see?” The Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm noticed as well that something was amiss.

“Tree and tiger are fighting some other fellows,” the Hell Dog said.

“Who? Others have entered?” the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm hastily asked.

“Two human cultivators. They are very powerful. They must be at the Earthen Immortal stage.” The Hell Dog’s Nether Eye shone with greater intensity.

“What? Earthen Immortals?! How could such existences have entered? Did they come from Eternal World as well?” 

“It is possible that they are from other places.”

“Yes. There are many passageways and cracks leading to this ancient battlefield. They may be from other worlds. How is the fight going?”

“Tree and tiger are no match for them! By the way, purple-coloured energy streams are surging out from their opponents. Even their hair and eyes are purple.”

“Oh, no!”

As the Hell Dog was observing the fight, one of the human cultivators suddenly turned his head and a purple stream of light jumped through space to attack the Hell Dog’s gaze.

Shockingly, in the face of the opponent’s purple-coloured gaze, the Hell Dog’s Nether Eye gaze was beaten back again and again.

“Hah!” The Hell Dog sneered and the blue quality in his Nether Eye grew brighter.


Two gazes, one purple and one blue, collided in the sky. It was as though a star had exploded all of a sudden, transforming into countless sparks and streams of light. It was a dazzling riot of colours.

“They must be from the Purple Blood Clan,” the Hell Dog suddenly said.

“What? The legendary Purple Blood Clan? Did you make a mistake?” The Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm’s face sank and the aura of arrogance coming off his body became restrained.

“No mistake about it. Earlier, I was wondering about it. However, the purple eye technique they used confirmed it. That is a formidable power of their bloodline,” the Hell Dog said.

“This is troublesome. Tree and tiger will certainly be no match for them. Let’s hurry up and assist them. Heh! If the four of us work together, killing off two guys from the Purple Blood Clan should not be an issue. Then, by devouring their blood essence, we’ll be able to grow stronger.” The Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm suddenly laughed.

“You’ll have to go alone. I want to stay here and defend Chen Feng.” The Hell Dog shook his head.

Looking at Chen Feng, who was still in the midst of his cultivation process, the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm nodded his head. “Fine, my assistance alone should be enough.”

After saying that, the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm swiftly transformed to his original shape of a two-headed wyrm. With a gust of wind, he flew far away. 

“Hopefully, he’ll make it in time.” There was a concerned look on the Hell Dog’s face. He could see that the tree yao and tiger yao had to constantly give ground to their enemies. Moreover, there were also considerable wounds on their bodies.

Truth be told, the Hell Dog had also planned on moving forward to assist. The Yao Immortal and Demon Deities that Chen Feng had released back then were very powerful, strong enough to defend Chen Feng. However, after reconsidering it, the Hell Dog changed his mind.

“Hopefully, Chen Feng will be able to finish his cultivation session quickly.”

Chen Feng was unaware of what was happening. Even if he did, he would not have cared. He was presently in a wondrous state of cultivation.

As he continued to refine the energy, all of his cells kept transforming, growing stronger without respite. Additionally, as he continued to comprehend the will of the world, the strength of his soul rose continuously as well.

Most importantly, the profundity of the lightning and war souls caused his own will to fight to grow stronger. That was his biggest harvest here. Assuming that he had been capable of fighting two opponents with the same cultivation base as him, refining and absorbing the war souls had allowed his combat power to multiply. Due to the increase in his combat skills, Chen Feng could now take on an entire group of opponents with the same cultivation base as him.

Looks like I will have to figure a way to stay here for a while longer. No matter what, I must cultivate up to the Human Immortal stage before leaving. Chen Feng decided.

After concluding his cultivation session, Chen Feng could feel that his aura had improved. His strength was mighty, his soul power extremely exuberant and his cultivation level at level 8 of the Sky Human stage had become completely stable. After fully refining all the energies within his body, he could even continue with his tribulation and rise up to level 9.

“Good. This time, I managed to gain a lot.” Chen Feng nodded his head. For the average cultivator at the Sky Human stage who had just overcome his or her Lightning Tribulation, a cultivation period of tens of years would be needed before they could undergo their next tribulation. Some who were lacking in talent and luck would have to cultivate for several hundred years before they could undergo their next tribulation.

However, the amount of power that Chen Feng had accumulated was simply too great. By adding the energies stashed away inside his insight acupoints, Chen Feng alone was as strong as tens or more cultivators on the same level as him.

Naturally, there was no such thing as a free meal in this world. By possessing this much power, the amount of pressure that Chen Feng would have to face would grow higher as well. Take for example the Lightning Tribulation that Chen Feng had to face. It was much stronger than the Lightning Tribulation of other cultivators. Rather, his tribulation was already comparable to that of Human Immortals.

“What happened? Where is the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm?” After opening his eyes, Chen Feng asked curiously. In his opinion, the wyrm would not have left his side without a good reason.

The Hell Dog quickly informed Chen Feng about what happened.

“Such a thing happened?!” Chen Feng was shocked. He had assumed that only Heavenly Sword Faction could access this ancient battlefield. However, it would appear that such was not the case. Additionally, these fellows were experts. To think that they would be at the Earthen Immortal stage. This was far beyond Chen Feng’s pay grade.

“Come. Let’s head over as well.” Chen Feng decided.

However, just as Chen Feng was about to take action, two purple-coloured rays of light descended from the sky to land before Chen Feng. The purple light then disappeared to reveal two human cultivators. 

Upon seeing the two cultivators, Chen Feng’s pupils immediately contracted.

Purple clothes, purple hair, purple eyes, no pupils and a formidable and lofty aura. Are they the guys from the Purple Blood Clan? Chen Feng swiftly regarded them.

To Chen Feng’s surprise however, one of them was only at the Human Immortal stage. On the other hand, the aura emanating from the other one was as deep as the ocean. It was not something that Chen Feng could estimate.

He is probably an Earthen Immortal, right?

“Unexpectedly, I would find a Hell Dog here. This is a creature from Hell. It would serve well as my mount!” The younger of the two, the Human Immortal, spoke up.

“Since Young Master has taken a fancy to it, I will go capture it,” replied the other cultivator, who had the appearance of a middle-aged man.

Young Master? Looks like this youngster possesses quite the status. To think that he would have such a bodyguard. Chen Feng considered.

“Wait!” Just as the middle-aged cultivator was about to take action, the Young Master spoke up again. He turned his gaze towards Chen Feng.

“There is actually a human here? Interesting. Kid, tell me your name.” The Young Master raised his chin, giving off a natural display of arrogance. The way he looked at Chen Feng was similar to the way one would look at an ant.

“And who are you?” Chen Feng responded with a derisive grin.

“You have a death wish!” The Young Master’s face quickly turned grim. Next, purple beams of light flew out from his eyes to attack Chen Feng.

He had attacked so casually, shocking Chen Feng somewhat. However, in the face of the attack, Chen Feng did not back away. He responded with his eyes as well and two black beams of light flew forth to collide against the Young Master’s purple beams of light.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Bursting sounds rang out from the air as strong, invisible winds swirled up. The clothes on both Chen Feng and the Young Master fluttered as a result.

“Magic Eyes of Darkness! That’s a surprise.” There was a flicker on the Young Master’s face. However, he quickly recollected himself. Again, he was not viewing Chen Feng as a threat.

“You must be here in search of Ascendant Immortal Skylodge’s legacy, right? Additionally, it would appear that you have managed to gain something. Kid, hand over the items on your person and I can leave you with an intact corpse,” the Young Master said coolly.

Hearing that elicited a laugh from Chen Feng. As for the Hell Dog, he stayed close to Chen Feng, standing guard against any sudden attacks.

“Tower, what is the deal with this Purple Blood Clan?” Chen Feng secretly asked Tower.

“A very powerful Heaven-defying race. Due to their genes, they would possess a formidable amount of strength upon birth. Their rate of cultivation is very fast and their combat power is very high. In short, they are tough opponents,” Tower replied with a solemn tone that he would rarely use, surprising Chen Feng.

“They are probably not from Eternal World, right?” Chen Feng asked again.

“Naturally. The Purple Blood Clan’s home is far more exalted compared to Eternal World. Even the Immortal Plane cannot compare to it,” Tower said with a tone of disdain. 

“What? Even the Immortal Plane cannot compare to it? Are you joking here?” Chen Feng widened his eyes in shock.

“Do I sound like I am joking?”

“Kid, looks like you don’t want to hand over the items. If so, you will taste a life worse than death!”

“Uncle Mo, attack!” The Young Master’s face turned icy.

The middle-aged cultivator snickered and he made a casual grasping motion in Chen Feng’s direction. That one move from him caused everything before Chen Feng to seemingly disappear. All he could see was a great palm appearing before him while he could do nothing to resist.

Chi! Chi!

The Hell Dog attacked. His Nether Eye opened up and a faint-blue pillar of light shot towards the middle-aged cultivator’s forehead.

This was an attack that even the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm had to be wary of. And yet, in the face of this attack, the middle-aged cultivator merely performed another grasping motion. Next, he tightened his grip and light flashed out. Shockingly, he had crushed the attack.

“What?!” The Hell Dog was shocked. That was his strongest killer move. Unexpectedly, this fellow could so easily deal with it.

As expected of those from the Purple Blood Clan, huh? Looks like this will be problematic. The Hell Dog narrowed his eyes. However, after turning to look at Chen Feng, he grew calm. He remembered the Yao Immortal and Demon Deities that Chen Feng had released back then.


The Longevity Tower’s power rapidly flowed through every part of Chen Feng’s body, allowing him to move again. Despite his dread, Chen Feng quickly took several steps back. The atmosphere of crisis that this middle-aged man was giving him was simply too strong, far stronger compared to that of the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm.

He’s so powerful! This is bad. Will the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm’s group be fine? Chen Feng thought.

“Tower, can you increase the strength of the Divine Phantom Mink and the others again?” Chen Feng secretly asked.

“Temporarily, no. However, those who weren’t sent out earlier can,” Tower said solemnly. Tower himself was feeling helpless about it. He did not have much confidence in directly dealing with Earthen Immortals. That was especially so of cultivators from the Purple Blood Clan. While he could utilize the Longevity Tower, these cultivators would surely recognize it. Should that happen, these fellows would be the least of his worries. 

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