Chapter 703 Level 8 of the Sky Human Stage


Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The three human-shaped lightning entities worked together and dazzling lightning radiance kept flaring out from them. They also brought out weapons.

Three battle lances – flashing with lightning – were condensed out. An atmosphere of murderous suppression pressed down upon Chen Feng’s heart.

Why do these human-shaped lightning entities possess such a formidable will to fight? Chen Feng was again shocked.

“You need to understand what this place is. This is a battlefield of Immortal Humans. In the battle back then, countless of them had died here. When compared to someone like you, all of them are experts. The worldly laws here can easily re-form these people’s will to fight,” Tower suddenly said.

“Will to fight.”

“You can consider them as war souls as well.”

“You mean to say, I am current fighting against the dead Immortal Humans right now?” Chen Feng smiled.

“If that is the case, you would have lost long ago. Although what you are facing are their war souls, these guys don’t have enough strength,” Tower said with a scoff.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, the three human-shaped lightning entities attacked Chen Feng. The attacks were performed simultaneously and three lightning attacks pinned Chen Feng down in the middle. The aura of sharpness from the attacks caused the hairs on Chen Feng to stand up.

“Finger of the Hegemonic Sky!” Having a clear grasp on the three human-shaped lightning entities’ movements, Chen Feng swiftly fired out three finger blasts.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chen Feng’s finger blasts were easily knocked away and the three lightning-powered battle lances arrived before Chen Feng.

“Kirin Steps!” Chen Feng’s figure became like a fish in water and he quickly vaulted out from the encirclement. Next, he turned and both his legs shot down towards one of the human-shaped lightning entities.

This move from Chen Feng seemingly compressed the space beneath his feet. It was a move that Chen Feng had learned by studying the combat wills on the Sky Meteorite.


The human-shaped lightning entity was blasted away by the kick. However, as Chen Feng was about to continue his attack, wanting to destroy the human-shaped lightning entity, the attacks from the other two human-shaped lightning entities descended upon Chen Feng with lightning-like speed.

So fast! Chen Feng drew an arc with both his arms to block their battle lances. However, the immense force behind the attacks had still sent Chen Feng flying.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng swiftly flipped his figure in mid-air. With a kick, he charged forward and the primary energy within his body surged out like a great river.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng displayed all of his techniques and skills as he battled the three human-shaped lightning entities. Due to the battle, the sky turned dark and both the sun and the moon seemingly lost their light. The shockwaves created over the course of the battle caused even the tribulation clouds up in the sky to tremble.

“Humph! I hate to say this, but this kid truly does have some potential. There are likely few on the same level as him who could defeat him. However, he is still far lacking to be my new master. In 10,000 years, if his strength is still below me, I will leave. That is also the condition set by our old master,” the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm said.

“Ha ha! Naturally.” The Hell Dog laughed.

The Hell Dog did not doubt Chen Feng’s ability. It was all due to the will residing within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom. It was simply too powerful. That one strand of will alone was sufficient to destroy any notions of resistance within the Hell Dog.


A battle lance knocked Chen Feng up into the sky. In response, however, Chen Feng smiled. The opponents he faced were highly skilled and experienced in combat. It felt as though he was fighting against real, living enemies. It was a very enjoyable fight for Chen Feng. Additionally, as the fight grew more intense, Chen Feng could feel his abilities becoming more refined while his own combat experience rose and improved. 

Only through combat can one grow stronger faster. At that very moment, Chen Feng was able to vividly experience it.


Chen Feng took a step forward, employing the Longevity Steps this time to instantly appear behind one of the human-shaped lightning entities. Although Chen Feng had only managed to learn one move from the Longevity Steps, that one move had surpassed the Kirin Steps.

The Longevity Steps technique was more profound and elegant. That one step he displayed gave off a feeling of absolute freedom, capable of doing anything.

“Great Longevity Palm!”


The human-shaped lightning entity was shattered apart and all the energy, laws, will within the warsoul, everything were absorbed into Chen Feng’s body.

“What movement technique is that?” Both the Hell Dog and Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm were shocked. They exchanged glances. Although the move from the Longevity Steps that Chen Feng utilized earlier was still very elementary, the two of them could see the profundity and effects of the move. Thus, they were able to tell that it was no ordinary secret technique.

“Could that be an Immortal-tier secret technique?”

“Another one down.” Sensing the benefits gained from all the things he absorbed earlier, Chen Feng could not stop himself from smiling.

Boom! Boom!

The tribulation clouds rumbled and two more human-shaped lightning entities descended. This time, they took up positions in the four directions as they surrounded Chen Feng.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Lightning flashed and lightning powers charged out uncontested between the four human-shaped lightning entities. They were actually forming a Barrier of the Four Symbols.

Chen Feng could instantly feel a formidable pressure assailing him, desirous of squashing him down.

“I’ll be attacking first!”

Chen Feng waved his hand and a Longevity Lance appeared in his hand. Displaying the Longevity Steps again, he arrived before one of the human-shaped lightning entities. Next, the lance in his hand stabbed forward.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Unexpectedly, this time, his attack struck empty air. Next, crackling lightning rushed forward to envelope Chen Feng.

Eh, strange! Chen Feng rapidly backed away. His figure flashed away and he stabbed another human-shaped lightning entity.


Again, the attack missed.

This shocked Chen Feng. It would appear that the Barrier of the Four Symbols that the four human-shaped lightning entities formed could also be used for instantaneous teleportation.

“I don’t believe you can keep on dodging!” Chen Feng swung his hand and a second Longevity Lance appeared in his other hand.


The Longevity Lance flew out from his hand with lightning-like speed, charging towards one of the human-shaped lightning entities. As expected, the human-shaped lightning entity disappeared with a flash to instantly re-appear elsewhere.

“I already knew this would happen!” Chen Feng moved quickly and the Longevity Lance in his other hand shot out as well.

As predicted, the human-shaped lightning entity did not evade this attack. Instead, it raised the battle lance in its hand and attacked Chen Feng. At the same time, the other two human-shaped lightning entities attacked as well. The last human-shaped lightning entity was thus responsible for operating the Barrier of the Four Symbols.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

They fought again and again and Chen Feng was forced back time and again. Again, it was three against one with the fourth not attacking. 

Chen Feng endured a series of attacks, trading blows to finally blast through one of the human-shaped lightning entities.

With a booming sound, the human-shaped lightning entity burst apart, only to quickly reform itself before returning to its previous position. Meanwhile, a bloody hole had appeared on Chen Feng’s chest.

However, the bloody hole on him quickly healed up, leaving no scar behind.

I failed to kill it. It could recover. Chen Feng frowned. This was a somewhat troublesome situation.

Sou! Sou!

As Chen Feng’s figure backed away, the other two human-shaped lightning entities attacked again.

Chen Feng kept darting about and his eyes flashed continuously with light as he attempted to find their weak points. Finally, Chen Feng was able to find another opportunity and he smashed apart another human-shaped lightning entity. However, as predicted, the shattered human-shaped lightning entity was able to quickly recover as well.

Looks like I will have to break this Barrier of the Four Symbols if I want to finish off these guys. Chen Feng was able to identify the situation.

However, how do I break this barrier? Chen Feng continued to be subjected to their attacks. Even after shattering the human-shaped lightning entities, they would quickly be restored. Seeing that made Chen Feng feel somewhat helpless.

“Enduring the siege of four Human Immortals is no easy feat. However, breaking the Barrier of the Four Symbols will not be easy,” the Hell Dog said. 

“Skybreak Fist!”

Chen Feng pushed his offensive power to the max to unleash an attack with a force of at least 100 million kilogrammes. However, the barrier encasing him only shook slightly. It did not break.

Do I have to resort to using my magic treasures? Forget it, it is not yet time to be doing that.

“If so, domain!”

With a booming sound, Chen Feng’s domain power unfurled out from his body. Two of the human-shaped lightning entities who had only just approached Chen Feng were instantly sent flying.

Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng’s domain power transformed ceaselessly. Then, transforming into two huge palms made of water and fire, it quickly moved forward, successfully capturing two of the human-shaped lightning entities. The two human-shaped lightning entities would not be escaping from the palms anytime soon.


The other human-shaped lightning entity charged forward, but it too, fell into the domain.

Due to that, only one human-shaped lightning entity was left in charge of the Barrier of the Four Symbols.

“Good, now!”

“Palm of Mountains and Lakes!”

Chen Feng’s hands moved swiftly to form hand seals before abruptly pushing forward. Next, a great palm formed using the power of mountains and lakes roared forward to instantly engulf the human-shaped lightning entity.


With a crackling sound, the human-shaped lightning entity exploded and cracks spread out across the Barrier of the Four Symbols. Finally, it shattered apart.

The power of lightning, will of the world, power of barrier, will of the warsoul, all of them entered Chen Feng’s body.

With the Barrier of the Four Symbols broken, only three human-shaped lightning entities were left.

I wonder if more human-shaped lightning entities will descend? Chen Feng wondered.

However, Chen Feng quickly grew relieved. Apart from the attacks from the three human-shaped lightning entities, nothing else happened.

“If that’s how it is, finishing off you three will be a piece of cake.” Chen Feng grew more courageous as the fight went on. The prolonged battle did not exhaust him. Rather, the hidden power within his body had been stimulated forth, causing his combat power to gradually rise instead.

Thus, it did not take long before the three human-shaped lightning entities were broken by Chen Feng. After that, the tribulation clouds disappeared. The Lightning Tribulation had ended.

Tangible waves of power descended upon Chen Feng. He had successfully risen up to level 8 of the Sky Human stage. However, the amount of harvest from this Lightning Tribulation was too great. It was something he could not fully absorb in a short amount of time.

Chen Feng sat cross-legged on the ground, not moving at all. He had entered a deep state of cultivation. The energy he absorbed was easy to refine. Even if he could not refine the energy streams, he could still store them inside his body to slowly refine in the future. However, the laws of the world, will of the warsoul and profundity of lightning were things that required Chen Feng’s immediate attention. He needed to study them as fast as he could.

The Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm and Hell Dog stood guard beside him. With these two Yao Immortals standing guard, Chen Feng was able to cultivate himself with absolute peace of mind.

This cultivation process took a long time and time flowed. Days went by and it did not take long for one whole month to go by. Even so, Chen Feng was still in the midst of his cultivation process. He had seemingly become a piece of rock.


On this particular day, waves of power suddenly spread over. Sensing the waves of power, the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm and Hell Dog grew alarmed. Puzzled looks flashed across their eyes.

“What happened? It feels like something is happening!”

“Use your Nether Eye to check.”

“All right, let me have a look.” The Hell Dog nodded and the Nether Eye on his forehead opened up. Next, a faint-blue gaze pierced through space to peer far ahead.

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