Chapter 702 Human-shaped Lightning


Ten million spiritual herbs! There is a total of ten million spiritual herbs here! Chen Feng’s eyes were wide open.

“Ha ha ha ha! A fortune! This is truly a fortune!” Chen Feng laughed loudly.

The herbal fields there were left behind by Ascendant Immortal Skylodge. It had been there for who knows just how many tens of thousands of years. Naturally, that also meant that the spiritual herbs possessed a sufficiently high medicinal age.

Chen Feng believed that not even some large sects could possess such a high number of spiritual herbs of such grade.

There are so many spiritual herbs. They will be just right for me to practice pill concoction. Chen Feng calmed himself down.

By the time Chen Feng finished collecting the spiritual herbs, the fight had also ended.

After emerging from the space containing the herbal fields, Chen Feng saw the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm’s massive body lying on the ground, panting as it did. It cut quite the miserable sight. Additionally, light was flowing across the surface of its body. That was the power that the Hell Dog and the others had formed and sent forth, used to firmly suppress the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm.

Seeing Chen Feng emerge, the Divine Phantom Mink, Netherpython of the Nine Abyss and Four-eyed Spirit Fox quickly shrank. Then, all three transformed into streams of light, which flowed into Chen Feng’s body, disappearing from sight.

The time limit was almost up and the three of them would end up returning to their original states outside.

“Looks like it is done.” Chen Feng smiled, moving to stand before the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm. Although the earlier battle was fierce, the objective was to have the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm submit, not to grievously beat it up.

“What do you have to say?” Compared to the massive body of the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm, Chen Feng’s figure, which was hovering in mid-air, appeared diminutive.

The Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm regarded Chen Feng for a long time before saying, “Although it was not by your hands, you do indeed possess the power to kill me. Then, following my previous statement, I will henceforth follow you. Naturally, in the future, if your strength cannot rise up to meet my requirements, I may leave you any time I like.”

“Not a problem. Let him go.” Chen Feng nodded and the Hell Dog unravelled the restrictive array suppressing the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm.

“Humph!” After regaining its freedom, the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm’s massive body began shrinking, transforming into a youngster in cyan clothes.

As for the Hell Dog, it transformed into a youngster in black clothes. The two of them sported handsome faces. However, their faces gave off a chilling atmosphere.

“Is it time to head to the other two places?” the Hell Dog asked with a smile.

“Tell me about the other two guardians,” Chen Feng said.

“One of them is a tree yao and the other is a tiger yao. Their strength is around the same as mine. Naturally, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other. So, I do not know how much stronger they have become now,” the Hell Dog said smilingly.

“Most certainly stronger than you.” The Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm snickered.

Speaking of which, they were all yao beasts. However, the Hell Dog was a creature from hell. Due to that, the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm found the Hell Dog’s presence uncomfortable. That was also why the two of them were always at odds with one another.

“No rush. I am already almost incapable of suppressing my power. We’ll talk about it after I level up,” Chen Feng said. 

“You two help protect me.”

“Ha ha, no problem! Undergoing tribulation on this planet is definitely safe,” the Hell Dog said with a laugh.

“Humph!” The Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm glared at the Hell Dog and said nothing.

I wonder what kind of Lightning Tribulation I will face this time. Hopefully, it will be all right, Chen Feng pondered.


A formidable aura broke out from Chen Feng’s body to charge straight up into the clouds. Invisible waves of power then assailed the world.

It took merely one breath’s worth of time for tribulation clouds to envelop the entire sky there. A terrifying atmosphere of majesty, unaffected by the space there, arrived to engulf the lands.

Seeing that, the pupils of the Hell Dog and Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm contracted.

“Are you sure this kid is just a level 7 Sky Human stage cultivator? Why do I get the feeling that there is something wrong with this Lightning Tribulation?” The Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm and Hell Dog retreated far away. The two of them were highly formidable existences that were strong enough to ignore a Lightning Tribulation of this level. However, if they were to forcibly disrupt this tribulation, they could end up triggering some unexpected changes. One possible scenario would be of them triggering their own Heavenly Tribulation. In the worst-case scenario, they might end up dying.

“Surface wise, it would appear to be the case. Besides, the energy waves coming from the tribulation clouds are also that of the Sky Human stage’s Lightning Tribulation. However, the space here is somewhat different compared to the outside world. Maybe something might happen,” the Hell Dog said.

“Heh! I would like to see how capable this kid is.” The Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm snickered.

This Lightning Tribulation appears fairly normal. The only thing of note is that the coercive atmosphere of power that it is projecting is quite outrageous. Due to the atmosphere of power coming from the sky, the surrounding space seemingly became sealed. For Chen Feng, it felt as though it was impacting his mind.


The tribulation clouds above Chen Feng suddenly dispersed and a human figure descended. Like a meteor, it arrived before Chen Feng with lightning-like speed, unleashing a double kick at Chen Feng.

What is this? In that critical moment, Chen Feng utilized the Kirin Steps to dodge the attack.


The ground quaked and a large crater spread outwards. Looking at the crater, Chen Feng saw a human, formed entirely from the power of lightning.

A human-shaped lightning? It looks so real! Chen Feng was shocked. 

The human-shaped lightning entity looked lifelike. With the exception of the lightning bolts coursing all over its body, it looked no different from a normal human. However, due to the lightning bolts, it looked highly formidable. Not to mention, it was also bigger than Chen Feng. Even the aura that it was emanating was more domineering when compared to Chen Feng. 

Hey! It is at the Human Immortal stage! Chen Feng’s eyes lit up and a will to fight surged upwards.

“Bring it!” Chen Feng displayed the Kirin Steps and he charged towards the human-shaped lightning entity.


Unexpectedly, the human-shaped lightning entity was even faster. Before Chen Feng could unleash an attack on it, it had already fired out a punch forward. The punch contained the will of the world and a compressed power of lightning. Carrying with it the force of an erupting volcano and the image of a raging river, it gave Chen Feng the notion that it was unstoppable.

What a formidable will to fight! Knowing that he could not evade this attack, Chen Feng chose to unleash his own Skybreak Fist move to take on the attack.


Forceful shockwaves spread outwards and both Chen Feng and the human-shaped lightning entity were thrown backwards at the same time.

Eh? The force behind this opponent’s punch is only 50 million kilogrammes. How did it manage to knock me back? Chen Feng was shocked by that.

The amount of force that Chen Feng could unleash now had already exceeded 50 million kilogrammes. He could casually smash apart a 1,000-zhang-tall mountain. Rather, he could even shatter a low-grade Sacred artefact. 


The human-shaped lightning entity’s speed surpassed Chen Feng’s expectations. With a flash, it arrived above Chen Feng to unleash a furious kick down on him.

The ferocious atmosphere that it was radiating and its force of lightning caused the offensive power of the kick to rise by another level.

“Skyrake Palm!”

Another forceful collision occurred and Chen Feng was directly smashed into the ground.

“Human-shaped lightning would usually only appear in a Heavenly Tribulation. Why did it suddenly appear in a Lightning Tribulation?” The Hell Dog was also feeling surprised.

“Heh! There will probably be more than one human-shaped lightning,” the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm said.

As Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm predicted, when Chen Feng emerged from the ground, he saw two human-shaped lightning entities charging at him, one from the left and one from the right.

Eh, another one? Chen Feng’s face sank. Utilizing the Kirin Steps, his figure kept moving about to dodge their attacks.

“Two human-shaped lightning at the Human Immortal stage. That’s enough to beat up this fellow,” the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm said smilingly.

“He should be fine.” The Hell Dog was feeling somewhat uncertain as well.

One of the human-shaped lightning entities employed fist techniques and palm techniques to ceaselessly unleash a flurry of attacks against Chen Feng while the other gathered its strength, waiting for an opportunity to attack Chen Feng.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The human-shaped lightning entity flipped its palm to condense out a ball of lightning. Next, the ball of lightning elongated to form a battle lance. With a swing, it hurled the battle lance at Chen Feng.


Chen Feng’s eyelids twitched and he promptly unleashed a punch at the incoming lance, shattering it. However, the collision also sent Chen Feng flying and the other human-shaped lightning entity swiftly gave chase even as it fired out a series of attacks upon Chen Feng. In the end, it pummelled Chen Feng into the ground once again.

“Tsk, tsk. How miserable!” The Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm shook his head while tutting.


Chen Feng charged out once again. Flicking his hand, a small amount of blood trickled out. The battle lance earlier had actually managed to break through his defence. However, with just a flick from Chen Feng, the wound on his fist quickly joined up and healed up completely.

I get it now. Strength wise, the two human-shaped lightning entities are below me. However, their offensive capabilities are very strong. Another way of putting it would be, these human-shaped lightning entities possess highly formidable combat techniques and a fiery will to fight. The average combat puppets cannot compare against these human-shaped lightning entities. Chen Feng’s eyes became black in colour and black light kept flowing out from them. After Chen Feng utilized his eye power, the two human-shaped lightning entities’ speed became slower.

“Down!” Chen Feng’s figure flashed forward in an unpredictable manner. Finding an opportunity, he then punched one of the human-shaped lightning entity’s body.

A force of over 50 million kilogrammes charged out in a spiralling manner and the human-shaped lightning’s figure abruptly plummeted downwards. Even before making contact with the ground, it had already burst apart, turning into chaotic streams of lightning powers.

Next, without any actions from Chen Feng, the lightning powers automatically flowed into Chen Feng’s body.

Eh! These lightning powers possess the will to fight and worldly laws! Chen Feng was taken aback and his eyes shone with an even greater brightness.

Blasting apart one of them gives so much in terms of harvest. Looks like this Lightning Tribulation is quite the interesting one. Hopefully, more human-shaped lightning entities will appear. Next, Chen Feng spread his palm open and a Great Longevity Palm shot forward to capture the other human-shaped lightning.

“That’s the Magic Eyes of Darkness!”

“How is this possible? The kid is not even a Human Immortal. How could he have cultivated out the Magic Eyes of Darkness?” the Two-headed Windbolt Wyrm said in an animated manner.

The Hell Dog simply chuckled. He did not say much about it. 

The two Yao Immortals possessed extraordinary eyesight. It was only natural for them to realize that Chen Feng’s cultivation of the Magic Eyes of Darkness had reached the beginner phase. As a creature from hell, the Hell Dog was particularly aware of just how powerful the Magic Eyes of Darkness was.

In the face of Chen Feng’s attack, the human-shaped lightning entity rapidly backed away. In just a flash, it had retreated through a distance of 1,000 zhang. Thus, Chen Feng’s attack missed. To Chen Feng’s surprise, however, the human-shaped lightning entity suddenly stopped attacking.

The tribulation clouds burst apart again and two more human-shaped lightning entities roared as they descended. The three human-shaped lightning entities then formed a triangle formation, surrounding Chen Feng.

Three. Is this a gradual increment? Chen Feng dared not be careless. His eyes kept sweeping around. Thanks to his eye power, Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom could register every one of the three human-shaped lightning entities’ moves, allowing him to respond at the fastest time possible.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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