Chapter 7: Unexpected Calamity

“Originally, I thought that I would be able to overcome the Heavenly Tribulation using the five rows body substitution technique. Unexpectedly, it had still brought you people over. However, with your abilities, you will not be able to kill me. Rather, you will be devoured by me and become supplements for me to replenish my vitality.” The tree spirit’s voice grew hostile.

A hundred metres away from the tree spirit, a middle-aged Daoist and a younger cultivator were wrapped up by numerous tough vines. They were incapable of breaking out. Not far from their location were some broken weapons. Those two were none other than the ones that Chen Feng had seen earlier. Unexpectedly, they had been captured by the tree spirit so quickly.

“Brother, help!” The younger cultivator shouted. There was panic in his voice, no longer were there the calmness and arrogance present in his voice from earlier.


The tree spirit snorted and its arms transformed. Thousands of branches grew out from its arms, colourful flowers growing on every one of them. A fragrant smell exuded out from the flowers and an intoxicating aroma quickly spread out. It was as though the breath of spring was flowing down upon the lands.

“Not good.”

The robust, middle-aged man’s face sank and he closed off every pore on his body while halting his breath. He urged his black tiger to retreat hundreds of metres back. At the same time, the fearsome blade in his hand began vibrating with intensity and black energy began to seep out from it even as it began glowing. The scene caused the fearsome blade to appear even more aggressive.


The robust, middle-aged man shouted, swinging the fearsome blade in his hand. Black flames surged, sending a blade beam out at lightning-like speed at the tree spirit. At the same time, his mount, the black tiger roared out, unleashing a black-coloured ball of light the size of a human head. Likewise, the ball of light transformed into a shadow as it shot towards the tree spirit.

Man and tiger attacked at the same time. The level of cooperation and understanding between them was excellent.


Before their attacks made contact, a dense number of branches grew out from the area before the tree spirit. Countless flowers bloomed upon their surface, creating a brilliantly colourful landscape.

Bang! Bang!

Two loud bangs rang out, causing the flowers to exploded before turning to ashes. The black blade beam and ball of light broke through and continued to shoot towards the tree spirit. However, after having to break through the branches, their momentum had weakened somewhat.

Facing the two incoming attacks, the tree spirit’s face remained impassive. It abruptly swung both its arms. In but an instant, they grew to a length of tens of zhang (1 zhang = 3.333 m). At the same time, all the spiritual energy within a radius of a hundred metres was pulled towards it and absorbed.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The tree spirit’s elongated arms kept turning as they continuously attacked the incoming black-coloured blade beam and ball of light. After attacking for over 10 times, the blade beam and the ball of light shattered and the chaotic remnant energy dissipated into the air.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Countless vines drilled out from the ground, transforming into the tree spirit’s means of attack. They rose up and charged at the robust, middle-aged man, covering the sky as they did. At the same time, tens of the surrounding towering trees abruptly moved, just like humans. All of them had seemingly gained the ability to act. The thick branches drilled, pierced, swept and smashed towards the robust, middle-aged man.

The attacks appeared brimming with power. However, they did not pose much of a threat towards the robust-middle-aged man. The fearsome blade in the robust, middle-aged man’s hand flew upwards to unleash circular blades of light. Following that, the surrounding vines and the towering trees were all shattered.


The black tiger roared loudly, like a thunder clapping across the sky. Next, it transformed into a lightning bolt as it pounced at the tree spirit. In an instant, it covered a distance of several hundreds of metres. The vines that were only just growing out from the surrounding grounds were all pulverized, a testament to the savagery of its might.


Even so, the tree spirit made no overt movements. Instead, the wrapped up middle-aged Daoist and the younger cultivator were pulled over and used to block the incoming black tiger.


The robust, middle-aged man, who was riding the black tiger, waved his hand. Seemingly slapping a fly, he sent the two fellows flying hundreds of metres to the side. When they landed, they smashed three big trees down.

“Blade dominates the world!”

Raising his fearsome blade, the robust, middle-aged man utilized the momentum created by his charging black tiger to hack down at the tree spirit standing in the distance.

This attack of his was filled with power and a blade beam, tens of metres in size, shot out, seemingly wanting to cut through Heaven and Earth. Wherever it went, its surroundings would be reduced to smithereens. A long gully, five metres deep and hundreds of metres long was created in its wake.

Seeing this attack, the tree spirit’s face finally turned serious. Without making a sound, both its legs had transformed into countless roots, which pierced deep into the ground. It wanted to borrow the power of the earth to enhance its combat prowess.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The ground erupted upwards as countless tree roots drilled their way out of the ground, quickly forming a thick shield to block the mighty attack from the robust, middle-aged man. At the same time, the tree spirit opened its mouth to spray out bluish-green spiritual energy at the shield. Instantly, the root shield glowed and became more durable.


An earth-shattering boom reverberated outwards as the root shield was destroyed. The tree spirit’s large body disappeared while the robust, middle-aged man himself was thrown off the black tiger’s back. The impact from the explosion had badly injured him as well.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two beams of light flashed out from afar and struck the body of the robust, middle-aged man, sending him flying.


The robust, middle-aged man spat out a mouthful of blood. However, his face remained normal. Despite staggering slightly, he was able to stand firm as he observed the two men coming from afar. His eyes shone.

“You are wearing a protective vest? To think that you could block both of our flying swords,” said the younger cultivator coldly.

“In order to make a living in this world, I must have some means. However, you two are only at level 6 of the Concealed stage. Attacking me, isn’t that the same as courting death?” The robust, middle-aged man sneered. He displayed a nonchalant attitude towards the two.

“We absolutely have to get this tree spirit today. Although your cultivation base is higher, we too, have our own ways,” the middle-aged Daoist said grimly.


The robust, middle-aged man smirked as a scornful look appeared within his eyes. He simply did not view those two as much.


Suddenly, green light flashed out as a glowing, green-coloured vine shot towards the middle-aged Daoist’s body. The vanished tree spirit had launched a sneak attack.

The vine was formed using the tree spirit’s essence power. After successfully piercing through the middle-aged Daoist, it immediately sprouted numerous roots, which pierced their way into the middle-aged Daoist’s body. Next, a shocking sight unfolded. The middle-aged Daoist’s body began withering away. It was as though the life force within his body was rapidly being sucked up.

“Not good!”

The younger cultivator’s face sank. Next, his flying sword flashed out, hacking down on the green-coloured vine.

However, the younger cultivator was too slow. The moment his flying sword flew forward, it was slapped away by another green-coloured vine. Next, he felt his abdomen going numb. He had been pierced as well and his whole body went numb, incapable of moving a single finger.

On the other side, the middle-aged Daoist had been reduced into a withered corpse, no trace of life left within him. The green-coloured vine flicked and the corpse broke into pieces before dissipating into the wind.

“Ahh! Save me!”

Sensing his life force flowing away, the younger cultivator felt terrified and he screamed out as he attempted to struggle with both his arms and legs.

The robust, middle-aged man and his black tiger stood a distance away and watched as the two cultivators were killed off. His face was calm and indifferent. Only his eyes flickered continuously, seemingly calculating something.

It did not take long for the younger cultivator to become another withered corpse, having died a painful death. The two green-coloured vines spun a few times, seemingly contemplating whether or not to attack the robust, middle-aged man.


At that very moment, a beam of light came from afar. It was like a lightning bolt from the sky. The beam cut the two vines into two each. Then, the power of the attack continued to reduce the two vines to ashes.

A one-metre long sword appeared in the sky, spinning while creating a humming sound. Soon after, the sword released a domineering clamour before shooting down, thrusting deep into the ground.

Without a sound, a crater with a radius of 100 metres suddenly formed on the ground. All the soil and stones there disappeared and the large tree spirit quickly flew out from underground. However, its body was covered in wounds and green-coloured liquid spilled out ceaselessly from its wounds. Clearly, it had been badly wounded. 

“What kind of weapon is that?” The tree spirit could not help but cry out in shock before running far away.


The sword flashed out again and the tree spirit’s body was cut into two. Next, the sword spun a few more times, hacking the tree spirit’s body into pieces. Only a green-coloured sphere of light was left and it quickly flew away in an attempt to escape. It was the tree spirit’s essence. By escaping this calamity, it would be able to recover in the future.

It was then that the robust, middle-aged man and his black tiger made their move. The robust, middle-aged man grasped at the sphere of light while the black tiger launched an attack towards a distance spot. It was trying to stop the one attacking the tree spirit.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Flashes of light shone from the sword and the robust, middle-aged man screamed out wretchedly and was sent flying backwards. One of his palms was cut by the attack and it bled. As for the green sphere of light, it was cut in half.

Yet, thanks to the interference from the robust, middle-aged man, the other half of the green sphere of light successfully escaped, disappearing in an instant.

The direction taken by the remnant sphere of light was the same one that Chen Feng took. Chen Feng, who had yet to make his way out from the valley was unaware of what had transpired here.

“Roar! Roar!”

The black tiger was only capable of releasing two roars before falling into an immobile state. A fair and slender palm pressed lightly down on the black tiger’s head. It was like a mountain. No matter how hard the black tiger struggled, it was incapable of turning the situation around. All it could do was to roar constantly.

“Who are you?” asked the robust, middle-aged man fearfully as he regarded the beautiful woman in white. The black tiger was nearly his equal in strength. Unexpectedly, however, this opponent only needed one hand to suppress the tiger. This meant that the woman was far stronger than him. Not to mention, she had earlier cut off one of his palms.

The woman in white waved her hand and her sword transformed into a stream of light before disappearing into her palm.

“Humph! If it weren’t for you, the tree spirit would not have been able to escape with half of its essence intact. Originally, you should all die here. However, considering how difficult it is for you to cultivate to such heights … also, you were here first, I will spare your lives. I hope you will conduct yourselves properly and don’t bump into me in the future.” After saying that the woman in white retracted her hand. Then, with a flash, she disappeared.

“Could that woman be an expert who has surpassed the Concealed stage? Sigh! This time, not only did I fail to get anything good, I even got wounded. Hell, I nearly died. Little Blackie, let’s go.” After saying that, the robust, middle-aged man got onto the black tiger and they quickly disappeared, ignoring the palm that was left on the ground.

How strange. There are no more sounds. Could it be the parties involved have concluded who the victor and losers are? By now, Chen Feng had made his way out from the valley. He then listened as the sounds coming from the distance slowly faded. Having noticed that, he could not stop himself from speculating.

Should I go back to check it out?

As Chen Feng was contemplating the matter, a green sphere of light swiftly made its way towards him. It was none other than the fleeing tree spirit’s essence.

“Eh? There is a little cultivator here. The life force inside his body is quite strong, but devouring him is still not worth much to me. I will just use him as a substitute body to avoid this danger for now.” After considering what to do, the tree spirit flew towards Chen Feng. In an instant, it entered Chen Feng’s body.

All Chen Feng felt was a painful sensation on his back before feeling something entering his own body. He became terribly shocked.

“What is that? It entered my body?” Chen Feng blurted out.

“What a strange primary energy. There is a dense amount of grass essence within them. Eh? Such a powerful life force! Just what kind of primary energy is this? Kid, what kind of technique are you practicing?”

In the beginning, the tree spirit was only slightly amazed. Soon, however, it became greatly shocked.

“What is that? Who are you? How did you get into my body? Get out!” Chen Feng jumped in shock. At the same time, he circulated the primary energy within his body to assail the tree spirit.

“Such a powerful life force! My injuries are recovering! Could this be a top-grade, wood-type cultivation technique? No, the level of this cultivation technique has surpassed that of the Concealed stage. Or perhaps, this simply isn’t a cultivation technique from the mundane world. Ha ha ha! If this keeps up, my injuries will heal up soon enough. Additionally, I can grow stronger.” The tree spirit became excited and it gobbled up the primary energy within Chen Feng’s body.

“Nghh!” Chen Feng grunted out, his face ugly to behold. The amount of primary energy inside his body was falling incessantly. As it fell, Chen Feng felt his body grow weaker.

“What the Hell are you? Hurry up and get out!” Chen Feng shouted. If this were to continue, the primary energy that he had been painstakingly cultivating would be completely devoured by the tree spirit. At the same time, Chen Feng was secretly feeling regretful. If only he knew this could happen, he would have quickly left this place and avoid this unexpected calamity.

“Ha ha ha ha! What a powerful wood-type primary energy! Although it is very weak, I can feel that it is very useful to me. It might even be the legendary immortal technique. Kid, as long as you give me your technique, I will spare your life.” The tree spirit laughed from inside Chen Feng’s body.

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