Chapter 699 Golden Palace


“And what is inside this palace?” Chen Feng asked smilingly.

“Cultivation materials. I am uncertain about the specifics myself. It must be spirit stones, spiritual herbs and the likes,” the Hell Dog said.

“Hopefully, that is the case,” said Chen Feng, who walked towards the palace.

Thankfully, the Hell Dog had already broken the restrictive arrays protecting the golden palace. If it weren’t for that, Chen Feng would’ve had to spend quite some effort to deal with them.

Upon entering the golden palace, Chen Feng felt a wave of spiritual energy wash over him. All the pores on him felt as though they would erupt open. He could practically see strands of spiritual energy in the air with his naked eye.

This is immortal energy! After absorbing just a strand of the spiritual energy, Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. Disregarding the question as to whether or not this golden palace possessed a dimension of its own, the fact that it contained this much immortal energy would already be enough to cause the eyes of Human Immortals to go red.

Chen Feng quickly recollected himself. He did not absorb the immortal energy. He was aware that there were better items waiting for him.

Since the Hell Dog brought me here, there should be no guardians here, right? Chen Feng sent his soul power out into his surroundings. However, it was quickly obstructed by layer after layer of restrictive arrays.

Breaking the restrictive arrays would take a very long time. Thus, Chen Feng had to ask Tower for assistance.

As he expected, Tower was quick to agree.

“Hmm, this palace is pretty good. It is a Dao artefact, containing some seals and restrictive arrays, usable for both defence and offence. It can also shrink down to serve as a place of residence. Most importantly, the materials used for its construction are quite good. Some of them are highly rare materials. They are exactly what I needed. Kid, let’s talk about this,” Tower said, chuckling.

“Sure, sure. I don’t need this palace anyways. Just devour the whole thing.” Chen Feng waved his hand. He didn’t consider it to be a waste at all.

“Ha ha! Aren’t you a generous one, kid? However, there is quite a number of good items inside this palace. I only need a small portion of it. I will leave the rest for you.

“All right, then. Kid, follow my instructions.”

Next up, Chen Feng followed Tower’s instructions and made his way through the layers of restrictive arrays. Upon encountering strong restrictive arrays, he would simply make use of the Longevity Tower’s power to attack the array.

After turning around here and there, advancing through who knows just how far, Chen Feng finally stepped into a colourful garden of flowers. He then stopped in the middle of the multitudinous flowers.

“All right, it’s here,” Tower said.

“Here? You mean, the core of this palace is here?” Chen Feng looked around, a look of shock on his face. With the exception of flowers, the types of which he had never seen before, there was nothing else there.

“Idiot! It’s right in front of you. The other fellow set up an illusion to trick your senses,” Tower said.

After hearing that, Chen Feng fired out a stream of black light from his eyes. As expected, the flowers before him began withering. Finally, only one golden flower remained standing upright, unaffected by Chen Feng’s gaze.

“It’s this flower?” Chen Feng extended his hand to pluck the golden flower. The moment Chen Feng picked up the flower, it changed. The petals instantly opened up, transforming into countless golden threads, which flowed into Chen Feng’s skin.

Seeing that shocked Chen Feng, who wanted to resist. However, he found that the golden threads were simply too fast. In just the blink of an eye, the agile golden threads had already entered his sea of wisdom.

After entering his sea of wisdom, the golden threads immediately flared with golden light. Through the golden light, Chen Feng was able to comprehend a magic formula. After just a short period of contact, Chen Feng figured out the purpose of the magic formula.

It is indeed the core that controls the golden palace. By mastering this magic formula, I can completely control the golden palace. Chen Feng then focused on refining the golden light.

Two whole hours went by before Chen Feng opened his eyes again. By then, he had already gained a general understanding of the golden palace.

He had also figured out some of the things inside the golden palace. Of course, he did not bother studying the magic arrays for the defence and offence of the golden palace. Given his current cultivation level, mastering all of the golden palace’s arrays in a short time was simply impossible.

Besides, the golden palace would be devoured by Tower. Thus, putting effort into that would be pointless.


With just a step, Chen Feng re-appeared before a secret chamber. Opening the secret chamber, he then walked in. There was only a spatial ring inside the secret chamber. Picking up the ring, Chen Feng then sent his soul power inside to quickly refine the ring.

This spatial ring is actually a Sacred artefact! Tsk, tsk, as expected of an Ascendant Immortal! Chen Feng praised.

There was only one thing inside the spatial ring. A mountainous pile of spirit stones. Not to mention, those were Immortal crystals, something that Chen Feng did not even possess.

Quickly counting them all, Chen Feng noted that there were 100 million Immortal crystals. The Immortal crystals were all haphazardly thrown into the spatial ring and the immortal energy they exuded entranced even Chen Feng.

“This is quite the amount of wealth!” Chen Feng said with a laugh. However, he quickly recollected himself.

“Tower, all these Immortal crystals should be able help you restore your strength, no?” Chen Feng asked. For Chen Feng, increasing his strength and restoring the Longevity Tower’s strength were of equal importance.

“No need. Given my current level of strength, I can already absorb immortal energy from the Immortal Plane to restore my strength. I can even use the absorbed immortal energy to condense out Immortal crystals. As your strength grows, you will need more spirit stones as well. Thus, you should leave these spirit stones for your own use.

“If there is anything good here, I will be taking them directly. There is no need for you to worry about it.”

“Ha ha, looks like I was being a busybody.” Chen Feng laughed.

“However, seeing this many Immortal crystals make me feel as though I am dreaming.”

Again, Chen Feng took another step forward to re-appear in front of another secret chamber. Opening the doors to the secret chamber, Chen Feng was instantly greeted by a thick and moist air.

“What is this?” Chen Feng blurted out in surprise.

A 1,000-zhang-long river was flowing in the air and waves of moist air were constantly spreading out into its surroundings.

What a formidable power of water. I do not know what kind of energy was used to condense out this river, but it must surely be something good. Just as Chen Feng was about to take action, however, the Longevity Tower’s semi-transparent silhouette flashed out. Next, the river quickly condensed, becoming like a small snake, which then slithered into the Longevity Tower. Before Chen Feng could even recollect himself, the river had completely melded into the Longevity Tower, leaving not a single drop behind.

“These are True Three Yang Waters. They are just what I needed,” Tower said with a lackadaisical tone.

“If you need it, then just use it. It’s not like I won’t give it to you. Why bother snatching?” Chen Feng shook his head and took another step forward to re-appear elsewhere.

After searching around for a bit, Chen Feng became slightly disappointed. With the exception of the Immortal crystals and True Three Yang Waters he found in the beginning, the other places were mostly empty.

In other words, this massive golden palace was practically just an empty shell. Although it contained the Immortal crystals and True Three Yang Waters, those things were too small when compared to the scale of the golden palace.

For any other cultivators, getting this golden hall would make them highly overjoyed. This is a Dao artefact, after all. Not to mention, it is also a whole Dao artefact. Both its interior and exterior have complicated seals and restrictive arrays. With enough power, it can directly flatten a medium-large sect. Chen Feng smiled.

“Tower, devour this palace as you like. However, if there are any other palace-type magic treasures in the future, be sure to leave one for me. I can use it as my own immortal mansion,” Chen Feng said.

This golden palace was vast and spacious, with pavilions, towers and flowing rivulets. By putting in some flowers, herbs, birds and animals, it could serve as a cultivation grotto-mansion.

“Heh! To think that something like this can catch your fancy. Just wait until your cultivation base is high enough. Then, you will be able to create an Immortal-tier grotto-mansion to serve as your place of residence. You should know, the space within an Immortal artefact is even bigger compared to the Eternal World. It practically possesses a world within itself,” Tower said scornfully.

“Ha ha! And yet, you are also eagerly snatching for it. No matter what you say, my cultivation base must be improved one step at a time. Likewise, you must also restore your strength slowly. What? Are you hoping that your strength can rise by leaps and bounds and enter the Immortal Plane?” Chen Feng retorted. 

“If you truly possess that ability, that would be great.”

Chen Feng then shook his head and took another step, which brought him straight out of the golden palace. The Hell Dog was still there, waiting for Chen Feng. Seeing Chen Feng emerge, it immediately moved over to stand before Chen Feng.

“How is your harvest?” the Hell Dog could not stop itself from asking.

“Only some spirit stones,” Chen Feng replied coolly.

Next, Chen Feng waved his hand and the massive golden palace promptly shone with golden light. Then, it quickly shrank, transforming into a stream of golden light as it flowed into Chen Feng’s body.

Seeing that, the Hell Dog believed that Chen Feng must have refined the golden palace. In truth, however, Chen Feng had given it to Tower, who began devouring it.

“Now, tell me about this planet.” Chen Feng then turned to the Hell Dog and asked.

“Err…” The Hell Dog hesitated for a moment before answering, “This entire planet is something that Ascendant Immortal Skylodge had refined. His legacy is somewhere within this planet.”

“Refining an entire planet?” Chen Feng’s eyes widened, incapable of believing what he just heard.

“Tower, just refine this whole planet, then. That will save me the time needed to slowly go find the legacy,” Chen Feng secretly said to Tower.

“You think I am going to waste that much effort to go refine this useless planet?” Tower said coldly. 

“Heh! If you don’t have the ability to do it, then just say it. Why bother spouting so much nonsense.” Chen Feng then pursed his lips to the side.

“All right. Senior Hell Dog, I have collected the golden palace. Let’s go check out the other places.” Chen Feng was feeling helpless. After knowing that this whole planet was something that Ascendant Immortal Skylodge left behind, he also knew that finding the legacy would take quite the effort and time. He could only hope that the planet would be a small one.

On the other side of the planet, as Chen Feng was entering the golden palace earlier, Tie Yuanhao, Zhan Qinglin, Mu Song and the others were all teleported out. With the exception of Zhan Qinglin, who managed to acquire some items from the planet, the others had actually failed to gain anything. That was particularly true for Tie Yuanhao, who was directly teleported out from the Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans and sent back to Eternal World.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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