Chapter 697 Illusion


Wen Shaoxiu was not the only one. Even Jian Zhikong was in trouble. However, even though Jian Zhikong was stronger than Wen Shaoxiu, he did not possess an Immortal artefact fragment.

After going through an arduous battle, a wolf demon slapped Jian Zhikong, breaking his body into two. Next, he was teleported out.

Looks like I won’t die. As he was in the process of getting teleported out, Jian Zhikong breathed a sigh of relief. After that, however, he sighed. Although his torn body had been put together, his exhausted energy reserve remained depleted. It would be problematic if he ended up getting teleported to a dangerous place.

When he next opened his eyes again, Jian Zhikong was truly able to put himself at ease. But it was soon followed by a feeling of regret and loss.

He had been teleported back to Heavenly Sword Mountain Range.

“Jian Zhikong!” Immortal Windflow moved forward to bring Jian Zhikong out from the teleportation platform. After sensing the wounds on Jian Zhikong’s body, he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Greetings, seniors.” Jian Zhikong swiftly saluted them.

“You did good in getting out alive. How is your harvest?” Immortal Sunmoon asked.

“I only managed to obtain a few medicinal pills and spiritual herbs. However, I will be able to break through to the Human Immortal stage shortly by using them,” Jian Zhikong said solemnly.

“Good. To be able to gain something is good.” The Human Immortals from Heavenly Sword Faction revealed looks of joy. This meant that their Heavenly Sword Faction would have another Human Immortal.

“Eh, Brother Wen Shaoxiu did not come out?” Jian Zhikong was surprised. The test would not end with death. Thus, the fact that Wen Shaoxiu did not come out meant that he had either passed the test or was teleported elsewhere.

As for Chen Feng, Jian Zhikong did not think too much about it. Chen Feng was simply too strong. If one were to ask him who would most likely obtain the legacy there, his answer was surely Chen Feng.

A group of Human Immortals asked Jian Zhikong about the situation inside. After that, they all grew contemplative.

“To think that Wen Shaoxiu would obtain an Immortal artefact fragment. Looks like he is quite lucky. However, how could that Chen Feng be so powerful?”

“Yes. Still, it is a good thing that Chen Feng is there, otherwise our disciples would have suffered from serious casualties.”

“Ha ha ha! That Chen Feng is truly ruthless. He actually killed so many of them. Well done! Well done, indeed!”

“In the future, everyone should make sure to be respectful towards him. Elder Chen’s combat power should already be comparable to that of a Human Immortal,” Immortal Steelstone finally said with a serious tone.

Moving away from the Human Immortals’ discussion, Chen Feng had successfully dealt with the golem. He did not destroy it. Instead, it stood before Chen Feng quietly, Longevity Chains wrapped around it. Most importantly, there was a seal – shining with a faint-cyan light – pasted on the golem’s body. This seal was the one sealing the golem’s movements. 

“I didn’t think that there is actually such a good seal inside the Longevity Tower. I can’t even remember where I got it from. Sigh! If only I have cultivated the sealing technique of the Longevity Scripture, it wouldn’t have been so troublesome.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“With this, I have probably passed this stage. However, are there any rewards?” Chen Feng looked around.


Suddenly, the golem exploded and soil scattered out all around the place. Seeing that shocked Chen Feng. He thought that the seal had failed and the golem would reform again. 

Next, however, an earthen-yellow bead flew forward to hover before Chen Feng. The golem did not reform.

“This is!” The moment he made contact with the bead, Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. He could feel himself becoming one with the earth. He felt vastness and waves of profundity from it. It felt as though he was holding a 10,000-zhang-tall mountain in his hand.

“This is a bead formed from the power of earth, containing the laws of the earth. This is a good item,” said Chen Feng, who refined the bead and sent it into his body. Finally, the bead entered one of his Magnetic acupoints.

In the future, following the increase in Chen Feng’s cultivation base and knowledge, his understanding of the power of earth will grow deeper as well. In that regards, Chen Feng was already at a much more favourable position compared to other cultivators on the same level as him. 

“Up ahead!”

Upon obtaining the bead, Chen Feng became somewhat overjoyed. After resting himself for a bit, he continued advancing. His eyes shone, seemingly wanting to pierce the space before him.

He was capable of easily observing everything that was happening 1,000 zhang ahead.

Suddenly, space fluctuated like water ripples spreading out. Immediately, Chen Feng entered a wondrous world. A world with fresh air, the fragrance of flowers, chirping birds and furtive animals. There were also mountains and flowing rivers. Billowing smoke from the act of cooking could be seen and he could even hear the laughter of children coming from a distance.

“An illusion technique?” Chen Feng whispered as he activated his Magic Eyes of Darkness, sweeping around with it.

Chen Feng’s Magic Eyes of Darkness contained the power of darkness. By cultivating it up to its highest phase, he would be able to split open the sky and cleave the earth with just a gaze. Thus, space kept breaking apart as all the images before him broke down before transforming into something else.

After everything he saw earlier disappeared, Chen Feng found himself in a hell-like place. The earth was barren and the sky was grey and dark. There was a suffocating, rancid scent in the air. Although there was also a river there, the waters of the river were foul and black in colour, as black as ink. Occasionally, rotten bones would rise to the surface of the river. 

Is this real? Chen Feng’s eyes were black and his pupils focused, wanting to see through everything laid out before him. 


Chen Feng then came before the foul-smelling river. Next, he extended his hand to grasp and the waters of the river, weighing up over 500 thousand kilogrammes were pulled up into the air.

“No living creatures,” Chen Feng whispered. However, a white piece of bone fell to the ground.

The bone was one zhang long. There was no way to tell which creature this bone was from. However, it was solid and its surface smooth. Strands of energy flowed across its surface. Although it had been inside the river’s water, there was no other colour on the bone. Seeing that surprised Chen Feng. 

Chen Feng could feel a formidable power of corrosion within the river’s water. Even Mystic Iron would’ve be eroded away by the river’s water in due time.

Exerting his strength upon the bone, Chen Feng increased the force behind his grip up to 5 million kilogrammes, but the bone remained intact.

“Impressive! It is so tough! Is this the bone of an Immortal Human?” Chen Feng blurted out. Next, he utilized the Heavengulping Absorption Technique to absorb the energy within it. This time, however, he failed. He was unable to absorb even a strand of the energy inside it.

No matter! This is definitely a good item. I’ll keep it first and slowly refine it in the future. Next, Chen Feng began searching the river. It did not take long for him to find more bones. In addition, he also found some other items like battle armours that were mottled with rust and broken magic treasures.

In just two hours, the items Chen Feng found there had piled up to the size of a small mountain.

“Tower, check and see if there is anything you need here,” Chen Feng asked Tower, a smile on his face.

“Heh!” Tower merely chortled before going silent again.

Chen Feng kept the items into the Longevity Tower before making his way towards a distant volcano. The volcano was at least 100,000 zhang tall and thick, billowing smoke emerged from it. The heat coming out from it could even scorch space.


Chen Feng quickly entered the mouth of the volcano only to find that the interior of the volcano was filled with top-grade fire-type crystals. Every one of them was comparable to a Sacred crystal.

So many fire-type crystals! What a huge harvest! Chen Feng picked up a head-sized crystal and was able to instantly feel a thick and searing spiritual energy flowing through his arm before making its way into his body. After circulating through his body a few times, the stream of energy then entered his Fire acupoint.

What a thick spiritual energy! Looks like the Fire acupoints of my Five Elemental acupoints and Eight Trigram acupoints will be levelling up. Having reached that line of thought, Chen Feng absorbed the energy at an even faster rate.

As he was absorbing the spiritual energy of the crystal, he collected the fire-type crystals there. After collecting over 10,000 crystals, however, Chen Feng suddenly stopped. His eyes shone with light as he entered a contemplative state.

“Something is not right,” Chen Feng whispered.

Black light undulated out from his eyes and the soul power within his sea of wisdom slowly grew still. Even his Lifebound Flame had stopped moving.

However, Chen Feng’s mind did not stop operating. On the contrary, it was operating at a far greater capacity than normal, seemingly trying to quickly figure something out.

Finally, his sea of wisdom rapidly stirred and his Lifebound Flame swelled all of a sudden, burning intensely. His soul power became surging streams, which roared and churned without respite.

Chen Feng’s black eyes then turned bright and he chuckled. “Unexpectedly, I got tricked. I thought I managed to break the illusion. However, I did not expect to fall into another layer of illusion.”

Looks like everything had been structured according to my desires. I wanted to obtain treasures. So, it created a high number of treasures for me. However, I was incapable of absorbing even a strand of energy from the bones I found. That’s something of a loophole, I suppose. I wanted spirit stones and it created such a high number of fire-type spirit stones for me. If I am not mistaken, the fire-type energy I thought I absorbed earlier must be just the spiritual energy from my surroundings.

An illusion technique affects a person’s mind. The illusion technique can take advantage of a person’s thoughts, entering it and responding to the person’s weaknesses and desires. The stronger a person’s mind, the harder it is for that person to fall into an illusion. Looks like my desire for treasures is too strong. Due to the existence of the desire, I fell for the second layer of the illusion after breaking the first one.

However, since I have already realized it, does it still want to affect me? Let me see what the source of this illusion is.

“Magic Eyes of Darkness, Nocturnal Lightsurge, break!” Black light surged out from Chen Feng’s eyes. The black light was like black-coloured lava. Everywhere it went, space would shatter apart.

There were no fire-type spirit stones before him and he was not inside a volcano. Instead, the scene that greeted his eyes was the same one that he saw earlier. 

A world with fresh air, the fragrance of flowers, chirping birds, furtive animals and a small rivulet.

I’m still here. Did I fail to break the illusion? No, this is actually how this place looks like in the first place. There was a serious look on Chen Feng’s face as he stepped forward. He knew that there was something behind the illusion.

Soon enough, a small animal appeared before Chen Feng.

“What kind of yao beast is this?” Looking at the small animal, Chen Feng could not stop himself from asking out loud.

Indeed, it would be more accurate to call it a small animal. Only one chi tall and two chi long, it was completely black in colour. It shook its head. Err, how should he put it? Isn’t this just an ordinary dog?  

Not to mention, this was still just a puppy.

Although Chen Feng was surprised, he was quick to recollect himself. The appearance of such a small animal here was an oddity in itself.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 chi = 0.333 m

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