Chapter 696 Passing the Stage


What a formidable defence! That attack earlier is already comparable to that from a high-grade Prized-tier flying sword.


“Fist of the Hegemonic Sky!”

Chen Feng could see that the golem’s formation process was still incomplete. Thus, he rapidly rushed forward, wanting to break it before it could fully take form. 


This punch from Chen Feng could shatter apart a 1,000-zhang-tall mountain. Smashing against the golem’s body, it brought about a loud booming sound. As expected, the golem was sent flying and it blasted out a great crater on the ground when it fell.

However, Chen Feng’s face did not become less vigilant. Even though his earlier attack had made contact, it did not appear effective.

As predicted, the golem swiftly leapt up from the ground. A yellow light was all Chen Feng saw before the golem arrived before him.

Shocked, Chen Feng rapidly brought both palms forward to block.

Next, Chen Feng’s figure was blasted backwards.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The force assailing Chen Feng’s body created a series of popping sounds, pushing Chen Feng’s figure through a distance of over 1,000 metres before coming to a halt. Feeling the aching sensations on his arms, Chen Feng then exhaled.

The force behind the punch is over 40 million kilogrammes. It is already very close to 50 million kilogrammes, Chen Feng thought.

Still, this is not enough to defeat me. However, I wonder if Brother Wen and the others are facing the same level of difficulty as me. If they are, then they will be in trouble.

He was not looking down on Wen Shaoxiu and the others. However, he was also aware of how strong they were. Even if they were three times stronger, it would be useless. It would take a miracle for them to make it through this test.  

The formation process for the golem was finally finished and strands of faint-yellow energy swirled around it. The surface of its body was seemingly hacked out using an axe and every part of its body was filled with an explosive-like power.

Most importantly, the golem was one with the surrounding land. Thus, it was innately unkillable, unless one could shatter the lands apart.

“Come on, then. Let me see what you got,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle. A ball of lightning spun into existence within his palm, releasing a constant crackling sound.


The golem’s speed, however, exceeded Chen Feng’s expectations. With just a flash, it was already upon Chen Feng. Next, it sent a simple punch towards his head.

How is it so fast? Chen Feng’s foot moved as he performed the Kirin Steps. However, he was still incapable of evading the golem’s punch. All he could do was to complement his movement technique with the Skybreak Fist to block the attack, albeit barely.

Chen Feng sighed. He had chosen the wrong strategy to deal with the golem. If he had chosen to fight it head on right from the start, he would not have fallen into a disadvantageous position.

Still, since he had already chosen to not fight it head on, Chen Feng decided to continue with it. He pushed his execution of the Kirin Steps to his limits and his entire being seemingly melted into the void. It was as though he had become part of the darkness, making it impossible for anyone to grasp his position. 

And yet, despite Chen Feng’s incredible speed and wondrous movement technique, the golem was able to quickly arrive before him. Once again, it unleashed another punch.

Yellow-coloured energy streams surged forth and the winds created by the punch enveloped Chen Feng as he was blasted out from void space. Due to that, his steps became slightly disorganized.

Huh! The force behind this punch has exceeded 50 million kilogrammes.

No wonder this golem can attain such an incredible speed. It turns out it has fused with the earth. While moving, it utilized an earthwalking technique. That’s practically no different from teleportation. It was my mistake. I actually failed to notice this right from the start. Chen Feng smiled. His figure fluttered backwards to land somewhere 100 zhang away.

As surmised, the golem only needed one step to arrive before him once more. However, as it was about to unleash its attack, Chen Feng stamped his foot and his Magnetic acupoints spun into action, linking up with the power of earth. He was not attempting to mobilize the power of earth for himself. Rather, he was simply disrupting it.

Due to Chen Feng’s actions, the golem’s actions faltered slightly, allowing Chen Feng to easily evade its attack.

“Even without borrowing the power of earth, I can still smash you apart with a single blow. However, your Earthwalk Technique and the way you utilize the power of earth is quite good. Let me study it,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

Chen Feng’s Magnetic acupoints spun and he sent his focus underground to carefully sense the changes to the earth.

However, Chen Feng’s ability to influence the power of earth was far inferior compared to the golem, an existence formed using the power of earth. Thus, as the battle went on, Chen Feng continued to be in a disadvantageous position.

Even so, Chen Feng did gain considerably from the fight. All else aside, the knowledge regarding the power of earth that he had comprehended here would have taken him a long time to comprehend by himself.

As expected, fighting is the best way to make progress while pressure is the source of motivation. Chen Feng did not utilize all his cards for the fight. If he were to bring out his magic treasures, he would certainly be capable of quickly finishing off the golem. However, he would not be able to hone himself.

The strength of this golem should be somewhere between that of a starter-level Human Immortal and a mid-level Human Immortal. Naturally, that is with the assistance of the power of earth and its laws. On its own, it simply has a strong physical might and defence. That would be easy to handle.

Speaking of which, when going all out, Chen Feng could already unleash attacks with a force of 100 million kilogrammes, far above that of this golem. In terms of defence, Chen Feng’s fleshly body could block the attacks from a grade 2 Sacred artefact. Thus, he was not afraid of this golem. The only aspect he was lacking compared to the golem was the golem’s ability to continuously absorb the power of earth.


The fighting continued for quite some time and the golem finally lost its patience. It stamped down heavily, causing the lands to quake and the force of gravity there rose.

A frown flashed through Chen Feng’s face. The force of gravity had risen to 100 times that of normal. Normally, Chen Feng would have no issues with it. However, he was in the midst of a battle. Not to mention, this golem was very strong.

While Chen Feng was affected by the gravity, the golem was not. That was because the golem was created through the power of earth.


A punch struck Chen Feng’s chest and his figure flew, hurtling across over 100 zhang before slamming heavily against the ground. Due to the gravity there, even the ground was beginning to collapse.

This golem occupies advantageous terrain. It will be difficult to deal with it like this. Chen Feng shook his head and his figure suddenly disappeared. He had utilized the Longevity Steps.

This time, the golem’s attack missed. Its formidable fist blast erupted, causing the lands to quake about non-stop.

“My turn, Great Longevity Palm!”

A massive palm silhouette descended from the sky to smash down heavily against the golem’s body. However, there was something else mixed within this Great Longevity Palm.

Countless cracks spread out across the body of the golem. Then, with a loud booming sound, it exploded into countless fragments. 

“As expected, wood counters earth. A Great Longevity Palm containing longevity-type primary energy counters the golem,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

However, it did not take long for the soil before him to surge upwards to condense out the golem once more, restoring it to its normal form.

“This is practically an unending fight, huh?” Chen Feng shook his head and waved his hand. Next, two Longevity Chains flew forward to entangle the golem.

As Chen Feng was fighting against the golem, Wen Shaoxiu and the others, who were also on the same planet, were respectively facing a tough battle.


Wen Shaoxiu’s figure hurtled across the sky, smashing through over 100 ancient, towering trees before coming to a stop.

“Cough! Cough!” Wen Shaoxiu coughed out blood as he stood up, his face contorted to the extreme.

Somewhere not far away from Wen Shaoxiu was an emerald-green tree yao. The tree yao was making its way towards Wen Shaoxiu. Each of its limbs was like a thick, tree trunk. 

Wen Shaoxiu had been fighting this opponent for quite some time. If it weren’t for his defensive Sacred artefact, this tree yao would have killed him a long time ago.

However, he would not be able to hold on for much longer.

This time, I haven’t been able to activate the Immortal artefact fragment at all. Looks like I will be eliminated here. Wen Shaoxiu revealed a bitter smile. His hand, stained with blood stroked the Immortal artefact fragment. However, the fragment did not respond at all.

“Bring it! Even if I get eliminated in the end, I will fight to my last!” Wen Shaoxiu shouted and his will to fight surged. Next, he brandished the Sacred Boltflame Sword and charged at the tree yao.

After exchanging blows a few times, Wen Shaoxiu was once again sent flying. This time, a high number of branches – like chains – moved to bound Wen Shaoxiu. Next, an even thicker branch spun forward quickly as it charged towards Wen Shaoxiu’s chest like a lance. 

It’s over. Wen Shaoxiu closed his eyes. He knew that he could not do anything else against this attack. He only hoped that this attack would not kill him and that it would teleport him out after this. However, Wen Shaoxiu also knew that the chances of that happening was very low.

As he was facing certain death, the Immortal artefact fragment in Wen Shaoxiu’s hand suddenly shook. It did not attack. Instead, an invisible ripple made its way out through space, traversing the boundless space and time.


A black hole suddenly appeared up in the sky and space itself seemingly collapsed in the face of this black hole. Next, a white pillar of light descended to envelop Wen Shaoxiu. The pillar of light was like magma of the hottest degree. Circular waves of light then spread out and everything around it was turned into nothingness. That included the tree yao and the surrounding forest. Everything was utterly wiped out and even the ground sank several metres.

This time, the tree yao did not regrow. With the surrounding forest gone, the tree yao had lost its foundation. Naturally, it would have no way to re-grow itself anymore.

When everything returned to normalcy, all that was left was Wen Shaoxiu, who stood there with a dazed look on his face. After some time had passed, Wen Shaoxiu finally recollected himself. Then, he lowered his head to look at the Immortal artefact fragment in his hand and a look of pleasant surprise appeared on his face.

The fragment had clearly become bigger, double its previous size.

“Looks like another piece of the Immortal artefact fragment was attracted over just now. Two fragments had fused together. No wonder it appears much bigger than before. Whether or not I can get the legacy no longer matters. These two Immortal artefact fragments are already my biggest harvest here. After getting out from here and studying this fragment for a bit, rising up to the Human Immortal stage will be a walk in the park,” Wen Shaoxiu said smilingly.


Suddenly, the ground cracked and a quaint teleportation platform emerged. In the middle of the platform was a scroll.

Wen Shaoxiu strode forward, stepping into the teleportation platform to pick up the scroll. It was unknown just what materials were used to craft it.

“Sky-tier cultivation technique, Withered Wood Formula.”

“This is a wood-type cultivation technique. It is not suitable for me. However, it is still a Sky-tier cultivation technique. By bringing it to the sect, I will be able to exchange it for a high number of contribution points.” Wen Shaoxiu happily kept the scroll.

Still, this is an Ascendant Immortal. He only left a Sky-tier cultivation technique here? Isn’t he a little stingy? Wen Shaoxiu suddenly thought.

Next, the teleportation array activated and a spatial passageway opened up. Entering the passageway, Wen Shaoxiu then disappeared.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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