Chapter 693 Humanoid Puppet


“Humph!” After seeing Chen Feng, the cultivator scoffed. A ferocious light glinted across the surface of his eyes. However, he did not attack.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Next, more cultivators entered the cave. Wen Shaoxiu, Jian Zhikong and the others arrived as well. Without exception, all of them were panting as they arrived, completely soaked in sweat. Some looked pale and they immediately took some medicinal pills upon their arrival to restore their exhausted strength.

All of them received one Golden Pill of Nine Apertures each. Two chose to take the pills on the spot. Next, a wave of golden light rose up from their bodies respectively and their auras began growing stronger.

“Humph, the two fools! They are actually choosing to take the pill here. If they cannot suppress their cultivation bases, they will have to undergo tribulation here.” Some of the cultivators there could not stop themselves from speaking out scornfully.

Most of the cultivators would not choose to undergo tribulation here. At any rate, the worldly laws here were different from the worldly laws in the outside world. There were too many variations involved in undergoing tribulation here. Due to the many uncertainties involved, the cultivators here would only utilize any treasure they find here – that could increase their strength – after they had returned to the outside world.


Jian Xiaotian finally appeared in the cave. Instantly, he sat down. His whole body was soaked with sweat and he gasped violently for breath.

Chen Feng stepped forward and placed a hand on Jian Xiaotian’s shoulder. Next, a stream of longevity-type primary energy surged into Jian Xiaotian’s body. Immediately, Jian Xiaotian could feel his vitality churning vigorously.

“He actually managed to make it? What a lucky guy,” a cultivator from Heartless Heaven Sect said with a derisive grin.

Chen Feng looked around. Out of the hundred plus cultivators they had in the beginning, only 30 had managed to reach the cave. Additionally, three of them appeared composed. It was as though the gravity course earlier did not exhaust too much of their strength.

Chen Feng focused his attention on the three cultivators. The first emanated an aura that felt as deep as the ocean. The second possessed a fleshly body that looked like steel stone. As for the third, the muscles on every part of his body kept palpitating. He was actually cultivating a very formidable energy-discharging cultivation technique. 

The cultivator from Divine Demon Grotto, who took second place, was not amongst the three cultivators.

These three cultivators are very strong. Not to mention, they also keep a low-profile. Hey, this type of people is the hardest to deal with. Chen Feng evaluated them.

“Brother Wen, what kind of background do those fellows have?” Chen Feng secretly asked Wen Shaoxiu. Although Chen Feng believed that they were no match for him, he was not arrogant enough to dismiss them. There was a need to gather information on them.

“That muscular man is Tie Yuanhao, from Divine Demon Grotto. He cultivates the Divine Demon Grotto’s Bodyforging Art of the Divine Demon. His fleshly body is very strong. If we are to rank all the cultivators here, he is strong enough to take the top 5 position.”

“The one in cyan clothes with an aura as deep as the ocean is Sha Qing. He is someone from Heartless Heaven Sect. He usually keeps a low-profile. However, everyone knows that he is very strong. He cultivates Heartless Heaven Sect’s Heartless Heaven Formula. It is said that he had once killed off a Human Immortal.”

“The somewhat short fellow is Zhan Qinglin, from Warlord Pavilion. He has already activated his Warlord genes. He is very strong. Alongside Zhan Qingfeng and Zhan Tianhen, they are amongst the best of their generation within Warlord Pavilion.”

Warlord Pavilion, eh? Speaking of which, that is strange. I don’t see Zhan Qingfeng, Chen Feng thought.

“The one in blue clothes is Mu Song. He is from Heavenly Origin Trade Association. He is quite the mysterious character. His cultivation technique is a mystery, but he is also said to have killed a Human Immortal before.” Wen Shaoxiu secretly informed Chen Feng.

Chen Feng nodded. He thought to himself that those fellows were the strongest amongst all the cultivators here. Naturally, there was also Heavenly Sword Faction’s Jian Zhikong. Also, if Wen Shaoxiu could trigger the power of the Immortal artefact fragment on him whenever he wanted, he would be able to instantly kill them off as well. However, there was no way to tell if those characters possessed any hidden cards of their own. 

Around half of the 30 cultivators here are thinking of attacking Heavenly Sword Faction. Who knows what kind of powerful cards they might have up their sleeves. I should exercise caution to avoid getting the tables turned on me, Chen Feng contemplated.

As every one of them had managed to obtain a Golden Pill of Nine Apertures each, they were all feeling satisfied. However, wherever humans reside, there will surely be conflicts. That was especially so when there were interests involved.

“Kid, hand over the Golden Pill of Nine Apertures in your hand and I can spare your life.” Divine Demon Grotto’s Tie Yuanhao suddenly strode over to stand before a cultivator.

“Dream on!” The cultivator’s face sank and he quickly backed away. At the same time, a flying sword swirled up.

“If that’s the case. Don’t blame me for being rough,” Tie Yuanhao said and he instantly attacked.


A large fist roared out. It was like a wyrm, desirous of smashing everything before it into pieces.

“Mighty Fist of the Divine Demon!”

“You think I’m afraid of you? Drifting Sword Technique!” The cultivator gritted his teeth and the flying sword before him abruptly bloomed like a flower and the space there became filled with sword silhouettes. All of them flowed about to slash down the incoming attack.

“Sigh! He is going to die.” One glance was all it took for Chen Feng to see the difference in strength between the two cultivators.

As expected, after just a few exchanges, the cultivator ended up getting beaten to death. The miserable shrieks he let out before his death caused the eyelids of some other cultivators to twitch.

“Humph! You could have taken the easy way out, but you insist on doing it the hard way.” Tie Yuanhao sneered as he stepped forward to take the cultivator’s spatial ring.

Observing what happened, some cultivators sighed. All else aside, that one Golden Pill of Nine Apertures was already a valuable item.

As the one Tie Yuanhao chose to attack was a neutral cultivator, no one there was willing to help him earlier. At any rate, Divine Demon Grotto’s forces here were simply too strong. Amongst all the other groups present, only Heavenly Sword Faction could stand up to them.

However, seeing Tie Yuanhao’s actions brought an involuntary frown to Heartless Heaven Sect’s Sha Qing. Their main objective in entering this Ancient Battlefield of Immortal Humans was to search for serendipity and increase their strength. Their second objective, though, was to join forces with the others to kill off the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction. And yet, Tie Yuanhao’s actions earlier had violated the agreement they all made prior to entering the ancient battlefield.

Naturally, the temptation of the Golden Pill of Nine Apertures was simply too great. After all, even fellow sect disciples would kill each other for the sake of treasures.

Sha Qing did not do anything. However, Zhan Qinglin from Warlord Pavilion chose to take action. Likewise, he targeted a neutral cultivator. The targeted cultivator was no weakling and they went through an intense battle as a result. In the end, Zhan Qinglin had to expend quite a bit of effort to finish off the cultivator.

After having snatched the Golden Pills of Nine Apertures from the neutral cultivators, they then turned to look at the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction.

“Ha ha! Looks like they are going to target us next. So be it! It just so happens that I can no longer hold myself back!” Wen Shaoxiu scoffed.

We probably won’t get the chance to fight. That was the thought going through Chen Feng’s mind at the moment.

As expected, just as they were about to get into a fight, the monotone voice rang out once again. At the same time, the surrounding space transformed again.

A massive, cyan-coloured arena appeared before them all. Inside the arena stood a pitch-black humanoid puppet.

“An arena? What is it for? Are we to get on the arena?”

“Defeat the humanoid puppet and you can obtain a Sky-tier Soul Accumulation Pill. Losers will not be killed, but they will be teleported out.”

“What? A Soul Accumulation Pill? That is a good item!”

“It can greatly increase soul power! It is completely different compared to the Golden Pill of Nine Apertures, but just as valuable!”

The cultivators there began exclaiming and their eyes turned fiery.

“All right, now. The first one.”


A cultivator was teleported into the arena. There was a barrier around the arena. Those outside it could approach the barrier to observe what was happening inside without fear of getting affected by the resulting shockwaves.

“Heh! The first one to get picked for this is really unlucky. We who enter after him can grasp some of the puppet’s combat techniques. We’ll be able to make some preparations beforehand.”


The humanoid puppet attacked the moment the cultivator entered the arena. It was just a simple punch, but it was extremely fast. Additionally, as the punch was flying out, a black-coloured stream of energy quickly surged out across the surface of the hand.

Shockingly, it was an attack containing death energy.


In the face of the puppet’s peculiar attack, the cultivator chose to dodge. His figure blurred and he re-appeared behind the humanoid puppet.

However, upon seeing his actions, several of the cultivators there, Chen Feng included, shook their heads. Some who possessed formidable vision were able to determine the cultivation states of both sides through that minor exchange.

As expected, just as the cultivator was about to make another move, a thick stream of death energy swept out from the humanoid puppet’s body to engulf the cultivator. Next, the humanoid puppet turned. With a swing of its hand, it sent the cultivator flying.


A loud banging sound rang out and the cultivator hurtled across a distance of hundreds of metres. However, the cultivator was quick to get up. A layer of faint-yellow body armour had appeared over his body.

“Magic treasures can be used!” Everyone’s eyes lit up.


The cultivator abruptly opened his mouth to cough out a mouthful of blood and his face became extremely pale.

Seeing that, everyone fell silent again.

The body armour he was wearing was clearly a Sacred artefact. And yet, the earlier attack had still managed to wound him. All of the cultivators there quickly assessed the humanoid puppet’s combat power.

The humanoid puppet did not give the cultivator a chance to recover. Stepping forward, it then leapt forward and its two feet then kicked furiously against the cultivator.

Is it only physical attacks? Chen Feng wondered.


The cultivator intersected his hands in a defensive manner and an earthen-yellow light quickly formed a circular shield before him. However, with a loud booming sound, the earthen-yellow shield was shattered by the kick. At the same time, the sound of bones cracking rang out.

He is about to lose. Chen Feng sighed.

After the kick sent him flying again, the cultivator did not even get the chance to get up when the humanoid puppet descended upon him. Several more formidable, lightning-fast attacks rained down upon the cultivator and his body armour was shattered while the cultivator himself was beaten into a pulp.

Next, a green-coloured pillar of light descended to quickly heal up the cultivator to his original state. However, he was also teleported out after that.

That green light… what a formidable power of life! It is a hundred times stronger than the waters of the Fountain of Life I obtained back then. Chen Feng was shocked.

That one punch from the combat puppet earlier likely contains a force of 5 million kilogrammes, enough to break through the defence of a grade 1 Sacred artefact. However, does it have any other abilities?


The second cultivator was teleported into the arena. As this cultivator had managed to gather some information by observing the earlier fight, he took the lead in attacking. The battle lance in his hand flashed forward, stabbing the humanoid puppet’s chest at lightning-like speed.

“It’s a hit!”

The cultivator was overjoyed. Waves of power shot out from the battle lance before exploding outwards all of a sudden to sent the humanoid puppet flying.


Some of the spectating cultivators cheered. However, they quickly grew silent as they watched the humanoid puppet stand up. The only damage the puppet took from the lance was a white dot on the surface of its chest, one that disappeared as the puppet got to its feet.

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