Chapter 692 Collision


Four hours.

Six hours.

The cultivator who was in the lead suddenly staggered as strands of primary energy seeped out from his body.

The force of gravity had increased yet again.

This was not a sudden increase. Rather, it was increasing gradually with each step taken.

After advancing through yet another 50 kilometres, the force of gravity reached 150 times normal before finally stabilizing.

Chen Feng appeared unaffected. However, the other cultivators were beginning to have troubles enduring. Even one cultivator from Heavenly Sword Faction had been sent out.

“Can you still hold on?” Chen Feng looked at Jian Xiaotian.

In order to save energy, everyone there was not speaking at all. Jian Xiaotian simply nodded in response.


The blood streams within Jian Xiaotian’s body surged as his Absolute Combat Constitution was activated once more. As expected, his pressured body abruptly grew relaxed and he quickly stepped forward to walk at the same pace as Chen Feng.

“I hope I can last until the end. A Golden Pill of Nine Apertures, capable of increasing my power by 1,000 years. That is a good item,” Jian Xiaotian said.

The farther ahead, they went, the slower they became. Another two hours went by but they had only advanced by another 50 kilometres.

By then, the gap in strength between the cultivators there had been exposed. There was a distance of at least 250 kilometres between the one in the lead and the one at last place.

Quite some time had gone by and the force of gravity acting upon them had risen up to 200 times normal. As a result, six more cultivators were eliminated. Even Jian Xiaotian was on the verge of falling. Although the Absolute Combat Constitution was formidable, he had only just activated this new aspect of it. Naturally, the biggest factor was his relatively weak cultivation base. Thus, the rate at which he was consuming primary energy was too fast. 

Chen Feng furrowed his brows. With a wave of his hand, a stream of longevity-type primary energy entered Jian Xiaotian’s body. The primary energy circulated and Jian Xiaotian’s body shook. A look of shock appeared on his face. He had actually recovered up to 80% of his lost energy.


Jian Xiaotian exhaled a turbid breath before turning to look at Chen Feng.

“Don’t worry. This level of gravity is practically non-existent for me,” Chen Feng said.

After another two hours, Chen Feng sent in another stream of primary energy into Jian Xiaotian’s body.

As he was about to do so the third time, Jian Xiaotian stopped Chen Feng. “Don’t worry about me. You should speed up. If there is really a Golden Pill of Nine Apertures waiting up ahead, you should not let others snatch it away.”

“In that case, you…” There was a concerned look on Chen Feng’s face as he looked at Jian Xiaotian.

“Don’t worry. Although the magic treasures on me can no longer work, I still have some other items.” After saying that, Jian Xiaotian brought out a small bottle.

“Sublime Pills, a Sky-tier medicinal pill. They are capable of instantly recovering all my strength. I have five pills in total. They should be enough,” Jian Xiaotian said confidently.

“You sure have some good items on you. Fine. You guys, be careful. If there are any problems, I will come back. I will now head to the front to have a look.” After saying that, Chen Feng began increasing his speed. First, his speed doubled. Then, it tripled. Finally, he began running.

There were too many people.

One by one, Chen Feng began overtaking the cultivators there. For the cultivators, they felt as though their eyes were playing tricks on them. By the time they were able to get a better look, all they could see was Chen Feng’s back. Soon enough, even Chen Feng’s back was beyond their sight.

“Who is that? How can he be so fast? Impossible!”

“Impossible! Did he make use of his magic treasure?”

“He’s from Heavenly Sword Faction!”

“Stop him!”

Seeing how fast Chen Feng was, some of the cultivators grew apprehensive. After Chen Feng overtook over 20 cultivators, someone finally chose to attack him.

“Hold it right there!”

“Surging River!”

“Voracious Tiger Hunts its Prey!”

Two cultivators attacked Chen Feng, one from the left and one from the right. One of them unleashed a blast attack. The attack looked like a surging river capable of destroying everything.

As for the other cultivator, he unleashed a capturing move with his hands. The silhouette of a tiger, seemingly capable of tearing a human apart, appeared.

One was an expert specializing in primary energy while the other was an expert specializing in body cultivation.

There were also others who were casting predatory gazes at Chen Feng. Some began gathering their strength. They had come to the decision that this was the best place to take action against him. Even if they cannot kill Chen Feng, they must eliminate him from the race.

In the face of the two attacks, Chen Feng did not move to evade. Neither did he fight back. Instead, he simply continued running forward, smashing into them.

Bang! Bang!

The sounds were due to the attacks landing on Chen Feng’s body. However, they failed to affect Chen Feng’s forward momentum in the slightest.

Bang! Bang!

Two more colliding sounds rang out as Chen Feng smashed his way through the two cultivators. The instant they collided, Chen Feng had released a power out from his whole body as he unleashed a new move that he was learning, Volcanic Power.

The move caused many of the bones within the two cultivators to break as they were sent hurtling.

Due to their injuries, the two of them could no longer resist the gravity bearing down on them. Thus, their figures smashed heavily against the ground. With their bones shattered and their internal organs broken, the gravity pressing down against them caused them to cough out copious amounts of blood.

Sou! Sou!

The power of space rippled and the two cultivators were teleported out.

After dealing with the two cultivators, Chen Feng suddenly displayed the Kirin Steps. His body moved forward uncontested and he once again – like a charging mountain – smashed into another cultivator.


The cultivator was someone from Divine Demon Grotto. Seeing Chen Feng charging over, he had wanted to dodge only to fail.

And thus, the sound of bones breaking rang out once again and the poor sod was teleported out as well.


Once again, Chen Feng utilized the Kirin Steps to change his route and another cultivator was smashed away.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng became like a humanoid monster and one cultivator after another flew as Chen Feng collided into them. The sounds of wretched cries, curses, vomit, bones breaking, lamentations at getting teleported out rang out without respite.

It did not take long before the space around Chen Feng became empty. He had eliminated up to 18 cultivators from the race.

As for the remaining cultivators, they ran as far away from Chen Feng as they could. It was as though Chen Feng was a ghost.

Too weak. This action of mine is just tantamount to me bullying them. Chen Feng shook his head and stopped deliberately colliding against them. Instead, he sped up to continue moving forward.

It had to be said, Chen Feng’s actions earlier was not enough to even be counted as a warm-up for him.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng rapidly advanced and it did not take long for his figure to become like a straight line moving forward. The cultivators moving ahead of Chen Feng had noticed Chen Feng’s actions earlier. Thus, seeing Chen Feng approach them, they panicked and hastily put some distance between them and Chen Feng as they hid themselves as best they could.

Thankfully, Chen Feng had no intentions of doing anything to them. If he did, there would surely be another series of collisions.

Half a day had passed and the force of gravity bearing down on them had increased to 220 times normal. In Chen Feng’s opinion, however, the rate at which the force of gravity was increasing was still too slow. They should already be close to the end of the pathway.

“Elder Chen is so powerful! What a formidable fleshly body!” Seeing Chen Feng’s actions, the cultivators from Heavenly Sword Faction revealed looks of shock and joy.

“With Elder Chen here, there shouldn’t be any issues in securing the Golden Pill of Nine Apertures.”

At that moment, there were still 20 cultivators placed ahead of Chen Feng. Not to mention, they were moving at a relatively fast pace. Nearly half of them were body cultivators while the rest were all cultivators with an exuberant amount of primary energy.

And yet, despite their strength, they were still nothing in Chen Feng’s eyes. When it came to the might of the fleshly body, Chen Feng’s body was already strong enough to take on the attacks from a grade 2 Sacred artefact.

If a fight were to erupt, not even wielding Sacred artefacts would help these half-step Human Immortals in breaking through Chen Feng’s defence. Thus, Chen Feng felt as though he was like a bully here.

Forget it. As long as they do not attack me, I will let them off. Chen Feng thought. Although he had promised Jian Xiaotian he would kill the cultivators, he had already killed off a number of them previously. And now, faced with this one-sided situation, he simply could not even get himself motivated to kill them.

Sigh! Looks like my heart is still not strong enough. Still, I prefer following my heart. Chen Feng shook his head as he overtook yet another two cultivators.

To Chen Feng’s surprise, the cultivators there did not attack him. Seeing that, Chen Feng breathed a minor sigh of relief.

Looks like it is due to my earlier actions. Still, this is good. If I eliminate them all, there will surely be problems down the road.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Ignoring the increasing force of gravity, Chen Feng moved faster and faster, not revealing any hint of faltering.

Finally, Chen Feng overtook all of the cultivators there to take the first place.

Damn it! How is he so powerful? The cultivator who previously held first place was a muscular man whose muscles shone like blades.

He was a cultivator from Divine Demon Grotto who cultivated the Bodyforging Art of the Divine Demon. It was a very powerful body-forging secret technique, capable of making his body as powerful as some spiritual bodies. He had originally believed that he would easily take first place in this race. Unexpectedly, a dark horse would emerge.

Not to mention, Chen Feng was so powerful that he – despite his arrogant nature – dared not attack Chen Feng. At any rate, the Golden Pill of Nine Apertures was the most important thing here. Now was not the time to be fighting Chen Feng.

After Chen Feng put a distance of over 500 kilometres between himself and the one behind him, the space before him shook. It was as though there were layers of water arranged before him to form something akin to a curtain of light.

After making his way through the curtain of light, everything before him transformed.

Before him was an empty cave. However, the spiritual energy contained within the cave was very thick. Additionally, there were some chaotic energies mixed within them.

Chen Feng quickly realized that it contained immortal energy, malevolent energy, death energy and some other types of spiritual energy that he could not identify. Chen Feng speculated that they were the essence power of the hidden figure.

“Not bad. This Golden Pill of Nine Apertures is yours.” A flat voice rang out and a medicinal pill, flashing with golden light, appeared in Chen Feng’s hand.

It was none other than the Golden Pill of Nine Apertures, the one capable of increasing his power.

“You are the first to arrive. As a reward, I can answer one question from you,” the voice continued.

“Only one?” Chen Feng asked.

“Only one.”

“Who are you?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.

“I am a wisp of consciousness left behind by Ascendant Immortal Skylodge.”

Chen Feng had been quick to forward his question and the other party had been quick to answer as well. Chen feng nodded and said nothing else. Instead, he began studying the Golden Pill of Nine Apertures in his hand.

Speaking of which, this was his first time seeing this pill. Completely golden in colour, there were nine small apertures on the pill and energy streams kept moving in and out from the apertures.

Chen Feng then activated his Magic Eyes of Darkness. He was then able to sense the surging medicinal power within the pill. And yet, despite the vigorous and great amount of medicinal power within it, it did not appear overbearing. Instead, there was a hint of gentle coolness coming from it.

Tsk, tsk. This one medicinal pill can increase my power by 1,000 years. It is even stronger compared to the bowl of immortal wine from back then.

This is not the time to refine it. I should keep it first.

After one joss stick’s worth of time, the cultivator from Divine Demon Grotto arrived as well. His speed surprised Chen Feng somewhat.


1 li = 0.5 km

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